Year:  2020

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Metamorphosis is a first person surrealist adventure game. You play as Gregor, a man turned into a tiny bug. You must explore and survive the environment from a new perspective, attempting to restore your normal form and save your friend from wrongful imprisonment. There are 26 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Read the letter on the desk, then take the key from the top right desk drawer. You can now go through the door and proceed along the strange corridor, emerging into another room.

Try to open the next door, but you can't reach the door handle. Go under the desk to the left and knock the ironing board, then climb up it onto the bed. Go around onto the desk and read the letter. Take another key from the top right desk drawer. Drop back down to where you entered the room and climb up the books here so you are on top of a chest of drawers. Now you can reach the door handle to open it.

Continue along the next corridor and you will transform into a bug. Climb up on to the red roller and spin it to open the vent. Jump through to open vent the wooden chair. Fall down to the floor below to die from falling (1/6). Now jump and crawl over the wooden chairs until you make it inside the opened desk drawer. Crawl into the mustard so your feet are sticky, then climb straight up the history book into the next drawer. Go ahead into the darkness and destroy the first effigy (1/20). Now climb up to the top of the desk and read the letter Word truly holds the power.

Run and jump over the letter fragments in the next scene.

Joseph's Room

Inside the drawer, climb up the pencils and get some more mustard on your feet. Climb up the bank note to get up to the edge of the drawer - you will see Joseph sleeping on his bed. Climb straight up to the top of the desk. Go around behind the fan and step on its power button to turn it off. Now climb up into the alarm clock that is facing towards Joseph. Spin the internal mechanism to get it to ring Wakey Wakey.

Cross the desk and jump to the journal, reading some of Joseph's private notes. Drop down into the drawer and then leave through a hole in the corner to reach a chair. Go around to the right, to the part of the chair behind the drawer, and destroy the next effigy (2/20). Climb back up and climb over the books to reach the inside of the cupboard drawer.

Go to the far part of the drawer and read another of Joseph's notes. Come back and run up the tilting piece of wood so you can jump onto the glass medicine bottle. Drop down to the back half of the drawer, then walk around and climb up the fork and comb. Climb up to the top book, then run and jump to the top of a can. Now you can jump through to the very back of the drawer. Go right to find another effigy (3/20). Now go through the hole in the left corner to meet another bug Im not alone.

Jump on to the apple to cross the river, then find some more sticky stuff to the right. Climb straight up and keep going until you reach another drawer, higher up than the first. Drop down here to get more sticky stuff, and you will notice the music box. Inside this drawer is an easy place to walk all the way up to the ceiling so you are upside down - you will fall off Spiderbug.

Get some more sticky stuff, then climb back up the comb. Climb up the wall here and carefully through the hole in the top of the drawer (bypassing the use of the music box) Survival of the strongest.

Read another note on the desk here, then climb on to the plate and onto the pieces of bread - try each until you get eaten and spat out onto a higher shelf Elevator Bug. Continue along this shelf until you find the Ulysses book, and look left to see a Tower sigil that dissolves in the air. Keep going along the shelf a bit further to discover the next effigy (4/20), then go back through the hole where you saw the Tower sigil.

Climb up on the wood in this room so you can jump on to the red lever and turn off the water flow. Now jump down through the open pipe. Continue here to see the Hunger Artist eating the rotten apple Junkfood. Follow the Tower sigils down another pipe and then around the next large room. At some point make sure you fall into the water to die from drowning (2/6). You will eventually reach some broken pipes - jump into the first one, then through a small opening so you end up back on top of this pipe. Now jump to the second pipe and out through a crack in its side. Look around the ground here to find another effigy (5/20).

Continue on to meet Siegfried, who needs you to turn the fan off that is up ahead. Climb up to the buttons on the right and talk to Siegfried's wife, then use the button to turn the fan off. Follow Siegfried's wife to find some more sticky stuff, then climb up the yellow wheel onto the fan blades. Continue up the power cord and then into a narrow tunnel that takes you to a new drawer.

