Mixed-Up Fairy TalesMixed-Up Fairy Tales

Year:  1991

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Mixed-Up Fairy Tales is a game for younger players by Sierra On-Line. The aim of the game is to fix a series of classic fairy tales that have become corrupted, largely by returning objects to their correct owners.


From Bookwyrm's house, go north, west and north. Talk to the girl, then select Cinderella from your book. The fairy godmother arrives and needs you to find a pumpkin. Go south and west to leave town, then explore the screens to the west until you find the pumpkin. Return it to the fairy godmother, then go west and you will see Bookend steal the slipper. Follow him and pick up the slipper when he drops it, then return it to Prince Charming.

Beauty and the Beast

Now head west and south, talk to the woman and select Beauty and the Beast from your book. Go east twice then leave town to the south. Continue south twice and east to find her father. Talk to him, then enter the maze. Go around the edge of the maze and take the rose, then leave again. After the Beast talks to you, go west and north twice. Talk to Beauty until she asks for your help, then click on yourself and you will escort her to the Beast.

Jack and the Beanstalk

From outside the gates, go west, north 4 times and east. Talk to the boy, then select Jack and the Beanstalk from your book. Head west, south and east out of town, then go south and talk to Bookwyrm. Now wander around until you find the magic beans. Return to Jack and he will plant the beans and climb up. From here go west, south, east twice and north. Talk to Jack then click on yourself as well. Wander around to find the axe, then go back and give it to Jack.

Snow White

Wander around and you will find Snow White lost in the forest. Select Snow White from your book. Escort her to the Dwarves' house at the far southwest. After walking away, go west and north twice to see Snow White is asleep. Go south then east twice, then talk to Prince Silver and click on yourself to offer to help. Untie him, then return west twice and north to Snow White.

Bremen Town Musicians

Go just south of the bridge out of town and talk to the rooster, then select Bremen Town Musicians from your book. Go north and east to the crossroads and the rooster will wait here. Go south and talk to Bookwyrm and he will tell you the cat is scared and hiding. Go south and west and talk to the cat in the tree, then click on yourself and escort the cat north twice and east. Go south and talk to Bookwyrm and he will tell you the dog was chasing Bookend. Go east twice and talk to the dog, then click on yourself and escort the dog west twice and north. Go south and talk to Bookwyrm, but he doesn't know where to find the donkey. Go south and west twice. Talk to the donkey, then click on yourself and untie the donkey. Escort him east, north twice and east, then follow the musicians to the hut.


Talk to Bookwyrm, then click on yourself to offer to help. Go to Bookend's cave at the far southeast and you will complete the game.