Meridian 157: PrologueMeridian 157: Prologue

Year:  2020

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Meridian 157: Prologue is a freeware episode that sets the scene for a series of point-and-click puzzle adventures starring forensic meteorologist Dr David Zander. You travel to a remote island south of Alaska to investigate a mysterious weather signal. The main series commences with Meridian 157: Chapter 1.


After waking up, go back twice, then take the bag and camera from the right. Back out, then go through the door on the right to leave your trailer. Back out further and then head left towards the beach. Proceed towards and along the dock, then enter the boat. Grab the keys from the table on the right, then open the closet to the left and take the eraser.

Back out until you see the sign to the beach again. Approach the truck and use the keys to get inside. Open the glove compartment and take out the screwdriver. Use the keys in the ignition, then turn the keys to turn on the truck's headlights.

Exit the truck again, then open the shed and go inside. Take the red jerry-can and the ladder. Go outside again and approach the trailer. Use the ladder on the wall next to the fuse box, then climb up. Use the screwdriver on the screws, then remove the cover from the fuse box. Rotate the wire segments to red and blue wires. Now climb down the ladder and enter the trailer again.

Approach your computer and click on the anomaly to see its coordinates. Go back outside and board your boat again. Go to the GPS system and enter Latitude 51.1 and Longitude -157.3. Now use the main boat controls and you will travel to your new destination.


Back away from the boat's controls and use the bed to sleep. After waking up, leave the boat, then go along the dock. Examine the rowboat and take the rope. Go forward to see a metal mechanical door that you cannot open yet. Go forward again to reach a fork in the path. Go left first, and take the crowbar from the crates on the right. Back out again, then approach the cabin on the left. Look at the boarded-up basement entrance. Use the crowbar from remove the boards, then go down to the basement.

Pick up the yellow scuba tank, then go up the stairs into the cabin. Examine the desk on the left. Open the top drawer, then use your eraser on the piece of paper to reveal the number 5416 - note exactly how this is written. Back out, then go to the locked box in the far corner of the room. Open this by recreating the number 5416 in the same way. Take out the bolt cutters. Leave the cabin (you can use the main door). Go to the gate and use your bolt cutters on the chain. Push open the gate, then go forward into a tunnel.

Walk forward twice and take the crank from the crate on the right. Head back 3 times. Look at the crates on the right where you found the crowbar earlier. Use your new crank on the flagpole on the left, then turn the crank. Grab the key and take note of the series of arrows shown on the lowered flag.

Enter the tunnel again, and go to the control room on the right. Examine the drawbridge controls on the right, and set the lever positions based on the arrows on the flag:

The light will turn green when the levers are correct. Go all the way back to the fork in the path and take the right fork. Cross over the drawbridge and take the hose from the fence on the right. Continue forward and climb up to the tree house. Look at the desk on the right and pick up the medium sized ring. Attach your rope to the grappling hook, then pick it up. Read the journal here. Try to look through the telescope, but the vision is blurry.

Return to the fork in the path and take the left fork again. Go through the tunnel to the far side and approach the lighthouse. Use your grappling hook on the window, then climb inside. Climb up the stairs and look at the hatch - use your key on the hatch, then go through. Head out through the opening and take the large ring. Head all the way down the stairs to the bottom of the lighthouse and examine the desk, then take the old lens. Now open the door and return outside.

Head back to the tree house and attach the old lens to the telescope. Look through and search around for a series of three numbers (red 9, blue 3 and yellow 2). Now go back to the control room in the tunnel and examine the locked box on the left. Based on the numbers you saw through the telescope, change the colors until they are red, blue and yellow, then enter the code 932. Take the scuba mask and small ring from inside the box. Return to the metal mechanical door near where you started on the island. Attach all 3 of your rings, then head inside.


Look at the shelves to the left and take the flashlight. Open the locker here, then add the scuba tank and scuba mask to the wet suit. Now take the wet suit. Continue further along the corridor and enter the water. Go forward and left, then take the large hand drill from the shelves on the right. Back out and go right.

Try to open the hatch on the left wall, but it has rusted shut. Enter the elevator and use the switch, but it doesn't work. Go all the way back out of the bunker again.


Take the left path from the fork and enter the tunnel. Examine the large oil drum on the right. Place your jerry-can on the ground to the right. Use the large hand drill on the drum, then connect the drum and jerry-can with the hose. Now take your jerry-can which is filled with oil. Leave the tunnel and return to the bunker.


Go through the underwater passage towards the elevator. Examine the hatch on the left and use your oil on it, then force it open. Examine the puzzle inside, where you need to slide the green block to the far right. Back out and enter the elevator again. Use the switch inside.