Game Details:  Comedy, 2016

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/1/2017

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Maize is a surreal first person adventure about sentient corn. There are 75 collectible folio items scattered throughout the game, all listed in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1: The Farm

11 Folio Items

Go through the field of corn, following the paths until you find a strange door on the right. Open the plate in the middle of the door to reveal 3 holes - you can't do anything else here yet. Continue through the corn to reach a desk. Pick up the English muffin and a welcome note (1/75). Continue now and follow the path around to the right to reach a farmhouse. Turn left at the car and go along this path to find a broken shovel handle near the base of a large statue. Return towards the house and go around to the left and down another path to find a chicken coop. Open the door and go through to the back, then take the farmhouse key from the wall. Leave the coop and continue to the end of this path to find an outhouse. You can't get the nail from inside here yet, but you can collect a mediocre rock (2/75) from the ground on the right.

Return to the farmhouse and go up to the porch. Use the key to unlock the door and go inside. Enter the room on the immediate left and pick up a statue invoice (3/75). Go back to the hallway and enter a room on the right to find a boring novel (4/75). Now go through to the kitchen out the back of the ground floor. Pick up the rancid corn oil and the fruit crate. Enter the bathroom on the right and pick up the bathtub plug. Use this on the sink, then pour your rancid corn oil into the sink. Open the medicine cabinet on the wall and take the nail clippers from inside.

Now go upstairs. Enter the room on the left and pick up a bobby pin. Head into the room on the right and put your fruit crate on the floor in the space indicated. Use your broken shovel handle on the wobbly cabinet to push it over. Climb over and up into the attic. Pick up a mallet from over to the left, and a burnt lab report (5/75) from over to the right. Go all the way back down to the kitchen and enter a pantry on the left. Crouch and press the button in the shelves, then open the secret door on the right. Go down into the cellar and up the other stairs. Open the latch and exit to the outside through the cellar doors.

Head past the coop again to the outhouse and use the nail clippers to retrieve the rusty nail. Go back down to the cellar and use the rusty nail in the fuse box, then pull the lever to the right and you will restore power to the house. Climb up the stairs and enter the room just right of the front door. Open the CD player and take the old CD from inside; you will get a message that a new path has opened up for you.

Leave through the front doors and follow the path just to the left to eventually reach a large barn. Go inside and head all the way to the back to find a corn book (6/75). Climb the stairs to the second floor and pick up a broom and a diagram half (7/75). Leave the barn and head around to the left. Follow the first path you find off to the right, and take the left path at the fork. Approach the narrow metal structure and take a glove from the hand of the skeleton on the ground. Also pick up a charred name-tag (8/75) and a fashionable fedora (9/75).

Return back along the path and turn left at the fork to reach a silo. Use your bobby pin to pick the padlock, then open the door and go inside. Take the tattered blueprint (10/75) from the wall, and the old telescope (11/75) from the middle of the silo. Now crouch down and use your broom on the pile of corn kernels, and pick up the needle-nose pliers. Return all the way back to the kitchen in the farmhouse and use the needle-nose pliers on the sausage grinder to retrieve a warped key fob. Go up to the attic and place the warped key fob on the workbench, then use your mallet on it to flatten it out. Back down in the kitchen, go to the bathroom and use your glove in the sink filled with oil; you will end up with a severed hand.

Go back out into the field of corn and return to the strange door with 3 holes. Insert the hand in the left hole, the key fob in the middle hole, and the CD in the right hole. After the cutscene you will be in an elevator. Read the 2 notes on the wall. Press the blue button and eat a stale food pellet. Keep repeating this until the elevator starts moving.

Chapter 2: Making Friends

13 Folio Items

Exit the elevator and read the 4 notes on the statue. Pick up a facility brochure (12/75) from the chair on the right. Go straight to the end of this vat room and turn left. Go straight to the end again and pick up a jumpsuits invoice (13/75) from the pile of boxes on the right, then grab a cheap jumpsuit from in the storage closet ahead. Enter the security station to the left and grab the warfare report (14/75) from the desk, and the coat rack from the far side of the room. Go to the other end of the long corridor and enter a gymnasium on the right at the end. Pick up a dumbbell (15/75), then continue to the locker room. Find a sweaty headband on the bench, and a triumphant report (16/75) in one of the lockers. Continue into the shower area and pick up a non-descript rock (17/75).

