Mad Experiments: Escape RoomMad Experiments: Escape Room

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  2/28/2022

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Mad Experiments: Escape Room is a first person escape room puzzle game, which can be played solo or as a cooperative experience. It contains 3 separate room escape challenges. There are 13 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room.

Chapter 1

The Mansion Lab

Go through the door to start the level (including the timer if activated). Turn left as you enter, and look at the small cabinet. It has a keypad with blue, white and red lights on it. Look around the room to find blue, white and red lamps and count the number of each color. Enter the code 312, then take out the electrical device.

There is a locked door at the bottom of the stairs. If you go to the top of the stairs and follow the railing around you will see a yellow and green vase. Look inside and take the key, then use this to unlock the door at the bottom of the stairs. Use the electrical device on the generator here. Go back upstairs and use the light switch at the top of the stairs to turn on the lights throughout the room.

Look at the gargoyle on a table at the end of the room. Examine it and look at the bottom to see a note that says "The first one and the last one are different".

Go to the tall glass cabinet in the corner of the room and note that it has a keypad to open it, and the bottle inside has a white symbol on it. Look down to the left to find a partially covered box. Pick this up and examine it to see a note beneath it. The note also has a white symbol, and contains 5 capital letters that can be rearranged to spell WATER. Open the cabinet with the code H2O. Now you can take the bottle of water from inside the cabinet. Go and use this on the fire to douse it. Now you can pick up the handle from the fireplace. Use the handle in the gramophone, then listen to the cryptic message: "1 day 11 years ago, we were just 21, 1211, and now 31, and 1 and 2. Find a message on the side of the sofa that explains the pattern. If you say the number 3112 it would be "one three, two ones and one two". The code to enter next to the fireplace is therefore 132112.

Go into the secret room and find two more notes that say "Four of them form two pairs, with the blue fifth in the middle", and "And vice-versa". Use the large screen in this room to start the mind-control experiment. Run around the maze here and find a series of posters that reference the Morse code alphabet. Notice the blinking lights on the wall, which spell out the word SPIRIT in Morse code. Leave the experiment for now.

Based on the notes you have seen, head downstairs and set the orbs to red, red, blue, yellow, yellow. Go back upstairs and set the orbs here to yellow, yellow, blue, red, red. Now enter the code SPIRIT into the box on the wall here Escaped from Room 1. There is an extra achievement if you didn't use any extra clues Room 1: Mastermind.

Use a series of objects to make your way up the bookcases next to the fireplace, and you will find the crystal at the very top Room 1: Find the secret crystal. Collect the crystal and charge it on the blue orb upstairs. Still holding the crystal, walk into the TV in the middle of the room Room 1: Use the crystal.

Chapter 2

Memory Loss

Go through the door to start the level (including the timer if activated). Approach the wooden door and click on its pieces to rotate them in order to create a complete door. Head down over the floating stones until you reach the ground.

Head beneath the rock archway to find an incomplete cube on a low wooden cabinet. Count the number of blocks that are missing from the cube, then enter this number (65) as the code on the keypad here. Notice the number written inside the wooden cabinet. Pick up the handle and take it to the new diorama area, inserting it into the round table on the right. Notice the 3 paintings with different shapes and colors. The painting that matches the layout of the room is the one with the red triangle, green square and yellow circle. You need to place these objects in position:

  • Red Triangle: Take the old book from the table near the mirror and place it on the round table.
  • Green Square: Take the bottle of chemicals from the desk and place it on the main part of the desk.
  • Yellow Circle: Take the white bust of Hypnos from the top of the glass cabinet, and place it on the old table near the mirror.

Use the handle on the table to rotate it several times, and the glass cabinet will open. Notice the number written inside the glass cabinet, as well as a note that says "You and your friends, united under the black veil". Take the device with the metal ball around behind the staircase to a similar but larger device. Use it here, then click to activate the device. After everything loses its color, notice the code page floating here. There is are other code pages at the base of the staircase, on a tree next to the diorama, and on the edge of the fountain. Look at the symbols near the top of the fountain. Using the code pages you can translate this to read LETHE.

Walk around to notice that the groups of stones on the ground show animal symbols. There is also an additional number 29 written inside the wooden cabinet, and an additional 11 written inside the glass cabinet. Examine the note from the glass cabinet again to see that it also shows a map. You need to use the bear stone as a starting point, then grab the rabbit masks from the base of the Black Veil machine and place them on the other indicated stones (with symbols of a snake, fish and shrimp). Go and stand on the final stone yourself (octopus). After the area floods, go and turn off the Black Veil machine.

