AKA The World of Nubla

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/28/2023

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Nubla is a short platform adventure with basic puzzles set in a fantastic world created from artworks from the National Museum of Modern Art in Spain. There are 19 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 0

Whispers in the Dark

Run to the right until you must choose one of the characters. Select any of them (although either of the characters with green hair is required to get one of the achievements), then you will go through the frame. After reaching the next room, pick up the candle from the floor, then go through the door to the right. Walk over to the far left, and you will have to match a series of 3 patterns, highlighting the circles in the correct order Bring us the light.

Follow your friend to the right, then enter their frame again Whispers in the dark.

Chapter 1

The House of Paintings

Walk to the right and you will learn your chosen character's special power:

  • Blurry green hair: Teleport forward
  • Straight yellow hair: Magical force
  • Long blue hair: Float
  • Striped green hair: Shrink in size
  • Wavy orange hair: Turn invisible

Further to the right pick up the playing card from the floor Nine of spades. Take the candle from the table, then return to the left and use this on the painting of the dinner table (indicated by the small white creature). Pick up the bird's head, then go left and use this on the painting of the owl. Pick up the necklace, then use this on the duck painting to the left. Pick up the flower bouquet and use this on the painting just left of the table where you found the candle. Pick up the horn and use this on the painting of the white horse to the left. Pick up the pomegranate and use this on the beach painting to the right. Pick up the red key, then use this on the door to the left.

Grab the black hat from the floor on the left. Go over to the painting on the right - the character in it wants a helmet. Use the moving platform to get down to the level below. Drop down further to the left. Knock on the boarded up door to loosen a hat, then pick up the hat from the floor A lady's hat. Go to the right and get the hook from the painting. Return left and push the block to the right so another platform starts moving. Get on this to return up. Use your hook to open the door to the right, then use the black hat on the painting here. Ride the platform up and get the helmet. Return to the first painting and give it the helmet. Now head to the bottom right of this area and go through the opened door. Go right to the constellation.

Follow your friend left into another frame The Woods of Vanished Faces.

Chapter 2

The Woods of Vanished Faces

Pick up the mirror piece (1/5) from behind the bush where you start. Go right and get another mirror piece (2/5) from behind the next bush. Push the rock back towards the left so it is beneath the moon. Jump on the rock, then jump up to the moon (or use your power on it). Pick up the moon Moon. Now push the rock to the far right. Jump on the rock then on the next platform to the right, and pick up the cloud Summer cloud.

Drop down to the right and push the next rock to the right, then pick up the mirror piece (3/5) that was hidden behind it. Jump from the rock up over the next platforms. After dropping down again, pick up the book Stories told. Drop down into a lower area to the right and get the next mirror piece (4/5). Use the platform to get up to the right, then put your 4 mirror pieces into the broken mirror. Pick up the last mirror piece (5/5) to the left, then finish the mirror. Pick up the mirror and use it in to the lower area to the left, then head through.

Make your way beneath the platforms over to the bottom right (using the special ability of one of the green-haired characters). Pick up the tree Tree. Now go back to the left and jump up the platforms to the top right. Switch each of the tiles to create a complete image of the elephant and constellations. Now walk left to the constellation.

Follow your friend right into another frame The Blue City.

Chapter 3

The Blue City

Go to the right and pick up the lock piece (1/4). Crawl beneath the angled ledge to the right and pick up the glove Abandoned Glove. Now head up the angled ledge and insert the metal piece into the lock mechanism.

Return to the left until you find a door you can enter. Search behind the hat on the floor to find a key, then use this on the window lock. Once the room floods, go to the top right and pick up the black suitcase Forgotten valise. Now take the lock piece (2/4) from the high shelf on the left. Outside again, go and insert this into the lock mechanism.

Go left again and head through another new door. Jump on the box and knock down the triangular piece. Push the box to the far left and you will end up getting the next lock piece (3/4). Go to the far right and insert this piece.

Head left through the next open door. Walk to the right side of this room to see a new puzzle. Click on the 4 containers at the top so they line up with matching symbols below. The drawer beneath will open, so you can take another lock piece (4/4). Carry this to the right and insert it - now you will see the complete lock mechanism. Follow these steps:

  1. Slide the small triangular piece to the right.
  2. Move the large rectangular piece up.
  3. Move the top-left piece to the right.
  4. Turn the bottom-left piece to the right.

Go through the open door. Head right while you are in the cave. Now you need to use the 3 symbols on the right to rotate the various cave segments until the round symbols for each are shown at the top. Walk left to the constellation.

Follow your friend left into another frame Nubla.

Chapter 4

The Encounter with Nubla

Go just to the right and jump up at the large floating rock, then pick up the horse Blue horse. Crawl beneath the rock and go right until you stop in front of a series of constellations. You need to rotate the stars so the constellations match the pattern shown on the stone pillar at the bottom left.

Follow your friend right into another frame The ascent. Climb up onto Nubla's head and you will be lifted up into the skies. Enter the house when you reach it The alpine hill. Inside, walk left and pick up the letter Love letter. Pick up the candle on the right, then use it on the painting and pick up the lit candle. Place the lit candle on the floor where there is the shadow of a candle. Jump up on the table, then get back down and pick up the paint brush.

Give the paint brush to your friend, then follow them right and left. Interact with the far left painting, then pick up the boat The End. There is an extra achievement if you found all of the collectible items Memento Nubla.