Mr MazeMr Maze

Game Details:  Mystery, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/20/2019

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Mr Maze is a first-person adventure game based around exploration of a series of mazes. You start the game on a holiday with your family, but when your daughter is captured by the Maze Meister you set out on a journey through a series of increasingly difficult challenges to save her. There are 35 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Scrap Palace

After you arrive, go around the car and talk to Jennifer, then follow Penny to the queue and talk to her. Wait until the woman in front of you realizes she has lost her handbag, then return to the carpark. Find a rabbit on the ground near the far left corner and interact with it Creature Comforts. Now grab the purse from on top of the red car on the right. Go back to the queue and talk to the lady, who will enter the maze.

While the ticket seller is busy, go and talk to Andrew, who is sitting on the bench. Turn around and talk to the ticket seller, then go and talk to Penny at the entrance. Make your way through the maze, talking to Andrew through the fence when you see him. Talk to Penny in the tunnel, then she will run ahead again.

Read the "Meister History" journal (1/2) on the bench here, then talk to the police officer. Enter the next maze made with corrugated iron sheets. Go up over some wooden ramps to get to the second part of this maze, and continue until you find a girl who has lost her mother. Back track until you find the mother, then go to the girl and give her the directions. Now you can go over some more wooden ramps to the third part of this maze. Talk to the young lady, who mentions the Maze Meister. Continue forward to an open area with a dry fountain. Talk to the young lady again, who introduces herself as Velvet.

Go to the next maze, where you see 2 more people entering ahead of you. Continue to the barbed wire section, and you will see Penny up ahead. Head through the maze until you can interact with the deer, which will disappear in front of you. Read the "Keith's Ledger" journal (2/2) on the barrel to the left. Continue through some more barbed wire, then into a more closed in area where Joffrey will run ahead of you. Go up a ramp, then down and back up some more ramps. Continue up twice more, then out to see Jenny dancing on the wooden platform at the top.

Listen to the comments from Joffrey and his father, then head down the exit ramp. When Penny calls out to you, turn around and go back up to talk to her, then step into the portal Scrap Palace.

Sunset Realm

Section 1

Go straight ahead and activate the first magic rune (1/3). Enter the building just to the right, and look on the bed to find the "Life of V. Dweller" journal (1/9). Turn around and leave this building, entering the next one on the right to find the "Animals of the Realm" journal (2/9). Continue to the next building in this direction to find the "Rocks & Runes (Vol 1)" journal (3/9). Leave this building and turn right, then go and activate another magic rune (2/3).

Go forward past a magic wall with dark energy on your right, and find another magic rune (3/3) to activate straight ahead. Enter the large building nearby and read the "Cur-sed Is The Realm!" journal (4/9). Just outside the building you will find a small square pillar - touch this thought stone (1/9). Go to the magic wall and it will lower if you have activated all 3 magic runes.

Section 2

Inhale the wind hex here and you will fly up in the air to see the layout of the land. After returning to the ground go forward and find a thought stone (2/9) to the right. Continue through the canyon and the deer from earlier will appear again. Approach it to make it run away, then take the path to the right and enter the abandoned hut to find the "Rocks & Runes (Vol 2)" journal (5/9).

Go through a narrow passage near here to find the deer up against another magic wall. Activate the magic rune (1/3) here, then go along the main path to find a thought stone (3/9) on the right. Keep going and activate another magic rune (2/3). Turn right and go along the long canyon to find the third magic rune (3/3) to activate. Enter the hut here to find the "The Maze Meister" journal (6/9). Backtrack to the magic wall, which will now lower.

Section 3

The deer will head up the hill to the left. Go the other direction, down and to the right. Find a thought stone (4/9) in an alcove on the right. Now turn around and go up the hill after the deer. Ignore the half-buried hut, and take the left branch to find another thought stone (5/9). Return to the branch and follow the path to the right this time. Inhale the wind hex, then continue along the path.

Keep going past the tall tree and you will reach another branch in the path. Go up to the left (the right passage is a dead end). You will eventually come out to a large open area. Enter the hut on the left to find the "Gregory's Log" journal (7/9). Find a magic rune here, but it is inactive. Follow the path nearby to meet Gregory. Come back towards the hut and talk to him again.

Go along the path where you met Gregory earlier. Keep to the left and you will find a magic rune (1/3) to activate. Keep going to the left to find the magic wall, then continue along the left wall to activate the second magic rune (2/3). If you keep going you will find a small ramp that lets you climb up to a shortcut Sunset Short-cut. You can now keep going left to eventually return to Gregory. Activate the final magic rune (3/3) which didn't work earlier. Return down to the valley again. You can find a wind hex to inhale if you want, then make your way to the magic wall, which will come down as you approach.

