Nikopol: Secrets of the ImmortalsNikopol: Secrets of the Immortals

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2008

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/12/2012

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals is an adventure game set in near-future Paris, and based on a book by Enki Bilal. You play as Alcide Nikopol, an artist living in Paris when a pyramidal spaceship containing Egyptian Gods descends over the city.

Chapter 1

Nikopol's Apartment

Take the chain from the window, and the incense and lighter from the floor. Open the door and head through to the bathroom, then turn right and go to your front door. Pick up the note under the door - you need to find a picture of your father. Turn right and enter the living room, and take a photo reel from the shelf. Look up and pull down the projector screen, then walk to the back of the room. Open the projector, put your reel inside, close it and turn it on.

After being reminded about your father's imprisonment, head into your art studio out the back of the apartment. Pick up a blank white canvas, your painting kit and your easel. Pick up the hammer near your stone carving, and you will also take the chisel. Walk back to the living room and you will put the easel down automatically. Put the white canvas on the easel, then turn the projector so it is pointing at the canvas. Using your painting kit on the easel and create a portrait of your father.

Go to your front door and leave the apartment, but you will quickly duck back inside to avoid the monster. Turn around and grab the large metal bar, and prop this against the door to hold it closed. Head to your bedroom, and use your chain to lock the door. Enter your studio and you will see the monster through a gap in the wall. Move the large hoist, then press its control button twice, and move the hoist again - this will remove the large block of stone from the shelving.

Return to your bedroom and put the incense in the incense holder on the floor. Light it with a match. Remove the chain from the bedroom door and enter your studio. Now move the bookshelf, and the monster will enter your bedroom. Move the hoist and press the control button once, and the bookshelf will be held down by the large block of stone. Open the doors and exit the studio, then quickly go and close the bedroom doors from the outside, and lock them with the chain.

Go to your front door again. Clear a space in the floor rubble on the left, then move the large block into this space. Now pick up the wooden beam on the right and stand it on the large block - the metal strut will fall down. Use your hammer on the door, then head outside. Look up to the left, and use your hammer on the window - you need to destroy all of the boards with 5 hits of your hammer, then climb out the window.

Chapter 2


After your talk, head forward twice, then turn right and enter a dimly-lit room - this is the meeting room. Use your lighter to look around, and flip the light switch. Pick up the white chalk from the ground. Now read the manual in your inventory. The clues about the drawings should lead you to draw these symbols on the wall from left to right:

  • serpent
  • horn
  • crane / skull
  • hat / miter
  • wheel of fortune
  • hanged man
  • cup
  • tree

Put your father's portrait in the blank space on the far wall. Look at the tiles on the ground - there are only 5 here, with 3 others broken. You need to now find replacements for the broken tiles (cross, salt and two coins), as well as your mother's urn. Leave this room and follow the passage on the left to find an urn vending machine. Look at the collection box on the wall to the left of this (twice) and Gorgon will see you using his security mirror. Pick up a rock from the ground and throw it at the mirror. Now look at the collection box again and you will get 3 coins. Put a coin in the slot on the vending machine. Now light up the 3rd row from the top and cycle left or right until the name "Clemence Morganidon" appears. Press the green rectangle, then take the remaining coins and the urn.

Turn around from the vending machine and go forward to an altar. Pick up the tire iron as one of the replacement symbols (cross). Turn right and approach a curtained entrance - try to go inside but an angry voice tells you to go away. Turn left and go forward, then look at a new metal shelf on the right. Use your tire iron twice to undo the bolts, then crawl through the hidden opening. Follow the passage and you will see there was just a recorded message behind the curtain. Enter the passage directly behind the curtains and you will see bodies trapped in salt and ice. Use your tire iron to open the panel to the right, then turn the wheel. Open the closest door and use your chisel to get a block of salt.

Now go back to the room with the floor tiles, and arrange the items in 3 rows, from top to bottom:

  • key, coins, tower
  • crown, urn, salt
  • scale, cross, sword

You will now be locked inside. Pick up the tire iron. Look at the bottom of the door, then use the tire iron to remove the small panel. Slip the manual under the door, then use your chisel to push out the keys. Take the manual and you will also get the keys. Use the keys to unlock the door, then head out. Go to Gorgon's room, and use the keys to get inside. Take the coded message and decoding diagram. Lift the briefcase out from under the bed, open it, and read the letter inside. Search the books and read "Visions 0.8.1". Now return to the meeting room. Use the keys to turn on the lights, then put your papers on the shelf on the left. Now you need to decode the text, which reads "joueur 23 nikopol - l'homme des etoiles reside au bunker arretez son fils". Leave the meeting room and you will meet Anubis and receive an ankh.

Now head straight through the curtains and turn right. Go forward and move the cabinets so you can head through the hidden exit.

Chapter 3

Border Patrol

Look down to the left and pick up the iron bar. Head down the stairs on the left and use the iron bar repeatedly to pry off the small metal panel. Now use your chisel to break the chain and head through the opened gate. Look at the train to see that it is blocking your passage. Go along the platform and open the metal cabinet to see the subway controls. First look at the console on the left - it has no power at present. Now look at the monitor on the right. Click on the screen 4 times and you will control 4 icons that control the flow of electrons to power up different circuits. You need to provide power to the console for each step of the process, as well as another circuit, then use the console to move the subway trains around:

  • power to metro line B, click line B button on console
  • power to switch, turn switch towards line A
  • power to metro line A, click line A button on console

A new train should now come and push the obstruction out of the way. Head down through the passage and look up to see a ladder that is held in place by a small wedge. Pick up a rock from the ground and throw it at the wedge, then climb up.

Look at the table and take the blunt knife. Now unplug the cable from the wall, and use the knife to cut the cable. Plug it back in to the wall, then pick up the live end and use it on the guard. Pick up the guard's body and you will take his magnetic pass card. Use the green intercom button to talk to the other guard, and he asks you to turn off the lasers. Walk across the road and look at the top left panel. Pull out both wires and put them back the wrong way. Now look at the bottom left panel and flip both switches, but the lasers now stay on permanently. Go back and use the intercom button again, and the guard will get zapped. Search him to find a key, then use the key on the locked cabinet next to the vending machine and take the rifle.

Look up to the left and use your rifle to shoot the first tower guard. Cross the road and shoot the second tower guard up to the right. Now use the lower left panel again and drag the middle and right sliders down to the bottom to destroy the laser beams. Insert your pass card into the slot on the right of this machine - you need to recode it to be a level 2 card. Change the symbol in the top right to level 2, then click on the display to recreate the same symbol in red. Click the OK button when you are done and you will have an upgraded card.

Go forward to the area next to the vans and look at the wall on the left. Open the alarm panel. Flip the power switch on the top right, then quickly pull out the wires on the right and turn the power back on - this will have deactivated the sound, but the lights are still turned on. Now press the red button on the top right outside the cabinet to activate the alarm, then quickly go and hide behind the vans. As soon as the guard comes over to investigate, walk over to where he was standing. Use your magnetic pass card in the machine, then go through the door.

Chapter 4

MontParnasse Tower

Go forward and talk to the guard, who won't let you inside. Step back and look up at the top of the tower. When the guard comes over to join you, walk through the gate on the left. Go through the other gate and quickly take the key from near where the guard was standing. Go back through the near gate and use the key to unlock the chest on the ground. Get in the chest, and you will be carried into the tower.

After the chest is put down, use your lighter to look around. Use your tire iron to remove the back of the lock, then use the chisel to remove the rectangular piece of metal. Pull off the angled grey metal piece. Now use your knife to hold the right side of the spring, and push up the right gold piece. Remove the knife and insert it at the bottom left of the spring. Push up the left gold latch, then open the chest and get out.

Look at the map on the wall. Wait for the guard inside to walk away, then press the red button to head inside. Turn right and look at the door to see it has no handle. The other door here has guards behind it, so head back outside before the first guard returns. Now open the ventilation control panel on the wall and turn the switch so it is sending gas inside rather than extracting it. Pick up the two chemicals on the right and they will mix to form a potent gas. Pick up the bowl and put it beneath the fan, and you will hear the guard inside collapse. Quickly go in and turn left to enter the security station. Turn around and pick up the guard's body, and you will close the door automatically and take a hypodermic gun.

Look at the right monitor and read the 5 emails. Look at the middle monitor to see a conversation involving your father. Turn right and press the red button to open a door opposite the room you are currently in. Press the button to the right of this door, then head straight across the hallway into a storage room. Head through the next doorway into the stairwell, then head upstairs. Use your hypodermic gun on the nearest part of the jellyfish, and the tick will fall asleep. Pick up the cardboard next to it, then continue forward. Put the cardboard on the jellyfish, then add the ritual manual and light it with your lighter. Walk through the path that is now clear. In the next room, push the big red toolbox down the stairs to kill another tick. Head down the stairs and pick up the hammer, then use this to break down the wall.

Go down the steps, then straight forward into your father's old room - you will see him outside. Quickly pick up the glass and fill it with water from the tap, then pour the water on the security panel to the left of the door. Pick up the stool and throw it at the window to shatter it. Look at the bed and pick up the feather and the sheet. Use the sheet to pick up a shard of glass from the floor, then use your home-made knife to cut the cable running around the floor at two places (on each side of the basin). Now attach your cable/rope to the hooks near the window and jump out.

Chapter 5


Look at the map on the wall - you are currently in room #4. The door to the armoury is currently locked and you need a level 8 pass card. Climb the stairs to find a door blocked with a mattress. Climb the ladder and head out on the walkways, but you will exposed out in the open and refuse to go. Head back to room #4, then go through the other door into room #3. After the announcement over the loudspeakers, go through the next door into room #2. There are two doors here - the left one is condemned, so go through the right one into the hallway #1. You will soon hear the opposite doorway start to open. Quickly turn around and pick up the iron bar, then enter the cupboard it was leaning against. After the guard leaves, open the opposite doorway and head through. Open the next door and go through into a security area #6. Take the phone from the left, then look at the middle and right monitors. Turn right and enter room #7, then go right again into room #8. Insert your pass card into the machine here and re-code it into a level 8 card.

Now you need to get back to the locked armoury. Look at the bottom of the door here, and cut the cable with your knife. Now open the door and go straight across the hallway into the opposite room. Turn right and go under the stairs, and you will see a soldier through the crack in the wall. Turn right here and read the memo on the door - this gives you an idea. Return to the computers in security area #6. Look at the left monitor and you can change the guard patrol routes:

  • Surveillance Hall - north
  • Surveillance Hall - south
  • Patrol A - B - C

Head back the same way to the area under the stairs. Wait for the guard to leave room #2, then go through the crack in the wall. Go and stand next to the far door where the guard went through and wait there. When you hear the other door start to open, go through into room #3 and you will not be seen. Now immediately use the far door to enter room #4. Push the cabinet across in front of the door you came through so you won't be interrupted. Use your pass card to get into the armoury. Lift up the grate using the handle at the bottom, then read the notice on the left - you need the BAR-89 which is the gun on the far left.

Leave the armoury and go up the stairs. Use your knife to release the mattress, then the iron bar to pry open the doors. Head outside through the doorway. Use the mobile phone to call "Invited apartment 1". Close the phone as soon as it starts ringing and use your rifle. Look through the middle window opposite, and when you see XB2 answer the phone, shoot him. Head back inside and pick up the mattress, then throw it out through the doorway. Go out and throw the mattress over the balcony, then jump down on to it. Use your phone to call "Doors to lounge" and wait for the guards to head inside. Now cross over the open area and enter the opposite building through the garage.

The doors on either side of this hallway have a DNA verification system. Use the feather on the door on the right, then go inside to talk to Horus. After your chat, quickly press the red alarm button outside this room. Run to the end of the corridor and go through the door on the left into room #7. Make your way back across the hallway, under the stairs, through the crack in the wall back towards the armoury room. Head up the stairs, then up the ladder to the walkways. Look up towards the pyramid and use the ankh.