Mystery of Camp Enigma 2Mystery of Camp Enigma 2

Year:  2021

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Steam, Adventure Gamers

Mystery of Camp Enigma 2 is a puzzle adventure game set on a top secret military base, and directly continues the story that began with Mystery of Camp Enigma. You are a private investigator, called in to investigate the sudden disappearance of everyone on base.


Go forward along the path and examine the truck. Look at the back of the truck and open the fuel cap. Go up the steps on the right and take the knife from the left. Continue along the walkway and look in the box to find a key. Look at the red bomb on the wall, but you need a code to activate it. Go back twice and use the key to get into the truck. Look at the letter to see the date 30 October 1961. Back out, then head forward along the path.

Use your knife on the right tent. Inside, take the hose and look in the open box to find some batteries. Also grab the ladder from behind the bed. Back out and use your knife on the middle tent. Pick up the cup and hacksaw, then look at the note on the bed to read about the AWBPM. Insert your batteries into the radio on the bench. Press each of the colored buttons and note the number of beeps with each one. Back out and use your knife on the left tent. Look at the case and unlock it with code 1961. This will reveal a laptop that needs a password to access - enter the code AWBPM, then look at the new code (this 6-digit number is random so write it down).

Back out and use the ladder against the tree, then use the hacksaw on the branches - you will end up with a branch. Go back to the truck and look at the safe inside, opening it with the 6-digit number you just saw. Take the cloth. Look at the back of the truck and inside the hose into the fuel tank, then attach the cup and pick it up again. Attach the cloth to the branch to make a torch, then pour fuel from the cup onto the torch. Go forward and light the torch using the campfire.

Go back, then head up the steps on the right and continue to the bomb again. Examine this and press the buttons according to the beeps from the radio (the order is random for each game). Back out and use your lit torch on the fuse.

Stone Cavern

Step forward into the cavern. Note the chain and padlock on the left. Continue right and then left, and approach the table. Read the book and note the picture at the bottom of the left page. Also take note of the time on the clock (9:10). Enter the code on the device to the right as 2110, then take the key. Look at the wooden device on the left wall and by trial and error slide the stones to the right, middle and right (from top to bottom). Take the hammer.

Go back and then head right. Use your key on the padlock to the left, then open the metal cabinet. Take out the diving mask and note the sign on the inside of the cabinet (WWSN). Use the hammer on the boards, then continue forward through the hole.

Approach the stones and adjust them to match the picture in the book:

Take the bolt cutter. Go back to the chain and padlock and use your bolt cutter on them, then head inside. Approach the cabinet with 4 cross-shaped dials. You need to spin the crosses so the points with the darker lines point to the west, west, south and north. Take the compressed air cylinder. Go back outside and go straight ahead to the lake, then dive in and open the door.

Underwater Facility

Climb up the ladder. Go to the left and look at the desk, then pick up the USB. Drag the writing around until you can piece it together to say "The keypad code is 47891". Back out and look right, then enter the code 47891 into the keypad and go through the door.

Examine the laptop and use the USB on it to see the username Rodinski. Look at the page on the right equipment to see some instructions for interpreting Roman numerals. Go back to the previous room and enter your login as RODINSKI, to see the message VXV. Go through the door on the right again and look at the locked box on the ground. Open it with the code 5-10-5 (VXV in Roman numerals). Take out the screwdriver. Back in the first room, look to the left and use your screwdriver on the vent cover - you will find a security card. Use this on the door here.

Computer Lab

Go around the corridor to the right and notice ZONE 10110 written above the locked door. Back out and head around the corridor to the left, continuing through the door ahead to find a computer lab. Look at the computer on the back wall and login with code 10110. Back out and look at the switches on the right wall. Based on the same code, flip the 1st, 3rd and 4th switches so they are in these positions: down, up, down, down, up. Go back to the start of the corridor, and through a new opening to the left.

There is a small rectangular device here, and there are paths off to the left and right. Go left first and pick up the red A, then continue forward and get a blue M. Look into the hollow tree log on the right and get a green G. Back out 3 times, then head right. Grab the yellow I from the base of the tree, then go forward and collect a pink N. Go forward one last time to get an orange E. Now head back to the rectangular device. Based on the colors, insert the letters in this order: AMGINE. Take the pliers.

Return to the computer lab. Examine the far left computer and enter your login as AMGINE. Leave the lab and go around the corridor to the right, then through the door that is now unlocked. Examine the wires on the side of the bomb and remove them in the order to spell out ENIGMA: