Milkmaid of the Milky WayMilkmaid of the Milky Way

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2017

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/24/2021

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Milkmaid of the Milky Way is a fantasy 3rd person point and click adventure game, with a story told in rhyming couplets. What starts out as a normal day for Ruth, a young milkmaid in Norway in 1929, turns into a fantastic adventure after a spaceship arrives. There are 6 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Farm Life


Take some wood from the pile, then go inside. Take the spoon that is hanging in front of the kettle, then go back outside again. Head left past the barn, then go towards the large tree. Try to reach the lemon, then use your spoon to get it. Return to the right, then leave the area again and head up the narrow path. Look at the nail stuck in the wood and try to remove it. Hit it with your wooden spoon, then pull out the nail.

Follow the path to the left and pick up the bucket. Continue up the path to reach the plains. Follow the path in the distance, then go left until you find a strange diamond-shaped stone. Examine this, then pick up the lump of salt from next to it.

Return to the plains, then go left to reach a large lake. Walk around to the left, and up the mountain in the distance. Pick up the rocks, then examine the flowers and they will blow away. Put your wood next to the stone memorial here to dry.

Run all the way back to the farm and enter the barn. Use your bucket on one of the cows to collect some milk, and you will automatically let the cows outside to graze. Head up to the memorial and take the wood, which has now dried. Now go all the way back to your house.

Climb up on to the roof and use your stones to fix the chimney. Climb back down and head inside. Examine the separator on the table, which is missing its handle. Use the screw to fix it, then use your bucket of milk on the separator - you will end up making butter. Pour the skim milk from your bucket into the kettle, then add lemon and salt. Place your dried wood beneath the kettle, then click on it to start a fire. Now use your wooden spoon on the kettle Cheese Maker.


After you awaken, head up to the plains, then follow the path in the distance to return to the diamond-shaped stone. Pick up Lykke's cowbell. Go right, then left to the lake. Use the cowbell on the metal pole until Lykke escapes the lake Cow Saver.


Head back towards the farm.

Alien Contact

Young Woman

After you see the space ship, go back up towards the plains. Try to go left, but you a blocked by the ship's engines. Click on the cows and they will be abducted. Run left until you reach a rocky cliff, then jump on to the space ship when it is close Jumper.

Run up to the back of the space ship, and go down the narrow grey slope and examine the control panel. Use your wooden spoon on it, then pull it down. Now you can walk over to the hot metal plate. Use your butter on it to melt it into grease. Leave this area and head towards the front of the space ship. One of the yellow hatches just to the left of the middle has a small gap - use the grease on it, then use the hatch and you will end up inside.

Head right, then you will go back to the left and meet the Queen. Talk to her however you like, then follow her until you reach the age machine. You can either walk on to the right side of the machine yourself or be forced on to it.

Old Woman

Talk to Gopal, the ship's physician. Pick up the empty jar from the left bench. Continue left and pick up the steel bolt from the floor. Press the red button on the wall here, then quickly go right and swap your empty jar with the one on the right bench. Now continue further to the right.

Talk to Annisa, the seamstress. Walk slightly to the right, then click on the boy when he peeks out from behind the piles of fabric. Now continue to the right, and down the ramps to the next area.

Talk to Vis, the mechanic. Give him the cold drink, then the steel bolt. Go and take the power drill. Look at the blue diagram to see a pipe layout that will be useful shortly. Return up the slopes and to the far left. Use the power drill on the elevator panel, and you will end up with a light fabric. Go right past the seamstress again and approach the large yellow machine. Use your fabric on the spinning wheel, then use the power drill on it to get a thread. Go and give this thread to the seamstress.

In the next section, stand on the left side of the machine Well Aged.

Young Woman

Go right and talk to the physician, then go right again and pick up the needle. Now head left twice and go up in the elevator. Pick up the rotten fruit from the altar. Go through the archway ahead. Just to the right, talk to Tithi and Utsava. Go through the doorway to the right, then use your power drill to remove screws from the metal sheet here. Climb into the opening to find yourself in a dark pipe. Now go down, up and up (based on the pipe layout you saw earlier).

You will find yourself in the ducts above the Queen. Look at everything around her room, then return to the right (you will automatically leave the pipes completely). Return all the way back to the mechanic and talk to him again. Give him the metal sheet to use as a bonnet. Talk again and volunteer to be a test pilot for the hoversled.

To safely make it to the floating rock, choose these options: Throttle, Button, Steer, Throttle, Steer, Button, Throttle, Button, Throttle (you just need 4 Throttles, 3 Buttons and 2 Steers, but cannot repeat the same command twice) Hoversled Master.

Pick the fruit, then use the hoversled again. Make your way back up the elevator, then go through the archway ahead and approach the age transfer machine. Put the green fruit on the right, and the rotten fruit on the left, then pick up the seed and the ripe fruit. Return to the elevator room and use the far right elevator to reach a kitchen.

Talk to the chef. Give him the ripe fruit and he will give you his knife. Return using the elevator again. Go forward through the archway, then continue up the ramp to reach the cows. Go over to the cows and pick some yellow buds. Use your knife to cut the rope from the milkbeast. Now catch the frog - just keep trying and Lykke will end up helping you.

Head back and go through the door on the right beneath the decorations. Look at the bubbles in the machine here. Press the red button to open a small hatch, then put the yellow buds inside. Return to the elevators and use the far left one, then go right until you reach the large yellow machine. Put the frog in the small compartment near the spinning wheel, then poke it with your needle twice. Pick up the empty squirt gun.

Return to the elevators, and use the near left elevator. Talk to the librarian and then the oracle. Fill your squirt gun with water from the oracle's fountain. Return to the elevator room,t hen go forward, right and into the pipes so you are above the Queen again. Use your squirt gun on her glass to put her to sleep. Now use your rope to get the staff.

Try using the staff each way when confronted by the Queen, and you will end up running away. Choose to Refuse first, then use your power drill on the pipe next to you. Next choose to Plead, and use your seed to block the gears. Plead again and tie the rope to the gears. Plead one last time, and tie the squirt gun to the rope.

Take the staff. Talk to everyone near the machine, and the space ship will start falling. Out on the hoversled, guide it to the grey part of the ship near the smoke and you will jump off. Now grab the wooden spoon - it will take a few tries Saviour.