My Best NightmareMy Best Nightmare

Year:  2021

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

My Best Nightmare is a surreal 3rd person pixel art adventure set in a world of dreams and memories. You play as Roy, starting a new job in a custom dream-making company, but things start to go wrong as you investigate the mind of a mentally ill man.

New Job


After meeting your boss Mike, go through the nearest open doorway into the bathroom. Grab the pen from on top of the washing machine. Go back out and give the pen to Mike, then talk to him about everything. Go right and try the other apartment doors, but they are locked. Go down the stairs, then through the closed door to the left into the janitor's room.

Talk to Barry, then take the battery from the table before leaving his room. Go through the doorway on the left into an unfinished room. Open the narrow locker in the middle of this room and take out a rusty key. Return right and up the stairs to the second floor. Use the key on the middle door here, then go inside.

Examine the panel here to discover the electricity is out. Insert your battery in this panel. Talk to the man hanging from the wall. Run back out and talk to Barry, then go back and talk to the hanging actor again. Go back and talk to Barry once more. Enter the bathroom and take the first aid kit. Go to the hanging actor and use this on him to make him feel better. Find another rusty key on the floor beneath the table to the left. Leave this room and go down the stairs twice.

Use your rusty key on the locked door, then go through to the control room.

Nightmare Begins


After the cutscene you will be in your office. Leave through the door on the right to find a large foyer. Try to open the next door (to the canteen) but it is closed. Talk to the man at the desk, then go upstairs to find the Dream Machine.

Go right and look at the client in the chair. Press both the red and green buttons on the machine - the red button will unlock a storage area. Leave this room and go back to your office. Move the large painting from the wall and open the storage compartment, then take the gold coin from inside. Return to the foyer.

Now head through the door to the far left into a storage area. Click on the wooden barricade to make it fall down. Notice the wire going from here to a high wooden beam, then click on the beam and on the button behind it. Go through the new opening to a hidden room. Grab the key from the bench. Notice the locked double doors - your current key won't unlock it. Return to the foyer again.

Use the key on the canteen door, then head into the dining room. Use your gold coin in the vending machine to the left, then take the chocolate. Go out to the foyer and give the chocolate to the man at the reception desk, and he will give you another key. Go through the door on the left into the storage area, and then into the hidden room again. Use your new key on the locked double doors. Open the right door and you will get a message about the system being rebooted. Go all the way back to your office and use the machine on the left.


After the conversation, knock out the grill and climb through the opening.



Head right to a scene with some ghosts, then continue right and go through the archway to reach the memory towers. Start by entering the barn on the right. After the short cutscene, move the box on the central shelves and take the screwdriver. Go back outside, then enter your parents' house.

Search the kitchen cupboards to find a key with a broken base. Head upstairs to the second floor. Examine the door on the right, then use your broken key on it and head inside. Talk to the old man in the chair, then return to the corridor. Try to open the door on the left, but it is locked. Head downstairs again, then go through the door down to the basement. Click on a panel towards the right to reveal a hatch, then remove this with your screwdriver. Crawl through to find a hidden room. Look at the graves, then pick up the unusual key. Leave here, then go back up to the second floor and use your new key on the left door. Go through to your mom's room.

Go right and try to open the door. Come back to the glowing door and look carefully at the masks on the wall - open the left one and take a key, then use this on the door to the right. Look at the statue to the right, then continue through a garage to some destroyed building. Grab the fuse from the fallen box on the ground. Open a small cabinet inside the large archway and take out a knife. Head back to your mom's room and use the knife on the large sack, then pick up a battery. In the garage, insert both the fuse and battery in the slots on the left, and you will lock yourself inside.

Enter the tower through the large hole on the right. Look at the big tree, then pick up the crowbar from the left. Leave through the hole again. Now enter the falling building on the right. Use your crowbar to remove the boards on the right doorway and head through. In the next building there is a large rock blocking the right doorway. Continue through the next doorway to the left, and you will be outside the base of the tower.

Go left and enter the falling wooden tower. After the scene changes, click on the trapdoor to close it, then continue left through a hole in the bricks. After another vision, enter the small dome of light on the right.



In this platformer segment, you need to constantly work your way upwards, clicking on the 3 trapdoors to lower them so you can jump on them. Use the portal at the top.

More Memories


Go to the far left and enter the castle. Go left and talk to the actor, who is stuck beneath the fallen bell. Leave the castle and go into the woods just to the right. Head to the far right and pick up the key, then go all the way back to the left. Go right and climb back up to the building where you removed the boards earlier. Use your key on the locked fireplace, then take out the pickaxe.

Go back down to the castle and look at the rubble beneath the bell, but the actor is missing. Go back outside and up to the first fallen building on the right. Use your pickaxe on the rock, then go through the doorway. Go to the very edge and you will drop down to the green building below. Head over to the right and down the stairs.

Metal Bar


Go through the door to the left, then the opening in the middle of the screen. Pick up the gun from the bench on the right. Talk to everyone here - the only useful one is the guy at the bar, who will give you a basement key and ask for some ice cubes. Grab the ladder from the far left, then return all the way back to where you started with Mike. Use your basement key on the door here, then go through.

Open the cabinet on the left and take the ice cubes, then return up to the bar. Give your ice cubes to the man at the bar, and you will receive another key. Use this on the door to the left, then head inside. Use your ladder over the gap in the floor, then go across and climb up to the roof. Shoot the DJ.



After talking to the actor, head left into the building. Open the red cabinet and take out an axe. Use this on the boarded door here, then go through. Search the cabinets to find a first aid kit, then return outside to the actor and use it on him.