Walk along the beam here and drop down to the green gas to die from poisoning (3/6). Now carefully make your way over the beams, books and cutlery to reach the apple - you will end up back up in the shelves. Carefully make your way down and jump into the opened box below.

Strange Corridors

Follow the path until you meet Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Climb up here to be on top of the pink mushrooms, then jump over to a small ledge and find an effigy (6/20). Drop down to the other side and talk to the preacher and his followers. Continue over the narrow bridge ahead and out into another open area.

Talk to the harbor master, who says you need to visit Charon. Go and talk to Charon, the large bug near the ship, and he will say that you need a certificate. Talk to the bugs at the custom's office, but they tell you to go to the lawyer's office. The large wooden door that leads to the lawyer's office is closed, with a large clock over the door and a nearby sign saying it will open from between the hours of 2:15 and 4:00. Climb up to the high wooden platform directly opposite Charon and destroy the next effigy (7/20). Now go to the other raised wooden platform and use the red roller here to change the clock to 2:15 Appointment time. Climb back down and go through the doors and the passage beyond.

Lawyer's Office

You will find yourself behind some books in a bookshelf. Go out onto the grey book so you can drop to the paper below. Go behind the books on this shelf to find an effigy (8/20). Go back out to the front of the shelves and head over towards the blue ink, ending up beneath the gramophone.

Go straight ahead and talk to Leni, the smoking purple bug, who will suggest you go to the Gramophone Club. Find the next effigy (9/20) a little further along, then emerge from beneath the far side of the gramophone. Turn right and climb up the long wooden rod, then walk over the tray and to the right of the green bottle to find the front of the gramophone. Talk to the bouncer, who will let you inside because Leni sent you.

Go towards the spinning mechanism and talk to the bug on the left to find out about the resistors. Go through the spinning mechanism then up the ramp on the right. Talk to the bug in the jacuzzi, who owns the club. Go to the right and jump on the red platform to ride it all the way down. Come back up to the jacuzzi and go right again, this time jumping onto a large braided cable. Climb along it to the left until you can't go any further, then jump up to the gold ledge to the right. Go behind the large spinning cog to the other side, then climb on the cog and ride it to the top, jumping off here. Climb over the fan to the other side and use the moving belt to get further up. Go to the far left up here and jump on another red platform to ride it all the way down. Now that the angled spinning rod has slowed down, run along it. Jump to the white cable, and climb this up to the surface of the gramophone. Jump on to the spinning record and hit the needle.

After the lawyer opens the door of the gramophone, drop down to it, and then run along it and jump to the fabric-covered chair. Run up this and on to the stack of books behind it. Drop down from the green book to a beige one on the left, then further down to a red one. Here you can find the next effigy (10/20). Use the remaining books to head towards the lawyer's desk. Talk to the bug here, who mentions that the desk is broken. Now climb up the angled pencil to reach the top of the desk. Go towards the lawyer's hands, making sure to find some blue ink to step in along the way, then turn around to see an opening to the inner part of the desk - you will see another Tower sigil here.

Make your way through the tattered pages until a sentry bug stops you and tells you to visit the boss. Turn right and go along the green path, past the round window on the right. Climb up the wall here past the window to find a ledge holding another effigy (11/20). Drop down to the open area and find a glowing lamp and a large broken cable. Spin the generator here until the wire has been sparking for a while, then run down into the sparks to die from electrocution (4/6). Now make sure you have sticky feet (from the ink or the nearby mustard) and stand on the cable when it isn't sparking. Use your sticky feet all over the join to hold it together. Now go and use the generator again, making sure you can see the pressure gauge. Keep the pressure at 4 and your certificate will print out Certified Bug. Jump onto the certificate to be carried out of this area.

Walk through the fallen mustard. Jump up the books to reach the bottom of one of the hinges, then use your sticky feet to run up this and return to the desk surface. Jump up onto the ledger being read by the lawyer, and notice that the date associated with Josef is 3 June. Go back to the higher part of the desk and find a mechanical calendar with two dials. You need to change the date to read "Montag 3 Juni". Now jump back to the lower part of the desk near the lawyer and ring the bell Mr. Right.

