Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/2/2021

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Machinarium is a 3rd person adventure game by Amanita Design. You play as a small nameless robot that has been evicted from your robot city. You must solve puzzles to make your way back home, then defeat the Black Cap Brotherhood, who have taken your girlfriend hostage. There is a built-in hint system, but to access this you must play a short arcade game. There are 12 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.



Click the bathtub twice, then click on your head. Drag yourself up to increase your height, then take the doll. Give this doll to the mole robot, who will give you another leg. Now walk across and pick up the magnet and the wire from the large spool, and combine these two items in your inventory. Walk right and push over the lamp post, then use your magnet/wire on this and you will retrieve your other arm SURVIVOR. Head right.

City Gate

Pick up the top traffic cone, then pick up all the others to discard them. Take the blue paint that is revealed, and pour this into the large tub of white paint. Now dip the traffic bone in the light blue paint. Climb up the lamp post, and when you can't go any higher, pull out the bottom rung. Put this in the hole above you and climb up again. Continue this until you reach the top. Now make yourself taller, and take the light bulb. Put the light bulb in your traffic cone, then wear this. Make yourself taller again and pull the cord.

Valley Trench

Make yourself shorter, and use the controls under the water tower to select A2. Press the red button, and this will make a beam shoot out to the wall on the left. Now climb the stairs and pick up the hook. Use it on the railing at the top of the stairs. Make yourself taller, then jump up and shimmy across to get the golden ramp. Use this on the rail track at the bottom, then use the bottom end of the railing to call and dislodge a cart. Take the wheels from the cart, then get on the wheels and use the railing again BACK IN TOWN.


Press the small red button, then go and grab the key from the far right. Look at the control panel and select bottom, top and bottom for the 3 positions. Press the large red button, then quickly return to normal height and go and jump in the cart. When you get lifted up in the air, jump across to the high platform on the left. Use your key in the lock, then open the panel and switch one of the blue wire pairs. Jump down and press the large red button again, then quickly get back in the cart. This time, be ready to jump right through the air vent.


Prison Cell

Talk to the robot, who wants a cigarette. Now take the moss from the right, and turn the tap twice then pick it up. Take some toilet paper. Make yourself taller and use the moss on the light bulb to dry it. Combine this with the toilet paper to make a cigarette. Give this to the robot and you will end up with his arm. Now head over to the hole on the left. Make yourself shorter, then use the robot's arm with the hole. Extend the arm through the back hole on the other side, and hit the cabinet until the broom falls to the floor. Grab the broom and combine it with the tap in your inventory. Use this combination to open the manhole, then head down and go right.

Guard Room

Use your broom key to open the next manhole. When the guard is leaning back in his chair, push the chair leg so he falls. Quickly take the bullets from the table. When the guard walks right, take his key, and put the bullets on the floor on the left (in front of the locks). Push the guard's chair leg again and take his bullets again. This time when he walks right, climb up and use your key on both the locks FREE ROBOT. Now head through the door at the top of the stairs.

Prison Entry

Climb the stairs and look through the telescope. Press the red button next to the door and note the time on the clock (4:45). Go back down the stairs and through the lower door. Head through the door on the left to find the outside of the prison cells. Enter the middle cell and make yourself taller. Take the plunger from the ceiling and leave the cell again. Now look at the control panel on the far left and set the time to 4:45, then press the red button. Enter the left cell. Open the cabinet by solving the red/green slider problem: just rotate the lights so all the green lights are over the central green triangle. You will automatically take a gun. Combine this with the plunger in your inventory. Make your way back to the prison entry and go through the top door.


Push the two red boxes to the left twice to reach the left side of the reservoir. Talk to the pink robot then use the control panel; this is a classic puzzle where you have to swap the positions of the up and down arrows. If you number the positions 1-7 from top to bottom, click on them in this order: 3, 5, 6, 4, 2, 1, 3, 5, 7, 6, 4, 2, 3, 5, 4.

Pull the yellow lever down, then back up again to lift one of the red boxes into the air. Push the single red box back to the right, then climb on to it. Make yourself taller and climb up the ladder above to find some more controls. Turn the indicator to 4 o'clock, then press the green button. Wait for the oil container to finish moving, then press the red oil button. Quickly climb down and shoot the dog with your plunger gun PET CATCHER. Return left and give the dog to the pink robot in exchange for her umbrella. Use the umbrella to get through the dripping water, then climb the stairs on the right.

