Metal DeadMetal Dead

Game Details:  Comedy, 2011

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/23/2013

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Metal Dead is a comedy adventure starring Malcolm and Ronnie, 2 metal heads that crash their car outside a medical research facility during a zombie apocalypse. In this 3rd person adventure, you must avoid getting eaten and uncover the origin of the outbreak. There are 13 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.



Talk to Ronnie, then take the air freshener before turning the steering wheel.

Car Wreck

Look at the car. Take the key from next to Ronnie's body. Use the key on the trunk of the car and get the tire iron, then head into the alley on the left.


Use the tire iron to open the low window and climb inside.


Boiler Room

Use the tire iron to kill the zombie My First Time. Open the drawer on the right and take the nails. Go through the door.

Tank Room

Open the wooden crate Soiled, then go through the door.

Doctor's Lab

Talk to the doctor and he will give you a rag. Go all the way back to the car wreck outside.

Look at the car to see Ronnie has become a zombie. Use your rag on the oil, then on the crank. Take the hook from the ground and use it on Ronnie's head, then turn the crank. Pick up Ronnie's head and return to the doctor's lab.

Give Ronnie's head to the doctor, then open the cabinet on the far left and get the chainsaw. Give the chainsaw to the doctor, then take Ronnie's head again Got Head. Talk to the doctor again to get a card. Return to the tank room and use the elevator button.


Insert your card, then press the button for the lobby (L).


After talking to Ken and Alice, go left to the security hallway.

Security Hallway

Walk right and talk to Officer Stewart. Go back to the lobby and ask Ken and Alice about the password. Go back to the security hallway and tell Officer Stewart the password, then go through the door.

Security Room

Talk to Officer Stewart, then take the card from the card cleaner. Return to the lobby, then go along the corridor to the right of the elevator.

News Stand

Talk to Randy, then enter the bathroom on the right.


Pick up the bottle of drain cleaner, then go back out to the elevator and press the button to get inside. Use the card you got from the card cleaner, then press the button for the cafeteria (3).


Talk to Darrius, then go left to the kitchen.


Talk to Antoine, who will ask you to clean the cafeteria. Go back out and take the mop, and use it on the 3 biggest stains on the floor Clean Freak. Go back to the kitchen and ask Antoine to cook for you; while he is busy take the pan from the stove. Go back to the elevator and head to the tank room (B1).

Go left to the boiler room. Use the can of beans with your pan, then use this on the boiler grate. Go back to the elevator and head to the lobby (L). Go back to the news stand and give the beans to Randy, then take the lighter. Return to the elevator and go up to the nurses' station (6).

Nurses' Station

In your inventory, combine the drain cleaner with the can of nails, then add the oily rag. Throw your bomb at the zombies Anarchist's Cookbook, then you will automatically talk to the nurse and send her downstairs. Go left into the office and look at the note in the wastebasket and all the things on the bulletin board. Look at the safe, then return right and use the elevator to go down to the security room (L).

Talk to the nurse about the code, then go back up to the nurses' station (6) and enter code 6409 in the safe. Take some blood, then go down to the cafeteria (3). Go into the kitchen and give the blood to Antoine. Search his body to get his bloody card. Use the elevator to go down to the lobby (L) then head into the security room. Use the bloody card on the card cleaner, then return to the lobby. Pick up the duct tape from next to Ken. Enter the elevator and insert the new card, then go up to the meeting rooms (19).

Meeting Rooms

Look at the zombie here, then use the mop on it to get its wallet and you will end up with $50. Go through the doors on the right and talk to the stoners to get a guitar. Take the baster from the bag on the left, then return to the elevator and go to hydroponics (8).


Put your $50 in the vending machine and pick up some coins. Also take some manure from the bag, then return to the elevator and go down to the lobby (L) then to the news stand. Give Randy the coins, and you will take a DVD. Go up to the meeting rooms (19) and into the stoners' room. Give them the DVD, then take the pipe from the smashed bong. Get back in the elevator and go back to hydroponics (8).

Go through the doors on the left. Try to get some herbicide from the open barrel, then use the fertilizer on the head protecting it, and quickly use the baster on the herbicide. Use the baster on the receptacle at the bottom of the water tank here, then use the controls on the machine to kill the baby plant Dendro-Infanticide. Combine the duct tape with the pipe in your inventory, then use this to fix the broken pipe on the back wall. Use the controls on the right to kill the entire plant Smoked.

Now open the door on the left. You will get some experimental fuel and an access card. Go back to the elevator, insert your card and go to the morgue (13).


Take the mask from the right and combine it with your air freshener, then put it on your face. Walk left and open the body bag on the table to meet Alvin - he will give you some heat-resistant gloves. Open the bottom right door and take the screwdriver, then go back to the elevator and go up to cryogenics (15).


Go left and use the control panel, but you need to find the missing handle. Go back to the elevator. Combine the duct tape with the screwdriver, then with the mop. Use this on the vent, then climb up.

Elevator Shaft

Use the mop on the zombie, then take a wrench from the toolbox. Climb back down and go to the tank room (B1) then head left to the boiler room. Use your gloves on the boiler grate, then use the fuel on the grate. Go back to the elevator and up to cryogenics (15).

Use the wrench on the controls, then use the controls to thaw out the guy in the middle but not the zombies (heat, swivel, heat, swivel, freeze, heat) Shrinkage. Use the gloves to open the door, then take the access card from Benson's hand. Go back and use the controls once more Too Toasty. Return to the elevator and insert the card, then go up to the CEO's office (22).

CEO's Office

After the explosion, go through the doors on the right. Talk to the CEO, then use your lighter on the fuel cans. Pick up the gun, then go out to the elevator and head down to the lobby (L). Use the gun to shoot at the glass case around the model building (not directly at the chandelier) Nice Shootin' Tex. Look at the model building and take the key from beneath the satellite dish. You will end up going down to the sub-basement Elevator Proof.


Pick up the CD from the ground. Leave the stick alone for now, and head upstairs. Open the door to return to the lobby, then go to the security room. Put the CD into the console, then leave here and go to the news stand. Enter the bathroom Alone Time. Go back down to the sub-basement and move the stick holding open the grate. Return up to the bathroom once more, then head out to the lobby and you will reach the penthouse.


Go right through the broken doors. Use the key on the locked doors, then head through. When the zombies start approaching, use your guitar on the nearest speaker. Take a plank from the pile and also pick up the spear-gun. Use the plank on the doctor's body, then shoot the spear-gun at the tank Smile.