Game Details:  Mystery, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  8/2/2023

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Morrok is a first-person detective puzzle adventure. You play as detective Rudolf Pasaret, investigating the disappearance of a renowned professor. You must follow the trail of a madman, solving the puzzles he has left for you, and uncovering a mystery with ties to black magic.

Chapter 1

House of Venchi Strada

Look at the bottom of the boarded-up door and read the note. Look at the sealed jug on the narrow chest of drawers in the other corner of the room, noting the symbol on the bottom. Look up to the right and take the bronze key from the hook, then look at the door lock and use the bronze key to unlock it. Open the door and enter the main room.

Turn to the left and move the small clock so you can pick up a small iron key. Climb the small set of steps behind you and use the small iron key to unlock the typewriter case on top of the bookshelf. Open the case and click on the piece of paper twice to take it - look at it to see it has the letters BHRW typed at the top.

Climb back down and go forward twice into the room. Find another note in the bookshelf on the right. Notice the blue books in the shelf above - one of them is missing. Go forward again and read the newspaper clipping on the right wall. There is another note on top of the bookcase straight ahead. Now sit in the chair behind the desk. You need a series of 4 letters to unlock the desk, so enter BHRW. Open the desk and read the newspaper clipping inside. Look at the photos, then pick up the strange book.

Go back to the bookshelf and insert this book into the empty space. Push the side of the bookshelf twice, then go through the hole and look to the right.

Chapter 2

Wells of Ancient Casemates

Look inside the broken barrel near where you fell, and take the metal handle from inside. Go forward and look at the thorns on the ground - there is something metallic hidden inside. Continue around to the right. Push the lever next to the pit, and a chain will lift a metal cage up, but then it will break and fall down.

Turn left and go through the gateway to see a table. There is a locked chest here, and a candle that you can pick up. Read the note on the high shelf above the table. Climb on the barrel half way along this room and light your candle from the flame above. Now go to the end of this room and look on the high shelf to find an iron key.

Go back to the thorns from near where you started, and burn them away with your candle. Now you can pick up a lever. Combine this with the handle you got earlier. Head to the second pit, and attach your fixed lever to the mechanism here, then push it. After the cage is brought up, go to the left side of it. Open the cage and take out the metal rod. Look at the wall opposite this pit to see some loose stones. The bone wedged here will fall down. Use your metal rod on the largest loose stone to get it out, so you can take the bronze key from behind it. Go back to the locked chest and unlock it with the bronze key. Open the chest and take out the oiler can.

Go to the padlock on the locked gate and use the oiler can on it, then unlock it with your iron key. Open the gate and go through the portal.

Chapter 3

Flooded Prison Hall

Walk forward twice and look at the grate at the base of the tree. Move the rock out of the way so you can pick up a small battle axe. Look at the branch of the tree extending through the gate to the left, and chop this with your axe. Open the gate and go through the portal.

Chapter 4

Torture Chamber

Go towards the glowing area and click on the key in the skeleton's hand - a large fish will jump up and grab the key before you can take it. Go over to the nearby table against the wall and take the executioner's ax. Look at the top of the chest further into the room and pick up the club. Cross the room and look through a gap in the iron bars - you can reach a bronze key on a chest through this gap. Look to the right and approach the barrel, then push it twice so it is beneath the stairs.

Climb up the stairs and look in the shelves to the right to get a lever. Examine the chest on the table up here, and unlock it with your bronze key. Open the chest so you can take the preserved wet tongue specimen. Go back downstairs.

Look at the side of the chair in the middle of the room. Insert your lever, then pull it. Now you can stand on the chair and grab the gear from the nearby ledge. Find the large wooden wheel holding a skeleton, and insert the gear near the handle on the side. Turn the handle, then you can take a large hook. Go back to the gap in the iron bars, and use your large hook to reach the clamp on top of the far barrel. Turn around and examine the iron maiden, using the clamp to get it open. Examine the skeleton inside and take the small hook.

