Mechanic 8230Mechanic 8230

Escape from Ilgot

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/8/2022

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Mechanic 8230: Escape from Ilgrot is a third-person science fiction adventure set on the post-apocalyptic world of Bifrostia. After discovering a mysterious robot inside a space shuttle, you must escape the city of Ilgrot, which is under the rule of an AI, and discover the robot's origins.


Citytone Space Station

Just watch as the game begins.

Morning Starts with Exercise

After waking up, examine the technical drawings on your desk to the left. Put on your protective suit and you will go outside.


Use the control desk. Now you need to pick up junk and put it on the conveyor belt (use the controls to go down, up, right, down, left). Repeat this twice more, and you will automatically save a robot and bring it home.

A New Friend

Pick up the battery and the wires. Remove the broken components from inside the robot. Insert the battery, then combine the plugs and wires in your inventory and insert them into the robot.



Grab the towel and the pillowcase, then press the flush button on the toilet and take the lock pick that floats up. Use this on the cell door. Pick up the boot, then sit on the armchair and take the spring. In your inventory, combine the towel, pillowcase and spring, then attach this to the fan in the vent. Look through the window on the right to see that the guard is cooking. Throw your boot onto the kitchen stove when the guard's back is turned. You should now be able to crawl through the vent.


Try to talk to Intelector, but you can't understand it. Pick up the red chip from the blue operating table. Read the notes on the left wall to see instructions for blue and yellow levers, and another note with 3 arrows. Pull 3 tags off the bulletin board, and a vacuum robot will appear. After automatically getting a coin from inside it, pick up the handles that it dropped on the floor.

Now use the levers, following the instructions from the note:

  • Pull the yellow lever 3 times
  • Pull the blue lever twice
  • Pull the yellow lever once
  • Pull the blue lever 3 times
  • Pull the yellow lever once

Now take the sting from the blue operating table. Use the sting in the empty slot next to the levers, then pull it so you can go look into the open hatch. Solve the sliding block puzzle (the correct positions for each piece are shown behind the sliding tiles themselves). Now you can head through the doorway to the right.

Pick up the pliers. Turn the lab coat around and take out the blue chip. Combine the handles with the pliers. Examine the transformer on the wall. Based on the other note from the lab, rotate the 3 dials to right, left and right. Once it opens, use your pliers on the wires, then pull the handle. Go through the next doorway.

Try to open the locker you are standing in front of, then use your coin to get it open. You will automatically collect a key card, a yellow chip, and a PDA. Push the disconnected part of the PDA in to repair it. Use each of your 3 chips on the PDA to read them. Next use the key card on the other locked locker, then take out the protective suit. Pull the lever that is revealed. Look at the test subjects, and pick up the hammer from the left.

Return back to Intelector and use your PDA on it. Now use your hammer on the button to the left, then press the button. Jump down through the open floor hatch.


You will start in a caged area at the top right. Click on the "door" 3 times to fall down. Pick up the empty bottle, and read the book next to it. Now talk to Turops on the left. Pick up the empty plate, then go and get some sweet worms, roots and leaves from the crates to the far right. Try to get some vegetable oil from the can using your empty bottle - the gold droid won't let you have any. Put the roots and leaves on the plate. Give the plate to the left Junkie, and you will get a coin.

Give the coin to Turops, then take your sandwich. Put the sandwich into the courier droid on the right. Pick up the magnet, then use it on the gold droid standing near the oil. Get some more ingredients from the crates, then put the sweet worms and roots on the plate. Collect vegetable oil in your empty bottle, then use the bottle of vegetable oil on the salad. Give the plate to the right Junkie, and you will get another coin.

Give the coin to Turops, then take your sandwich and put it into the courier droid on the right. Talk to Turops to get another coin, then give it to him to get another sandwich. Put this into the courier droid as well, and it will leave. Open the floor hatch that is revealed, then head down.

Use the gas distributor on the left. Take the boot and matchbox (with 1 match) from the shelves. Use the match on the matchbox, then on the grill to start a fire. Put the boot on the fire. Now climb up the ladder to return to the diner. Pick up the cleaver and use it on the vent to the left.



