Message Quest

Message Quest

Year:  2015

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers, Steam


In the Castle

Chapter 1

Take the candle and use it to light the lantern. Wake up Feste by repeatedly clicking on him, then drag him right to the next room.

Chapter 2

Click on the dust on the window to clean it, then click on the spider in the hole to scare Feste on to the chair. After the conversation, click on the documents in each set of shelves and across the top to pack them away.

Chapter 3

Click on the walking boots to find some sweets, then on the coats several times until a sandwich falls down. Drag the bags to the side to reveal an apple to take. Click on the hat shelf, but you already have a hoodie. Click on the clock shelf, but you don't really want a clock.

Chapter 4

Drag the message on to Feste, then drag him right to leave the castle.

Setting Off

Chapter 5

Solve the jigsaw puzzle. Click on the door, sign and frog to distract Feste, then click on the sleeping wanderer's boot to wake him up. Click on the message to get the traveller's attention. After the conversation, rotate the parts of the scroll to show the seal on the right.

Chapter 6

Click on the 4 segments of road in order to match their joins from left to right. Repeat this a second time, choosing only the 4 segments out of 6 that you need. Drag Feste right to enter the inn.

Enchanted Inn

Chapter 7

Drag Feste further right to meet the innkeeper. Ring the bell, then talk to Madlen. Win a fight against Madlen, then talk to her again. Open the fireplace, then return the cover again. Click on Feste to calm him down. Click on the door 3 times to learn you must tell it a story it hasn't heard before. Click on the bluebird, then click again to kiss it. Click on the mirror several times to remove the dust, then look at yourself in the mirror. Click on the door 3 times again, thn solve 3 jigsaw puzzles.

Chapter 8

After talking to Madlen again, drag the door from the building on to the wagon. Drag the wheel from behind the tree to lie beneath the wagon. Click on the pigs and set them up beneath the wagon door. Now click on the fence, then rotate the parts of the scroll to show the seal on the right.

Fiddler's Green

Chapter 9

Fix 2 more rifts by selecting the correct 5 road segments each time.

Chapter 10

Pull the blue cord, then drag the fiddle on to Feste. Repeat the musical pattern 3 times. Win a fight against Lyn-Ryne.

Chapter 11

Click on Feste 3 times to create a puddle of tears. Move the clouds away from the moon and he will calm down. Solve 3 jigsaw puzzles, then win a fight against Laziness.

Chapter 12

Grab all 5 children (2 are together) and put them in the wagon. Click on the instruments, then move them around so you can get the scroll to the far right.


Chapter 13

Fix another rift by selecting the correct 6 road segments. Now adjust the frequency and amplitude of Madlen's cry so that it passes through all 5 stars. When the new rift opens, drag the scroll over it to bridge the gap. Drag the first 5 children over the scroll, then save the last one. Click on the snow to clear it so you can leave again.


Chapter 14

Click on Feste to wake up, then click on the wagon and arrange all the children on its roof. Click on the trunk - to open it, spin all the dials so adjacent symbols are matching, starting from the middle dial which is fixed. Give the blankets to the girl on the left. Click on the barrel, then the bags of food, and finally the bucket. Talk to Lyn-Ryne and you will automatically leave.


Chapter 15

Move the rubble out of the way, then click on the banner to remove the dust, before putting it back up on the pole.

Chapter 16

Take the cup from the table and put it beneath the keg of water on the left, then put it back on the table. Drag all of the parchments down on to the desk. Drag a candle on to Lyn-Ryne, then give him the tree in a bottle. Click on the snowglobe, and Lyn-Ryne will head outside. Click on the jars until you find one that is appropriate, then put it up on the desk and Lyn-Ryne will return. Give him the bottle of ink.