Maggie's ApartmentMaggie's Apartment

Game Details:  Mystery, 2017

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/5/2017

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Maggie's Apartment is a surreal, single-room mystery game involving a celebrity conspiracy that is solved with the help of your neighbors and anthropomorphic friends.

Police Lockdown

Examine your closet door on the left and talk to Dunc about everything. Knock on the Eastern wall to the right to meet your neighbors on that side, but they don't sound too helpful. Knock on the Western wall to meet Shrimp and talk to him about everything.

Search the drawer on the left, then look at the fan-club ID card that you place on top of the drawer. Also look at the poster on the left wall, and the magazine next to the television. Open the mini-fridge and take out the gas canister, then examine it. Lift up the edge of the rug, then examine the sticky sports-brick that you have discovered. Now look down through the hole and talk to the police officer - he wants you to give him a beer.

Open the mini-fridge again and drag a beer from inside the fridge over to the hole in the floor to give it to the officer. Repeat this 3 more times and you will find out why the apartment block is in lock-down. He will also arrest someone for you if you can give him a good reason.

Look out your North-facing window and examine the Jay Walker t-shirt and other clothes, then go back inside. Talk to Shrimp through the Western wall, and mention Jay Walker. Next talk to the officer through the hole in the floor and ask him to arrest Shrimp.

Self Esteem

After the explosion, look down the hole to see the officer's shotgun. Try to use one of the TV antennae on the hole, but you can't lift up the gun. Use the sticky sports-brick on the TV antennae, then use this on the hole to try again. Since this still doesn't work, climb out your East-facing window.

Talk to Beauty about everything; when she hides her face, pull off her nicotine patch and put it on the BBQ grill. Talk to Beauty about everything else, then take a flower from the bush before heading back inside. Talk to Dunc in the closet again, then when he opens the door, place one of your flowers on him. Take the pictures off the back of the door, then talk to Dunc and he will close the closet door again. Look at the two pictures on the floor to realize that Dunc believes he looks like the handsome headshot. Knock on the closet door again, then show the headshot to Dunc - Beauty told him that's what he looks like. Attach the second flower to the headshot, then knock on the closet door and show the new headshot to Dunc - he will leave and you will retrieve a cone from the closet.

Throw the bust of Sir Isaac Newton out the window, and also pass the sports-brick outside to Beauty. Climb outside and talk to Dunc and Beauty, then go back inside. Use the other TV antenna on the hole in the floor, and you will end up getting the gun. Climb outside and talk to Beauty about the phone number on the traffic cone, then go back inside again.

Compare the headshot on the floor with the poster on the left wall, then talk to Mrs Marinara about everything. Climb up to the ceiling using the sofa and talk to Hector about everything (you will probably need to climb up several times to do this) - he wants some gossip before he will recite part of his song to you. Climb out the window and talk to Dunc about gossip, then go back inside. Talk to Mrs Marinara about gossip, then talk to Hector, who will lower a bucket down to the balcony. Climb out the window and put Isaac Newton's bust in the bucket, then read the song lyrics you receive. Climb back inside.

The Truth

After the radio announcement, talk to the Love Butler through the Eastern wall, and you will end up speaking to Ham's father. Beauty will draw 5 clue panels on the floor. You need to examine five objects by clicking on them and talking to Beauty about them, then place them in order in these clue panels:

  1. Fan-club ID card
  2. Randy's autograph
  3. TV guide magazine
  4. Canister of carbon monoxide
  5. Song lyrics

You need to examine them all fully before you can place them in position. Talk to Beauty once more. When you are waiting by your apartment door, push over the coat stand to block it. Look at your gun, then drag Beauty's eye patch on to your head. Talk to Dunc, who reveals he has a bullet for a tooth. Give him Beauty's tooth from the floor, and he will give you the bullet, which will you load into the gun. Use the tie with Dunc and you will be fully prepared for the end.