Year:  2016

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

NightCry is a horror game set onboard a cruise ship, with exploratory segments interposed with chase scenes. There are a number of different collectible endings, secrets and ways to die, all outlined below.

Chapter 1

Talk to the clerk twice so that you ask about Harry. Click on the dress that the clerk is cutting up, then leave through the door to your right. Head down the corridor and the cafe (Beer Bar). Talk to Vigo, who is sitting by himself at one of the tables. Talk to him again to find out he needs to sterilise his prosthetic eye. Go to the bar and pick up the matches, then come back and use them on the burner in front of Vigo. Talk to him again, then leave the bar and continue further along the corridor until you find the elevators. Talk to Jessica and Kelly here, then call the elevator, get inside, and go down to level B3. Head along the corridor to see a small girl run past, then head into the central area with the vending machines and talk to Harry.

Scene 1

Talk to Harry twice more and he will be killed - you will meet the Scissorwalker. Run to the far end of this floor to find a shopping area, and hide behind the counter to evade it. After it leaves, search the cash register here to get 4 quarters. Walk around the shelving in the shop, and you will see a tin of food fall to the ground (Horror 2) and a little ghost run past (Horror 3).

Next return to the elevator area and look at the body in the left elevator. Take the smart-phone from his pocket, but the battery is currently dead. Go to room 308, and use the smart-phone on the charger (on the table) - using this and the other chargers in the game saves your progress. Leave this room and find room 306. Head inside and use the light on the phone to see where you are going. Pick up the phone in the bedroom to talk to Jessica, then leave the room again. Go to the far end of the floor near the shopping area, until you find a service cart in the hallway. Walk past this to meet a staff member; if you aren't quick to react you will be crushed by the service cart (Game Over 3). Search the cart afterwards to get Card Key A.

If you are trying to find all of the ways to die, go to the shopping area again and look in the freezer to find a dead body - the Scissorwalker will jump out again. You now have the opportunity to die several ways:

  • hide in the clothes dryer in the laundry (Game Over 1)
  • hide behind the shop counter in the shopping area a second time (Game Over 2)

Go to the service elevator and look at the card reader to see that it has lost power. Look at the fusebox on the opposite wall to see that one of the fuses is broken. You should get a call on the smart-phone from Angie Brown shortly, and you will learn that John has the tools needed to replace the fuse in his suitcase. Go to room 303 and examine the suitcase - it needs a 4 digit combination. Look at the messages in the smart-phone to see John's birthday is 14 March, then open the suitcase with combination 0314 to get a fuse. Go to the vending machines and use the 4 quarters in one of the machines, and you will end up getting a wedding ring.

Return to the service elevator. Use your fuse on the fusebox, then use Card Key A on the card reader. Enter the elevator and use the controls. When the lights go out, just wait (Game Over 4) or quickly use your phone light and use the elevator controls again.

Scene 2

Make your way through the cafe and you should see some moving bushes in the background (Horror 1). Turn right and go along the other corridor. Move the box out of the way and enter the storage room. Use your phone light in this dark room and go over to the key board - examine it to get the key for the cafe. Next open the right-most locker to find Jessica's body - the Scissorwalker will appear again. Run out of the storage room and turn right, then go and grab the fire extinguisher to get rid of the monster.

Examine the brochures in the stand in this room to learn that there is a way outside through the cafe. Head to the cafe and go upstairs. Try the door but it is locked, so use the key to unlock it. Go through the door (Game Over 5) or turn on your phone light first before going through. Make your way across the room and go through the opposite door (Ending 8). To avoid this outcome, use the phone and post a message to the SNS application. Now you can go through the door to complete this chapter.

Chapter 2

Go left and talk to both Eric and Cobie. Continue to the end of the deck and open the yellow box to find a life raft. Go back and keep talking to Eric and Cobie until you all leave together. Once you arrive on the island, go left and look at the footprints in the sand heading away from the life rafts. Look at the footprints a second time, then go and examine the thicket.

Scene 1

Run along the path and you will see a man in a mask waving a flashlight around. Avoid the flashlight beam or you will be caught (Game Over 9). Continue along the path and enter the cabin. Pick up the non-slip gloves, and search the large box to find a baseball. Look at the handwritten notes on the wall to see that Channel 16 is for distress calls. Use the radio and select random stations a few times (Game Over 6) or select Channel 16 to send an SOS message. Use the phone charger in the shelves on the opposite wall.

