Nightlong: Union City ConspiracyNightlong: Union City Conspiracy

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1998

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/23/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy is a third-person graphic adventure set in the year 2099. You play as an ex-military operative, asked by the Governor of Union City to investigate a series of terrorist threats, but in doing so you uncover a larger conspiracy.

Apartment Building

Pick up the foil paper between the two cars. Go through the doors to head inside the building. Press the elevator call button, but the fuse will blow. Look more closely at the panel and remove the blown fuse. Use your foil paper on it, then replace the fuse in the panel. Press the button and the doors will open. Use your elevator card in the slot, and you will go down to the apartments.

Look at the door just to the left of the elevator, belonging to S Ruby. Use the elevator again, then use the small key for the letterbox for number 17 - you will end up with a letter. Use the elevator once more. Put the letter on the pen pad next to the apartment door, then use your magnetic pen on the letter, and you will end up inside the apartment.

Take the note paper from the low curved table: it says ROT MALL 17 - 11:30PM. Also take the photo from the larger curved table. Open the refrigerator in the end of the larger table. Look inside the refrigerator, then take the bottle of vodka from inside. Head through the right door into the bedroom.

Press the bottom switch next to the window to lower the shutters, then open the window. Examine the small piece of tape on the shutters to get a key. Open the wardrobe on the left, and move the clothes to reveal a safe. Use the key to open the safe - you will end up with a pistol, a tube of acid, and a report.

Leave the apartment. Use your credit notes with the vending machine on the right. Take the can of beer and the coin. Press the elevator button, then use the elevator. Head outside again.

Use your tube of acid on the broken barrier near the bridge to the left. Now take the bar. Return inside through the door, and look at the map on the wall. Now use the elevator again and choose to go down to the subway.


Talk to the cop here. Look at the map on the left, then insert your coin. Use the scanner on the gate to the right to board the subway train.

Talk to the bum here. Give him your bottle of vodka, then show him your photo. Also give him your can of beer, then agree to buy his skate. Now head up the escalator.

Town Square

Talk to the doorman outside Free Climax, who tells you that you need a membership card to get inside. Now go through the door on the right into a liquor store. Look at the pink membership card on the wall behind the storekeeper, then try to examine it more closely. Talk to the storekeeper about it. Go back outside and climb over the railings into an alley to the left of the liquor store.

Use your bar to open the manhole, then climb down into an underground tunnel. Pick up the dead rat to the right, then climb back up again. Next look at the trapdoor. Use your tube of acid on the padlock, then open the trapdoor and climb down into a basement. Combine your rat and skate, then use this on the storekeeper's wife. Now open the nearby case and take out a bottle of wine.

Make your way back around to the liquor store. Give the bottle of wine to the storekeeper, and you will receive the membership card. Back outside, show the membership card to the doorman, and you will be allowed into Free Climax. Talk to the owner, then leave and return to the subway.


Use your Minicom to talk to Hugh Martens. Pick up the plastic plate from the ground on the left, then use this with the left fax machine on the wall. Use your Minicom again, then take the map from the fax machine. Go back up the escalator.

Town Square

Climb over the railing into the alley, then head down the manhole. Push out the grating on the right to reach a new area.

The Platforms

Look at the door here, then use your pistol on it so you can head inside to a storeroom. Open the left closed cabinet, then search the bag to find leads, a screwdriver and a tool (socket spanner). Leave the storeroom again.

Use the screwdriver on the logo at the bottom corner of the large advertisement, and you will end up with a large metal S. Use this on the chain at the base of the nearby pipe. Use the makeshift grapple with the pipe running along the ceiling, and you will cross to the other side of the subway. Head along the passageway.

Try to open the panel next to the magnetic field. Use your tool on it to get it open. Use your leads to the contacts, then pull the lever. Now use the leads on the magnetic field. Go through to a deserted station. Head to the far left and take the pliers from inside the small closet. Use your bar to knock down the loudspeaker from the wall. Pick up the small round magnet from the floor. Open the trapdoor in the shed, then climb down into the passageway. Return to the right again.

Go right and climb up to the bridge. Use your pliers on the cable here, and the sign will drop down. Climb back down the staircase, then go right over the fallen sign and enter the zoo. Also take the empty beer can from the table, and the small can of oil from the counter.


Enter the bar just to the left. Pull back the yellow curtain so you can collect a broom and a gas cylinder. Leave the bar, then head down along the path to the left to reach a Sphinx. Try to enter the Sphinx, and listen to the recorded message. Go back to the platforms.

The Platforms

Cross back to the left side, then go through the passageway and left to the subway. In your inventory, use the magnet on the bar. Now use your magnetic bar on the chain hanging over the subway to cross the tracks back to the right.

