One Way: The ElevatorOne Way: The Elevator

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/2/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

One Way: The Elevator is a fantasy puzzle adventure by the creators of Isoland. You are stuck in an elevator that constantly needs power to travel higher up a mysterious tower. There are 18 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Break the seal on the envelope, then take out the letter. Read both pages, then click on the pen to sign it. Turn on the lamp. Examine the piece of paper and solve the simple jigsaw puzzle. When you are alone again, take the picture from the desk Mom, Dad, and Me. Pick up the large hook leaning against the left wall and use it to get up to the attic above your bed. Click on the candle to light it properly. Climb up the new ladder when it appears.

The Elevator

Floor 1

Click on the paper picture on the right building, then on the red button that is revealed. Talk to the Mayor, then take the blue sphere.

Floor 2

Click on the egg in the nest 3 times, then on the bird twice. Pick up the branch that falls down. Click on the man to get him to water the flower, then click on the flower so you can take the blue sphere.

Floor 3

Click on the beater to the right of the balcony, and the lady will hit the bird. Pick up the photograph (1/35), then talk to the lady about it. Give the photo to the lady. Lift up the rug and take the blue sphere.

Floor 4

Notice the eye chart on the wall next to you, and the board with a symbol and an arrow to the right. Click on the newspaper and rotate the arrows to match the eye chart:

When the man lifts up the paper, click on the blue sphere.

Floor 5

Click on the mirror to briefly see an image of 4 numbers and 4 card suits. The numbers range from 1-4, and there is a suit image matching each number's color. Now click on the cards in this order:

  • Hearts
  • Diamonds
  • Spades
  • Clubs

Take the blue sphere.

Floor 6

Click on the graffiti, then find a head to match each of the 4 bodies (this changes with each game). Now use your memory to look back on a picture from your childhood, then click on each face in the new graffiti until they match those in your memory. Take the blue sphere.

Floor 7

Click on the photograph (2/35) on the balcony. Next click on the broken speaker and drag the colors to fill up all available spaces:

While the Mayor is dancing, take his pen (1/6). Pay attention to the musical notes floating past, then examine the burnt paper and replace the notes to match the music:

  • Row 1: two quavers going down
  • Row 2: two semi-quavers going up
  • Row 3: single quaver, two semi-quavers going down

Take the blue sphere from the musician's hat.

Floor 8

Click on the dark blue poster. Examine it and take the ticket from the top right corner. Now use your memory to recall a date on a ticket. Examine the light box where you found the poster. You need to flip the switches marked in yellow below to get power running from top to bottom:

Click on the ticket machine to the right of the door. Examine it and enter the date from your memory. Click on the ticket and wait. Grab the blue sphere from the opened window.

Floor 9

Click the posters in this order: Art, Blue, Cotton, Dream, E, Fire. Click on all of the posters again to roll them up, then on the photograph (3/35) behind the E poster. Now you need to click on lights the same colors as those shown above the star drawing (blue, red and white). Press the red button on the machine next to you, then take the blue sphere.

Floor 10

Click on the solar panel to power up the TV, then watch the TV to see the time 2:00. Adjust the red and green antennae so red points to 2 and green points to 12. Watch the TV to see "World" followed by 4 islands, 3 mountains and 6 trees. Click on the numbers next to the elevator to set them to 436, then pull the lever and the "World" sign will light up. Press the button on the TV, then you will see "A Bug's" followed by bugs with 2, 4 and 5 body segments. Click on the numbers next to the elevator to set them to 245, then pull the lever and the "Bug" sign will light up. Break the TV, then take the blue sphere.

Floor 11

Turn the screw next to you twice, then click on the robot's arm so it becomes attached to the robot. Examine the robot and press the bottom blue button twice, then the red button. Click on the robot's other arm so it becomes attached. Examine the robot and use the buttons to move both arms down, then press the red button to lift up the bricks. Click on the blue sphere to take it.

Floor 12

Click on the robot poster to reveal a symbol. There are also symbols on the bird's head, in a star to the right, and by merging the 2 orange flags. Examine the buttons beneath the bird and select these 4 symbols:

  • Triangle: Symbol from the 2 orange flags
  • Square: Symbol from behind robot poster
  • Circle: Symbol from bird's head
  • Star: Symbol from star on right wall

Take out the key, then turn it. Remove the top wheel from above the bird. Click on the open panel beneath the bird to get a replacement wheel. Click on it again to get a feather (2/6), then again to find a photograph (4/35). Turn the key again, then take the blue sphere.

