Game Details:  Horror, 1994

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/4/2020

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Noctropolis is a 3rd person adventure where you play as Peter Grey, a mild-mannered bookstore owner who gets magically transported to the city of Noctropolis. Here you must take on the persona of your favorite comic-book hero Darksheer, battling 5 arch-villains and working out a way to return to your own world. There are 15 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Open the door at the back of the bookstore and go through to the office. Look at the letter on the desk, then take it. Now get the comic from on the footstool and read through it. Return through the door to the bookstore, and talk to the person through the front door (options 2, 1, 4). Take the package, then use the silver token in your inventory City of Night.

Main Street

Talk to the newspaper vendor (options 1, 2, 1, 2) and offer him the comic. Now ask him about everything, before travelling to the cathedral (scroll up on the map screen).


Pick up the wire from the ground next to the left pillar, and take the loose spire from the left side of the fence. Open the access panel at the base of the right pillar. Use the wire and then the fence spire, then head inside. Go into the confessional booth and open the window to talk to Father Desmond (options 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) Recruit the Righteous. Now ask him about everything before travelling again.

Main Street

Enter the Hall of Records and talk to the clerk (options 1, 1, 1). Use the bone when prompted, then talk again (option 1) and continue to ask the clerk about everything else. Now head to your new location.


Open the side gate on the right, then open the door behind it and go inside. Look at the note on the blue coffin. Move the body on the nearest table and take the coffin key that is revealed. Use this, and you will open the blue coffin - get inside and you will end up down in a crypt. After your encounter with the Succubus (any options) you have 8 minutes to save yourself. Move the large statue on the back wall, then go down through the opening beneath the altar. Move the pillow and look at the diary. Get the spear from the statue on the right and use it, then go through the new opening to the left. Keep moving quickly to travel back to the cathedral.


Go inside and pick up the chalice. Get some holy water from the fountain to the right. Now move the pillow on the floor and pick up the detonator. Pick up the middle statue beneath the altar, and the Succubus will reappear. Wait until Stiletto arrives, then quickly use your chalice with holy water A Sultry Send-off. You will automatically be taken to a new location.


Talk to Stiletto (options 2, 2, 2, 2, 4, 2) Super Sharp Sidekick. Continue the conversation (options 2, 3). Ask her about everything, then open the panel in the far right column and take out the Shadeskin Birth of a Hero. Open the smaller panel in the column just to the right of the fountain and take the book and the Noctroglyph. Travel now to your next destination.

Sunspire Tower

Talk to the guard (options 1, 1). Look at the truck to learn about the Central Park Greenhouse, then talk to Stiletto (any option) to get her to distract the guard. Go through the fence and pick up the glass cutter in the next area. Move the bricks from the lift, then move the motor on the left end of the lift to raise it up. Grab a glass shard from the bucket, then move the lift back down and leave.

Main Street

Enter the Hall of Records again. Talk to the clerk (option 1) and ask him about the Greenhouse.

Cygnus Construction

Go inside and talk to Wanda the receptionist (options 2, 1, 2, 1). Pick up the blue elevator pass from the floor, then go through the door on the right. Talk to Leon (any options), then talk to Stiletto (any option). Move the red switch to turn on the air conditioner, then go back through the door and talk to Wanda again (option 1). Go through the left door and talk to Sam Jenkins (options 1, 1, 1, 2, 2). Immediately talk to him again (option 3), then ask him about everything. Go back out and talk to Wanda yet again (any option), then head into the elevator and use the elevator pass. Talk to Ms Shoto (any options). Exit and use the elevator pass again to return to the lobby.

Incarnate Technologies

There is an achievement for arriving at this location Dynamic Devastation. Talk to the guard (any options), then go to the Neon Noose down the street At the End of His Rope. Talk to Jim Drake (any options).

Central Park Greenhouse

Go to the truck and take a bag of seeds and the Quickgrow solution. Back out from the truck and use your glass cutter, then go inside. After your encounter with Greenthumb (any options) you have 3 minutes to save yourself. Use your Liquidark grenade Toxic Turmoil, then go to Stiletto to take her outside. Pick up the poster next to the right tree, then quickly travel.


Get into the Liquidark pool to save yourself.

Main Street

Enter the Hall of Records again. Talk to the clerk (option 1) and ask him about the Opera House.

Opera House

Go to the entrance and talk to Tophat when given the opportunity (any options), then leave again.

Bornick Mansion

There is an achievement for arriving at this location The Widow Awaits. Go to the front door to talk to the Widow Bornick (any options).


Use your Noctroglyph, then go to the entrance. Use your sack of seeds, then go through the opening. Save your game. Avoiding the search lights, head around the right edge of the room. Pick up the screwdriver and the oil can, then get on to the lift to go up. Pick up the log book from here, then use your oil can and screwdriver to open the panel. Take the lens from inside. Go back down in the lift. Save your game, then make your way back around the right side of the room to the exit.