Section 4

Follow the deer to the right and you will reach an open area with a small watering hole. Enter the hut on the right to find the "Mary's Log" journal (8/9). Activate the magic rune (1/2) just outside. Approach the deer and it will disappear. The closed magic wall here will open when you activate the other magic rune (2/2). Don't go through here just yet.

Enter the other hut to find the "Tales of the Gauntlet" journal (9/9) Realm Reader. Go behind it to find another thought stone (6/9). Follow the other path away from the watering hole area to see a woman running around the base of a tree. Take the left path here and go beneath the stone archway. Touch the thought stone (7/9) here. Return to the magic wall, which will now be open. Go through and it will close behind you.

Section 5

Inhale the wind hex here. Follow the left wall to discover a thought stone (8/9) with a skeleton next to it. Keep following the left wall and you will eventually come to an area with several people hiding in tents. Go over a flattened rock area, then past some more tents until you reach another larger open area. This time follow the right wall and you will eventually find the final thought stone (9/9) on a raised area Memory Hunter - Sunset Realm.

Now keep following the right wall and you will eventually reach the wooden platform leading into the castle Sunset Realm.

Castle Craven

Go forward and talk to the robot, McBobbit. Pick up a plank of wood from one of the tents, then go and bash McBobbit with it. Now follow the it until it stops at the bottom of some stairs. Go up to activate a magic rune (1/4). Follow McBobbit back to near the entrance and climb the stairs behind him to find a thought stone (1/3).

Go back down and through a series of passages with people in tents and shanties. Go right when you reach the 2 large pipes, and climb the stairs around the corner to activate another magic rune (2/4). Return to the pipes - if you go to the far end you will just find a dead end with some men by a fire and 2 sheep. Head along the side passage and go to the end to hear someone mention Bernice. Backtrack and go to the side to find the "Building Castle Craven" journal (1/2) on some pallets. In the next side passage you will find a group of men standing together Circle of Jerks.

The following side passage is empty. Inhale the wind hex at the corner, then continue between the pallets. Go straight at the next junction to find a dead end, then back back and take the other path. Go to the end of this corridor and over some pallets to find the next thought stone (2/3). Go down the recent side passage between more tents and then pallets. There is a "Toxic Fumes Report" journal (2/2) on a pellet near the remnants of a fire in the next courtyard.

Continue next to a large pipe to the end and turn left, then explore this area to find the third magic rune (3/4) to activate. Return to the end of the pipe and take the other passage. Go up a staircase here to locate the final thought stone (3/3) Memory Hunter - Castle Craven.

Go back down the stairs and then take a side passage to the right to find another wind hex. Take the other passage and go past some curved pipes billowing yellow fumes. Explore the large area ahead to find Bernice selling her water, and then you will see the next magic rune. Talk to the disgruntled man who is blocking access to it. Go around to the left from here, past a pallet with some candles, into a courtyard with the remnants of a large fire The Burn. Pick up the antique lantern in the far right corner, then return to the disgruntled man. Give him the lantern, then activate the final magic rune (4/4).

Return to the pallet with the candles and take another path to the left. Approach the magic wall and it will come down. Approach the door ahead Castle Craven.

Hall of the High Dweller

Walk ahead to see Penny transported away again. Follow the short passage to the left to find the "Pastor's Log" journal (1/5). Return past where you lost Penny and you will accidentally start a small fire with a candle. Keep going between the boxes and you will find the "Thorvald's Travels (Vol 2)" journal (2/5). Just around the next corner you will see "LAMENT" written in red on the side of a box. Go through some narrow corridors and find the "Hall of Lame" journal (3/5), then continue until you meet a couple to talk to.

Proceed into the tunnel, then out to some more makeshift dwellings. You will see Joffrey transported away in the next area. Keep going through more passages, including up and down several times over ramps. There is a "Social Mediocrity" journal (4/5) to find here. Keep going to see another red message that says "GET ME OUT OF HERE", then look right to discover the "Valentines Day" journal (5/5). Find a couple looking out into the distance, and talk to the other man on the platform here Timely Bob.

Now descend into some more tunnels. After you emerge again, go through several more passages then up to a platform to see Penny floating in the distance. Continue to see the message "CURSE THESE WALLS" in red, then make your way through the stacks of pallets to reach her. After his speech, pick up the nearby lantern Hall of the High Dweller.