Floor 13

Click on the picture beneath the bug's drink while he is drinking, then on the picture on the red doormat. Pull the cord to turn on the projector. Take the picture that the bug drops. Now examine the projector. You need to recreate 4 scenes from earlier floors, by selecting an image on the left, then confirming with the green button. These are the correct associations:

  • Code Boxes: TV (floor 10)
  • Cotton Sign: Blue Sign (floor 9)
  • Cables: Robot (floor 11)
  • Flags: Bird (floor 12)

Click to watch the scenes, then take the blue sphere.

Floor 14

Turn the top right valve until the plants grow from being watered. Click on the top plant and the bottom right plant so that a bee arrives. Click on both white flowers so that a second bee and an evil insect arrive. Now click on the orange flower at the top of the cactus.

Take the hidden lower right valve, and it will move to a pipe between the buildings. Turn this valve until the separate left plant grows from being watered. Click on this plant so that a third bee arrives. When the evil insect is near the carnivorous plant, click on the plant to get it to eat the insect. Now take the blue sphere.

Floor 15

Click on the 4 images on the pipes to make them glow and then disappear. Use your memory, then enter the code that you see into the control panel (random with each game). Examine the jumble of pipes. Rotate the moving segments to connect the left side to the red connector. Take the new moving segment. Next rotate the moving segments to connect the left side to the blue connector. Take another new moving segment. Now rotate the moving segments to connect the left side to the yellow connector.

Examine the jumble of pipes once more, and rotate the moving segments to connect all 3 connectors at once. Take the Venus fly trap (3/6) from the water tray. Now take the blue sphere.

Floor 16

View the photograph (5/35) to the right of the elephant. Now examine the large Circus sign and click on the colored buttons in the order they are shown along the tent: blue, yellow, red, red, blue, red, blue, yellow. Click on the giraffe until it looks towards the monkey. Click on the smaller Circus sign. Click on the red ball, then on the elephant, and you will wake up the monkey.

Click on the giraffe again to turn it towards the monkey once more. Click on the red ball, then on the elephant. Take the blue sphere.

Floor 17

Look in the window with the reindeer and take the photo fragment; also notice the 4 symbols on the reindeer's scarf. Plug in the fan, then take another photo fragment from behind the sock. Unplug the fan and take the bandage from inside it. Click on the box with the Santa picture, and change the 4 symbols to match those from the scarf. Look inside the box to find 2 photographs (7/35). Open the box inside here and take the alcohol. Open the letter and take the final photo fragment. Notice the lever positions, check boxes, dial position, and phone number on the letter. Look at the completed photo to see another phone number.

Back out and plug in the telephone, then use it to dial the number 42329. Open the gift that arrives and take the crystal ball (4/6). Now use the telephone to dial the number 07349. Unplug the telephone and plug in the fan again. Click on the highlighted controls to the right, and set the controls according to the hints you have seen:

  • Left lever to the very top
  • Right lever one step above the very bottom
  • Activate the 2nd, 4th and 5th buttons
  • Turn the dial to the bottom left

Take the green powder. Look at the reindeer again, and use the alcohol, green powder and bandage on its leg. Unplug the fan and plug in the telephone again. Dial the number 07349, and notice the order of symbols you are told. Ring the bells in this order, and the reindeer will fly a way. Dial the number 07349 again Jolly Old St. Nicholas. Now take the blue sphere.

Floor 18

Remove the cork from the bottle and click on it again to plug the hole in the bath. Look at the picture in the other bottle, noting the colors of the boat. Now click on the boat drawing above the octopus, changing the colors to make the picture (from the top they should be red, white, yellow, green, blue).

Examine the water barrel beneath the red valve. Slide the bottom hole to the left and take the silver ring, then slide it further left so it is blocked by the cover. Slide the other holes so they are also blocked. Back out and turn the valve, then take the toy bird (5/6). Examine the toy boat held by the octopus, and change the window colors to match those of the moving boat above:

Take out the blue sphere.

Floor 19

Click on the Wanted poster to reveal a crack in the wall. Examine the big circle on the side of the boat and click on the circles so that all lines are highlighted - a cannon will appear. Click on the white arrow near the top of the boat. Examine the machinery inside. Raise the cover and click on the handle, then back out. Click on the small pirate until he falls down, then take another handle. Examine the machinery again and turn it on. Click on the white arrow to close the top of the boat.

Click on the hatch on the side of the ship to load a cannon ball into the cannon. Click on the small pirate, then take the blue sphere.