Go to the far corner of the desk to find the certificate - it now needs to be stamped. Jump up onto the green stamp immediately above the certificate and it will work, but the lawyer will move the certificate once more. Make sure you have sticky feet, then go up on the lip of desk behind the stamps and drop down to the ledge below. Here you will find the next effigy (12/20). Climb back up to the main part of the desk again. Climb across to the fully opened drawer.

Use the mustard to get your feet sticky when you need to throughout the next section. Now jump over the opening drawer to the right, then up further, and back down into the opened red drawer. Head towards the Tower sigil, then climb up and drop down into the narrow corridor. Run to the left towards the light.

The Procedure

Talk to the bug at the end of the corridor, then climb up the ramps All procedures are necessary. Drop down to the left and make your way to the very edge, then turn left. Go around the front of the books here to discover an effigy (13/20). Backtrack and find a group of 3 bugs to talk to, who will point out a conveyor belt that you need to reach. Jump up over a series of books, documents and writing implements to eventually reach it. Immediately drop off the left side and down behind some books to find the next effigy (14/20). To get back up, you can jump onto one of the flying documents, then jump off again when you get near to the conveyor belt.

To get past the first rollers, you can just jump over the left side. Now you need to go to the right side of the conveyor belt and jump up onto a document that is floating past. The first time, make sure you get caught by the rollers to die by squashing (5/6). The next time, run through the gap in the top roller as it appears. You can just run directly beneath the third set of rollers. Now jump over a series of 3 horizontal gears - drop down to the right from the third one to find another effigy (15/20). Get back up and jump onto the right vertical gear, then drop down to the right. Climb over the next rollers, then jump onto a floating document. Make sure you are in the very middle of the document - when the stamps come down, jump onto the far one. Jump ahead to the next part of the conveyor belt. Drop down next to the broken gear ahead, then stand next to the working gear to get carried out towards a large furnace area.

Follow the main pipe on the left all the way to the end to die by fire (6/6) Captain Planet. Try again, this time stopping in time to talk to the bug here. Jump back to the left pipe and then to the one slightly higher and further left. Use the spinning wheel here to get up and jump onto its axle. Now climb around so you can jump on the top of this wheel and then to the ledge above. Climb up the inside of the large pipe, then out through the round window.

There are 3 pipes here - make sure you drop down to the lowest one in the middle. Run and jump onto a document as it floats past, then just wait until it dumps you in a new location. Climb up to see 3 large pistons. Climb up behind the right piston to end up on top of it, then jump over the other 2 pistons and out to top of the large pipe leading outside. Jump over the machinery here until you find a bug that is overseeing a large robot. Read the document here to see that your document is coded E6. There are large controls on both sides of the huge mechanical arm ahead. First go to the left and adjust the dials until position E6 is highlighted. Now go to the right and press the button here to watch the correct capsule get picked up The Future.

Unfortunately since the machine is now jammed, you must climb over the robotic arm to its end. Jump down to the pipe and go left, then climb up to the controls of the pneumatic system. Turn the dial until the pressure gauge is reading between 2 and 4, then press the button.

The Harbor

Drop down and speak to Charon again. Take the path just to the right, where doors will open for you. Continue ahead to reach the boat Shiver me timbers!.

The Village

After leaving the boat, go immediately to the left and back along the next pier to find an effigy (16/20). Now head towards the main entrance of the village where you will meet the town mayor - he will ask you to find the filmmaker Titorelli, and suggests checking either the projector or the pub. Both of these locations will be highlighted on the map for you. Start by climbing the inside of the central tower to the very top. Talk to the bug sitting in the director's chair, who is an impostor. He tells you that the director's assistant is in prison, and this location is now also added to the map. Climb back down to the ground.

Go to the pub next, which is a brightly lit building to the west. Talk to everyone at the bar (bartender and 3 patrons) to learn about a shady bug at a nearby corner. Go and talk to the bug leaning against the corner of the next building. Now return and talk to each of the 3 bar patrons again, before returning to talk to the shady bug What is 'Kafkaesque'?.