Put your tongue specimen on the hook. Go back to where you saw the large fish, and attach your hook to the chain above. Push the lever to lower the chain, then pull it to lift it back up (with the fish attached). Use the club to knock the fish off the hook. Go over to the fish and cut it open with the executioner's ax. Now you can pick up the iron key. Head over to the locked door, and unlock it with the iron key. Push the door open, then go through and head to the portal.

Chapter 5

Prison Hall

Push the barrel twice, then climb up on it and light your candle from the flame above. Still on the barrel, turn around and use your lit candle to burn the rope, dropping the cage to the floor. Examine this to find a metal rod. Use this on the left side of the jammed gate, then head through. Go up the end of the dark passage, then turn left and enter the portal.

Chapter 6

Guards Room

Climb onto the barrel next to the bed so that you can take the brass nipple from the high shelf. Climb back down and go to the larger table, picking up the screwdriver. Open the wooden bench further along this wall and take out a valve. Turn around and examine the large gear mechanism, using your screwdriver to break free a brass grip. Now look at the handle on the wall to the left and lift it up - the large gears will turn. Look on the gears and take the iron key.

Head through the doorway into the next room. Use the iron key to unlock the opposite door, then pull it open and go through. Pick up the adjustable wrench from the table. Turn left and attach your valve to the pipes along the wall. Open the valve, but you will notice the existing nipple doesn't look right. Close the valve again. Use your adjustable wrench to unscrew the broken nipple, then remove it. Put on your brass nipple and tighten it with the adjustable wrench. Now open the valve once more.

Turn left and look at the large brass canister. Attach your brass grip to the top, then close the door beneath it. Now use the brass grip. Open the door again and take the pneumatic capsule. Open this with your screwdriver and you will see a code. Examine the safe on the table and unlock it with the code 1537. Open the safe and take out the bronze key. Try to use the handle on the wall to see that it is key-locked. Use the bronze key to unlock the handle, then use the handle.

Leave the room and turn left to see the portcullis going up. Once it is finished, go through the portal.

Chapter 7

Drawbridge Pad

Walk forward and use the handle on the right wall - an armored skeleton will drop down ahead. Take an iron key from its nearest hand. Climb up the ladder and take the gear debris. Climb back down and unlock the door with the iron key. Push the door open and go through the portal.

Chapter 8

The Forge

Turn left and look on the floor near the anvil to find a part of the mold. Look on the wall behind the anvil and take the machine belt. Turn left and pick up the empty bucket across the room, then close the large chest to the left and stand on it. Take the blacksmith tongs from the shelves on the wall. Turn around and light your handle from the candle hanging from the ceiling. Now climb back down to the ground.

Take the metal crucible that is hanging on the stone pillar in the middle of the room. Combine the blacksmith tongs with the crucible, then add the gear debris as well. Follow the wall from the chest to the far end, and use your bucket to collect some coal from the large container. Turn around and look in the first brick oven on the right to find another part of the mold.

Now you can go to the middle brick oven. Put the coals from your bucket into the pit, then light them with your candle. Put the crucible over the fire, then use the handle of the bellows to the right. Take back the crucible, which now holds molten metal.

Cross the room to the wooden table. Add your 2 pieces of the mold to the one already there to complete it, then pour the molten metal from your crucible into the mold. Now use the blacksmith tongs to pick up the hot gear. Just to the left, use the water fountain on the wall, then use the empty bucket on the stream of water to collect some. Go to the large basin near where you entered, and empty the bucket into this. Go back and get more water, then empty this into the basin as well. Put the hot gear into the water basin, then take out a rough gear.

Move over to a device with a wheel, just to the right of the mold. Press the pedal at the bottom to see that something is missing. Attach the machine belt to the left side, then press the pedal again - while the wheel is turning, use the rough gear on it, and you will end up with a new gear. Now you can head back through the previous portal.

Chapter 9


Climb up the ladder and attach your new gear. Climb back down and use the handle on the wall again to raise the drawbridge. Now go across and through the final portal.