The Next BIG ThingThe Next BIG Thing

Game Details:  Mystery, 2011

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/18/2013

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Next BIG Thing is a third-person adventure from Pendulo Studios, set in a universe where monsters live harmoniously with humans. This is set in the same universe as the earlier game, Hollywood Monsters. In this game, you control 2 reporters, Liz Allaire and Dan Murray, who are on site at a horror movie festival when they witness a crime and stumble upon a conspiracy.

Chapter 1

Liz Allaire

Walk right and head into the mansion. Talk to FitzRandolph, and you will automatically end up back at the car outside with Dan.

Go back into the mansion and take the first corridor on the left after the stairs to find a coat check room. Talk to Edgar here, then look at the paper model of Vulkan Flash.

Return to the entrance hall and take the glasses from the pumpkin on the right. Take the second corridor on the left to find the reading room, and pick up a vest from the stair rail. Also take the blue pigment from the bookshelf here. Use this on your monster image, then add the glasses and vest to complete the image. Go back into the coat check room and use this image on Edgar - you will end up with his previous jacket. Search this jacket in your inventory to find two tickets.

Go back to the car and give the tickets to Dan, so he agrees to help you. While you are out here, pick up the hip flask from the front of the car. Open the trunk and get the oil canister. Head back into the mansion and go down the corridor on the right. After automatically trying to open the 1st and 2nd doors, try opening the 3rd door, then talk to the robot, Jimmy Love. Pour the contents of the flask into the oil canister and give it to Jimmy, then ask him again to open the 2nd door.

Look at the phonograph on the small table. Head through the door on the left into Beverley's office, and take a pencil from the mug on her desk. Go out to the entrance hall. Now take a crank handle from the armchair on the right where FitzRandolph was sitting earlier. Go back down the hall and through Beverley's office into FitzRandolph's office again. Use your crank handle on the phonograph. Go back into Beverley's office and take some caviar from the shelf next to the bed. Head outside and use the caviar on the doghouse - you will automatically take the notepad. Use your pencil on the notepad.

Chapter 2

Dan Murray

Pick up Liz's belt from the floor over on the left. Go outside and pick up the 8 spray cans from the floor, then head left. Take the guitar case, then continue left and give the belt to Tobby the dog to sniff. Try to go down the trapdoor, but it is too far.

Head out to your car and take the baseball bat from the car, then pick up the "corkscrew" from the grass. Return to the front of the house and use your baseball bat on the red claw that is stuck to the door to the right of Tobby. Go right from here to the pier. Use your claw to cut the rope. Return to the mansion and go back to the storeroom. Use your rope on the trapdoor, then return to the pier and you will enter the ferry and learn of your 3 tests.

Pick up the camera from the floor here, then return to your car and smash it with your baseball bat, then use the camera to take a photograph of it. Back at the ferry, step on the machine on the far right. Return to outside the storeroom and pick up the leaf left behind by Tobby. Go back into the ferry and use the leaf on the machine on the right.

Now head out to the pier and talk to Poet about some painful poetry. Use your claw on the billboard nearby to get another verse of poetry. Open your guitar case and you will find a saltshaker and a lemon. Give these to the poet for a 3rd verse, then give him your corkscrew for the final verse. Board the ferry and call the professor down from the ceiling. Take the test, and give him the 4 verses in response to his 4 inkblots. Call the professor again and suggest he moves one of the teleporters. You will end up with it in the storeroom. Spray paint it with your paints, then go outside and talk to Edgar, who will arrange for it to be moved.

Chapter 3

Dan Murray

Leave the bedroom to the left and you will find the great hall. Go through one of the doors to the right of the stairs and talk to the Oracle - he commands you to find 8 hieroglyphs. Go back to the hall and then to the bedroom. Look in the vase to see some coins. Talk to Krom-Ha and kiss her, then use this opportunity to get a coin from the vase. Head out to the hall and talk to the guard at the top of the stairs. Give him your baseball bat in exchange for his staff.

Now walk right and go through a doorway behind the two columns. Watch the first two locations of the mummy; it always moves the same number of positions to the right, then wraps around to the left. Open the sarcophagus it should enter next and you will find it. Take its dagger, then return to the great hall.

Go down to the left to find the theater. Talk to Pazzo and Ducky next to the sarcophagus, then ask Ducky to show you his magic trick. After this go to the table and take the magician's tools. Return to the great hall and go through the doorway in front of the two columns. Try to take the pyramid, but you will need some magic. Cover the pyramid with your top hat, then hit it with the wand. Take the top hat again. Return to the theater and approach the table, then take the pyramid.

Leave the theater and go to the Oracle's room again. Look at the emergency exit sign and try to take it, then use your dagger to get it. Now show your 5 objects to the Oracle (coin, staff, dagger, pyramid and emergency sign). To answer the 5 questions correctly, select the option that describes a symbol in its matching location when looking from left to right.

Now go and look at the fountain in the great hall, then use your beetle on it to get the Book of the Dead. Use your pyramid to open the book. Select any 3 passages from the book.

Chapter 4

Liz Allaire

Leave the room to the left and talk to Adrian the robot. Open the door on the right to find a cool room. Look in the fridge and at the cuban crabs on the left. Go back to FitzRandolph in the dining room, and tell him you want to eat something that includes ingredients from the cool room.

After shutting Adrian inside, take the syringe and mold from his table. Go through the door on the left to find an armoury. Look at the dart board and take the box of darts. Look at these darts in your inventory, then use them on your syringe. Return to FitzRandolph again. When he puts his pipe down, quickly inject it with your syringe.

Go back to the armoury and look at the box hanging on the left. Pick up a pistol from the cupboard on the far wall, load it with a dart and shoot the box. Use the pulley to lower the box, then take the strap from around it. Also take a ski pole from the bookcase on the right. Go back to the previous room and take a parachute from next to the cool room, then continue into the dining room. Take the dessert cart from next to FitzRandolph and use it on the safe. Use your strap on the safe to secure it to the cart, then attach the parachute. Go out to the balcony. Combine your mold and ski pole, and use this on the curtain ring above the doorway. Now go back and use the safe to escape.

Chapter 5

Dan Murray

Talk to the professor and get him to spit on you. Kick the lever next to your foot, then talk to the professor again, but he isn't mad enough to spit any more. Call Zelssius in from the back room and talk to him to get the professor mad once more.

Liz Allaire

In the elevator, first go to the 11th floor. Look at the canvas and you will talk to your sister. Search the straw bale to find a sewing kit, then get back in the elevator and go to the 14th floor. Take the helmet from the coat rack, then go to the 80th floor. Search the table to find a notebook, and the cactus coat rack to find an election button. Go back to the elevator and use one of your buttons in one of the empty holes. After talking with Armando in the ballroom, take the hip flask from the floor and the bear from the ice bucket on the left side of the bar. Go back to the 11th floor and give your 5 objects to Queenie (helmet, notebook, election button, hip flask and teddy bear). Now she needs some red paint to sign her artwork.

Get back in the elevator and go to the 14th floor. Look at the safe and try to open it, then talk to the guy in the picture. Go to the ballroom and take the juicer from the right side of the bar, then go back to the elevator. Put your second button in another hole to reach an alligator room. Look at the tree on the left, and use your juicer on the fire extinguisher. Return to the 11th floor and give the red paint to Queenie.

In the 14th floor (the room with the safe), take the shower head from over the bath on the right. Go to the alligator room and use the shower head with the tree. Go back to the 14th floor and use the tap in the bath, then return to the alligator room and take a card from the tree.

Go and use the orchestra. You have to click on the flowers one at a time first to work out which corresponds to each instrument, then click them again to turn them off. Once you have identified the drums, violin, piano and bass guitar, click them in that specific order, timed so that one begins as soon as the notes from the previous have disappeared from the screen. Once you are successfully you will get half a button. Head up to the alligator room and use your medal of courage on the mouth to walk inside. Now talk to Dan.

Chapter 6

Dan Murray

Start by returning to the laboratory (go down), then head up the stairs and right to the elevator. Walk to the left and go through the door on the left. Head around behind the curtain and open the purse to get a bracelet and some boxing tickets. Search the chair to get a note and read it in your inventory to see a code. Leave this room and use the door immediately opposite on the right; tell FitzRandolph that Zelssius needs some privacy and you will show him the bracelet. Go back to the right of this room and use the code on the elevator entrance to get back to the laboratory.

Head right to a cavern and take the robot's head from on the left. Return to the laboratory and go through to the back room. Give the robot's head and the bracelet to the professor.

Liz Allaire

After talking to yourself, enter the elevator and go to the 5th floor. Pick up the tom-tom and go to the 30th floor. Talk to Anne-Marie and try to get her the tom-tom but she needs some music. Go back to the 5th floor and talk to Dan (you will get an apple), then go to the 41st floor. Talk to Liz and when she goes away search her purse to get a bracelet and some fighting tickets. Also search the box of tools on the floor her to get a clamp and a magnet.

Return to the 5th floor and give Dan the tickets in each for sheet music. Go to the 30th floor and give the music to Anne-Marie, then while the music is being played, enter the large painting on the left to get a doll. Return to the 5th floor again. Put your magnet inside your apple and use this on Dan, then throw the knife at the apple and you will get to keep the knife.

Now head to the 68th floor. Use your knife to get a piece of Zelssius' green gown, then wrap this around the voodoo doll. Add the bracelet and clamp.

Dan Murray

Give your boxing tickets to the monsters. Follow FitzRandolph through the door and talk to him, then go right and use the elevator to go down to the laboratory. Head to the back area and take a tea-bag from the table. Go to the cavern and look in the barrel, then use your tea-bag on the barrel to fill it with gunpowder.

Head back into the laboratory and up using the elevator. Put your tea-bag in the locked door on the right. Go and talk to FitzRandolph again and take him into giving you his pipe. Go back out and use this to light the tea-bag, and you will end up getting a steam gun. Go back through the laboratory to the back area and go right. Use the steam gun on Immaterial Man and your plan will be complete.