Martian MemorandumMartian Memorandum

Game Details:  Mystery, 1991

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/28/2004

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Martian Memorandum is the second in a series of adventure games starring hard-boiled detective Tex Murphy. This game continues after Mean Streets. The games are set in a dystopian future and deal with crimes against the backdrop of humans living in tenuous harmony with mutants. In this game, the daughter of a wealthy business tycoon has fled to Mars with an unknown artifact and you must track her down and bring her home. The series continues with Under a Killing Moon.

Tex's Office

Look at the mail inside your door and pick it up to get some cash. Take the gun from near the door, the camera from the filing cabinet, and the comlink from the chair. Take the lens from the desk, and the ammo and lockpick kit from the shelves behind it. Use your comlink and ask Stacey about everything, then use the Travel option to get moving.


Talk to Rhonda (1), then go to the office and talk to Marshall. Leave the office by going left. Now move the switch near the door on the left and go through. Move the white towel and pick up the earring that falls to the floor, then leave the washroom. Talk to Rhonda (offer earring, 1). Use your comlink and ask Stacey about everything.

Alexis' Home

Look at the small piece of paper on the floor on the left, then pick it up. Move the corner of the bed sheet, then open the box and look inside it.

Jocques Sparrow

Assuming you have the lockpick you will get inside and talk to Jocques (3, 1, 1, 1, 1). Offer him some cash and he will give you a roll of film. Now ask him about everything.

Tex's Office

Use your comlink and ask Stacey about TMS. Move the switch next to the filing cabinet. Use your camera on the tripod, then use your film in the camera. Look at the camera, then move down to the window below and right until you see the woman dancing. Quickly go back to the left and take a photo of a money exchange. Exit the camera screen and pick up the photos from the floor.

Chantal Vargas

Talk to Chantal (2, 2). Offer her the photos, then ask her about everything.

Jocques Sparrow

Ask Jocques about Rick Logan and Galactic Pictures.

Plaza Hotel

Look at the gift shop through the doorway to the right, then go there. Take the rose from the right counter, then use your cash on the shopkeeper to pay for it. Return left and continue left to the restaurant. Talk to Rhonda (1, 1, 2, 3). Offer her the rose, then talk to her again (1, 2, 1). Now you can ask her about everything.

Tex's Office

Use your comlink and ask Stacey about Nora Alexander.

Nora Alexander

Ask Nora about everything.

Chantal Vargas

Ask Chantal about everything again.

Guy Callabero

Ask Guy about everything.

Mac Malden

Talk to Mac (2, 2, 1, 1, 2).

Guy Callabero

Ask Guy about Angelo Andretti and he will give you some film.

Mac Malden

Offer Mac your Andretti Film, then ask him about everything.

Johnny Fedora

Walk to the far right, avoiding the dog and the red ooze on the ground. Find the square hole and open it, then get the boots from inside. Now open the shed door on the right and take the ladder. Return to the far left and use your ladder on the boxcar, then go to the ladder to climb up. Go down through the hole in the roof.

Take the knife from the cabinet on the left, then open the drawers in the cabinet and take the cat food from inside. Look at the 3 sets of papers on the floor on the left. Move the blue dresser on the right, then open the tear in the wall to reveal a safe. Look at the safe and try to open it, then open the door on the right and go through.

Climb the ladder again and use the cat food on the cat, then climb down again. Open the door on the shed to the right and open the door, then look at the red lever and move it. Go back into the boxcar on the left. Open the safe and look in the safe (Stacey will contact you), then take everything from inside the safe.

Murder Scene

Look at the keys on the ground then pick them up. Look at the red graffiti on the side of the train. Talk to Mac Malden, then the photographer. Move the bucket at the bottom right, then pick up the dagger. Use the dagger on Mac to give it to him. Now move the blanket and look at the body. When you now try to travel you will receive a message.


Go through the double doors to the office. Move the painting on the left, then use your keys to open the safe. Look in the safe to see 2 new names, then walk left to leave the office. Use your comlink and ask Stacey about everything.

Rick Logan

Save your game. Walk right just past the half-way point of the screen, then quickly go left to avoid a falling log. Pick up the log, then go right until you reach the quicksand. You need to cross the quicksand by jumping on the stones (using the goto option):


Walk to the opposite bank from the last stone. Save your game again. Walk right and you will discover a pit. Use your log on the pit, then walk across. Continue right and enter the hut at the end. Save your game again. Open the cabinet on the left, then quickly shoot the snake with your gun. Look at the note in the safe. Head to the far right and pick up the shovel, then move the white screen and look at Rick Logan's body. Take the key from around his neck, and use it to open the chest to the left. Look in the chest, then use your comlink and ask Stacey about Lowell Percival. Go left and leave the hut again. Walk left until you are just before the pit, and use your shovel on the mound of dirt. Look at the box and open it, then look inside to see another name. Now walk back over the log, then go back over the stones in reverse order to previously. Go to the far left and leave this area.