Leave the cabin and follow the path some more to find a cave. Head to the right and through a dark door to a smaller room. Look in the red pit, then search the clothes on the ground to find a tube of super glue. Go back to the cave entrance and head left. Avoid the flashlight beam or you will be caught (Game Over 10). Go over to the gong and search the area behind it until you pick up a cracked mask. Go back past the flashlight beam again, and throw your baseball at the gong - the guard will go over to investigate, and you will slip around the corner. Follow this passage and enter a dark room off to the left. Use the phone charger in here, then go and look at the mask piece in front of the mirror. Either walk away from the mirror (Game Over 7) or pick up the bottle and smash the mirror. Now use your super glue on the mask to complete it. Use the phone charger again if you like before heading back past the clothes on the other wall (Horror 4). Head back out of this room and follow the passage until you come to an open area with the bonfire. Either walk out to the bonfire (Game Over 8) or put the mask on first before walking out.

Scene 2

Head right from the bonfire and in to the cabin at the end of the path. Look at the phone on the dining table and use it to get a new contact, then use the phone charger in the corner of the room. Look through the other exit door to see it is being guarded. Go through another door into a second room and pick up the rope from the floor before climbing up the ladder. Read the books on top of the bookcase twice to discover some handwritten memoirs. Look at the eye in the beaker, then use your phone to post a message to the SNS application. Grab the hand of glory from the shelves on the right. You now have the opportunity to die several ways:

  • use the phone to call Will Anderson, then go back down the ladder and into the main room (Game Over 11)
  • use your rope on the pillar next to the open window before using the phone (Game Over 12)

To survive, use the phone to call Will Anderson and the guard downstairs will be distracted. Run over to the well and climb down - without gloves you will slip and be killed by the Scissorwalker (Game Over 13) and (Ending 7). Use your non-slip gloves on the well to climb down safely. At the bottom, head forwards along the tunnel and hands will come out from the wall (Horror 5). If you walk straight into the tunnel the hands will get you (Game Over 15). Instead, light the hand of glory using the torch on the wall and walk into the tunnel. If you aren't quick to react you will again be killed by the hands (Game Over 14).

Go through the door at the end of the hall. In the next room, open the coffin to find Jerome inside. Examine the hanging bodies and the dagger on the altar. Move the curtain to the left of the altar to reveal a door, but you aren't ready to leave just yet. Examine the geometric patterns on the floor to the left of the coffin. Go up the stairs and you will get a better look at the patterns. Once you have examined everything thoroughly, you can leave through the door.

Chapter 3

Talk to everyone at the party until nobody says anything new, then go outside and click on the railing. Talk to Jerome until he leaves, then head back inside. Go across the room and through the single door into the suite area.

Scene 1

Go through the first door on your left to find the games room. Talk to Saul and he will be added to your phone's contact list. Leave the room and enter room 102 down the hall. Talk to Jerome until he leaves. Pick up the envelope that has been slipped under the door to this room. Examine some things in the room. After you hear the bathroom shower running, enter the bathroom to meet the Scissorwalker. As in the first chapter, there are several places you can hide from the Scissorwalker, and you can die by hiding in any of these places twice:

  • hide underneath Jerome's bed in room 102 twice (Game Over 22)
  • hide in the toilet cubicle downstairs in the shopping area twice (Game Over 17)
  • hide between the seats in the movie cinema twice (Game Over 18)

Once you are safe, make your way downstairs and use your phone on the phone charger. Ignore the movie cinemas for now and go through the other doors to the shopping area. Find the kids playroom and examine the swing, then look in the crib with the doll. When the doll comes to life, just wait (Game Over 19) or quickly push over the bookshelf to your right. Look in the crib again to get Billiard Ball B.

Leave the kids room and enter the public toilet down the hall. Examine the dryer on the wall (Horror 7). Go into the last toilet stall and look in the bowl to see hair, then look in the cistern to see a severed head (Horror 9). Enter the clothing store around the corner and examine the mannequin, then walk away and its head will fall off (Horror 10). Go back to the base of the stairs and then into the cinema area. Check the locked Theatre 1 door (Horror 11), then enter Theatre 3. Walk between the stairs to find Kelly and talk to her so that she is added to your phone's contact list. Leave the cinemas and head up the stairs - answer the phone to talk to Kelly.

Go back downstairs into the shopping area, and go past the clothes store to a locked cargo hold. Phone Kelly and she will let you inside. Talk to everyone until you have received Monica, Jessica and John's contact numbers, and a key to the escape staircase. Go to the base of the stairs once more and use the phone charger to save your progress. Go upstairs and find the bar. Examine the juke box, then walk away from it and it will light up (Horror 6). Pick up Billiard Ball C from the bar, then leave the room. Go around into the games room and examine Saul's dead body. If you aren't quick to react you will again be killed by flying darts (Game Over 16). Now you need to escape from the Scissorwalker again; you can use one of the places listed above. Go back to the games room and search Saul's body to get a VIP card key. Now go to the end of the movie cinema corridor and use your key to unlock the door.