Floor 20

Move the right shield and click on the water symbol. Touch the floor in front of the king, and it will lift up to become a table. Move the clouds and click on the cloud symbol. Click on the table, then examine the map. Place the cloud and water symbols in the correct positions. Examine the map again and place the duck in the correct position.

Look at the tree and rotate the segments to form a complete picture with 4 groups of dots visible. Take out the tree symbol, then examine the map and place the tree in its position. Take the mirror, then click on the book, and a heart symbol will appear. While the King is holding the heart, take the book (6/6) The Key. Examine the map and place the heart in the final position. Now take the blue sphere.

Top Levels

Cloud Machine

Click on the handle, then press the buttons in the correct order:


Click on the handle again, then solve a sliding puzzle (the empty tile goes in the middle). After the solar panel appears, click on the sliding puzzle to move the handle there. Use the handle to move the solar panel to the very top-left. Back out and click where the handle used to be, then slide it to the far left and turn on the machine. Click on the blue sphere.

Mr Whale

Examine the control box on the right. Spin the discs to create a complete pattern. Open the door with the red light, then wait for the mechanic to go back inside. Press the button inside to reveal a turning wheel. Use the wrench, then click on the wheel and it will fall out. Examine the control box again and move the red lever to the right. Spin the discs now to create 4 valid equations (one of them is 6+1=7).

Open the door with the green light. Click on the wheel that fell earlier, then click on the large red slider. Now examine the new control box. You need to set the numbers and symbols to match the inner disc of the equation puzzle. Grab the blue sphere.

Mini Robot

Click on the cable to plug in the robot, then slide open the small panel just to the left. Examine this panel, then drag the connectors so the colors match the adjacent wires. Now click on the circle on the robot's body - it is missing an arm. Remove the tape from the girder to the right, then click the metal box it was covering, to scare away the bird. Examine the silver box to the right. Click on the blue key symbol, then slide the blue blocks out of the way so you can drag the green block to the far right. Take out the robot's antenna, and read the note about the 6 items you already collected.

Click on the robot's antenna, then examine the puzzle on its head. You need to aim the arrows in the direction of the eyes on the 3 posters:

  • Top Row: Up, left, down
  • Bottom Row: Left, right, right

Click on the circle on the robot's body again. Once the display on the left is active, click the red marker at the top. Examine the picture, and drag all 6 objects into position, rotating them by clicking on them first. Take the golden sphere.

Secret Area

Office Entrance

Look at the photograph (8/35) on the bed. Click on the poster with the golden sphere. Step on to the extended platform. Open the door and go through Through the Hidden Path.

Open the power box and examine it. Press the yellow button to open the inner box, then flip the big red lever. After the lights go out, examine the blue panel. Click on the small panels to create 4 different complete pictures. Click the bottom-right panel to take out a fuse, then pick it up and you will insert it into the power box. Examine this and press the small yellow button. Close the inner box, then click on the 4 green bugs on the screen here (you need to drag it around to see them all).

Click on the metal box in front of the large creature. Press the broken brown button until an eye pops out of the boxes behind the creature. Now click on the other buttons in the same order as the colors shown in the eye. Open and search the glowing compartments to find 5 photographs (13/35) and 3 pieces of paper.

Examine the book the large creature is reading. Pull out the yellow tab on the right and arrange the 3 pieces of paper you collected, then push the tab back in. Fold and rotate the other parts of the book to create a complete picture. After they glow briefly, a code of 3 symbols will be displayed. Pull out the yellow tab and take the code piece. Go back to the container with the locked brown device - after you automatically enter the code piece, type in the code. Click on the handle inside, then click on it again. Press on the elevator button.

Floor 3/4

Press the red button repeatedly until you see the large creature reading a book You Found Me!. Press the red button again, then take the handle. Use the handle. Look at the posters and displays to notice that the difference between the small numbers and large numbers is always 2012. Look at the door and enter the code 2035. Go through the glowing doorway.

Grandpa's Room

Look at the green bookcase. View all 6 photographs (19/35) and take the green clock hand. Click on the small sleeping creature below this bookcase The Little Triangle. Walk to the edge of the platform and look right.

Examine the safe, and click on the photograph (20/35) above it. Back out and examine the computer, viewing another 4 photographs (24/35). Also get the photo fragment The Greatest Show on Earth. Use the computer and play the game to the right (you need to move the 5 colored blocks on to the round markers). Take the bottle from the fish tank to give it to Grandpa.