Return to the main corridor and take the first passage to the right to find a nursery. Pick up a teddy bear and a children's block (18/75). Return to the corridor and take the next passage to the right, then turn right again to find a computer lab. Pick up the tour guidebook (19/75) from the bench on the right. Also pick up a mechanical arm grip-o-tron and an old computer. Put the grip-o-tron and teddy bear on the middle desk. Crouch down and use the power strip on the floor in the corner, then put the old computer on the desk above.

Leave this room and turn right to find the Communal Grotto. Pick up a cheeseburger wrapper (20/75) from the couch. Follow the left path up the stairs and around to an office. Take the shift schedule (21/75) from the wall and misinterpreted memo (22/75) from the desk. Continue to the golden room next door and pick up a Sketcher 3000 and a bathroom invoice (23/75). Go back to the grotto and along the opposite passage to find another office. Search the floor here to find a paintings invoice (24/75) and a military backpack. Open the desk drawer and take a small screwdriver from inside.

Go back out to the main corridor and turn left. At the end (before reaching the gymnasium), find a side panel with a big blue X drawn on it. Use your small screwdriver to open this panel, then take the circuit board of RAM from inside. Go back to the computer room and insert the RAM into the old computer, then pick it up. Use the upgraded computer on the middle desk, then also place the military backpack here - you will now meet Vladdy.

Head to the shower area and open the ventilation shaft, then crawl inside. Follow the red line until you see a yellow line, then follow that to see a large corn creature through a grille. Go back and continue along the red line, then turn right and follow another yellow line. After this cutscene, follow the red line to the end to meet a female corn creature. Return all the way back through the ventilation shaft to the bathroom. Go out to the main corridor and almost all the way to the other end, then turn left and go through an unblocked passage and down some stairs. At the bottom, get Vladdy to fix the computer. Place your coat rack in front of the computer, and add the cheap jumpsuit and sweaty headband. Go back upstairs to the elevator lobby and use your Sketcher 3000 on the large portrait. Go back down the stairs and add your Sketcher 3000 to the coat rack, then press the button on the computer and go through the door. Turn the wheel on the next door and go through.

Chapter 3: Going Nuclear

9 Folio Items

Head left up the large tunnel and you will find another locked door with a missing wheel. Go back to the entrance and take a passage to the left, almost directly opposite the door you came through. Climb up a lot of stairs, then go through a door and forward along a platform; the door will close behind you. Pick up a large loading skid (25/75) and a sub manual (26/75). There is also a locked toolbox here that you cannot open. Go over to a desk on the walkway over the water and take a small key, then turn around and grab a water pipe (27/75) from the shelves and a crane design (28/75) from the floor to the right. Return to the locked toolbox and unlock it with your small key, then take the hammer and box cutter from inside. Go past the desk around to the other side of the area and use your box cutter to open the box, then take a Faberge egg from inside. Place the egg on the desk and hit it with your hammer. Pick up the priceless lockpick and use it to unlock the cello case. Take the nuclear fuel rod from inside. Go back towards the closed door and send Vladdy through the nearby grate; the door will eventually open.

Go back to the dark entrance tunnel and turn left, then take the brick corridor to the right, and follow it to reach a lobby. Pick up the pool flyer (29/75) from the chair on the right. Enter the reactor control room ahead and pick up a lobby brochure (30/75) from a chair on the right, and a coffee maker (31/75) from the left. Go further forward and pick up some reactor guidelines (32/75) from the control panel.

Enter a passage on the left and go down the stairs, then through a doorway ahead. Press the button on the wall and go through the next doorway to the power plant area entry. Go through and use the remote control hanging from the ceiling. Now follow the paths between the pipes until you find a holder for your nuclear fuel rod. Insert this, then run back to the remote control and press again (if you are too slow, you need to repeat this a bit faster). Go back up the stairs to the control panel and flip the switch to restart the nuclear reactor.

Go back to the dark entrance tunnel and turn right. Go up the ramp and open the door on the left, then go through. Inside, crouch and send Vladdy through another grate, then pick up the hook control console that he retrieves. Go to the other end of the room and pick up the unstable rock (33/75), then come back half way and insert the console in the middle of the control panel. Press the red button to raise a large hook. Now go and pick up the door wheel from near the door. Head back out to the dark entrance tunnel and all the way to the other end, where you can use this on the door that was missing a wheel. Press the red button on the console in here, and the large machine will break.

