Game Details:  Fantasy, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/23/2020

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Oneiros is a surreal first person adventure. You play as Liam Bukowsky, who finds himself in a strangely abandoned movie cinema complex; from there things just get more weird. There are 21 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1

Movies, Pranks and Smelly Keys

Try to open the door, but it is locked. Search the toilets until you find a dirty key inside one of the toilet bowls. Pick it up, then use it to unlock the door so you can leave. Go out to the corridor and turn left so you can head out to the main lobby area. Continue straight ahead to find that there is a combination padlock on the exit doors.

There are 4 numbers and movie names written on the walls near the exit door. Go over to the "Now Showing" display above the ticketing area to find which cinemas these 4 movies are playing in:

  • Knife Runner: 5
  • The Grandfather: 1
  • The Array: 6
  • Kick Me: 3

Now you can unlock the combination lock with code 5163. Go through 2 more doors, then walk over and pull the large lever. Go forward and try to open the blue door, but it is locked. Turn around and take the golden key from the back of the lever pedestal. Use this to unlock the blue door, then go through here and through the strange wavy doorway ahead.

Chapter 2

Memories, Seamen and Unicorns

Pick up the clipboard from the middle of the floor. Try to open the doors, but they are locked. Move the skateboard and pick up the colored paper - this has "Y7" written on it. Go over to the low wooden cupboard to the left of your bed. Look at the magazine and then the graduation photo - the screen will go blurry and you will collapse.

Wander around here and you will end up seeing your car for a while then will be back in the maze. Keep wandering until you find a control box with a door you can open. Pick up the gear from inside here, then find more on the floor in the surround area. You need to insert a total of 6 gears (2 medium red, 2 medium green, 1 small blue and 1 large blue) and have all of their arrows match the arrows around the edge of the machine. Now pull the lever on the left. Go to the second control box to the left, and the light on the top should have turned green. Press the red button on its side, then pick up the weird key. Go around the passages to the right until you find a strange door, then use the key to unlock it and go through.

Back in your bedroom, pick up the torn piece of paper from the carpet - this has "12" written on it. Look at the bedside table to find a GS5 game (1/6) in the shelf, and another GS5 game (2/6) in the drawer. Turn off the bedside lamp, then crouch and look at the orange wall beneath the shelves to see a username "4lienBu77h0le" and password "unicorn". Look on top of the high shelf here to find Anatomy Book III (1/3).

Next search the large wooden wardrobe on the other side of the room. Move the baseball cap and find another colored paper - this has "O1" written on it. Up in the high shelf just to the right you will find Anatomy Book I (2/3) and 2 GS5 games (4/6). Continue right to the low wooden cupboard, and search the top drawer beneath where you found the graduation photo to examine the next GS5 game (5/6). Look in the right cupboard door here and pick up the block game, then play it and move the pieces around so you can drag the key over the lock. Find another torn piece of paper inside - this has "27" written on it.

Head over towards the desk. There is a memo card stuck to the left that says "TODO Sarah >birthday". Look up in the shelves to the right to find the final GS5 game (6/6) Compulsive Gamer. Open the laptop and enter the password "unicorn" from the wall Hello Darkness My Old Friend. Play Unicorn's Revenge and reach the end Punisher. Now play Miami Street Skater 3 and get a score of over 5000 Rodney, Is That You?. Open the Stuff folder and open the file called "TODO 4 Sarah" with password "birthday". Scroll down to see the password "COZY", which was also shown when you completed the Unicorn's Revenge game. Open the Gallery folder and look at the file called "IMG_000107A" to see a picture of a blue door and street number 107A. Now you can back out of the laptop.

Head to the locked metal box on top of the low wooden cupboard and open it with combination 107A. Go to the cork board on the nearby wall and stick up the notes and pieces of paper you have collected so far:

  • 3 torn pieces of paper that together give you a code: 27-12-35.
  • 2 colored notes reading O1 and Y7.

