Now You SeeNow You See

Game Details:  Horror, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/28/2023

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Now You See is a first-person horror adventure. Seeking shelter from a storm, you find yourself in a house of horrors, and must do everything you can to escape. There are 27 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


You will get an achievement at the start of the game Chancer.... Go upstairs, then forward and through the door straight ahead. Touch the back of the man at the sink Brave Brave Fool.


You will wake up in a red room Out of the frying pan.... Examine the body in the corner of the room and take the note, then read both sides of it in your inventory. Back out, then pick up the rock from the floor on the right. Examine the nail in the wall to the right, and take the doll (1/9). Use the rock on the nail to get it out of the wall. Back out, then peel the wallpaper near the floor on the left side of the room. Examine the wall here, and use your nail on the loose brick, so that you can take the wooden stick. Back out and use this on the door, then open the door to get free.

Pick up the hacksaw hanging on the right, then examine the chest freezer. Open the freezer and use the hacksaw to cut off the frozen hand Fella of Limbs. Back out and look at the bottom of the bench on the left. Pull out the tray here and pick up the knob and a small metal lever. Back out again and now look at the top of the bench. Try to pull out the plug from the electrical socket, but you will get zapped. Use the knob on the drawer, then open the drawer and take out some pliers.

Now back out, then go to the heater at the back of the room. Look at the right side of the heater and grab another doll (2/9) Doll Carrier. Use the small metal lever on the heater control, then turn it to activate the heater. Back out and put the frozen hand on top of the heater. Once it thaws, remove the glove. Go back to the bench on the left and use the glove to pull out the plug from the electrical socket. Now talk to the guy in the corner of the room Meet The Family.

You will end up back in the red room. Examine the body in the corner of the room again. Use your pliers on the hand and you will get the tape recorder. Now look at the fan high up on the left wall. Reach inside to get a small metal bar. Use your wooden stick on the door and leave the room again.

Examine the top of the workbench. Use your small metal bar in the vice, then turn it. Take out the batteries and put them into your tape recorder. Use the tape recorder, pressing the play button to hear a chant Listener. Go back to the guy in the corner of the room and use the tape recorder on him - while his arms are raised, quickly take the key from his pocket. Back out again, and use the key on the closet in the near right corner. Knock on the door in the far right corner to get the bad man to come, then quickly hide in the closet. Once you hear the footsteps stop, exit the closet and go through the door in the far right corner Clever Cookie.


Go forward along the corridor, then turn around and go upstairs. Go through the open doorway on the right into a bedroom, and push open the door fully. Look on the bed and take the scissors, then back out again. Look at the ballerina picture on the left wall Art Lover. Take the doll (3/9) from behind this picture. Back out and look at the small table, picking up the hairbrush. Look behind the small picture on the far wall to reveal a hidden safe. Leave this room.

Examine the doll on the wall here, and cut open its stitches with your scissors. Take out the note and read both sides in your inventory. Now enter the bathroom again. Take a blood-soaked block from the sink. Pull the chain on the side of the toilet, then take the torn paper from inside the toilet bowl Toilet Toucher. Leave the bathroom and go back downstairs. Go along the hall to see 4 vertical wooden boards. Reach into the gap between the bottom of the 3rd and 4th boards to get some glasses.

Now you need to use the glasses on 4 different locations to read a series of messages, each with a number and a symbol:

  1. Picture on downstairs wall: "My best food I love is hot cross buns" (plus)
  2. Small table in bedroom: "I also like pancakes" (circle)
  3. Doll on the wall upstairs: "My name is Elijah and I like food " (difficult to see symbol)
  4. Large picture on wall in bedroom: "I don't like carrots, yuk" (cross)

Examine the hairbrush and turn it over. Set the symbols from top to bottom as follows: Plus, Dot, Plus, Cross. Now press the hidden button further down the handle and the brush will open. Take the key from inside. In the bedroom, use this key on the safe you found behind the picture on the wall. Take out the journal from the safe, and read through it, taking the torn photo. Combine this with your other torn photo An Innocent Past. Examine the completed photo to see the date July 12th 1957.

