Midnight QuestMidnight Quest

Game Details:  Mystery, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/27/2023

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Midnight Quest is a 3rd person time-traveling adventure game. You play as a young assistant to a scientist who conducts experiments with time travel. After an unexpected explosion at the lab, you find yourself alone in a mansion in the early 20th century, and must try to find your way home. There are 12 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Walk left and take the wire, then use it in the wall panel further to the left. Connect matching items from left to right:

  • Hammer - Nail
  • Comb - Cat
  • Lock - Key
  • Arrow - Bow
  • Battery - Torch
  • Match - Candle
  • Needle - Thread
  • Tooth: Toothbrush

Pull the lever just to the left. Return right and take the robot's arm. Note the time on the picture just above here (1:20). Go to the far left and change the time on the grandfather clock to 1:20. Take the cuckoo and combine it with the robot's arm. Use this to get the broken light bulb from the top of the time machine. Now head through the door to the right Rescuer. Pick up the piece of paper from the floor that has a cheese symbol. Use the elevator to head up to level 2.

Go left and take the lantern from the shelves. Continue left until you reach the robot chef; put your piece of paper in the slot next to the others here. Press the red button to the right. Eat the sandwich to end up with a piece of cheese. Return to the elevator and go up to level 3.

Pick up the fishbowl and through it out the window Rebel. Walk left and pick up the light bulb from the bedside table. Use your piece of cheese in the mouse hole, then pick up the mouse. Go further left to find a shovel and a candle. Use the elevator to get back down to level 2.

Put your mouse in the Rat-O-Tron, then take the air horn part. Go left and turn on the stove, then light your candle using the flame. Combine your candle and lantern. Use the elevator to go down to level 1.

Go through the door to the right, and you will head outside. Go left until you find a group of wheels and lamps. Put your light bulb in the empty lamp. Now turn each of the wheels so the lights are all focusing on the same point. They will automatically turn on when they are angled correctly Master of puzzles. Use your shovel to dig a hole at the point where the lights meet, then pick up the piggy bank.

Return to the mansion and go up to level 3. Throw the piggy bank out the window. Go back down to level 1 and head outside again. Pick up the code sheet from the broken piggy bank. Go back inside and up to level 3.

Go left and put your code sheet over the top of the poster with 5 circles. Use the information displayed to open the glass cabinet to the left:

  • Red: Bottom-Right
  • Orange: Left
  • Green: Bottom-Left
  • Blue: Top-Left
  • Purple: Top-Right

Take out the other part of the air horn, then combine the two parts. Head back down to level 1, then go outside. Walk right and use the air horn to wake up your sleeping neighbor Sudden awakening. Get into the car.


After your neighbor is arrested, pick up the watering can, then enter the Stock building to the right. Grab the scissors from the left, and the incandescent tube from the shelves on the right. Go back outside, then enter the building just to the left. Inside, pick up the broken glasses, the clippers and hammer, and another incandescent tube. Go through the door, then head right and climb the ladder to reach the roof. Cut the rope with your scissors, then climb back down the ladder. Head through the grey doors at the far left.

Cross over the walkway and go through the doors so you are inside the Police Station. Insert your 2 incandescent tubes into the machine here, then flip the switch to see "hOPE". If you flip these symbols around they can make the 4-digit number 4093. Just to the left, use your watering can on the dried plant, then take a piece of the plant. Continue left and open the locker with the combination 4093. Take the comb and the film reel. Look out through the window on the left and use your clippers on the aerial.

Go back over the walkway to the previous building. Use your film reel on the projector to see the code 124. Open the freezer with this code and take out the liquid nitrogen. Head back across the walkway to the Police Station, then go through the next door to head downstairs. Grab the red pen from the desk. Use the liquid nitrogen on the cell door, then hit it with your hammer Fugitive.