Opera House

Go to the entrance and talk to Tophat (any options); you will end up with 7 minutes to save yourself. Talk to the old man (any options) and he will free you. Quickly travel again.


Get into the Liquidark pool to save yourself Operatic Overkill.

Opera House

Go inside and pick up a brick from the pile. Pick up the throwing knives. Try to move the trapdoor, then stand on it and use your brick. Take the jewelry and make-up kit from the table. Move the costumes, then open the door and go through. Pick up the screwdriver from on top of the boiler pipe, then use it on the door. Move the water valve and take the hose, then go through the new opening. Talk to the gang (options 2, 3, 1, 2) and give them the throwing knives. Keep talking to them (options 2, 3) and now give them the jewelry. Go back through the 2 doors, then move the switch.

Main Street

Talk to the newspaper vendor (option 2) and ask about the butcher.

Butcher Shop

Talk to the butcher (options 3, 2, 1, 1) and trade him your newspaper for a sausage. Go to the freezer on the left. Pick up a meat hook, then move 2 carcasses so you can go down a ladder. After your encounter with the Master Macabre (any options) you have 18 minutes to save yourself. Move the acid bottle near your right foot and it will dissolve the wheel brakes on Stiletto's table. Move the tray near your left foot and it will propel Stiletto off her table. Take a beaker from the shelves on the right, then try to go through the door Psychotic Break. Now head through the open door. Use your beaker to get some acid. Open the door to the right and go through the door.

Continue through the fan to the next room. Use your shard of glass and you will cut yourself a section of rope. Pick up the small valve wheel at the bottom of the junk pile on the left. Go back through the fan and use your rope, then go through the opening. Use your acid in the sewer room, then go over to the next doorway. Go through the closest doorway and pick up the re-bar from the ground, then go back and use the re-bar to make the catwalk safe. Go through the doorway to the far left, and use your valve wheel. Return right and go through the middle door from the catwalk. Now you can head down the large pipe on the right side, then to the glowing area at the back of this room.

Talk to the creature (options 1, 3, 1) and offer him the make-up kit, then continue talking (options 2, 2). Now solve the puzzle door:


Numbering the circles as shown above, click on them in this order: 7, 2, 6, 3, 8, 5, 2, 8, 4, 1, 7. Now click on the remaining blue circle at the bottom to open the door Subterranean Solution.


Get into the Liquidark pool to save yourself. After your conversation with Drealmer (any options), you will automatically end up at the next location.

Drealmer's Fun Park

Pick up the can of paint from the left, then go up the stairs. Enter the clown's mouth and take the dental pick, then leave again. Go to the door frame to return outside. Use the dental pick, then go through the door to the left into Jack's Antiques. Take a match from the pile, then return outside and go up the stairs again. Now head through the door at the base of the tower. Pick up the oil lamp from the ground on the right, before leaving again. Move the scroll hanging next to the clown's eye, then go through the new door. Use your match here, then pick up the egg sack and a piece of web. Leave this area, then enter the tower again and use the egg sack to kill the demon. Take the diamond and leave, then go through the door frame to head outside.

Enter Jack's Antiques again. Use the diamond, then move the pepper shaker and pick up some pepper. Go back outside, then head up the stairs and into the clown's mouth. Use the pepper here and take the paint brush, then exit. Use the paint brush to paint a new door on the left, then head through it. Use the web and climb to the top of the tower. Move the small runner on the chair, then take the key and go through the door. Talk to Drealmer (any options) and you will automatically arrive back at the Shadowlair It Was Only a Nightmare.


Talk to Stiletto (any options).

Cygnus Construction

Go inside and go to the elevator, then use the elevator pass. Talk to Ms Shoto (options 1, 1, 2, 1, 3). Return to the elevator and use the elevator pass again. Go through the revolving doors to return outside. Take a wrought iron shaft from around the base of the lamp post and use it to pry up the manhole cover. Go down. Pick up 3 broken chair pieces. Open the door of the furnace and use the broken chair pieces, then head down through the new entrance Remember His Sign.

Talk to Whisperman (options, 3, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1). Go into the water, then go up the ladder and into the building. Go to the elevator and use the log book. Use your meat hook here to slide to the next building.

Sunspire Tower

Pick up the duct tape and the rope, then go upstairs. Get the broom from here, then continue upstairs. Use your sausage to tie it to the rope, then use the rope and sausage to get rid of the dog. Now use your duct tape, then use the broom and hook. Talk to Lumisheer (any options), then use your gold token and talk to the Elemental (any options) New Adventures Await.