Use the computer again and play the game to the left (collect both tools, destroy the enemies, leave through the right exit). Close the bottom drawer and open the middle drawer to let the bird out. Open the top drawer and then the bottom drawer. Take the orange clock hand. Look at the TV to the top right and click on another photograph (25/35).

Look back to the left and watch the pictures on the small TV. Examine the small control box near the clock and rotate the discs to remove the locking bar. Adjust the clock to show a time of 8:00. Examine the clock's control box again and reveal the entire gap down the middle. Look in the mirror to the right of the clock and note the 2 symbols indicated. Move the clock to the left by clicking on the red panel, then open the cupboard and take out the palette to give it to Grandpa.

Examine the safe and enter the 2 symbols you saw on the back of the clock. Take the stone and key from inside the safe. Look at the computer and take the triangular stone from the left. Now examine the green box where the triangular stone fit in. Rotate the circular stones to complete the triangle, then take out the paint brush to give it to Grandpa.

Click on the painting and draw on it to color it in. Once it is done, step forward on to the new platform. Click on the photograph (26/35) on the King's throne, then enter the elevator.

The Rocket

Rocket Exhaust

Click on both cables to plug them in. After the astronaut gets out, look at the gears behind him and drag the clue gears into position. Back out and press the right blue arrow button. Disconnect the cable so the astronaut jumps inside, then quickly take his key and click on it again to use it in the padlock. Take out the silver key to put it into the rocket. Press the right blue arrow button again and click on the big lever inside. Take the blue sphere.

Rocket Cockpit

Look at the circle puzzle on the side on the rocket, and arrange the circles as they are in the smaller version on the rocket. After the astronaut climbs up, open the door above him, then click on the cockpit so he heads inside. Click on the 3 photographs (29/35), noting that two of them have the captions "Nico and I" and "WXSW 2018". Adjust the levers to match the positions of the connectors in the rocket:

Press the Go button. Climb back down the ladder and use the computer terminal. Answer the question with COTTONGAME About CottonGame. Now answer the question with NICO. Answer the next prompt with WXSW. Look at the piece of paper, then climb up the ladder and press the buttons in the order indicated by the paper, followed by the Go button again. Click on the blue sphere.

Rocket Nose Cone

Remove the screw, then click on the window and the astronaut will climb up. Click on him until he is holding a radio controller, then click on the hog and it will get tied up. Now click on him until he is holding a suction cap gun, then click on the target near the elevator. Remove the other screw, then open the nose cone.

Click on the astronaut until he is holding a radio controller, then press the green button next to him. Now click on him until he is holding a suction cap gun, then click on the target near the elevator. Talk to the astronaut twice The Most Beautiful Tragedy. Get the astronaut to talk, then click on the camera. Adjust the focus with the red wheel. Drag the picture into the middle and a green Ready indicator should be shown. Now press the red button to take a picture Friends. Take the blue sphere.

Observation Tower

You will get an achievement for reaching this level A World Above The Clouds.

Click on the Bridge To Dream sign to get out of the elevator. Walk right and click on the suitcase, then use the key to unlock it The Old Man's Suitcase. Look in the suitcase to see 4 photographs (33/35), and find another special picture beneath the others Two Photos?. Read the book here, noticing a code on the way through, and make sure you go to the last page to find another photograph (34/35). Talk to Grandpa until you are looking through the telescope. Now click on each of the planets in the order they were demonstrated in the book - you will then find a new planet with a code above it (random with each game).

Go back to the left end of the bridge and click on the machine with the keypad, setting it according to what you saw in the book. Take out the fuse, which will go into the elevator. Now look at the large board with simple diagrams, and click on the diagrams that were highlighted in the words in the book (I, heart, fly, eyes, light, happiness, up, forward, endlessly):

Enter the elevator/rocket. Click on the fuse to insert it. Drag both red sliders up, then press the red button above them. Press the red and blue buttons until you have created an image of the new planet you found, then press the red button again. Now enter the 3-digit code you saw through the telescope. Press the red button twice more, then press the glowing yellow and blue buttons.

Go back along the bridge and talk to Grandpa, who will give you the final photograph (35/35/) The Photographs. Finish the conversation with him Final Goodbye. Now go and get into the elevator/rocket Lift Off!.

Final Achievements

After Grandpa goes down in the elevator, click on the blue bird To Be Continued.... Back in the elevator, click on the TV screen, then click the red arrow until the TV shows a picture of Grandpa. Click to zoom in, then wait until the boy arrives. Click on the paper picture on the right building, then on the red button that is revealed Waiting.