Pick up the broken gear half. Go back to the entrance corridor, then up the stairs to the previous section. Turn right and go along the main corridor, then turn left towards the computer room and go past this into the Communal Grotto. Go through the new open passage towards Level 2, and the door will close behind you.

Chapter 4: Finding Garbage

17 Folio Items

Go down the stairs into another lobby, and pick up the lazy novel (34/75) from a chair on the right. Enter a conference room on the right. Pick up the water cooler from the corner of the room, and a red marker and casino outline (35/75) from the table. Leave here and go along the next passage on the left to find a cafeteria. Pick up a plastic plant from the end of one of the tables in here. Leave here and spot another facial recognition security checkpoint; you will need to assemble another structure to fool the security.

In the area to the left, pick up a workplace report (36/75) and rocky rock (37/75). Go around and down the stairs, picking up a sturdy box along the way. Continue down into the Assistant's Office. Pick up a medicine ball from inside the toilet. Take a daily planner (38/75) and assistant book (39/75) from the table, and a master plan (40/75) from the small cabinet in the corner of the room. Go back up the stairs, then turn left and right to find the Living Quarters.

Pick up the pruning shears from near the bed. Place the medicine ball and plastic plant on the table to the left. Use the red marker on the medicine ball, and the pruning shears on the plastic plant, then pick up the terribly-drawn face and trimmed plastic plant. Now search the room to find an invoice for more statues (41/75) on the floor to the right, a navigational chart (42/75) and box of monkey treats (43/75) over near the television, and Bob's journal (44/75) from a small nightstand.

Return to the security checkpoint and stack up your sturdy box, water cooler, terribly-drawn face and trimmed plastic plant. Go through the door into a much nicer part of the Living Quarters. After the cutscene, pick up a unicorn candle (45/75) and jar of Ranka from the drawers on the right. Search the desk on the left side of the room to find an old clipping (46/75), a concerned report (47/75) and Ted's journal (48/75).

Go back down to the Assistant's Office and place the jar of Ranka in the coffee trolley. Now follow it by crouching and crawling through the tunnel. When you reach the end, pick up the musical script (49/75), then go through the doorway into a kitchen. Pick up the stepladder and garbage bag (50/75). Search the rest of the room to find some craft glue and a framed popcorn ad. Open the kitchen door and go through the cafeteria, then make your way back to the main entrance to this level. The door will be closed, but you can use Vladdy on the open circuitry panel.

Go through the door to the Communal Grotto, then out to the main corridor and down the stairs to the right. Go through the security checkpoint, left along the dark entrance tunnel to the end, and right into the area where you got the broken gear half. Follow the path around to the far left and use your stepladder. Climb on to the stepladder, then climb up the ladder above.

Chapter 5: The Tractor Incident

7 Folio Items

Follow the path through the corn and find a red runoff control on the right, which you cannot use yet. Take the next right turn along the path and you will find a pool. Explore the ground around the pool to find a questionable rock (51/75) and a life preserver (52/75). There is another path from here that is currently blocked by orange boxes. Go back to the main path and continue until you find the Security Quarters building. Go around the left side of the building to collect a fuel jug and a rusty wheel (53/75).

Now enter the building and pick up a boring report (54/75), a pizza flyer (55/75), a wrench and a chair (56/75). Go back to the runoff control and use your wrench on it. Now head to the pool and jump down to the bottom, where you can pick up a toolbox key. Go along the other path from the pool, which is now unblocked, and you will reach a large tractor. Go past this for now, turn left at the stables, explore the path here and turn left at the fork to reach a clearing. Open the toolbox with your toolbox key and take the can of WT-40 from inside. Return to the tractor and use your fuel can and WT-40 on the engine. Go around to the tractor seat and use Vladdy on it.

Follow the tractor trail to return to the farmhouse. Pull Vladdy from the rose bushes, and most of the paths will become blocked. Go down the one remaining path towards the statue, then take another path off to the left. At the base of the windmill, collect a boom box, a familiar gear half, and a discarded letter (57/75). Follow the side path from here to return towards the clearing. Use the boom box on the tree stump, and another path will open up. Follow this all the way back to where you started the game, and continue through the broken gate to the docks. Pick up the propane tank, then get in the small boat.

Chapter 6: Fun with Cranes

0 Folio Items

Head up the ramp and try to use the crane controls, but the born creature will start using the secondary controls and prevent you from achieving anything. Go over to the secondary controls and use your craft glue and framed popcorn ad on them. Now use your crane controls again. Look up at the ceiling to see the paths the crane arm can move; head to the left area with a green light and pick up the propane tank, then go to the right area with a green light and drop it.

