Once Upon a ForestOnce Upon a Forest

Year:  1995

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Once Upon a Forest is a third person cartoon adventure based on the 20th Century Fox movie of the same name. You control a mouse called Abigail, and are assisted by your friends Russell the hedgehog and Edgar the mole, on a quest to save a friend who has eaten a poisonous mushroom.

Cornelius' House

You will automatically get a magnifying glass. Also pick up the gears (1/11), twine (2/11) and wood (3/11). Head outside to the right. Pick up the pebbles from the right. Examine the mint near the middle of the screen, and the primrose over to the left. Remove the moss covering the rabbit hole on the left, then leave the screen to the right.

Dapplewood Forest

Pick up the sticks (4/11) and elm leaves (5/11). Examine the chicory and foxglove. Continue along the path to the right. Throw the pebbles at the weasel to get rid of him. Remove the moss covering the rabbit hole at the base of the tree, then continue right again. Examine the comfrey and foxglove, then take the vineweed (6/11) from the right and continue right once more.

Once you reach the base of the tree, use your candle to scare the owl; you will end up with an owl feather (7/11) and Abigail will return to the group. You will automatically travel to the next location.


You now find yourself at a crossroads in the middle of a large clearing. Pick up the special Y-shaped branch (8/11) and the spider silk (9/11). Examine the dandelion and sunflower.

Head along the path straight ahead. Pick up the rubber band. Remove the onion grass covering the rabbit hole on the left. Examine the thistle and comfrey. Also examine the X-shaped bush in the background, which blocks your way forward further. Go right to meet Fenwick. Examine the empty nest, and pick up some hollow reeds (10/11) from the left, and some more pebbles from the right. Examine the chicory and foxglove, then return to the crossroads.

Next take the path directly to the right, and you will be able to see the river. Remove the moss covering the rabbit hole in the base of the tree. Pick up some sticks, and examine the snapdragon and mint, then head right again. Examine the current in the water here, then return left and you will automatically trade information with the bird leader. Go right to see the birds celebrating, then return to the crossroads.

Take the path to the far right, and you will meet Buford the frog, who mentions an X-shaped bush. Pick up the lilypad (11/11) from the water, and examine the rabbit hole at the top left. Return to the crossroads.

Go along the path straight ahead again, then continue forward beneath the X-shaped bush. Pick up the can from the creek and you will clear the blockage. Return to the left, then go right to talk to Fenwick again. Return to the crossroads.

Head along the path to the far right again. Head right into the swamp and you will sail on your lilypad. Use the rubber band from your backpack as well as the candle, and you will defeat the snake.

Yellow Dragons' Lair

Walk down to meet a fox, then use the candle twice to outwit him. Follow the path down to the left and pick up the sturdy stick. Examine the primrose, dandelion, sunflower and snapdragon, and take the eyebright. Return right, then take the path up to the left. You will automatically rest here.

After waking up, go right to see the yellow dragons. Examine the large pipe on the right, then use the candle (and your sturdy stick) to get it open. Enter the opened pipe, then go right once more.


Examine the snapdragon and primrose, then continue right to see a whole group of animals. You will receive a needle, and you should already have the 11 components to make the flying machine (if not, you can use the rabbit holes to get back to earlier locations quickly to find them). Once you have the components, you will make the flying machine, collect the lungwort, and save Michelle.