Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2002

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  11/30/2008

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Mafia is a free-roaming and mission-based 3rd person action adventure game set in the fictional US city of Lost Heaven. You play as Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver who gets an invitation to join the Salieri crime family. The game then follows your career as part of the mafia.

Chapters 1-5

Chapter 1: An Offer You Can't Refuse

As soon as your new friends have entered your taxi, start driving away. There will be a much faster car chasing you, so you can't just outrun it. Instead, you need to get it to drive into oncoming traffic and poles until it is destroyed. The best way to stop it immediately is for it to crash into a tram. Once the car is gone, use the map and compass to help navigate to Salieri's Bar. You will drop off your passengers and be rewarded.

Chapter 2: The Running Man

This mission starts with you picking up a passenger at the taxi ranks. Once you have successfully completed 5 fares, you will decide to stop for coffee, and Morello's men will attack you. When you gain control, run straight away from them, and turn right into the alley as indicated by the green arrow. Don't run in any straight lines, as it will make you an easy target. Go to the end of the this alley, then veer left past the sign to the Rose Bar. Enter another alley as indicated, then turn left just past the stationary man and go up the stairs. Turn right when you can, then left, and head down the stairs to the right before you reach the next man. When you exit to the street again, turn left and enter the alley as indicated.

Turn right in this alley and go through a tunnel, where you will see a girl talking on her phone. Turn left as you exit the tunnel and head into Salieri's Bar. You are now safe, and part of the family.

Chapter 3: Molotov Party

After you have collected the molotov cocktails, drive to Morello's and park beside the parking garage. Leave the car and go down the alley to the back of the garage, and pick the lock on the gate. Knock out the guard with your baseball bat. You can then take his gun if you want. Damage one of the cars with the bat, then blow up the other two with your molotovs. Now get out of there quickly and drive back to Salieri's.

Chapter 4: Ordinary Routine

Leave the meeting room and talk to Ralphie outside to get a new car. Run out into the alley and climb the stairs, then talk to Vincenzo to get a gun. Go back to the new car and get inside, and you will be joined by your comrades.

Drive to the first two pickups and there won't be any problems. Next drive out towards the airport and you will stop at Clark's Motel. Paulie will head back outside after being shot. Get your gun out and head left around the building, shooting the dog when you see it. Climb the boxes at the back and enter the second floor through the unlocked door. Go through the door on the far right and shoot the guy on the toilet. Now quickly enter the next doorway in the hall and pick up the tommy gun. Turn around and shoot the 3 guys who rush up the stairs to investigate the first shooting. Head down the stairs and shoot the 3 guys in the main room, then go towards the door opposite and quickly shoot the guy in the white singlet. Go towards Sam and you will help him out to the main room, then the guy in white will attack you again - finish him off, then help Sam again.

Another man will grab the money and run outside to escape. Run after him, and you will have to chase him in your car. The best way to deal with him is to make him crash into someone coming in the opposite direction, and then park your car in front of him to block is passage. Get out of your car and shoot him.

Chapter 5: Fairplay

Go out of the bar and take a car, then drive out to the race track on the west end of town. Talk to the guard at the gate, then get back in the car with him and drive through to the garage. Get out of your car and into the fast race car. Now carefully drive this throughout town to Bertone's - don't get the car scratched, and don't get caught by the cops. Once he is done with it, drive it carefully back to the garage at the race track. Take your own car back to Salieri's and head inside.

The next day, you will get a call telling you to go back to the track. Head outside and drive there in one of your cars. Talk to Frank, who gives you instructions to win the race. You need to finish in 1st place in the 5 lap race.

Drive out to Bertone's after the race, and he will show you how to steal a new car. Head to the parking lot of the municipal offices as marked, steal the car, and drive it back to Salieri's to complete the mission.

Chapters 6-10

Chapter 6: Sarah

Luigi the barman will ask you to walk his daughter Sarah home, and you agree. Once outside, start walking with her until you are confronted by 3 punks. Pick up the wooden plank to your right and use it to beat up the punks. There will be another pair who attack a little while later. Once they are all unconscious, keep walking with Sarah until you reach her place.