Robot City

Back Alley

Talk to each of the robot performers, then go into the bar (near door on the right). Sit down at the table and beat the robot at his game by getting 5 nuts in a row BOARD GAME MASTER. Pick up the 5 bolts scattered around the room. Take the thin strip of fly paper hanging from the shelf, then look through the door on the right. Try to take the oil drum, then head back outside. Give the 5 bolts to the saxophone player and he will play a tune. Climb up the stairs in the background. Ignore the door on the tower for now, and continue up another flight of stairs.

Town Courtyard

Talk to the robot in the wheelchair, and take his empty oil can. Pick up the crank handle from the foreground. Talk to the pink robot, then look at the piece of paper on the wall (the one above a hole in the wall). Insert the crank handle in the hole here and turn the hands on the clock to one of the pairs of symbols on that piece of paper - the pink robot will head inside. Now look at the piece of paper on the wall where she was sitting - turn the crank handle to match the pair of symbols here. The pink robot will come back outside, and another robot from upstairs will head in. Go up the stairs on the right and take the speaker, then go back down. Climb up the stairs on the left.


Open the panel at the base of the electricity pole, and slide the tiles around until one falls out and is stolen. Slide the tiles again to create a nearly completecontinuous path from bottom to top, allowing for 2 missing tiles at the top left and bottom right. Now head over towards the arcade door on the left. Make yourself taller and shorter repeatedly, and the bird will fall down. Pick up the tile, and tie the free end of the wire to the railing. Now put the tile in its place to complete the circuit, and the railing will be electrified. Climb up the robot's ladder and unplug his tool, then quickly pull the red cable when you fall to the ground. Climb up the ladder again and now pull the cat's tail. Climb down and move a tile to disconnect the circuit, then pick up the fried cat. Head all the way back downstairs to the alley.

Back Alley

Catch some flies by using the fly paper on the green liquid on the right. Use the cat on the pipe, and the pipe player will play you some more music. Pick up the plant the old lady throws down at you. Head through the left door to reach the city gate, and use the oil can to collect some dripping oil, then head back inside. Enter the bar, and use the flies on the bartender, then quickly drag the oil drum outside MUSIC LOVER. Pick up the broken radio and combine it with your speaker. Head back up the stairs twice to reach the courtyard.

Town Courtyard

Give the full oil can to the robot in the wheelchair, then take it back from him again. Open the manhole and climb down. Look at the pipes and take the hook. Climb down into the lower pool and look in the drain - take the wrench using your hook. Climb back out and open the drawer, then flip through the book to the final page and take another wrench. Look at the pipes again, then move the wrenches to stop the water - they need to be on the 1st and 2nd valves in the top row, and the 2nd valve in the bottom row. Now talk to the wrench robot, who needs his music returned. Put the radio on top of the drawer, then talk to the wrench robot, who will now help you PLUMBER. After the small flood, climb up the ladder, then drop down the well. Open the side pipe and climb through.


Drop down on to the elevator platform, then press the red button to go down. Look through the window to see into the kitchen. Pick up the pot and put it on the floor. Open the wall cabinet and take the corn, then put this on the stove. Pass the long stick through the window. Now climb on the pot and use the long stick on the air conditioner twice to retrieve its inner tube. Climb down, then put the pot on the stove, and the tube in the pot. Connect the now soft tube to the fuel container on the left. Back out on the elevator, pull the ripcord to start the motor. Look at the elevator controls and swap the position of the red and black pins (just keep moving them clockwise). When the lever appears, push it up.


Talk to the fan and keep answering its riddles incorrectly until it gets very angry. Climb inside to find the greenhouse. Take the two drawers from the desk on the right. Put your vine in the empty pot. Move the growth ray over in front of your vine, then take the stick propping up the flytrap plant. Go and look at the control panel on the far right wall - solve all 6 light puzzles, which involve turning the whole grid either red or yellow. Follow the paths from the green squares indicated below to solve them:

Puzzles 1-3

Puzzles 4-6

Press the bottom left button, and power will be provided to the growth ray. Go over to the sunflower that has now grown, and shake it to get some seeds. Move the growth ray to the flytrap plant, then press both bottom buttons on the right control panel, to activate the growth ray and the projector. Climb up the stairs and use the stick to hold open the mouth of the largest flytrap, then reach inside to get a magnifying glass. Climb back down and use this magnifying glass on the front of the projector. Insert drawer I into the back of the projector, then use the projector controls to change the picture until you see a butterfly with red spots. Go over to the left control panel and copy the design of red dots, then pull the butterfly's tail to open the door and go through.


