Game Details:  Adventure, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/19/2020

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Nordlicht is a third person point-and-click adventure game set against the backdrop of the Northern Lights. You take control of Aurora, her father Rupert, and her guinea pig Peter, as they set off on an adventure through the cold north to visit Aurora's mother.

Act 1


Search the toy chest to get a fishing lure, and pick up the pocket lighter from the floor. Remove the blue scarf from around Croco's neck. Leave your bedroom and your father will tell you he needs your help. Put on the jacket hanging near the door, then take the packing list. Head left to the kitchen. Take the cookies from the table, and the jar from left of the fridge. Search the drawers here to find a spoon. Return right and go upstairs.

Go left into Rupert's room. Climb the ladder to retrieve the key hanging from the ceiling. Head out to the balcony and look at the apple, then try to take it. Talk to Peter and ask him to retrieve the apple for you. Now go to the room on the far right and search the bathtub to find your washing bag. Open this in your inventory to get your toothbrush, sponge and dental floss. Combine the dental floss and fishing lure in your inventory. Return left and climb up the ladder to the attic.

Pick up the lantern from the top of the bookshelf, and the tent from the floor to the left. Use the key to unlock the large blue chest, and you will end up getting Rupert's favorite book. Head all the way back downstairs.

Enter the kitchen and use the sponge to collect the oil from the floor, then combine this with your lantern. Wrap your scarf around Peter, then open the door to the left and go outside. Head over to the left to find the bird house. Use your spoon on your jar to eat the jam, then use the jam on the bird house to collect the worms. Break off a stick from the small tree between the 2 larger trees. Combine this stick with the fishing line and lure, to complete your fishing rod. Now walk back to the right past the door. Pick some parsley from against the house in front of the stairs. Go back inside.

Now head to the front door and pass these items through:

  • tent
  • fishing rod
  • bait (worms)
  • food (cookies)
  • food (apple)
  • food (parsley)
  • Rupert's favorite book
  • your toothbrush
  • pocket lighter
  • lantern

Now leave through the front door and sail across the seas to your next location.

Act 2

The Forest

Head left and pick up the firewood. Also pull the carrots out of the ground. Just to the left, take the lowest plank of wood from the tree, then climb up to the lookout to admire the view. Walk back past the tent to the right. Talk to the crows, but they don't leave. Pick up a stone from the ground. Continue right and pick up the other stick. Continue down and back to the left, where you can pick up another stone from the ground. Continue left, then use the plank of wood and the stone on the boat to repair the mast.

Go back to the crows. Combine your stick and cookie bowl, then use this to scare away the crows.

Return right to the stream. Combine your fishing rod with the bait, then use this in the stream to catch a fish. Also use the cookie bowl in the stream to collect some water. Cross over the bridge. Use the carrots on the big eyes in the darkness - after the rabbit comes out, search its burrow to get some dry leaves. Pick some mushrooms from down from here. Next search the backpack to the right to find an old sock, an old cheese sandwich and a small treasure chest. Open the treasure chest in your inventory to find a sewing kit and an old rag. Look at the rag to see it shows a pattern. Pick up some more firewood to the right. Now touch each of the 5 stones to make them glow, in the order indicated on the rag. Look at the light in the middle, then examine it to find a lens.

Return to the boat and use the sewing kit to repair the sail. Head back up to your camp. Put the dry leaves in the fire bed, then add your 2 pieces of firewood. Light the fire with your pocket lighter. Next put the old rag on the tent, then sew it in place with the sewing kit. Combine the stick with the fish in your inventory, then roast this over the fire. Combine the mushrooms with the pot of water, then boil this over the fire. Now talk to Aurora in the tent to tell her that everything is now ready.

In the morning, you will set sail once more.

Act 3

The Iceberg

After Rupert returns, head up the path to the right, and sit down on the seat. Grab the string of prayer flags and you will automatically fix them with Rupert's help. Now go back down and enter the cave to the left. Use your lighter on the fire bowl to reveal a secret passage. Look at the 2 wolf statues and touch them - the large one is cold and the small one is warm. Walk up close to the large statue and look at the crystal eye. Try to reach it, then talk to Rupert and he will help you retrieve a blue lens.

Use the blue lens in your inventory and move in front of the big wolf again. Press each of the 3 glowing crystals, and the small wolf will melt the large block of ice. Head past and out through the other cave opening.

Use the swing, then continue up the path. Pick one of the pink flowers, then go over to the time capsule on the right. Use the time capsule, and you will automatically put the photo inside. Look through the 4 photos, then back out and you will bury the time capsule again. Go up to the tombstone at the top of the mountain. Put the flower at the base of it, then insert the green lens followed by the blue lens.