Walk over to the left and pick up the empty yellow canister. Open the junction box on the wall. Place the 3 fuses in this positions:

  • Bottom-left
  • Top-middle
  • Top-right

Now you can head through the door on the right. Open the floor hatch to meet the washer, who needs a screwdriver. Return inside and talk to the droid, who will give you a screwdriver if you bring him some oil. Go back outside and talk to the washer again - a barge should appear. Talk to Slick, and correctly follow the nut beneath the thimbles 5 times. Now you can fill your empty canister from his canister of oil. Go inside again and give the canister of oil to the droid in exchange for a screwdriver. Back outside, use the screwdriver on the washer. Climb down through the hatch to reconnect the sockets. Wait for the bus to arrive, then board it.


Talk to the droid, then talk to the bus conductor. Talk to the droid again to remove its head, then wait until the bus stops and use the door.


At the Vault

Talk to the washer on the left. Grab the wire from the left pole and the insulating tape from the right pole. Talk to Neechi, who will give you a visor. In your inventory, combine the insulating tape and wire, then add this to the visor. Go and use this on the washer. Talk to the washer once more, and you will automatically examine the 2 new chips.


Flip the lever, then click on the hologram to notice the Citytone Space Station. Flip the lever again. Use your PDA on Intelector. Read the scroll and the 3 books you can reach, and get a blue chip from the box on the right. Now use the flying device to reach two more boxes and another book. Examine the pink, blue and green chips using your PDA. Examine the lock at the bottom left; change all the plants to green and animals to red. Repeat this two more times. Now go through the doorway.


Talk to Dran. Pick up the old tape recorder, and try to take the wire - Dran will give you a cup and ask for some water. Use your screwdriver on the old tape recorder and you will remove its belt. Head to the left.

Talk to everyone on the right side of the street. Pick up the poster from the ground on the left. Talk to Otta, then talk to Slick - play his game but you will always lose. Exit the game, then talk to Slick again. This time you can play until you win 3 games, and you will receive a jackhammer. Talk to Tara on the right again, and you will receive some blue insulating tape. Examine the tiles to the left of the pump, then use your jackhammer here. Use the blue insulating tape on the breach in the pipe. Collect some water in the cup from the cauldron on the left. Return to the right.

Give the cup of water to Dran, then grab the wire and return left. Use the wire on Otta's broken radio, then talk to her. Use the radio and adjust the frequency to get to some dance music near the right of the spectrum. Talk to Tara to get 2 coins, then give these to Porchik to receive some flowers. Wrap the flowers in the poster. Give the bouquet of flowers to Linus, and the jackhammer to Neechi. Now you can examine the door in the middle of this area. Insert your 2 cogs, and use the belt at the bottom. Now back out and go through the door.


Pick up the plastic bottle from the left. Talk to Tunduru, who is trapped by the fallen pipe. Search the toolbox on the left to get a knife. Use your hammer on the prop, to make the other section of pipe drop lower. Now you can reach the open-end wrench. Cut the plastic bottle in half with your knife, then use this to collect some of the green liquid. Pour the green liquid on the pipe, then use your open-end wrench on it. Now you can head down to the right.


Talk to Tunduru so he moves left, then pick up the battery from the floor. Talk to Tunduru again, then use the battery in the charger. Grab the battery again. Talk to Tunduru once more, then put the battery into the free socket and press the button.


Go right, then hide through the open doorway. After the man walks past, try to open the door to the control room. Return left and talk to Tunduru, then go right and climb the ladder. Pick up the damaged VHS cassette, then use your screwdriver on it. Open the videotape archive on the left to get a VHS cassette, then use this in the video recorder to watch it. Use your screwdriver on the VHS cassette, then combine this with your tape. Watch the new VHS cassette with the video recorder. Leave this room, then head right.



Pick up the slingshot, and take a nut from the box of nuts. Combine the nut with the slingshot, then use this on the button to the right. Now use your knife on the cable in water to the left. Grab another nut, combine it with the slingshot, and aim at the button on the right again. Get one more nut and load the slingshot, then aim at the button again. Now you can use the floor hatch on the right.


Just watch as you travel down the mine shaft.

Ancient's Rest

Grab RO-1's head and the power unit, then examine Vigo. Try to access the shuttle, then use RO-1's head on the shuttle. Pick up Vigo to put him inside the shuttle.