Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  5/30/2019

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

NeonCode is a short first-person cyberpunk detective game. You play as a police officer turned private detective, Craig Williams. As the game starts, you are drawn to some nearby gunshots, triggering the start of a new investigation. There are 6 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Ocean Drive

Crime Scene

From the beach, head towards where you saw the gunshots and you will find a body half into a fountain. Find an access card, the victim and a hat. Head down the street and try to use the pay phone, but it doesn't work. Continue further down the street and up the stairs into your building.


Head around to the left and open the door to your office. Find the first fedora (1/5) on some boxes here. Grab the 20 credits and cup from the bedroom, then go to your office and pick up your gun. Use the telephone to contact the police. After the conversation, head back outside and return to the crime scene.

Go beyond the police barricade and use your gun to shoot down a drone Nothing To See here. Talk to Trevor Carver about everything, then head back to the rear of your building into your garage.


Try your car, but it needs a new battery. Head across the street to the market. Around the far side you will find Mr Robot, who is selling vehicle parts. You will automatically give him your 20 credits in exchange for a battery. Go and put this in your car, but now you need fuel. Take the gas tank from the shelving next to the car. Try to use it on the gas cap near the back of the car, but it is empty. Head down the street towards the Beer sign to find the fuel station. Talk to the attendant, Liam, who will give you free fuel if you retrieve a specific drone's memory card for him.

Wander around the streets finding 3 drones in the surrounding area and shooting them down. Examine them on the ground to find that the third one has the memory card (but you will now be out of bullets). While you are walking around, go up some stairs down the end of Durden Alley to find a train station. Look at a bench on the left here to find another fedora (2/5). Return to the fuel station and give the memory card to Liam, who will fill up your fuel tank. Return to the garage and use the fuel tank on the gas cap near the back of the car Car Mechanic.

Car Repaired

Eclipse Corporation

Get in your car and head left, then turn right and cross the bridge. Turn right and then left, and go to the end to reach Eclipse Corporation. Go inside and talk to the receptionist to find out about Harry Mills. Return to the car and drive to the next marker, which leads to a glowing golden globe indicating Fontaine Square. Go to the building with the purple 8 near the door. Head up to the 3rd floor and open the door at the end of the hall.

Fontaine Square

Find a PIN code on the kitchen bench, and a meeting note on the ground in the back half of the room. Use the tablet in the back corner and enter PIN 0707. Read all the messages, in particular noting the code 1972. Return to your car and drive to the next location.

Ethan's Bar

Enter the bar and talk to the bartender, who mentions that a woman should be arriving shortly. Talk to him again and have a drink to pass the time. Go to the back area and talk to Alice. Follow her outside and around the streets, then inside a cinema. Talk to her about everything here, and she will mention a storage room owned by Harry and Eliot. Leave the cinema and head back to your car.

After Cinema


Try to drive to the warehouse, but there is a big gate in the way. Talk to the security guard, who won't let you inside without a warrant. Turn right and follow the wall until you can jump over by using a box and a rubbish bin.

Make your way around the back of the warehouse area until you find a pier. Turn left here and look right to find another fedora (3/5) on a crate. Go further inside and turn right to find some numbered storage rooms. To reach room 10 you need to climb a ramp on the right near room 3 and follow the catwalk to the back of the area. Approach room 10 and open it with code 1972.

Storage Room 10

Look at the printer on the left bench. Pick up the Grand Hotel invoice. Leave the warehouse area the same way you came in, and return to your car. Drive to the new location marker.

Grand Hotel

Go to the main entrance of the hotel and talk to the receptionist. Go around to the back part of the lobby and try to use the elevator, but you need an access card. Continue to the back storage area where there are boxes of laundry, and head out the rear door. Talk to the man standing by the laundry vehicle, and he will give you a job.

Drive the laundry vehicle to 3 laundry bins in the neighborhood; stop at each one and take the laundry from the bins to put in the back of the vehicle. Return the vehicle to the back of the Grand Hotel, then go across to Ethan's Bar and talk to the man in the back room to get your access card The Laundry Job.

Go back inside the hotel and use your access card to call the elevator, then use it on the controls inside to reach the top floor. Go through the open door near the end of the hallway and out to the balcony outside - you will see a man jump off the balcony and land on a small plane. Try to jump off the balcony after him I'm not Superman!. Head in through the other door to find Harry Mills' body. Also find a fedora (4/5) on the nearby chest of drawers. Go back downstairs and return to your car, then drive to the next marker.

Killer's Boat

Pier 89

Board the boat and find a rosary on some crates to the right. Head to the other end of the boat to find a bible and the plane that the killer used to escape. Leave the boat and return to your car. Drive to the next marker and head into the church.


Go all the way upstairs and you will see a light from beneath a set of bookshelves. Use your bible in the slot that is missing a book, and the bookshelf will move. Head through the door. Look at the sniper rifle on the ground and the big targets poster on the wall. Use the phone to warn Alice. Try to use the tablet on the bed, but you don't have a PIN. Return to your car and drive to your office.


Go to your door, but there will just be a note stuck to it giving you a new location. Drive there now.

Hunting Lodge

Wolf Creek

Park your car near the well, then walk up to the lodge. Look through the open window around the back, then climb the stairs and go inside via the door at the top. Look over the balcony and wait for the killer to leave, then go downstairs. Find the final fedora (5/5) Fedora Collector on the back of a chair. Untie Alice and pick up the rifle. Head out through the front door, then run to your car and chase after the killer. Follow him back through the city to the pier. Get out of your car and run after him until he gets shot Detective of the Night.