The Night is GreyThe Night is Grey

Game Details:  Adventure, 2024

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/18/2024

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Night is Grey is a third person point-and-click adventure set in a dark forest. You play as Graham, trying to escape a forest full of wolves. After stumbling upon a young girl alone in an old house, you must work together to reach safety. There are 16 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1

Throughout the game, make sure you show every object to Hannah as soon as you can, including before and after combining items (there is an achievement at the end for doing this).

Walk to the right, then approach the house and go inside. Talk to the girl about everything. Examine the key cabinet on the wall and you will get a small metal box. Head back outside. Examine your cigarettes to see you are down to the last one. Open the metal box to find a key. Go right and examine each of the red gas canisters, picking up the one that still has some gas remaining. Now walk down away from the house.

Use the key on the tool shed door, then head inside. Pick up the duct tape, then return outside. Go left to where you started the game, then head left over the bridge to see that the wolves are blocking the path. Return right, then take the other path up and around to the right. Take the white cloth from the pole on the right. Use this to clean your glasses 10 times Pristine Spectacles.

Examine the power generator on the right. Use the power pump cord, then open the generator belt socket and take the broken generator belt. Fix this with your duct tape, then put it back into the front of the generator. Open the gas lid, then pour gas from your gas canister into the generator and you will close the lid again. Flip the gas pump lever so the light comes on, then use the power pump cord again - pull the cord another 3 times while the marker is within the thicker part of the circle and the generator will start up.

Return into the house. After Hannah leaves, pick up the butter knife from the table. Leave the house and walk down, then talk to Hannah about everything. Enter the tool shed and pull the light cord, then try to grab the handless saw from the top shelf. Go back outside and talk to Hannah until you give her a piggy-back ride. Enter the shed, and Hannah will automatically grab Storky. Try to grab the handless saw - click while the marker is within the blank space and you will get the handless saw then head back outside.

Combine the butter knife with the handless saw, then add the duct tape to complete your saw. Walk down and use this on the poison ivy - you will discard the saw but keep the butter knife. Go right from here to see a red truck. Return to Hannah and talk to her. Go back into the house. Examine the photograph (1/6) on the wall, and the notepad on the table. Go back out to Hannah and ask her for a pen - she will tell you about some crayons. Go back towards the house and search the trash can to get a red crayon. Go inside and use this on the notepad.

Go back outside and talk to Hannah, telling her it is time to go Children are the greatest joy.

Chapter 2

Search the back of the pickup truck to get an electrical connector. Go right to find an old building, and pick up the rusty lever from the ground. Continue right again. Use your butter knife on the oil barrel to get it open - the knife will break. Examine the tool box on the bench to get a screwdriver. Further to the right, read the diary (1/7). Inside this there is a photograph and 2 pages of diary entries - the code is 331652, and the amperage for the power box is 14 less than the original number of workers.

Examine the jackets on the wall to find a red key and uncover a card reader. Search the miner's suit to the right to get an ID. Examine the back of this in your inventory to see a card reader color code.

Return to Hannah, then continue left through the gate. Examine the broken oil lamp to get a wick and another electrical connector. Examine the spare cables on the ground to get some wires. Notice the employee counter on the left, which shows 91. Go back to the right 3 times. Use your rusty lever on the oil barrel to get an oiled lever. Return left to where Hannah is waiting.

Use your screwdriver on the truck's headlight to get some more wires. Talk to Hannah about everything. Go left and use the first set of wires on the razor wire to the left of the power box. Also use Storky on this razor wire Shame on you. Now you can combine the two wires together. Examine the power box more closely. Use your screwdriver on the bottom panel and remove the burnt wires, then attach your new wires. Now look at the numbered switches and set the total to 77 (14 less than 91):


Attach your oiled lever to the handle slot, then pull the handle. After talking to Hannah again, go right twice. Examine the card reader next to the door. Use your ID on the card reader slot on the right, then press buttons according to the back of the ID card and the code 331652:

Read the report (2/7) and pick up the bent shaft lifter key from the floor. Now examine the screen - change the top dial to the yellow marker, then turn the bottom dial to the right 4 times. Click on the electrical connector you can see in the image. Leave the office and use your bent shaft lifter key on the presser bender just to the right - click while the marker is over the key 3 times to straighten it.

Return to the power box and turn the power off again. Head left and use your screwdriver with the door stopper on the ground to keep the gate open. Go right and turn the power on, then head left once more. After seeing the footage from the camera, you can pick up another electrical connector from the crates just right of the connector box. Examine the connector box, and open it with your red key. Press the left button at the top, and remove the 2 electrical connectors that are currently in place. Now you need to use 3 of your connectors to connect the correct lights from left to right:

Once the cave lights are on, enter the cave to the left. Further to the left, use the shaft lifter key on the cover. Go back out to the truck and talk to Hannah. Carry her left into the mine and go down the ladder Closer to the devil.