Chapter 7: Better Get Used To It

Head out of the bar and up the stairs to see Vincenzo, and take the bat and gun that he offers. Go back and get into a car, and drive out to China Town to meet Biff. He will direct you to an old gas station not far away, so drive there next. Get out of the car with your baseball bat ready, and walk in. Take car of the first 2 guys, then the next 3 that appear. Follow the alleyway and climb the obvious set of stairs then go across the platform and drop down to some boxes. The next group of guys will have guns - as soon as they shoot first, get out your gun and return fire until they are all dead.

Head straight out towards the street and you will see another pair driving away. Get into your car and case them until either Paulie has shot them enough times or you have made their car flip.

Chapter 8: The Whore

Drive to the Corleone Brothel and make sure your weapon is hidden before going inside. Head up to the 3rd floor and search all the rooms until you find the whore in a bathroom - you will automatically let her go. Next head down to the ground floor and through to the restaurant. Close the door here to get some privacy, then kill the guy in the black suit and the guy in the white suit he was talking to, then the bodyguard. Hide your weapon again and return to the lobby, and get the key to the director's office from behind the receptionist's desk. Go up to the top floor and enter the director's office, quickly shooting the single guy in here. Over at the desk, take the money and plant the bomb, then quickly leave the office before it explodes.

Out on the rooftop, veer to your right and climb to the ledge, then run forward and climb up the stairs until you reach the top. Head left and jump across the next few buildings, killing any police that try to stop you. When you have killed a guy with a rifle, turn left and jump down to some wooden stairs. Climb these and you will automatically use a ladder to reach the next building.

Climb down the first set of stairs and use the medicine cabinet to regain some health. Climb down the rest of the stairs and you will interrupt a funeral. The easiest way to take care of this situation is to run immediately out into the church and crouch behind the coffin. From there, pick off the gunmen one at a time. Once you have cleared the main church and the guy with the tommy gun upstairs, go towards the entrance of the church and kill the 3 guys with shotguns. Leave the church and get in the Charon out the front. Drive back to Salieri's, avoiding the cops.

Chapter 9: A Trip To The Country

See Ralphie to get a new car, then drive out to Hoboken to meet up with Paulie. You will automatically drive into the country to a remote farm. Walk into the farm with your shotgun ready, following the main path until you find a truck. Go to the driver's side, and you will see the driver is dead. Quickly shoot the 3 guys with shotguns, then run back through the farm to the entrance (there are at least 4 guys in the buildings to the left, and 2 guys in the 2 houses near the entrance). When you reach Paulie, talk to him and he will decide to go back in to rescue Sam.

Run back in to the farm and be careful as there will probably be a few guys left to shoot. Paulie will head into the buildings to the right, then go to the barn. Go with him and he will break open the doors. Immediately shoot the 2 guys, then proceed up 2 flights of steps killing everyone you see. You will find Sam on the top floor, lying on the ground. Paulie will go down to get the truck, but while he is gone 2 cop cars arrive. Shoot the cops from the barn window - be careful because at least 1 will make it inside and come up the stairs to shoot you from behind. Eventually, Paulie will return, so go outside and talk to him.

You are now sitting in the back of the truck with a tommy gun. Wait until the cars chasing you are quite close, then unload the bullets into them to blow them up.

Drive to Bertone's place and talk to him to get an optional mission. Drive to the house as marked on your map and knock on the door to alert his friend to the incoming cops. Get back in your car and drive back to Bertone's to learn how to steal an Airstream Fordor. Next drive to the house in Oakwood and steal the car. Return to Salieri's bar.

Chapter 10: Omerta

Visit Ralphie to get a new car, then Vincenzo to get a sawed-off shotgun and a colt. Drive to various places around town until you see where the cops are holding Frank. Follow their car (this is actually quite a difficult chase) to the airport.

When you get there, imemdiately run right to avoid the speeding car. Enter the building with your shotgun ready and kill the 3 guys in here, then follow Frank out the back door. Kill as many of the agents as you can while they are running away, and be careful of the 3 guys in black suits that are in the hangar you run through. Head out the other end of the hangar and shoot the guy in the sniper tower to the left, then go right and ahead. Turn around in time to kill the mechanic before he starts hitting you with his crowbar, then continue to the other side of the buildings ahead of you to find Frank (who is protected by a guy with a tommy gun - kill him). Talk to Frank, and you will handcuff him to the pole.