Pick up the glowing orb and use it on the fountain. Remembering the word LETHE from earlier, you need to press on the orbs in an order indicated by this word:

  • L: 12th letter of the alphabet, press orb Alpha (12)
  • E: 5th letter of the alphabet, press orb Beta (5)
  • T: 20th letter of the alphabet, press orb Lambda (20)
  • H: 8th letter of the alphabet, press orb Mu (8)
  • E: 5th letter of the alphabet, press orb Beta (5)

As the water drains, notice the number written on the fountain. Activate the Black Veil machine again to see an additional 87 written on the fountain. Go to the glowing doorway and enter the numbers you have seen with the Black Veil machine activated: 291187 Escaped from Room 2. There is an extra achievement if you didn't use any extra clues Room 2: Mastermind.

Go back to the diorama and collect the wooden toy. Carry this through the doorway and place it on the floating platform Room 2: I want to believe.

Chapter 3

Lost Childhood

Go through the door to start the level (including the timer if activated). Look behind the cushions on the bed to see a series of colored circles. Pick up the rings from around the room and put them on the Tower of Hanoi puzzle on the left of the room in the same order:

Take out the batteries and put them into the Darkness Industries "Think & Spell" machine near the door - it will now turn on. Look at the sheet of paper that was with the batteries. This shows a series of 6 lights like those above the bed, and with the same colors as on the Think & Spell. You need to press the colored buttons, look at the number displayed, then count around in a circle on the sheet of paper to find the next color:

  • Green (+3)
  • Blue (-2)
  • Pink (+4)
  • Red (-6)
  • Red (-6)
  • Red

Go to the bed and change the lights to this pattern: green, blue, pink, red, red, red.

Find a keypad next to the door that has five number clues - thinking logically through them, the only answer that works is 942. Follow the wire from the back of this keypad to the next one just to the left. This requires you to look around the room for yellow owl symbols (9) and red girl symbols (2). The answer for this keypad is therefore 41.

Next go to the keypad on a red angled block near the door. Press the glasses button at the top right - the lights will go off, and a spinning solar system will appear in the middle of the room. You need to find the numbers associated with the last two planets. If you look at the floating bodies you will see these numbers:

  • Sun: 1
  • Mercury: 1
  • Venus: 2
  • Earth: 3
  • Mars: 5
  • Jupiter: 8
  • Saturn: 13

Since this is the Fibonacci sequence, the values for Uranus and Neptune should be 21 and 34. Enter the code as 2134. Follow the wire from the back of this keypad to the next one along the right wall. This has a message from Lord of the Rings, mentioning binding in the darkness. Enter the previous three codes together 942412134 into the Think & Spell and press Enter. Look at the number that is displayed, then enter this number (158746) into the 4th keypad.

Once all keypads are solved, press the green block to start the chain reaction. Once the cookie falls down, eat it. Go and open the door Escaped from Room 3. There is an extra achievement if you didn't use any extra clues Room 3: Mastermind.

Final Achievements

There is an achievement for finishing any room in cooperative mode Collective Mind. The final achievements are for beating each chapter within a specific time limit, as explained below.

Chapter 1 (90 Seconds)

Unlock the small cabinet with code 312 and grab the electrical device, dropping it near the top of the stairs. Get the key from the vase and use it to unlock the door at the bottom of the stairs. Grab the electrical device and use it on the generator, then go back upstairs and use the light switch. Set the orbs downstairs to red, red, blue, yellow, yellow. Set the orbs upstairs to yellow, yellow, blue, red, red. Enter SPIRIT as the code in the box Room 1: Speedrunner.

Chapter 2 (90 Seconds)

Rotate the pieces of the door into position. Go down the floating stones to reach the ground. Enter 291187 on the keypad next to the glowing doorway Room 2: Speedrunner.

Chapter 3 (90 Seconds)

Put the rings on the Tower of Hanoi in the correct order (green, pink, yellow, blue, white, red). Set the lights above the bed (green, blue, pink, red, red, red). Enter the first 2 codes into the keypads (942, 41). Press the green block to start the chain reaction. Quickly enter the other 2 keypad codes (2134, 158746). Eat the cookie and open the door Room 3: Speedrunner.