The Mind of MarloThe Mind of Marlo

Year:  2017

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

The Mind of Marlo is a comedy documentary-style adventure game chronicling the curious case of Marlo Davenport, a man born with the rare and troubling Spontaneous Silly Head Syndrome. There are 10 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

The Mind of Marlo

Take the cactus and cigarettes, then head through the right door into the kitchen. Pick up the batteries and salt, then go through the middle door into the bedroom.

Examine the large painting on the wall No Wonder He Misses Her. Pick up the hair dryer from the floor, and the empty glass from the end of the bed. Take the microphone from the dresser. Examine the left photo and search it, then take the key from behind the picture. Examine the right photo and search it to find a hidden photo Nice!.

Return to the kitchen, then go through the far right door into the bathroom. Pick up the toilet paper and the spray bottle. Use the toilet paper with the toilet Clog The Bog!. Examine the sink. Use your spray bottle with the sink. Combine your salt and empty glass, then also use this with the sink. Return all the way back to the living room.

Examine the boxing gloves, then use your key on them to get them. Combine your batteries and hair dryer. Use the microphone with the stereo Yo, MF! You Better Listen To Me!.

Now you just need to use items on Marlo's various forms:

  • Use the boxing gloves on the shark
  • Use the salty water on the slug
  • Use the hair dryer on the ice
  • Use the spray bottle on the cat

Now you can head out through the front door Glad That's All Over!.

The Life of Linda

There is an achievement for starting this second phase of the game I Hate Post-credits Scenes!. Go back inside and head to the kitchen. Examine the pin board and you will end up with a scrap of paper. Next head to the bedroom and search the dresser to get another scrap of paper. Combine both to get a phone number. Use the cactus with the bed Prickly Prank.

Go to the bathroom and use the cigarettes with the toilet Best One of the Day.

Return to the living room. Use the phone number with the charging phone on the right Take My Call. Watch the final cutscene to complete the game That Wasn't So Bad Was It?.