Rinky Island

Section 1

Go up the path and enter the building straight ahead to meet Mrs Burnham. Go closer and talk to her some more. Leave the hut and turn right. Find 2 more huts further along and search them to find the "Meteorology 101" journal (1/3) and the "Where Is Rinky Island?" journal (2/3). Continue along the path and look up to the right to see the magic wall. Keep going around the island and look out for a short gap in the fence on the right. Explore in here to find the first thought stone (1/3). Return to the path and keep going to discover a hut containing the "Marine Life Penned" journal (3/3). Continue further along the path and look out for a shipping container on the left that you can walk through. Head out the other side to find a thought stone (2/3). Return to the path again.

There is a larger building ahead that has nothing useful inside, then a wind hex to inhale that will give you an overview of the island. Keep going along the path to head through an archway, then explore an area on the left and activate the magic rune (1/1) here. Go to the next building on the left to meet the ferry man, then look at the beach behind him to find the last thought stone (3/3) Memory Hunter - Rinky Island. Continue going around the island to return to the start, then make your way to the magic wall and it will come down as you approach.

Section 2

Go beneath a rock archway and you come to a large plateau that has 4 small square mazes and a central raised platform with a large lever. The nearest square maze on the right already has an active magic rune, but you need to search the other 3 mazes to activate magic rune (1/3), magic rune (2/3) and magic rune (3/3). Head up to the lever and pull it.

Climb back down and the rain will start falling. Return down to Mrs Burnham, who will give you a special coin. Visit the ferry man and give him the coin to be given travel across the water Rinky Island.

The Dungeon

Section 1

Crawl into the sewer, then follow the rocky tunnel. After you see the Maze Meister walking past, follow him to the left and go up another rocky tunnel to return to the outside of your cell area. Talk to the lady in the cell. Keep going through this area, then around to the left where you will see a skeleton in a hanging cage. Read the "David's Cage" journal (1/1) in the cage, then go down the stairs ahead.

You will see the Maze Meister head to the right and go through a door. Go to the left and talk to Joffrey in his cell (as well as his sister Heather). Go back up the stairs, past the hanging cage and up the next set of stairs. After you see the Maze Meister, follow him through the door to the right.

In the large room here you will see an active rune. Go up the stairs then around the balcony to the right to see thought stone (1/2). Go around to the opposite balcony and head through the door. Follow this passage until you can crawl into another sewer. Just make your way through the next short area with a whole lot of locked gates, and you will eventually find another sewer to enter.

Section 2

Walk past all the cages and up several flights of stairs, then go forward until you see the Maze Meister witness another failure. Drop down to the ground and make your way across the room, then through some dark tunnels. You will eventually have to drop through a big hole in the floor. Walk over to the horse to automatically talk to it Hello Horsey. Go up the stairs and around to see a room filled with active runes. Move between the cages and through the door in the far corner.

After you realize you recognise this area, go straight ahead down the stairs and through to talk to Heather again. Go through the new open door, then up a lot of dark stairs until you reach the Maze Meister's study. Look in the middle of the room to find the second thought stone (2/2) Memory Hunter - The Dungeon. Climb inside the barrel to the right of the fireplace. After the cutscene, take the maze design from the desk

Go all the way back down the stairs, past Heather and Joffrey, and back around to the lady in the cell from the start of the dungeon. Go into the cell opposite and back through the tunnels, then crawl through the sewer to return to your cell The Dungeon.

Dock Town

Head around the buildings and find the first thought stone (1/2) in a small garden. Keep going around the next buildings so you are alongside a paddock with some horses. Make your way through the blue shipping container, then through some more containers followed by a series of rabbit hutches. Go past an active rune, then past a small pond, and head over a narrow ramp.

Turn right, then go right past a man leaning against a building, and head left to see a well. Turn left again and explore a small grassy area to find the the other thought stone (2/2) Memory Hunter - Dock Town. Return to the well and turn left, then right. Go through some narrow fences, then over another ramp and out to a wide path ahead Dock Town.

Merry Meadows

Section 1

Go straight ahead past the active rune and pay attention to the crowd to meet Big Jim. Go back to the benches near the rune to find Big Jim's ledger. Talk to all 3 shopkeepers at their stalls, making sure to read the "Thorvald's Travels (Vol 5)" journal (1/1) at the book stall. Go and give the ledger to Big Jim. Follow him, then talk to him and you will agree to help with the fox. Enter the forest and follow the path, talking to Velvet. Return to Big Jim with his magic journal, and he will let you keep it. This journal lets you record information from thought stones, and Velvet wants you to collect the information from all 5 thought stones.