Go to the shelf on the opposite wall and examine the wooden lock box. Open the padlock with combination 27-12-35 (you need to do this with one smooth mouse drag, anti-clockwise to 27, clockwise to 12, anti-clockwise to 35). Now take the silver key from inside.

Walk over to the storage door to the left of the desk and unlock it with your silver key. Look on the shelf to the right in here and pick up Anatomy Book II (3/3) Master of Anatomy. Next pick up the island painting - the screen will go blurry and you will collapse again.

Go out through the door, then jump over the floating platforms in the next area. Whenever you reach an orange box, click on it to change the direction of gravity. Pull the first lever to move a vertical platform out of the way. The second lever makes a platform to the left go up and down. You need to bring the platform down, then pull the lever again and quickly jump on to it to ride it upwards.

When you reach the 2 levers together, you need to adjust them so you can jump forward over 3 consecutive platforms, then continue left and through to a room with a solid floor.

Click on the orange box in the corner. Pull the first lever, then head around to the right and pull a second lever. Pull the first lever again to open a new passage, then go through here to click another orange box. Up on the raised area, pull another lever, then drop down and go through the opening to click another orange box. Go around to click another box (ignore the lever that appears to be on a side wall), then drop down to some stairs and turn around. Pull the lever here, then turn back around and go up and over the stairs. Drop down to click another orange box, then you can finally exit this room.

Go down the ramp and stand on the dark platform, then turn around and pull the lever.

In the next area there are 3 sets of levers and 3 different movable objects - a set of stairs, a key and a door. Pull all 3 of the set of 3 levers to move the door. Pull both of the levers directly opposite to move the key. Pull only the left of the other pair of levers to move the stairs. Go up the stairs and take the green key. Now go and pull both of the stair levers, then quickly run up the stairs and jump to the door as the stairs go past. Use the green key to unlock the door and head through.

Pick up the new colored note - this has "Z3" written on it. Go into the storage room again and pick up the tiny piano from the shelf. Press the music button on its front, then press the keys to repeat the musical sequence (A, A, E, E, A, A, E, E, E, F, F, F, G, F, E). Pick up another colored note from the floor - this has "C8" written on it. Now return to the cork board and stick up your other notes, which now include the following:

  • 3 torn pieces of paper that together give you a code: 27-12-35.
  • 4 colored notes reading C8, O1, Z3 and Y7 - arranged in this order to spell COZY, they give the number 8137.

Go to the storage room and open the safe with code 8137. Take the silver key with a tag from inside the safe. Go over and open the room doors with this key Escape Artist.

Chapter 3

Floating Islands, Broken Car and Rat Shit

Open the small red mailbox and take a rusted key from inside. Just to the left, find a control unit on top of a covered box. Head up on to the porch and take the battery (currently at 0%).

Next go over to the small workshop and pick up the clipboard from the porch. Head around to the left and take the left wing from under the side of the workshop. Now unlock the workshop door with the rusted key and go inside. After the brief driving visions, note the cuckoo clock on the wall in here. There is an achievement for grabbing the cuckoo when it comes out for a few seconds every hour, on the hour (using the time on your computer's clock) Right On Time!.

Around the room, pick up the steel wheel, empty fuel can, electrical cables, hammer and 2 nails. Search the drawers to find a short fuel pipe, fuel tank cap, zoo flyer, roto charger manual and fuel cooker manual. Read the notebook to see the full list of parts you need for the car. Open the car's trunk lid and take the wheel from inside. Use the old radio on the shelf - turn it on and find a radio station around 100, then listen to the series of animals (eagle, lion, bear, wolf). Looking at the back of your zoo flyer, the gives you the code 4762.

Go back outside and over to the right of the house. Take the 2 sunflowers, then go further out the back and collect the axe, 2 wood planks and the right engine. Over near the bridge, you will find a propeller on top of the flat rock. Now go out on to the bridge - once you reach the gap, use a wood plank, then a nail, then the hammer. Go all the way over to the next island Explorer. Pick up the right wing and rat cage here, and also find the easter egg Is It Easter?.

Return over the bridge to the main island. Find the cellar door at the back of the house and open the lock with code 4762. Go down the stairs and search the cellar to find another propeller, another wheel, a long fuel pipe and the left engine. Also pick up 2 vodka bottles and a slingshot. Pick up the piggy bank and drop it, then take the ACME key that falls out. Take the ACME flyer from the shelves here. Pick up 3 ears of corn from the blue crate, and some rat shit from the floor. Examine the rats and use the rat cage to catch one Rat Catcher.

Leave the cellar and return to psycho "parrot" in the tree out the front of the house. Talk to him, then give him the vodka and a snack Bird Whisperer. Give him a snack 4 more times (you must have collected both sunflowers and all 3 corn ears) Overweight. Pick up the fuel tank and some fermented corn from the ground. Go around the back of the house and look up - shoot the balloon with your slingshot. Now use your axe to break open the crate and take the steering wheel from inside.

Return to the workshop. Look at the roto charger on the desk - attach your empty battery to the right, and use the rat on the wheel to the left. Turn the roto charger on, then take the battery when it is fully charged Animal Abuser. Go over to the fuel cooker on the opposite desk - attach the charged battery to the left, and the empty fuel can to the right. Now put the fermented corn and vodka in the top and switch it on. Wait until it turns red, then add the rat shit Moonshiner.

Retrieve the battery and the full fuel can. Charge the battery again with the roto charger. It is now time to start attaching all of the parts to the car:

  • 2 wheels (on either side at the back)
  • steel wheel (on the front left)
  • battery (under the front hood)
  • control unit (under the front hood)
  • battery cables (between the battery and control unit)
  • short fuel pipe (under the front hood)
  • long fuel pipe (under the front hood)
  • fuel tank (under the front hood)
  • fuel tank cap (on the fuel tank)
  • 2 piston engines (on the front corners)
  • 2 propellers (on the front of the piston engines)
  • 2 wings (on the sides near the front corners)
  • steering wheel (in front of the driver's seat)

There is an achievement for completing the car Handyman. Now go over to the combination look on the doors here. Examine the ACME flyer in your inventory to see that some of the numbers are highlighted. Open the padlock with combination 19-5-28 (you need to do this with one smooth mouse drag, anti-clockwise to 19, clockwise to 5, anti-clockwise to 28) Burglar.

Get into the driver's seat and use the ACME key on the ignition - you need to put fuel in the car. Go around and remove the fuel tank cap, then use your full fuel can on the fuel tank. Replace the fuel tank cap and close the hood. Get back into the car and use the ACME key to start it up Airplane!.

Chapter 4

Whispers, Lemonade and Urinal

Leave the movie where you start (cinema 5) and exit out to the hallway. Turn left and enter the bathroom, then flush one of the toilets Lavatory Attendant. Enter the 3rd stall and pick up €30. Leave here and continue down the hallway, picking up another €10 from the ground between some benches on the right. Turn left and make your way out to the main lobby area.

Pick up the clipboard from the ground. Just around to the left, play the arcade game - all you need to do is keep clicking on the object until it completely disappears Your Majesty. Pick up €5 from the floor of the photo booth, and search for an empty booth table near the far end of this area to grab another €10. Go to the cashier who is not serving anyone and buy tickets to every movie (this will cost you €32). Now go and enter every cinema, showing your ticket to the attendant to gain access Moviegoer. While you are in cinema 1, look in the trash can and pick up the bottle of yellow snow lemonade.

Return out to the main lobby. Go over to the bathroom near the exit doors and talk to the kid here. Give him the yellow snow lemonade, then head inside. Take the ID card from the uniform on the bench. Leave the bathroom and go directly across to the medical center. Talk to the nurse and show her the ID card, but the photo doesn't match. Head to the photo booth and interact with the machine inside. Insert the ID card and some money, then press the camera button. Pick up the new ID card from the floor. Go back to the nurse and show her your new ID card.

Go through the medical center and out through the far door. Keep going through more doors until you find a lever you can pull Oneiros.