Scene 2

Go down the stairs and talk to Jerome to get his contact details. Give him the envelope, then continue downstairs and lower yourself down to the floor. Answer the phone when it starts ringing, then go through the doors into a storage area. Walk around to the left, and react quickly or you will be crushed (Game Over 21). To escape from the Scissorwalker, climb on to the nearby conveyor belt; react quickly or you will be dragged backwards (Game Over 23).

Scene 3

Run along the corridor, then go through the blue door on the right to find another large room containing storage crates. Go to the table in the far corner and pick up the crane remote control, then use your phone on the phone charger. Enter the open container near the entrance to this room and examine the necklace on the floor to realize it belongs to Monica. Now use your phone to call John Thompson and walk around until you find which crate holds the phone; click on the crate to confirm this. Use the forklift nearby to open the crate, then go inside and talk to Monica until you get the wedding ring.

Go to the right side of the open container near the entrance and climb up the ladder on to the roof. Use the crane control to move the crate up and right until you can climb through the opening to the right. Go down the stairs and enter the storage room on the left. Talk to Eric. Call Kelly Butler on the phone, then talk to Eric until you receive some medication.

Go back upstairs, through the opening, and down on the crate. Climb down and find Monica in her crate again. Give her Eric's medication. Go all the way back to the room with Eric, and climb up the ladder. Crawl through the air duct to another room - there are two ladders in here with numbers on the walls. If you climb up ladder 12 and crawl forwards you will drown (Game Over 25), so climb up ladder 13 instead. Crawl forwards and examine the vent in the floor. React quickly or you will be stabbed (Game Over 24). Continue forwards and climb down through the second air vent.

Scene 4

Use the phone charger on the desk here if you want. If you walk forward through the room and didn't use Eric's medication on Monica, your game will finish (Ending 3). Open the second curtain and turn off the life support system. Now leave the room. Turn left and follow the corridor, going through the door at the end to end up outside on the deck. Head along the deck and examine the balcony (Horror 8), then go in through the next door. Continue forward and around into the open elevator to get Card Key A. React quickly or you will die in the elevator (Game Over 20).

Continue around the corridor and head into the water until the Scissorwalker appears again. Quickly run back and pick up the electrical cable to fend it off. Now you can safely enter the water to reach the elevator at the far end. Use Card Key A on the card reader, then enter the elevator and use the controls. If you didn't turn off the life support system earlier, your game will finish (Ending 6).

Scene 5

Run down the hall and enter the clothes store. Look behind the curtains to find Angie. Give her the wedding ring, then talk to her again to get Billiard Ball A. Go out to the base of the stairs and charge your smartphone, then head up the stairs and the Scissorwalker will attack. Hide in one of the locations mentioned back in scene 1. Afterwards, go up the stairs, through the door, then through the left door in the next hallway. At the end of the following hall, use your VIP Card Key on the card reader, then enter the VIP elevator. Use your phone's light to see inside, then use the controls.

Scene 6

Go along the hallway and enter the first door on the left to find the captain's quarters. Examine the computer on the desk, then read the diary to its left, then examine the computer again. Leave the room and go around the corner. If you didn't give Angie the wedding ring, you will see Vigo now (Ending 4). Look at the panel on the wall near the locked gate. Use your phone and scroll through the messages in the SNS application, in particular one from Saul. Using the knowledge of the 3 billiard balls you have collected, you need to press the buttons corresponding with your 3 balls. Go through, then enter the room on the left. Check the drawers just inside to see an old family photograph. Next search the safe in the opposite corner of the room and you will get the Eye of the Kassites. Examine the opposite bookshelf to see a group of dark green books. Read the messages in the SNS application in your phone and using the message from Jerome, place the books up on the top shelf in this order from left to right:

  • Amore
  • Pudicizia
  • Morte
  • Fama
  • Tempo
  • Eternitia

Go through the secret door and head along the hallway. Use your phone light to be able to open the next door. If you didn't read the diary or examine the family photo, you will see Jerome now (Ending 2). Climb down the ladder and go through the next door to find a stage. Approach the stage to see Vigo. When the Scissorwalker comes towards you, either wait to die (Ending 5) or use the Eye of Kassites on yourself (Ending 1).