Chapter 3

Go left and you will put Hannah down on a crate. Return right and pick up the red pump wheel, then go back and talk to Hannah about everything. Take the old mine map from just to the left, and read the pumping instructions.

Head up through the opening just to the left of Hannah, then continue right. Examine the wood cabinet here. Use your ID card between the doors, then take the broken oil lamp. Move the old dossier on the right so you can pick up a red valve. Return left and down to Hannah. Talk to her about everything, and she will give you some matches she found. Combine your wick and oil lamp. Go through the opening just left of Hannah again. Use the matches on the rusty surface of the oil barrel. Now you have a light source, although it does not last long.

The following map shows the layout of the mines, with oil barrels marked in blue, the way you entered marked in green, and areas you shouldn't go marked in red. Your oil lamp will only let you move 4 spaces, so you cannot reach the areas marked in red and safely return.


From that first barrel, make your way to P1, which is an emergency pump. The light here should already be green. Next go towards the W on the map, which is a workshop. Read the journal (3/7) and pick up the blue valve. Now go to P2, which is another emergency pump. Use your blue valve on the pump wheel here, then turn it and the light will go green. Make your way to P3 on the map. Turn the valve here to make the light go green. Now head to the very top left of the map. Once you reach a new area, go left until you can talk to the wolves. Select these options:

  1. Because you're not real.
  2. Why? The world is just cruel.
  3. Run away.

You will be eaten by the wolves Good Ending. Load your game, then go left and select these options instead:

  1. I think you're already full.
  2. I just want to help Hannah.
  3. I'll do what I need to.
  4. Monsters.
  5. It just does.
  6. It always is.

After the scene is over, continue to P4. Turn the valve to make the light go green. Now finally head to Control. Read the mine report and take the key. Assuming you have turned all the valves on the 4 pumps, all the lights will be green. This is your last chance to explore the mines and visit all available rooms Alone in the dark.

Once you are ready to continue, come back to the Control room. There are two red valves already on the pipes here, and you are carrying a third one. You need to place these valves as follows:

  • Furthest possible place to the left
  • Directly beneath the fan next to the 4 green lights
  • Immediately left of the caution sign at the bottom right

Attach your red pump wheel just above the caution sign and turn it. Now use your key on the door to the right and go through. Continue down to return to Hannah. Talk to her, then pick her up and head to the left Out of the dark, into the dark.

Chapter 4

Go inside to talk to Hannah. Read the ranger's journal (4/7) on the left, and use your red crayon on the place where the page was torn out. Pick up the piggy bank from the floor and the metal funnel from the bench. Examine the guitar and look inside it to get a plastic disc. By about this time, if you have been showing everything to Hannah you will get an achievement Show and tell. If not, keep showing her every item and you will soon receive it.

Walk down to go back outside. Examine the power box on the wall and flip all the switches up to turn on all the lights. Now go down the stairs on the right. Go up and down the stairs another 6 times NO! NOT THE KNEES!. Go right to find a Park Info Map, but Hannah will blow her whistle. Return to the tower and climb up, then go inside to talk to her. Climb back down and go right again. Examine the paper drawing next to the map. Throw the piggy bank against the big mossy rock on the left and it will break. Search it to get a coin. Examine the park bench here, but there is no plastic disc. Continue left.

Examine another park bench here. Use the power plug to the left of the soda machine, then put your coin in the soda machine to get a soda. Return up to the Park Info Map, then go down to find some beehives. Pick up the smoke pump from the right, then make your way back up to Hannah. Give her the soda, then talk to her about everything. Go back down and then right twice. Use your soda can on the nails on the pole here, then combine the soda can with your smoke pump. Add the metal funnel, then the duct tape, and finally the old mine map. Return left and down to get back to the beehives. Use a match on the rusty surface on the right - you will automatically get rid of the bees.

Walk over to the left and agree to help the man in the toilet. Examine the park bench here to find another plastic disc. Return to the base of the tower and examine the wood cabinet. Climb back up the stairs and turn all the lights off (except in the tower itself). Go back down and look around to find 3 glowing symbols:

  • Crab: To the left side of the park's main gate
  • Anchor: Near the pole with nails
  • Pirate Flag: Inside one of the toilet stalls

Go back to the top of the tower and put all the lights back on. Read the ranger's journal again, paying attention to the story on the pink page - this will give you the order of the symbols to press. Return down to the base of the tower and examine the wood cabinet again. Open it by pressing the crab, anchor, pirate flag and heart buttons in that order. Now attach your 2 plastic discs (small one on the left, large one on the right). Now you need to rotate the discs as follows:

  • Left Outer Disc: Square with an X inside
  • Left Inner Disc: Hourglass symbol
  • Right Outer Disc: Square symbol
  • Right Inner Disc: X symbol

Press the button, then look at everything inside the cabinet. Return to the toilet stalls again and you will automatically get some keys. Go back up to the top of the tower. Climb down again and go right 3 times, then up into the mines. Continue right into the vent control room. Look at the vent schematics on the wall here. Now examine the vent control systems. For each of the machines, you need to enter the correct symbols. Each symbol has either an empty or filled circle, an arrow and a number. Here are the settings for the left system:

  • Top Row: Filled down 1, filled right 1, filled left 1
  • Middle Row: Filled up 1, filled right 1, empty left 1
  • Bottom Row: Empty left 0, filled right 1, empty left 2

Press the enter button and you will look at the television screen again. Next enter these settings in the middle system:

  • Top Row: Empty left 0, filled down 1, empty right 0
  • Middle Row: Filled down-right 1, filled down-right 1, empty right 0
  • Bottom Row: Empty up-right 2, filled up 2, empty up-left 2

Press the enter button and you will look at the television screen again. Now enter these settings in the right system:

  • Top Row: Filled down-right 2, empty down 1, filled down 1, filled down 3
  • Second Row: Filled down-right 0, empty down-left 1, filled up 1, empty left 0
  • Third Row: Empty left 0, filled down-right 1, filled up-left 2, filled up-left 2
  • Bottom Row: Filled up 2, empty up-right 2, empty up-right 1, filled left 0

Use the elevator brake control on the right, then head out to the left. Go through the opened doorway at the top right. Continue right to find Hannah. Back at the park gate, use the keys on the door to the left. Pick up the guards key from the ground, then use this on the main gate. Use your white cloth on Hannah Who's a good boy?.

Chapter 5

Take some red peppers, then continue right. Talk to Elle about everything, then go up and speak to Otto about everything. By about this time, if you have been talking to everyone at every opportunity, you will get an achievement Why?. If not, keep talking to everyone and you will soon receive it.

Open the vent hatch to the right. After talking to Otto some more, pick up the leaf pile from here. Go down and pick up another leaf pile from the bottom right. Return left and collect a third leaf pile. Go back to Otto and put all of your leaves through the vent hatch. Go back down and examine the info board (5/7) - take the key from the board. Head further down to the right.

Move the wood crate, then use your key on the zipper lock. Now you can enter the tent. Take a test flask from the right. Wait until the person outside has walked past, then cross to the left side of the tent. Read the pH report here, then leave the tent the way you came in.

Return to Otto again. Try to open the lodge door on the left - you will automatically return to Otto and receive your lodge keys. Use these on the lodge door and you can go inside. Read the journal (6/7) on the bed. Turn off the power switch on the right, and pick up the corkscrew. Over to the left, look at the hanging photographs (2/6) and take the red light bulb.

Put the red peppers into the metal pot, and you will create a red mixture in your test flask. Go back to the tent in the Syren complex and use your test flask on the water pH reader. Enter the tent and grab another test flask. Go back to the lodge again. This time put your red light bulb into the metal pot to make another red sample. Go to the Syren tent and use this on the water pH reader. Head inside and grab a third test flask. Go back to Otto and take some rusty nails from his work bench. Enter the lodge and put the rusty nails in the metal pot Seeing red.

Return to the Syren tent one last time. Use your final test flask on the water pH reader A new day.

Chapter 6

Go right and enter the back of the tent again. Grab another test flask, then leave through the front of the tent. Head right, then approach the lighthouse and go inside. Look at the desk photos (3/6), then open the desk drawer and read both pages of the journal (7/7) In for the story. Look at the family photo (4/6) and the wall pictures (5/6). Go through the wooden door.

At the top of the spiral staircase, try to open the metal door. Look at the door dents, then kick them. Now open the door and go through. After automatically looking through the spyglass, use the rope on the left to raise up a wine bottle. Open this with your corkscrew, then use the test flask to get the wine from the bottle. Climb back down to the ground.

Return to Otto again and talk to him about everything. Click on his hammer, then talk to him about it. Give him the flask of wine and you will receive the hammer. Enter the lodge to the left and use the hammer on the boarded door. Return outside and you will return the hammer to Otto.

Go through the lodge and out through the new doorway. Enter the hole in the hull of the ship. Look at the photograph (6/6) Look at this photograph. Pick up the boat paddles. After you regain consciousness, head outside and go right. Use your boat paddles on the wood boat. Once in the boat, click several times, timing the clicks between the markers. Once you reach land, go right twice to cross the bridge. Go up around the path to the right and talk to Ava.

After the cutscene, head left twice. After running away from the wolves, go right, then approach the house and go inside. You should get what you deserve.