Section 2

Go back along the path towards the small town, and search in the bushes next to the small lake to find the first thought stone (1/6). Return along the path past the entrance to the town, and find another thought stone (2/6) just left of the main path. Keep following the left path to discover the next thought stone (3/6) further ahead, high up on the left. Keep following this path until you see Big Jim sitting on a bench. Go along the path he is facing to find another thought stone (4/6) at the junction point of 4 paddocks. Turn left and follow the path to reach a crossroads, where you will find the last thought stone (5/6) that you need for the journal.

Turn right and return to Velvet in the forest again, then run after her and she will show you a large gate that you will need magic to get open. Go to Big Jim's store in front of the large windmill, and open the door to go inside. Talk to Big Jim. There is an achievement if you have also been to the 3 stalls back in the small town Open All Hours.

Go back outside and head towards the free sample next door, but a bird will fly off with it. Chase the bird until it drops the magic scroll and you can collect it Bird Is The Word. Return to where Velvet is waiting by the large gate, and you will automatically open it with your magic. On the other side, find the final thought stone (6/6) Memory Hunter - Merry Meadows, then go over and open the trap door in the ground Merry Meadows.

Greenlight Mine

Start forward through the caves, turning left at the first junction, then right at the second junction, and straight at the third. You will now start to see some green-tinged areas. Go straight at the next junction, then right. Continue between some large green-gemmed boulders. At the junction with a large red-gemmed boulder, go left, then right and right again. Continue beneath a green-gemmed boulder in the ceiling. Turn right at the next junction to find a skeleton holding the "Mine Sweeper" journal (1/1).

Go back to the junction and turn right, left and right. Turn left to go beneath another green-gemmed boulder in the ceiling, and you will reach a junction with a support beam in the middle. Turn right here and follow the path until you can climb a ladder to the trapdoor at the exit of the mine Greenlight Mine.

Winter Mountain

Section 1

Explore the hut just around the corner to find the "Backup Plan" journal (1/3). Inhale the wind hex on the path just ahead, then follow the left path to find a magic wall. Follow the path and you will eventually be able to activate a magic rune (1/2). Go back past the magic wall and along the path to the other side. Here you will find an abandoned hut with another magic rune (2/2) to activate. Go to the magic wall and it will come down.

Section 2

Start climbing up the mountain. Go left at both of the branches and you will discover a thought stone (1/2). Go back to the second branch and take the other path, which leads to a much steeper climb. You can follow the left path for a while, but you will be stopped by a bear, so take the other path off to the right. Keep going to find a magic rune (1/1) next to a magic wall. The other path here just leads back to the bear, so head beyond the wall as it descends.

Section 3

Inhale the wind hex, then press further forward up the mountain. Enter the first abandoned hut to find the "Hut On Haunted Hill" journal (2/3), then keep going along the path to find another thought stone (2/2) Memory Hunter - Winter Mountain. There is a special achievement now if you have found the following set of items:

  • Sunset Realm: Thought Stone 1
  • Hall of the High Sweller: Journal 2
  • Merry Meadows: Journal 1
  • Winter Mountain: Thought Stone 1
  • Winter Mountain: Thought Stone 2 Thorvald

Knock on the locked door of the hut up ahead Knock Knock!. Keep going up to the site of a previous avalanche, then over a bridge towards the castle ahead Winter Mountain.

Brain Castle

Go straight ahead through a long corridor with lots of skeletons, then down a ladder at the end. Now make your way through the dark stone corridors until you discover a thought stone (1/1) Memory Hunter - Brain Castle. There is an extra achievement for finding all thought stones in all levels All Thought Out.

Keep going and make your way through the rest of the stone maze A Maze King. Use the door at the end and you will see the Maze Meister talking to Penny and the other children. Go forward and shout at the kids, then approach the Maze Meister. After he disappears, go and try the door, then pick up the nearby pickaxe and use it to break down the door Brain Castle. Watching the next cutscene will grant you another achievement Handle With Care.

Meister's Mount

Chase after the Maze Meister, who will slow you down with various distractions as you get closer. Solve a relatively easy maze, and you will see the children near the edge of a high cliff. Reassure Penny, then pick up the magic scroll that the deer brings for you. Now you can approach the Maze Meister. Go up to the pedestal and use your magic, then punch the Maze Meister In for a Penny.

Back at the Scrap Palace, go and talk to Penny, then talk to the police officers and finally Andrew. Now head out to the exit. When the electricity begins again, run into the maze to save the police officer.

There is one final achievement for collecting all other available achievements in the game Maze Meister.