Enter the storeroom again. Open the far right cabinet and take a key from inside. Use your small can of oil on the hasp of the large door in here, then go through to a smaller storeroom. Try to turn on the light using the switch just to the right of the doorway. Take the bulb from the light socket in the ceiling. Open the trapdoor just to the right, then climb down.

Use your key with the door here, then go through to find a bookstore. Search the books on the middle row just to the left of the well, then examine the book that you take. Remove the bulb from the light on the desk. Climb back down the well.

Put the working bulb in the ceiling socket, then use the switch to turn it on. Pick up the three-way adapter from the shelf on the right. Make your way back to the zoo.


Go along the path to the Sphinx. Examine the wheels to the left of the Sphinx, and set them according to the recorded message and the book from the bookstore:

  • Top Wheel: Ra (father of the gods)
  • Bottom-Left Wheel: Kheprer (delights in the eternal coming of his being)
  • Bottom-Right Wheel: Horus (solar protector)

Press the triangular button in the middle, then enter the Sphinx. Press all 3 red buttons to turn them green. Pick up the weapon (gun) from the shelf on the left. Head back outside and continue left to the Fissures.

Try to cross the footbridge, but a dinosaur will appear. Shoot it with your gun, then cross both footbridges and enter the cave. Pick up the flare from the table. Look at the strange key on the left wall. Return to the zoo entrance and enter the bar on the left. Continue further left towards the Goddess.

Move the bush just left of the statue to reveal a faucet. Turn this once to extinguish the fire, then turn it again to fill the brazier with fuel. Fill your empty beer can with fuel from the brazier. Return to the zoo entrance and now go right towards the Pond.

Use the machinery panel on the left - the kid will fall down and the gas tank will open. Use both your beer can of fuel and your cylinder on the opened gas tank, then throw the flare in as well. After the explosion, cross over the bridge. Look at the kid, then search him to get a remote control. Examine this in your inventory. Return past the zoo entrance to the Fissures and then into the cave. Use the remote control on the key here, then enter the elevator.


Search the open crate at the bottom left twice to get some telescopic pincers and a hologram projector. Use the open elevator in the back of the area to reach some higher platforms. Press the push-buttons, then climb the staircase up to the roof. Try to open the green door, then pry it open with your magnetic bar. Head inside to a machinery room.

Pull the small red lever left of the gas canisters to turn the gas off. Use your pliers on the pipe coming out the top of the large mixer faucet, then bend the pipe upwards. Pull the red lever again to send gas out through the window. Head back out to the roof.

Try to open the trapdoor, but it is stuck. Put your Minicom on the lock of the trapdoor. Disconnect the red hose from the faucet, and attach it to the pipe through the window. Now use the hose with the Minicom and watch the scene carefully. Go down the stairs and down the elevator.

Pick up the match that the guard dropped. Open the red panel to the right, then use your screwdriver to remove the cover. Disconnect the middle wire, then connect it to the contact at the bottom of the right wire. Replace the cover, then go back up in the elevator. In your inventory, combine the match and broom to create a torch. Use this on the sensor (just to the right of the push-buttons). After the guard is electrocuted, you will automatically come down and search him. Go through the new opening on the right into a hideout.

Use your three-way adapter in the socket in the wall right next to where you entered. Plug your projector into the adapter, then turn it on. Search the terrorist to get a key and a laser. Now use the elevator on the left. Use the key to open the desk drawer, then search it to find a security card. Move the picture on the wall and you will find a piece of paper. Go back down in the elevator. Use your laser on the blue panel on the wall to get it open, then insert the security card into the security system. Press the buttons according to the piece of paper you just discovered, going from dark to light:


All the buttons should turn green. Remove the security card again, then go up in the elevator here. Look through the spy hole in the right door to see that the room is empty. Open the door to enter a medical room. Use the panel on the partition wall to open the partition. Look at the panel inside to find a stethoscope, a syringe and a medical report. Go back out to the previous room. Look through the spy hole in the left door to see there are people inside. Use the stethoscope with this door to listen to the conversation. Talk about everything.

Amusement Park

Step forward into the labyrinth. The layout is as follows - just remember that your back is always facing the room you just left:


You will enter the labyrinth just above position 1. Head to position 2 and take the coin from the water font. Use your Positioner to store this location in the 2nd button. Next walk to position 3 and take the cloth from a skeleton. Use your Positioner to store this location in the 3rd button. Go and see the werewolf at position 4, storing this location in the 4th button. Next go to the lava sculpture at position 5, and store this location in the 5th button. Press the 1st button on the Positioner to return to the slot machine outside the labyrinth.

Go left towards a cable car. Pick up the hammer (and you will automatically hit the drum with it), then take the broken hammer. Go through the door on the right into a small hut. Search the left desk drawer in here to find a match. Head down the stairs to the boiler room. Turn the handle on the boiler using your cloth. Now you can take the gunk (mud) from the floor, and the mildew (saltpeter) from the wall. Press the 1st button on the Positioner to return to the slot machine outside the labyrinth.

Use your broken hammer to hit the spider on the slot machine. Insert your coin, then use the machine. Take the coins that you win from the bowl. Now head right to the shooting range.

Use your mud on the runners. Insert your coins into the slot on the pillar. Use then gun, then collect your prize (puppet and remote control). Go right to the cable car, then enter the hut again. Put your puppet into the right desk drawer (you will keep the remote control). Return outside and stand in the cage, then use your remote control.


Head through the upper left archway into a church. Take the torch from just inside the entrance. Pick up the skull from inside the pentacle on the floor. Open the brazier here and take the dust (charcoal slack) from inside. Return outside again.

Go through the lower left archway into the alchemist's study. Take the parchment from the left side of the desk. Read the parchment on the right side of the desk, and the book on the podium. Take the small bag and jar from the shelves on the right. Now step on the tile beneath the fountain on the left to see that you can stop the flow of water. Place the skull on the tile. Insert the torch in the skull, then light it with your match. Kick the torch, then look at the mirror to see the numbers 7, 8, 4, 5. Grab the small shaft leaning against the wall here, then return outside.

Go through the upper right archway to head to the top of the tower. Use your shaft with the Meridian circle. Now move the shaft into the same numbers you just saw: VII, VIII, IV, V. You will automatically find a manuscript.

Hugh Martens' Office

Use your Positioner to store this location in the 6th button.

Look at the large picture on the wall behind the secretary. Use your small bag of sleeping powder on the chocolates on the desk, then wait for the secretary to fall asleep. Press the button on her desk, then go left into the meeting room.

Open the showcase on the left to get a pistol and 2 iron balls. Take the club from the suit of armor. Examine the lock on the door on the right. Press the 1st button on the Positioner to return to the slot machine outside the labyrinth.

Amusement Park

Go left to the cable car. Use your club on the drum, then pick up the bell that falls down. Press the 5th button on the Positioner to return to the lava sculpture. Place the bell in the lava, then put your silver coin inside the bell to melt it. Add one of your iron balls, then use the bell with the cloth. Pick up the silver ball from the ground. Press the 4th button on the Positioner to return to the werewolf.

Combine your saltpeter and charcoal slack to make a powder, then combine this with your jar. Use this new powder with your pistol, then put the silver ball in the pistol. Shoot the werewolf with the pistol. Collect some of its blood in your empty jar. Press the 6th button on the Positioner to return to Hugh's office entrance.

Hugh Martens' Office

Head left into the meeting room. Pour the blood from your jar on the door lock to the right, then open the doors and go through to Hugh's office.

Search the desk drawer here to get a slide, then return to the meeting room. Use the slide in the projector to see the following:

Go back into Hugh's office and use the computer. Enter the code based on the blue segments of the numbers shown by the projector: 562396. You will automatically travel to your next destination.

Rocas Perdida Island

Search the tracks left by the turtle to find an egg. Head right to find a large fence. Use the egg on the snake, then shoot the snake with your laser. Use your pincers to pick it up. Return left to the beach, then continue further left to reach a conduit. Shoot the padlock on the grating with your laser, and the grating will open. Throw the snake into the pond, and you will automatically climb through the grating.

Move the sheets on the shelf, then take the detergent. Pour the detergent into the bucket, then use the bucket to pour its contents down the conduit. Use the grating over the conduit to close it. Put your empty cans into the far washing machine, then turn it on. After the guard falls, grab the keys he left in the door.

Head right into a corridor, then use the keys on the red door and go through to the Isolation Ward. Open the window on the second door here, and talk to Moreau about everything. Return to the corridor, then go right to the sentry post. Pick up the MDVD from the desk. Use this on the keypad next to the door here. Go back to Moreau and give him the MDVD - he will tell you the code. Go back to the sentry post and use the keypad, then go through to a laboratory.

Look at the blackboard and write down what you see. Pick up the tester, tubes and gloves. Go back to the sentry post again. Use your screwdriver on the large panel beneath the barred window. After the conversation, use your tester on the box, then use your parallel cutter on the box.

Return to the corridor and use your keys on the infirmary door. Search the coat to get a thermometer and some dental floss. Use your gloves on the cylinder (through the bars). Look out the window to the right. Call out to the nearest window to talk to Eva. In your inventory, use the syringe on the tubes to fill the syringe with poison. Attach the floss to the gloves, then attach the syringe. Send this to Eva in the nearby window.

Return to the infirmary. Leave this room and use your keys on the red door to unlock it again, then go through to the Isolation Ward. Search the guard's body to get a laser. Open the window for the first room to receive a paper code. Look at the paper in your inventory. Using the information from here, the known 446677 code for the laboratory door, and the equations on the blackboard in the laboratory, you can work out the code for the other door. Use the keypad here and enter 958320.