Mr ShadowMr Shadow

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2016

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/4/2017

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Mr Shadow is a surreal fantasy adventure where a boy is trapped in his nightmares and must return color and light to his dreams to escape.

Scene 1

Open the window to knock the mask off the wall and meet Mr Shadow. After he leaves, pop the bubble of color that is left behind. Pull the light down from the ceiling, then take the star that is revealed and drag it on to the blank eye of the large cat toy-box on the floor. Next click on all 9 of the small pictures on the wall and one of them will fall on to the heater. Click it again and a small glowing toy will fall to the floor.

Twist the hook off the pirate toy on the ground, and attach it to the end of the fishing line to the right. Drag the ends of the broken line together to repair it. Click on the small crack in the wall several times until a small creature appears, then pick it up and put it on the fishing hook. Knock over the cup of water on the bedside table, then push the cup on to the ground. Stack the 4 cups in order from largest to smallest on top of the largest cup on the far left.

Open the jar on the top right bookshelf and a firefly will escape and start flying around the room, finishing up beneath the carpet. Knock over your stack of cups to get it flying again. Once it stops, trigger the jack-in-the-box that it lands on, and the firefly will end up inside it. Trigger the jack-in-the-box again, and the boy will return to his bed. Use the fishing rod to catch the fish from the puddle of water. Turn on the lamp to get rid of the scary shadow, and the boy will climb out of the bed again.

Now trigger the glowing toy on the floor near the heater, and try to walk to the open mouth of the large cat toy-box. Once you get stuck, use the small light projector at the bottom left, then go to the open mouth again. After looking inside and backing out again, pull the cat's eye and you will travel inside.

Scene 2

Pull on your ropes, and a whole lot of objects will fall down. Combine the two halves of the orange scissors on the ground. Click on the black tendrils in the small volcano just to the right, and a creature will start flying around your head. Next take the 3 black suction cups from the creature on the right and stick them in the smaller volcanoes. Click on the large flower on the right and get it to play its sound as the flying creature comes near; it will suck the color out of your ropes and you will fall down further. Now shoot this creature with your gun, and it will fly over to the left.

After it lands, click on the flying creature, then quickly put the purple cone hat on the head of the creature it originally landed on. After it starts flying around above you again, click on the large flower once more; this time it will suck the color out of the flying creature, and a series of colored creatures will start crawling out from the volcano. Pop the bubbles as they appear over on the left until flowers start blooming. Now click on all the flowers, and you will end up being cut free from your ropes and falling to the ground.

Put the blue spinning device on the tip of the cone that has enveloped you. Click on the creature just to the left, which will yawn and blow the cone away. Now click on one of the creatures just before it passes you, and you will hop on and ride it away.

Scene 3

Once you come to rest at the top of the strange structure, touch the empty jar and it will be stolen by the small creature below. Now you need to open and close the mouths of the other 5 creatures so that they drink the white drops and don't drink the black drops; you will eventually end up down on the ground in a cocoon. Touch the tip of the cocoon next to your head, and it will wake up a small flower on the ground. Touch the base of the flower and you will sneeze; quickly pull the orange ball on the flower all the way down, then release it and you will end up being free.

Remove the basket covering the hole just above you, and 2 small creatures will come out and stand nearby. Click on them to find out they want that basket back again. Climb through their hole and you will end up some caverns below. You need to explore these caverns and collect the 4 flashing lights. From the starting position:

  • Left, down, right, up and right (collect light 1)
  • Down, left, down-left (collect light 2)
  • Right, up-left, up-left, down, right, up (collect light 3)
  • Down, left, down-right, right, right, right (collect light 4)
  • Left, up-right, up, left

After you get the basket, tickle the uvula in the mouth of the cavern monster, and you will be ejected outside. Give the basket to the small creatures on the left, then accept their gift. Shake the plant over the basket they are holding, then keep doing this as they move around the garden - when they try to return to their hole they are blocked. Click on the larger hole to the bottom left and a tentacle will emerge. Now shoot your orange ball as far as it will go. This will awaken the creature at the top right, which will start a series of events leading the first creature to get its jar back. Now click on the small creatures with their basket and they will be able to reach their destination. Walk to the right to leave this scene.

Scene 4

As you walk forward and start sinking, repeatedly click on the small grey creature and you will end up clinging to it to save yourself. Next click on yourself and then the creature and it will turn pink. Click on its antennae and it will reach up and join to the hanging structures above. Climb up to the pink ball and 2 small blue controls will emerge from the left; ignore these for now. Jump to the left 3 times and a light will appear above. Jump back to the right 3 times, then left once and right once - if you have done this correctly the light will be shining again.

Pull the blue lever to the left, then pull the blue handle, and a rope will attach to the white ball on the right. Pull the blue handle again and a walkway will be created, so you can now walk over to the white ball. Climb up to the red and green dial and turn it, so that the blue ball starts swinging below you. Press the dial to shoot the blue ball and do it so that you hit a grey ball to the right to bring color to the area. Climb up further and turn the mirror above to shine the light to the triangle on the far right. Climb back down to the white ball, then jump to the right and you will fall down into the water below.