Put the sunflower seeds in the top of the machine, and the oil can on the ground beneath its spout. Pump the handle up and down to fill the can with sunflower oil. Pick up the can again, then go and talk to the robot - his friend needs a new battery. Climb down the drainpipe, then drop down and climb up the stairs.

Town Courtyard

Give the sunflower oil to the robot in the wheelchair, and he will give you a ticket. Pick up his bandage from the ground, then head up the left stairs.


Use your ticket in the machine next to the door, then head inside. Go over to the bicycle machine and pedal until machine #1 powers up. Play this game (using spacebar and arrow keys) until you score 1000 points, then take the gold coin from the slot on its left side. Move the lever on the bicycle machine down to 2, then pedal until machine #2 powers up. Play this game (using the arrow keys) and move the small red box into the large red box, then escape the maze on each of the 5 levels VIDEO GAMER. Take another gold coin from the slot on this machine. Head outside and down the stairs.

Town Plaza

Put each of your coins into the vending machine and you will receive two batteries. Combine these with your bandage to make a larger battery. Now head down the stairs and up the pipe.


Give the large battery to the robot. After he moves, press the button and enter the tower.

King's Tower


Look at the panel on the left to see that two small light bulbs are missing. Go over and look in the base of the plant and you will dig up some dirt. While the small vacuum is cleaning, pick it up and you will shake out a bulb - pick this up. Now make yourself taller and push aside the top left leaf to show the pattern for level 2 (a star). Look at the left control panel and insert your bulb, then click on the lights to create this star pattern and the elevator will move. Leave the elevator.

Lobby and Bathroom

Use the power panel on the right to activate power in the room. Go over to the left and pull the lever down twice, so the vacuum moves to the other room. Go right into the bathroom, and climb on the vacuum. Make yourself taller and take the scissors, then climb down again. Head left and move the lever up twice, so the vacuum stops beneath the chandelier. Use the power panel to turn off the power again. Climb on the vacuum and use the scissors to cut down the chandelier. Climb back down, turn the power on and push the lever down twice, then return to the bathroom. Attach the chandelier to the vacuum and then to the toilet. Go left and flip the lever up to pull out the toilet, then return to the bathroom. Grab the toilet paper and you will drop through the hole in the floor. Swing over to the bomb and you will have a time limit to defuse it correctly - you must trace the wires and place the 5 fuses in their correct locations (DBEAC) DEACTIVATOR. Climb back up once you are done. Leave the bathroom and head up the stairs.

Master Bedroom

Talk to the king robot to learn what really happened. Press the red button on the left cabinet, then solve the two sliding puzzles (you must get the green balls into their correct location by sliding the others out of the way). Take the cord, then attach it to the king's head. In this minigame you need to first find the key (start by going right as far as you can, then down and follow the path). Next return to the lock and go through that door to get the gun. Now go throughout the maze and shoot all 40 evil robots DEBUGGER. The king will now give you the missing light bulb. Head back down the stairs and press the button to enter the elevator.


Look at the panel on the left and insert the missing bulb. Now click on the lights to create the star pattern for level -1. Leave the elevator again to find the basement. Walk right and pick up the heavy hammer. Use it to smash the small glass window, then return it to its stand. Pick up the key, then return to the elevator by pressing the button next to it. Use your key to open the right panel, then pick up the freeze can. Leave the elevator and use the freeze can on the large padlock. Pick up the hammer and use it to smash the frozen lock RESCUER. Walk right from the bedroom to reach the rooftop.


Look at the machine on the left and you will see the frequencies 7.0 and 108. Head back into the master bedroom and look at the orange radio on the left. Tune the radio to these frequencies, then memorise the musical pattern you hear. Go back outside and over to the left machine again. Recreate the music by pressing the buttons in this order: 1423523. The steps will now stick out of the other side of the roof, but you must quickly use your girlfriend to turn the handle to keep them there. Climb up the stairs to fly away ESCAPER.