Use your map to proceed to the prison. Talk to the prison guard here, then climb the ramps behind him and stand on the stamp, and the jail cell will open. Drop down and talk to the released prisoner A helping leg.

Now use your map to find Titorelli's place and talk to him. After coming back down from his house and return along the path, look at the tall wooden building on your left. Climb up to the platform on the front of the building using the mushrooms, and destroy the effigy (17/20). Go further down the path and look inside a building to the left after passing the prison to find the next effigy (18/20).

Return to the central tower with the projector on top. Talk to several bugs in here who will direct you towards Dylan. You can find Dylan standing on a fallen film reel canister in the middle of the tower. Talk to him to realize his ties to the town mayor. Continue back down to the main area and find a tall clock tower, which has been designated as the Town Hall. Climb to the very top of the clock tower to find another effigy (19/20). Climb back down and talk to the mayor, who is standing just outside. Now go back and talk to Titorelli again - you need to help him assemble a crew. There are two ways to do this:


Go to the market area and talk to the preacher on his raised platform - he wants you to distribute some pamphlets for him. Talk to members of the crowd until you comment that you have done enough. Go back and talk to the preacher again Holier than Thou.

The Mob

Find Leni, who is smoking beneath a mushroom to the southeast of the projector. After talking to her, go to where 2 spotlights are shining on an apple high behind the market. Talk to the Hunger Artist (who you have met before), who wants you to get the apple down. Climb up the angled wooden beam and jump onto the apple, waiting until it falls. Talk to the Hunger Artist again, who will tell you to visit the Wisewoman. Go to the location marked on the map and talk to the Wisewoman Bugfellas. Go through the secret passage and talk to the bug in the jacuzzi.

Either way, go back to the director's chair at the top of the projector tower and talk to Titorelli. Step on the button here to start the movie Am I in a movie?. Now just run and jump over the floating blocks into the image that is being projected.


Go forward to the reception desk and talk to your father here. Now go up the stairs and along the corridor to talk to Gustav, the Administrator. Go back along the corridor again, then climb up to the Verdict Box high up in the shelving to your right (you will need to get sticky feet from blue ink at the bottom, as part of the climb is vertical). Before heading inside, drop down one level on the outside to destroy the final effigy (20/20) Proto-human belief. At the top you will find Leni, who will tell you this is a trap, and give you some hints on how to proceed. Go through the passage behind her into a large open room.

Read the rules and instructions on the walls here, then approach the mechanism at the far end of the room. Use the mechanism to go down to Floor 0. Step on the silver button to talk to Joseph. Go up to Floor 1 and step on the silver button again, then ask for the verdict. Press a different button near the middle of the room, and the verdict will come out in a large tray. Get some ink on your feet, then jump over to the verdict. There are now two ways to proceed:

Save Joseph

Use the ink it to completely cover all details on it (names, date, verdict) More blameless than those earlier generations. Now you can put more ink in the box as a signature. Press the button here again. Go back to the mechanism and use it to go up to Floor 4 (past Floor 3). Step on the silver button and burn the verdict - you will be sent to prison.

Talk to your cell-mate, then go through the secret passage and press the button. Now run through the broken fans in the distance. Continue outside and turn right, using the glowing words that appear as guides. Jump over the vanishing floor in the next section, again sticking to blocks with glowing writing. You will eventually get close to a window Millenium Bug. Climb through and talk to Leni A true Hero must do Romance.

Kill Joseph

Use the ink to sign the bottom of the form. Press the button here again. Go back to the mechanism and use it to go up to Floor 3. Step on the silver button and store the verdict Josef who?.

Talk to your cell-mate, then go through the secret passage and press the button. Now run through the broken fans in the distance. Continue outside and turn right, using the glowing words that appear as guides. Jump over the vanishing floor in the next section, again sticking to blocks with glowing writing. You will eventually get close to a window. Climb through and you will get up from your bed. Read the letter on the desk, then take the key from the top right desk drawer. Now open the door Metamorphosis.

There is one final achievement for getting all other achievements Stop bugging me.