Turn around and shoot the guy straight ahead, then run around to the right to find 2 more guys to kill. Head through the open door and you will see a group of people. Shoot the guy who is talking on the phone, then talk to the lady with the young girl - this is Frank's family. Return to Frank and you will take him to them. Next he asks for his tickets, so return to the first building you entered at the airport, and collect them from the desk. Return to Frank and talk to him to discover where the books are being held, then he will leave.

Return to your car and drive to the bank on your map. Go inside and you will get the books. Next head to Bertone's and he will ask you to beat up a bouncer. Drive to the club and talk to the guy at the door, then punch him until he runs away. Return to Bertone, and he will show you how to steal a Thor 810. Drive to he house in Oakwood and steal the car, but be careful of the owner who is nearby with a gun. Return to Salieri's when you are done.

Chapters 11-15

Chapter 11: Visiting Rich People

Visit Ralphie and Vincenzo, then go and pick up Salvatore. Drive to Oak Hills and park where it indicates on the map, then try to open the small gate. Talk to Salvatore and he will pick the lock for you. As soon as you get on to the property, head left and crouch behind the statue. Talk to Salvatore to get him to stay here in a crouched position, then wait for a guard to pass by. Sneak up behind him and knock him out with your baseball bat, then search his body to get a key and a shotgun. Head around to the right and back near where you entered to spot another guy in a gazebo - sneak up behind him and knock him out too. Now approach the house and there will be a third guy patrolling in front of the pool. Wait until his back is turned, then knock him out.

Return to Salvatore and get him to follow you up the stairs and into the house. When you see the maid, knock her out before she can turn on a light or raise the alarm. Do not turn on any of the lights in the house, or the guards will come running.

Go up the stairs and find the study, with the safe in the corner. After Salvatore opens it, get the documents and head back down the stairs. There will be another guy near the front door to the left - knock him out. Now head out to the Silver Fletcher parked out the front and try to open it. Salvatore will open it for you, so get in and drive away. Drop Salvatore back at his house, then return to Salieri's.

Chapter 12: A Great Deal!

After you have been taken to the parking garage, head inside and climb to the top floor. You will meet William Gates, and some of Morello's goons will appear and start shooting. Take cover behind a nearby car and shoot all the bad guys. Several waves of them will appear, and you will need to walk down through the garage to the bottom level to kill all of them. Once this is done, return to the top level and get into the truck with the crates. Drive out of the garage.

Once you have left the garage there are 2 ways to successfully complete the mission. Either start driving away and try to make it to the warehouse on the map while avoiding police and dodging the 2 cars that are chasing and shooting at you, or go over and shoot all the guys and blow up the 2 black cars before leaving the garage entrance. Either way, the mission is completed once you reach the warehouse.

Chapter 13: Bon Apetit!

Get into Salieri's car and drive to Pepe's restaurant. When you get inside, immediately duck behind the table and kill 2 guys off to the right. Now go through to the back of the restaurant and kill 3 guys coming through a door. Go up the stairs through that door and kill a guy with a tommy gun, then use this to kill the guys outside on the ground (through the window). Go back down the stairs and out the back door, then into the side alley. Shoot the single guy out here, then go out to the main street and finish off the others.

Salieri will now come outside and want to go to Carlo's flat. Drive there, and go up the stairs after Salieri. Break open the door and run to the window, then climb out and go down the fire escape. There are a total of 4 guys here with baseball bats and hand guns, so you should easily manage them with your tommy gun.

Chapter 14: Happy Birthday!

Talk to Ralphie to get another car, then drive out to the docks. The guard won't let you on board without an invitation, so turn around and enter the building with the open door. Go through the door on the right and down the stairs, and get changed into a sailor's outfit. Go back outside and the guard will let you through.

Head right from the start and go to the rear left of the boat, straight into the men's room. Take the bucket, then go up one flight of stairs and to the rear right corner of the boat. Look at the door that says "Skipper has the key". Go back to the bottom level and find the skipper, who has a blue and white striped shirt. Talk to him twice to get the key. Go back to the closed toilet and you can now get inside with the key. Clean the room, then take the gun and make sure you don't have it visible. Return to the skipper and talk to him to return the key. Go back to the first men's room and drop the bucket so you just have your gun (hidden again).