Smugglers Base

Pick up the stone from at your feet and throw it at the jug on the right. When the smuggler walks to the right, go through the entrance, and go to the entrance to the pyramid. Quickly walk left and hide behind the fridge, then wait for the smuggler to come and leave again. Pick up the green box of food from the table on the left, and the blue remote next to it. Use this remote on the fridge, then get inside.


Go to the dark alley to the left of Big Dick's Casino. Move the red oily rag on the ground on the right and pick up the flashlight. Move the board at the bottom right and look at the writing on the wall behind it to see the word "Bombshell". Walk down to leave the alley again.

Open the door to Big Dick's Casino and you will automatically give the password. Go through the door. Look at the card at the bottom of the right stairs, then pick it up. Look at the right door, then open it and go through. Wait for the man to leave, then open his stall and take the blue prints from inside. Leave the restroom, then open the door between the stairs and go through to exit the casino.

Power Plant

Move the red button, then go through the door on the left. Look at the white coat hanging on the right and take the card key from its pocket. Talk to Ferris and ask about everything. Move the switch next to the door on the right and go back to the first room. Look at the large machine on the right, and insert your door card key into it, then go through the door to the restricted area.

Walk right (going around the trapdoor) and pick up the monkey wrench from the floor. Walk back to stand just right of the trapdoor, and keep trying to use the monkey wrench on the big magnet at the top of the screen; you will eventually end up at the top walkway. Walk right to find a hidden storage room. Look in the crate to get an allen wrench and a hover board, then open the door on the right and go through. Return through the door on the far left.

Aerobics Academy

Talk to Jane, who is the instructor, and ask her about everything. Now open the green bag under the counter on the left to get her home address.

Jane Mansfield's Home

Move the cushions on the left couch, look at the letter and pick it up. Open the closet on the right and look at the empty red suitcase. Now move the big grey control box on the table and look at the TV to get an address for a temple.

Aerobics Academy

Talk to Jane again and you will get a lot more information, including an address for Bradley Ericson.

Bradley Ericson

Talk to Bradley about everything, and he will also give you some infrared glasses.

Dr Lawrence Barkley

Look at the big red box in the bookcase, then open it and take it. Talk to Lawrence about everything. When you now try to travel you will receive a message.

Lowell Percival

Lowell will refuse to talk to you until you get something from Dick Castro's safe.


Enter the casino. Walk to the far right and open the door to the office then go inside. Talk to Dick (1, 1, 2) then save your game. This next section is timed, so if you run out of time come back to this save game and try again.

Pick up the card from the left side of the desk, then move the light above the portrait and go through the secret passage. Use your hover board, and negotiate around the laser beams. Once you reach the other side, look at the slot near the top of the machine and use your safe card key in the slot. Now use the facial kit on the scanner, and the safe on the right will open. Take the cash, markers and memorandum from the shelves in the safe. Save your game again, then use your hover board to get back past the lasers.

Back in the office, open the duct on the right and go inside. Crawl through the maze to the other exit into the restroom, then leave the restroom and leave the casino.

Lowell Percival

Talk to Lowell about everything.


Wait until Rocky leaves the casino, then follow him into the alley. Quickly walk left and wait until Rocky goes through the far door, then walk over and go through as well. Talk to Larry about everything, and he will give you 2 addresses. Leave the alley again by walking down.

Michelle Bloodworth

Talk to Michelle about everything, and you will get the address of a remote outpost.

Remote Outpost

Talk to Nathan to get a hint about a trap, then open the shed door on the left and take the rebreather from inside. Pick up the tools from outside this shed. Now open the metal box and take the card from inside it. Quickly walk to the open door on the right and get the jetpack, then walk back to the left and use the jetpack on the small fire.


Walk through the open gate, then go through the door into the temple. Move the mirror on the right, then walk over and move the mirror on the left. Now move the fire extinguisher and the thug will end up shooting himself. Talk to Deacon about everything, and you will get the address of the colonists camp.

Colonists Camp

Get the HCL2 acid from the box, then walk right and move the piece of scrap metal so you can pick up a tuning fork from beneath it.

Bradley Ericson

Ask Bradley about Cooper Bradbury to get his address.

Cooper Bradbury

Talk to Cooper about everything, and you will get the address of a cave.


Walk to the far right and use your interlock key on the hole in the door, then go through. Talk to Alexis about everything. Look at the clothes on the right, then move them and get the rod. Use the rod on the patch of cement near the door. Now use your HCL2 on the metal plate you reveal, then move the button.

Talk to Alexis (1, 1) then while Thomas is distracted get the bolt at the top of your cage. Talk to Alexis again (1, 2, 1). Take her bra and use it on the control panel on the left. Walk over to the right of the glass chamber containing the oracle stone, and use your tuning fork on the chamber. Quickly pick up the oracle stone and get into the speeder on the right.