Look in one of the creature's eyes in the background and it will come over and save you. Try to approach the object floating to the right, but the black swimming creatures will not let you get too close. Zoom in on the stone head below you and keep clicking on the ends of the cracks in it until some of the black creatures are attracted to it. Repeat this with the stone head on the far right. Now you can get the helmet and you will swim back up to the surface.

Climb up to the pink ball, then walk over to the white one. Climb up to the red and green dial and shoot a series of 6 blue balls down so they are floating on the water between the ladder and the big yellow ball. Climb down the ladders and jump across these balls. Undo the red bow to release the yellow ball, and the device above will start spinning. Jump once back to the left, then click on the magnet high above and you will be lifted up by your helmet. Jump on to the moving platform to the right. Touch the left of the top right blue balls, and you will light up the final part of the structure to the right.

Extend the left arm of this new device by clicking on each of its joints, until it points straight to the left; in this position it will grab your moving platform. Walk over to the large white ball on the right. Now extend the right arm until it points straight to the right. Turn the last part of this arm straight down and click on the tip to pick up the cone from in the water below. Go over and stand on it to escape.

Scene 5

Touch the nearby purple orb to light a purple point on the star to the right. Climb in to the small cave above you, then jump up to the ceiling to grab a red orb and light a red point on the star. Climb back out of the cave and go right, then jump down to the round platform below. Click on the platform two levels above to trade places with the creature there.

Climb up to the branch above and walk right towards a cave, then the creature above will grab you and place you in a cocoon. Click on the left side of your cocoon to start swinging, then keep swinging until you break free and release an orange orb; you will end up lighting an orange point on the star. Go back out to the platform, then click on the platform immediately below to trade places again.

Pull on the mask just above you and a yellow orb will be offered from the top of the plant at the top left. Go to the platform above, climb on the branch, then start jumping on its tip until you are flung high above. Now click on one of the flying creatures as it comes nearby, and it should grab the top branch, then take the orb. Click on the orb to grab it, and you will light a yellow point on the star (if another larger creature steals the orb and carries it away, wait until it stops moving and then click on it, before pulling down on the mask to get the plant to grab the creature and orb, then start this process again).

Teleport to the platform on the right, then trade places with the hunched over creature on the platform with the mask. Now click on the creature while it stands on the platform to the right, and it will retrieve the green orb. Teleport to the right platform again to get the green orb, and light a green point on the star.

Trade places with the other creatures on the platforms until the creature with the large head ends up on the low platform inside the cave. Go back to the bottom left platform, and climb up to the ledge above. Click on each of the 5 eyes in the main structure until they are all looking in your direction, and a new black bridge will form. Enter the new cave by walking over this black bridge. Raise the water level in the cave by connecting all 5 hoses, then click on the creature with the big head, who will scare away the one that is in the water with you. Now just disconnect the top hose and you can take the aqua orb, and light the aqua point on the star.

Jump back down into the water and disconnect the other hoses, then leave the cave. Teleport around again to get the new creature from the very top platform down into the low platform in the cave, then click on it and it will attach itself to the wall just to the right. Click on its head repeatedly until it has stretched all the way across the cave. Next click on the small creature hiding near the roof of the cave and it will bring out a blue orb. Teleport down to the low platform in the cave, then jump on the stretched creature to get the blue orb and light the blue point on the star. Click on the large creature to the right and you will be teleported to a new area.

Scene 6

After you are captured by the shadow of the teddy bear, pull the loose thread from the neck of the teddy bear and you will drop into the water below. Now click on the teddy bear's feet and you will be lifted back up again. Pick up the loose thread and use it on the round device in the water to lift it up next to you. Press in the top of the device, then stand on it and press the button to launch yourself to the right.

Pull the dangling threads from the pink toy on the right (middle, left and then right), then the black creature to the right will start throwing black rocks. Push the yellow toy down into the water repeatedly until a string appears near its neck, then pull the thread and its leg will detach. Fold the piece of paper in the water next to you into the shape of a pirate's hat, then keep folding until it turns into a beak, and a glowing star orb will float up to the top right.

Click on the bird to make it fly from right to left, then click on it again in flight, and it will shower glowing shards down into the water. Click on these from left to right to make a narrow path so you can float on the teddy bear's head over to the right. Climb up to the right. Now click on the black creature just before he throws a black rock, and he will drop it down so that you get swallowed by the creature on which you are standing.

Push the green toy down into the water 3 times to make more black balls float to the surface. Go and pick up the 1st ball (far left), then drag it on to the top of the brown sphere to the right. Next pick up the 3rd ball, then drag it on to the left of the brown sphere. Pick up the 5th ball, then drag it on to the bottom of the brown sphere. Finally pick up the 8th ball (far right), and drag it to the right of the brown sphere. A new glowing star orb will appear and float out to the surface, and you will follow it.

Jump up and break the branch above you. Jump down over the small islands to the bottom right, then climb up the colored branch. Make your way up the other branches until you can grab the purple ball. Climb further up and swap this with the glowing star orb. Give this to the black creature and you will be carried across behind the central central creature/island. Drag the other glowing star orb into the arm on the other side of this creature, and it will be carried to you.

Scene 7

Click on all of the small black creatures as well as the faces that appear in the side of your bubble. Keep doing this, while you grab the bottom orb and carry it to the other one.