An Almost True Story

Game Details:  Comedy, 2011

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/2/2013

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Odissea: An Almost True Story is a third person comedy adventure. You play as Ulysses, in events based loosely on Homer's Odyssey, and must undergo many trials on your way back to your homeland of Ithaca, to reunite with Penelope.

Siren's Inn

Walk right and take some wax from one of the candles, then use this wax on the candle to soften it. Use the wax on yourself to plug your ears, then open the door and go into the inn. Walk left and talk to the ghost behind the bar. Head to the right and use the model ship to break it, then go back and tell the ghost his model is broken. After he leaves, go through the doorway on the far left. Walk forward to talk to Athena, then use the raft.

On the map screen the destinations are not visible and you must sail around to various points on the land until you find a place you can dock. Your first destination is straight to the north, along the west coast of Italy.


You wil automatically walk into the forest and talk to Circe at her house. Take some herbs from the front garden, then go down the steps and take some clover from over on the left. Now head inside. Use the recipe on the table. Pick up the bread, broom, rope, celery, onion and dish. You now only need mushrooms, so head back outside and over to the well on the left. Use your rope on the well, then use it again to climb down. Pick up a mushroom from the right, then climb back up.

Enter the house again and put the celery, onion, mushroom, clover and herb into the pot. Use your dish on the pot, then put it on the table. Put the bread on the table as well. Use your broom to sweep the floor, then knock on the door and Circe will taste your soup. Head outside and take some more herbs, then go back to your raft and set sail. This time just head as far to the west as you can, and dock at the junction of Europe and Africa.


Walk to the entrance of the strange building. After you meet Calypso and talk to her and Athena, talk to Calypso again about everything. Walk to the strange vibration near the back of the room, then head through the magic door. Take the strange symbol here, then leave and return to your raft. Sail around the top of Africa and dock just around the first corner.


After the introduction, talk to Am' Aled, the man standing on the left. Try to use your strange symbol on the pedestal, then talk to Am' Aled again - you will replace the symbol and receive some powder in return. Next use the symbols on the temple door; you must press 3 of the 5 symbols in a specific order to open the door, and this is just a matter of trial and error until you get the correct sequence. Once you succeed, enter the glowing portal.

Pick up the small sphere from on the wheels at the back of the room. Look at the sun and symbols on the wall mural, then look at the sun in the floor. Use the sphere on the Cancer symbol on the floor. Walk over to stand on the Capricorn symbol. When the compartment opens, take the device with many wheels. Now leave this area and return to your raft. Sail back to Calypso.


Try to give your new device to Calypso. Talk to Calypso and give her the antikythera. Go through the magic door and this time take the statuette and the bottle of wine. Go back to your raft again. This time sail to the northern border of Sicily.


Walk to the path and the ram will scare you away. Wait until it is walking away from you, then go to the path and quickly use your herb on the path - the ram will fall asleep. Enter the cave and talk to the Cyclops. Put the powder from your inventory into your wine bottle, then use this on the Cyclops. Talk to him again and offer him the wine. After automatically leaving, go back inside and take the trident. Leave the cave and return to your raft. Now sail to the coast of Italy, just south of Circe to find Aeolia.


Walk through the stone archway to reach a floating island. Go through the left archway, then the left archway again, and finally the middle archway. When talking to Aeolus, select these options:

  • Troy: I pretended to be a horse...
  • Circe: That madwoman transforms men into pigs...
  • Calypso: She lived in a cave...
  • Cyclops: I hid beneath the belly of a sheep...
  • Lotus-Eaters: I made them believe...

Talk about everything else, then before leaving you will be given a magical wine jug. Use your raft and sail just north of Aeolia to find Hades.


Walk to the cave entrance at the base of the volcano. Walk over the bridge and talk to the guard, then return outside to your raft. Sail south to a new berth between Aeolia and Cyclops.

Scylla & Charybdis

After the initial meeting, go right and talk to Karkargnor again - he will not give you the charm. Go left and enter the building. Walk to the left and use the button (magic sphere) to stop the fan (magic flower). Use your trident in the magic flower, then use the magic sphere again and it will break. Use the magic sphere another 8 times, then go outside. Pick up the small broken piece of trident from the water. Talk to Karkargnor and give him the metal, then ask for the charm and you will receive it. Get back on your raft and return to Hades.


Enter the cave and talk to the guard. Give him the charm, then go through the portal to find a labyrinth. Go left and follow the passage, then use the statue to get a piece of metal. Continue along the passage to come to a closed gate and a broken mechanism. Now head right twice and use another statue to get another piece of metal. Walk down twice and use a 3rd statue to get another piece of metal. Return up twice and left twice to the gate. Combine your 3 pieces of metal and use this in the mechanism. Now use the lever and go through the opened gate.

After you meet Tiresias, give him your wine jug. Leave the circus, then go back out through the labyrinth and board your raft. Go now to the far east, then go north until you find a place to dock (just north of some stormy winds).


After meeting Nausicaa, head right and walk into the transparent beam of light. Inside, look at the bulge in the carpet, then use it and pick up the idol. Try to use the metal plaything in the far corner of the room, then use your idol on it. Use the plaything and set its controls according to the riddle from Tiresias; turn all the "parrots" in towards the middle and press button number 3 (at the top right).


Walk towards Eumaeus' house, then take the poster from the wall before heading inside. The next morning, go right to find the village square and walk towards the archery competition. Talk to the guard, who is hungry, then enter the kitchen on the left but you will be forced back outside.

Head back to the square and talk to the merchant on the right. Use your poster on her, then take one of the wooden horses. Head back towards the competition and use the wooden horse on the kitchen entrance. Enter the kitchen and take some raw meat from the bench, then go back outside. Return to the square and go left and into Eumaeus' house again. Use your raw meat in the pot, then take it again when it is cooked.

Leave the house and go back to the guard. Offer him the meat, then head into the competition. Pick up the magic bow from the left and use it on Antinous.