Go back towards the bathroom and look at the padlock on the door to the left. Open this with the date on the photo, birth (7-12-57). Enter the room and click on the stacks of books multiple times Bookworm. Open the cabinet and search the green jacket on the left to find a key.

Go back downstairs and use this key on the small table in the entry hall. Search the drawer to get a screwdriver. Go back to the book room and use the screwdriver on the screws on either side of the cabinet. Slide the cabinet to the left. Use your glasses on the symbol to see that one of the books on the right has the name "Elijah" written on it. Search this book to find a diagram. Now go through the dark passage.

Grab a doll (4/9) from the pipes high up on the left. Look through the peephole and talk to the girl. Go forward and through the opening on the left into a nursery. Pick up a blue block from the floor on the left. Back out of here and go all the way back to the bathroom. Examine the body in the tub and touch its head Squishy Scott. Also pick up his necklace, and the next doll (5/9) Doll Collector.

Make your way through the dark passage and look through the peephole again. Give the necklace to the girl and you will get another key. Go back to the bedroom and use this on the small box on the desk. Turn the key, then take out the red block. Go through the dark passage again - you will now be stuck in here. Enter the nursery again. Examine the box on the floor here, and insert all 3 blocks. You need to press these in the order indicated by the note you found in Elijah's book (up arrow is highest note, down arrow is lowest note):

  • Left
  • Right
  • Middle
  • Left
  • Middle
  • Right
  • Right
  • Left
  • Right
  • Middle
  • Left
  • Middle
  • Right

Once correct, the compartment in the bottom of the box will open Melodist. Take out the metal rod. Back out and use this on the hatch in the ceiling. Climb up into the attic. Step forward to meet Mummy, then use the tape recorder on her - she will give you her face. Now talk to her again, then give her the scissors, brush and photo album Mummy's Boy. She will then give you a key. Use this on the duct cover just to the right, then crawl inside.


Throughout this section of the game, you will be navigating through a series of ducts in first-person view. From the entry, go forward, right, right, forward and down Belly of the Beast. The following is the map of the main level, with the green starting spot marked in the game with a chalk spiral:


First go right and head to position 1, picking up the chalk. Use this chalk anywhere in the maze to draw an arrow on the ground Chalkist. Return to the green starting spot. Now go forward and head to position 2 to find a doll (6/9). Make your way around to position 3, where you will be stopped by a rat Rat Whisperer.

Next go to position 4 and adjust the steam valve so that it is horizontal (turned off). You can now safely make your way to position 5 to get the next doll (7/9) Doll Hunter. Backtrack a little, then make you way to position 6 and adjust the steam valve so that it points to the left. Go back to position 4 again and turn the steam valve to be vertical (turned on). This will get rid of the rat. Turn it to horizontal again. Make your way to position 8 and search the bodies to get a grate key. Finally, go to position 9 and use this key. Go forward, right and down.

In this last section, just go forward, right, forward, and push through the boards into a new area Navigator.


Search the dishes above the left wall cupboards to find a key, and the dishes on the far right cupboards to get a doll (8/9) Doll Stalker. Use the key on the trapdoor in the floor, then climb down.


Use your magic glasses on the symbols on the walls, and look for arrows telling you which way to go. From the start, head right, forward, forward to the left, left and forward. Now go forward through the only doorway available Enshrined. Click on the vent in the ceiling and you will hear footsteps. Now turn around to be confronted by Elijah.

To defeat him, you need to take out both of his eyes:

  1. Use Mum's face on him Face/On
  2. Punch him in the nose, then both cheeks, then both sides of the forehead
  3. Punch him in one eye 3 times
  4. Use Mum's face on him
  5. Punch him in the nose, then both cheeks, then both sides of the forehead
  6. Punch him in the other eye 3 times

Search Elijah once to get a key, then again to get the final doll (9/9) Doll Slave. Use the key on the vent in the ceiling Survivor.