Go to the work bench and place both your gear halves in their correct places. Click on the propane tank to connect it to the acetylene torch, then use the torch to weld the gear together. Get Vladdy to go through the grate to open the door once more. Go through the door, down the stairs and out into the dark entrance tunnel. Go all the way to the right and back to the large machine. Placed your repaired gear in the right side, then press the red button. Enter the pneumatic tube on the right, and press the button to initiate descent.

Chapter 7: Free the Queen

15 Folio Items

Pick up the vat blueprint (58/75) from beneath a chair on the left. Leave this room and get Vladdy to repair the computer on the right; a trolley will appear on the tracks. Follow these tracks until there is a corridor off to the right; go there to find the Genetics Lab. Search the benches to find a Biolab key, a whimsical rock (59/75) and a half-full vial. There is a centrifuge in here that you can't use yet. Pick up an old carpet (60/75) from the floor, and an audit notification (61/75) from the whiteboard. If you look carefully, there is also a piece of tape you need to get from the left side of the whiteboard.

Go back out to the main hall and follow the tracks back to the left until you find the Biolab. Use your key in the slot, then go inside. Try to use the fingerprint scanner. Pick up the recording schedule (62/75) from the wall, and the song lyrics (63/75) and the glitter and rhinestones from the next small room. In the recording studio itself, pick up the speaker (64/75), guitar stand and tom-tom drum. Try to use the synthesizer, which is covered in fingerprints. Use your piece of tape on the synthesizer, then on the fingerprint scanner. Press the button on the console here, then take the new CD that appears.

Leave the Biolab and turn left, then go to the end of the main corridor and use the CD in a round slot on the wall. Enter the room here to find the Maize Acitvation Chamber. Pick up an astronomical invoice (65/75) from a trolley in the middle of the room. Go down the stairs into the next room and pick up a gigantic faberge egg and a fancy hat from the floor. Come back to the previous room and put the faberge egg on the table, then put the hat and rhinestones on it. Pick up the bedazzled face.

Now you need to move the coffee trolley. Go to the Biolab and press the red call button. Go to the Genetics Lab and press the red call button. Now go to the Maize Activation Chamber and press the red call button (you can't just go here first, the trolley can only go one step at a time). Once it arrives, place the tom-tom drum, guitar stand and bedazzled face on the coffee trolley. Press the red button on the computer. Go back into the Maize Activation Chamber and climb up the stairs. Pick up the other half (66/75) and an inactive key fob from the niches in the wall here.

Go to the Genetics Lab once more and find a centrifuge on the end of the middle bench. Insert your half-full vial and inactive key fob. Close the lid on the centrifuge, then when it opens again take Helen's key. Go back out to the main corridor and turn right, then head down the passage on the left. Use Helen's key in the key fob slot, then enter Helen's room. Pick up Helen's journal (67/75) from the right, another jar of Ranka from this side of the desk, and a draft letter (68/75) from the other side of the desk. Return to the coffee trolley and put another jar of Ranka on it, and it will break down the door ahead. Go through and collect a note on an isolated subject (69/75) from the console. Use Vladdy on the grate, then pick up the tube buck (coin) from the floor.

Return to the Maize Activation Chamber and enter the opened small room on the left. Pick up the contingency plan (70/75) from the desk in here. Now go back out and head down to the lower section. Insert your tube buck into the coin slot, then enter the machine and press the button. Go through the short corridor here, then step out into the spotlight. After the long cutscene, pick up an unnecessary novel (71/75) from one corner table, and an album cover (72/75) from another corner table. Now enter the elevator to return to the outside world.

Chapter 8: Dance We Shall

3 Folio Items

Follow the path and enter the barn to meet the Queen. After the cutscene, go up on to the raised platform and collect the accent guide (73/75), kind letter (74/75) and boom box. Climb back down and pick up the military radio. Go outside the barn and pick up an ascendant rock (75/75) from the ground. Now follow the path through the corn until you reach an open field with large speakers. Place the boom box and military radio in their respective places, then complete a rhythm game. Continue along the path to see Vladdy and then the Queen. As soon as you can, through your English muffin at your enemy.

Chapter 9: Promised Land

0 Folio Items

Go upstairs to the attic and use your mysterious key to unlock the mysterious chest near the window. Press the red button inside.