Now go to the top level and wait for the politician to start giving his speech. Shoot him, then get down to the bottom level as quickly as you can and get into the speedboat to escape.

Chapter 15: You Lucky Bastard!

Go and visit Vincenzo and Ralphie, then drive with Paulie to the restaurant. Get into the phone booth as instructed, and use it to make the call, then after the assassination fails, get in your car and return to Salieri's. Next, drive to Oakwood and stop outside Morello's house. Get out of your car and wait for the guard to head into the house. As soon as he does, go and plant the bomb under the car, then return to your own car. Watch as this attempt also fails, then drive back to Salieri's. Once again, drive with Paulie to another meeting place, then when his gun fails get in your car and drive back to Salieri's as fast as you can.

Finally, you will witness someone else messing up an attempt on Sergio's life. When you gain control of your car, carefully follow Sergio all the way to the harbor. Duck behind your car and shoot the 4 guys who are trying to kill you. There are up to 20 guys with guns hanging around in the harbor area, so go carefully forward and then to the left. You will see Sergio's car outside a large shed with closed roller-doors, and there appears no way in. Follow the train tracks and make sure the switches are set towards those doors. Remove the block holding back the stationary rail car and it will roll into the doors. Now approach it and you will automatically blow it up. Head into the shed and kill Sergio and the 5 other guys.

Go and visit Lucas Bertone, who wants you to pick up a friend from Chinatown and drop him in Oakwood. Drive to Chinatown as fast as you can, then go and find the guy. Wait for him to slowly walk to your car, then drive quickly to Oakwood before his health falls to 0. Return to Bertone and he will teach you how to steal a Bruno Speedster 851. Go to the parking lot as marked and kill the black guy walking around (he owns the car and will attack you if you try to steal it). Now steal the car before returning to Salieri's.

Chapters 16-20

Chapter 16: Creme De La Creme

Visit Vincenzo to get a weapon, then drive to the cinema - Morello leaves just as you arrive, so chase his bullet-proof limousine all the way to the airport. Your car will die just as you reach the airport, so run in on foot, going around the left side of the building and killing the 3 guys with tommy guns. Now run straight at the plane as it is leaving and shoot it as many times as you can. Jump in your car when Sam drives up to you and keep shooting the plane - if you hit it enough times it will crash.

Drop Sam and Paulie off at Salieri's, then drive to Bertone's to get another mission. Take the car he gives you, and drive out to the cliffs near Oakwood. Park the car near the edge, then go and steal another car and use the second one to push the marked car over the edge into the ocean. Drive back to Bertone's, and he will teach you to steal a Celeste Marque 500. Drive to the parking lot and steal the car, then return to Salieri's.

Chapter 17: Election Campaign

Go and see Vincenzo to get your sniper rifle, then find Ralphie and get a new car. Drive out to the abandoned jail and park your car out the front, then walk around the side. Talk to the guy standing near the sewer entrance, then kill him (he will call the cops later on if you don't do this). Climb down into the sewer, then climb up into the jail.

There are lots of angry men squatting in this abandoned building, and all of them have weapons of some description, so take your time going through here, entering one room at a time and clearing it as quickly as you can. Start by shooting the dogs that you can see through the wire fence, then gradually head up through the building to reach the top floor. Use your sniper rifle to shoot the politician as he is giving his speech - you have plenty of time to do this, but only one shot before he will run away. Once you have hit your target, go straight down through the tower to the ground floor and out to where the dogs were earlier. Shoot the lock off the door and leave the jail. Return to your car and drive away.

Head to Lucas Bertone's yet again, and he will ask you to pick up a friend from the Works Quarter. Drive out there and pick him up, then return to Bertone's. You will be told how to steal a new Lassiter V16 Appolyon. Head to Oak Hills and talk to the 2 guys standing near the car to get rid of them, then steal the car and drive to Salieri's Bar to end the mission.

Chapter 18: Just for Relaxation

Ralphie has a special car to give you this time, so drive in it with Sam and Paulie out to the designated meeting place. Sam will get out and wait there, while you must drive to the docks and wait for the truck. Follow it all the way to a warehouse, where all of the crates are unloaded. When the truck leaves again, block its path and beat up the driver until he drops his papers. Take the papers and get in the truck, then drive it back to the docks.

After you are past the guy who checks your papers, drive straight ahead to a warehouse with a solitary man standing in front of the gates. Talk to him and he asks you to pick up the crates and place them in the Dispatch Hall. Make sure your truck is parked with its back towards the "Scorsese" cigar crates. Now talk to the 2 guys near the crates and they will help you move them. Go back and talk to the solitary guy and he will leave. Quickly move all of the cigar crates on to your truck and drive back to Sam and Paulie. Now you have to survive while a large group of guys streams in to attack. The easiest way to do this is block off the alley so only one can enter at a time. Once all the guys are dead, drive the truck to the factory in Hoboken to complete the mission.

Chapter 19: Moonlighting

After you arrive at Paulie's place, follow him to the train station and eventually to the First National Bank. Talk to him inside, then again when you get outside, and he will ask you to get some weapons and a car.

Head to Yellow Pete in Hoboken and knock on the side door to gain access, then choose any group of weapons to take away with you. Next head to Bertone's and talk to him to get another job. Drive to the bridge on the map, then get out of your car and go down the stairs to find Big Dick beneath the bridge. After you have given him the package, quickly duck behind the assorted crates and barrels and use them as a barricade while you pick off all the guys in suits who have run down to shoot you. Once they are all dead, return to your car and drive back to Bertone's. Talk to him again to learn how to steal a Trautenberg Model J. Head to Oakwood and find the car, then block its path, haul the owner out and steal it. Drive to Paulie's flat and sound the horn to get his attention.

When you enter the bank, run straight past Paulie and kick open the door near the clerk. A guard will enter from the next door - shoot him as he comes through. Take the key from behind the clerk, and Paulie will talk to him and find out that a second key is required, from the manager's office upstairs. Go through the door the guard came through earlier, and head up the stairs. Kill the guards at the top, then check the rooms until you find the manager. Talk to him, then go to the wall cabinet and open it to find the other key. Go back downstairs, and go all the way to the bottom. Open the gate and kill the 2 guards walking around this area, then make your way around to the safe. Once you have the loot, quickly run back upstairs and out of the bank to escape. Drive to the Palermo Club in Hoboken to complete this chapter.

Chapter 20: The Death Of Art

Paulie is dead and the cops are coming, so put your weapons away and head out of the building quickly. Steal the police car and drive to Pete's shop to get some weapons. Also visit Bertone, who asks you to follow a whore from the Corleone brothel - go there and find the whore, then carefully walk a short distance behind her until you see her enter a building. Return to Lucas and he will teach to how to steal a Thor 812. Drive to Chinatown where the car is waiting. Shoot all of the dogs in the area before shooting the lock and opening the door, going inside and stealing the car. Finally, drive to the art museum, as marked on the map.

As soon as you regain control, take cover and ready your guns. Shoot the 2 guys that are here with you, then take care of the next 2 as they come through the door ahead, and another one who enters behind you. Kill the guys in the next few rooms and when you approach a set of stairs, get ready to run away when a grenade drops from above. After it has exploded, kill the 2 guys who come down the stairs to investigate. Go upstairs.

After the brief interlude, either run back downstairs and wait for the guys to chase you, or just take cover behind the statue to the right. Kill everyone in this area, then proceed further up the stairs. You will find a health kit on a wall near some stairs, but another grenade will drop from above, so run away and come back again to get the health boost. Go up those stairs and kill the guy - note that one of the doors here leads to an empty theatre, and the other is locked - you will be coming back here.

Go back downstairs and check all the closed doors to find some you can open. You will eventually find a long series of art rooms containing lots of guys with guns. Work your way to the end and you will find Sam again. Follow him, and you will go through that locked door from before. In the final gunfight, you need to shoot Sam quite a few times. Once he appears to have stopped shooting back, walk around the edge and follow the blood trail, with a tommy gun at the ready. When Sam suddenly appears, shoot him to end the game.