Inside the cell, pick up the money and a boot. Make your way back to the Stock building. Give the plant to the cat (on top of the bookshelf), then pick up the cat. Use your comb on the cat to get some fur, then use this on yourself to create a disguise. Use the boot in the bear-trap to the right. Now examine the glass case to the right. You need to play a stacking game, reaching the very top. There are two possible achievements here:

  • End with a tower width of 3 at the top Experienced player
  • End with a tower width of 2 at the top Good player

Either way, take the magnifying glass. Return outside and enter the building to the left. Combine the broken glasses with the magnifying glass, then give them back to the man here. Give him your broken light bulb and money - you will end up with a repaired light bulb and a coin. Go upstairs and head to the far right. Use your coin in the machine here, then touch it to change your hairstyle. Now head back to the prison cell. Look out the window here and use the red pen to change the wanted poster. Head all the way back outside, then get back into the car Persistent.


Take the bent nail from the post to the left, then climb up the ladder to the far right. Collect the broom, axe and small cooking pot. Pull the cord on the puppet attached to the next post, and remember the sequence of movements. Continue left and pick up the bust, then put the small cooking pot on the pot belly stove. Go further left and pick up the fishing rod, then use your broom to scare away the spider. Now you can use the robot's arm to get the spider web.

In your inventory, combine the spider web with the fishing rod, then add the bent nail. Return down the ladder and open the safe with the combination from the puppet:

  • Right
  • Left
  • Right
  • Left twice
  • Right twice

Take out the dynamite. Open the hatch in the floor. Use your fishing rod to get the matches from the table below (time it so you aren't noticed). Close the floor hatch. Go left and put the dynamite in the box on the door, then light the dynamite with your matches. Go through the door and untie your neighbor. Pick up the rope, and use the robot arm to get the herbs hanging on the left.

Return through the door and head to the far right. Chop some of the wood next to the fireplace using your axe, then pick up the kindling. Climb the ladder and go left to the pot belly stove again. Put the kindling inside, then light it with your matches. Put the herbs into the small cooking pot, then pick up the pot.

Head back to the room where you rescued your neighbor. Use the pot on the large beer keg, then go through the door and head slightly to the right. Wait here until the kidnappers pass out Clever trick. Combine your bust and rope, then use this on the white antlers on the wall. Go through the secret passage.

Downstairs, go left and take the keys. Use the keys on the door to the right, then leave.


Go down the stairs and head left. Try to take the blue crystal from the skeleton. Pick up the stone block to the left, then enter the control station. Take note of the codes on the wall here, then climb down the ladder. Open the locker here and take the screwdriver, then go down another ladder. Go right and open another locker so you can take a saw. Continue right and use your screwdriver to remove the vent cover. Climb through the vent.

On the other side, step on the red platform to raise a ladder. Put your stone block on it, and the ladder will stay in position. Climb up the ladder and go left to find a control panel. Based on the codes you saw earlier, set the 3 levers to JFC. Go left and take the hand grip from the wall. Now head all the way back outside.

Use the saw on the skeleton so you can get the blue crystal. Go inside again and climb down 1 ladder, then go to the far right. Combine your hand grip and blue crystal, then hang this on the hook here. Climb down another ladder, then go right and use the red lever to adjust a mirror - the light beam will shine on the blue crystal and highlight 3 symbols. Head left and unlock the gate with these symbols: triangle, star, spiral. Use this lever in here.

Climb back up the ladders and return outside. Continue up the stairs and get into the car.


Go left and head inside. Use your keys to unlock the small panel next to the elevator. Now you can use the elevator to get down to the basement. Go to the far left and pick up the hacksaw. Climb down the ladder, then go right to collect a small barrel and an empty bucket. Use your hacksaw on the bars over the vent here, then climb through. Take the valve handle from the table, then go back through the vent and up the ladder.

Head left and put the small barrel into the chute next to the wooden ladder. Climb down the metal ladder again, then press the red button 5 times (until the barrel is cut in half). Pick up the torn grid paper. Climb up the ladder and head to the far right. Attach your torn grid paper to t he picture hanging on the wall, and note the completed pattern. Return down the ladder, then go left and open the padlock with this pattern Keyboard lock:

Put the bucket beneath the opening, then attach the valve handle and turn it. Pick up your bucket of red paint. Go right and through the vent, then pour your red paint into the funnel next to the wooden ladder - note the numbers that appear. Continue left and open the combination lock with the code 376. Enter this room and pull the red lever Electrician.

Return to the elevator and go to level 1. Enter the Time Laboratory through the door on the left. Add the repaired light bulb to the top of the time machine, then go left and pull the lever. Enter the time machine Time Traveler.