Lumino CityLumino City

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/15/2015

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Lumino City is a puzzle-based 3rd person adventure created physically with paper and cardboard and then filmed, and is the sequel to the earlier game, Lume. After saving her grandfather in the last game, he promptly disappears again and Lumi follows him into nearby Lumino City to rescue him once more.

Grandad's House

Go down the stairs and make the tea, then run back upstairs to see your Grandad is missing. Pick up the Handymanual, then head outside.

The Stairs

Pick up the stick from the ground and use it to ring the bell just up to the left.

The Gatehouse

Up at the gatehouse, click on the small gate. Click on the 5 buttons on the lock in an order so that you are always following the arrows (start at the one where there is only an arrow leading away). Go through the small gate once it is open.

Enter the small building here to find a kitchen. Pick up the lemons, and take the book from the shelf to get a diagram. Go back outside and click on the electrical box. Drag your diagram and lemons out from your inventory. Now drag the lemons on to the power grid so that each of them connects a positive and negative terminal; there will be one lemon left over that you will take with you. Now climb right up on to the roof. Go and take the hook from the far left and attach it to the antenna. Press the button on the front of the building, then go up and sit on the antenna.

The Market

Chase the cat all the way to the Mayor's house. Talk to the Mayor until she gives you clues on how to enter the rest of the city. Go down the stairs on the right and click on the gears. Place all of the gears on pegs so they are interlocking and spinning the right way. Go back upstairs and outside, and click on the small box just to the right of the Mayor's house for another puzzle. Click the 3 buttons on the top right of this puzzle to rotate the different colored platforms so they match the display at the bottom right. Once this is achieved, click the red button. Now climb up the new staircase and walk through to the next area.

The Photographer

Press the small red button next to the door of the house on the left, then go inside. Talk to the photographer, then look at the large book of photos in the bookshelf. Continue to the room on the left, and look at the box on the left to see the next puzzle. Piece together the labels correctly on the bottles, then pour chemicals from the two bottles matching the partial labels indicated.

Now approach the dials. Reset the position of the lenses using the red X button if needed. To get all of the light in the room red, press A three times, switch the top control to the right, press C and B, switch the top control back to the left, then press C three times. Pull the lever on the wall 3 times, then go back to the box of chemicals and soak the 3 negatives. Go back to the right and show the photograph to the photographer. Go back outside and use the photograph on the red flashing light on the other building. Go through the door and climb up the ladders.

The Crane

Climb all the way up into the crane. Pull the lever on the right to trigger the backup motor. Climb down and then up to the cliff. Go and try to pull the backup motor, then talk to the Crane Operator. Climb back down again and talk to the Baker on the right, solving his puzzle (the middle orange bun is wrong) so you receive a bun as a reward. Give this bun to the man behind the red window at the bottom. Talk to the man in the yellow house, then the lady above, then the man and then the woman again. Give the can opener to the man.

Climb back up into the crane, then click on each of the locals in turn to start the motor. Quickly use the controls to move the dome down and to the right. Click on the locals again as needed until the dome covers the Lightwell. Climb down from the crane, up to the right, and down through the hole just right of the Lightwell.

The Lightwell

Attach the rope to yourself, then pick up the mirrors and place them on the slots on the wall to send light into each of the side rooms. Now jump down to the bottom left and enter the code indicated by the drawings in each of the rooms.


Based on this numerical layout, the code to enter is 16492510.

The Park

Look at the red door to see a puzzle with no obvious answer yet. Head right and look at the large display, then go back to the door and arrange the three concentric circles to match the display. Inside, pull the red handle, then ride on the cycle to power the pump. Go outside again, over to the right, and then down the red rope to the left. Drop off when the rope is at its lowest. Talk to the man in the house on the left, then the man in the hutch on the right. Take the spanner from outside the hutch, then climb back up the rope.

Enter the house again and use the spanner on the second handle, then use the handle to stop the water flowing. Head outside and jump on to the wheel. Climb along the red ropes to make your way to the middle and take the blue-green trousers. Climb back off the wheel by going near the edge, then climb down and give the trousers to the man in the hutch. Pick up the guitar, then play the following tune (numbering the strings 1-6 from bottom-top):

  • 44341
  • 22334
  • 55664
  • 33441
  • 4434111
  • 2233414

Play through the whole piece again, then stand up and knock on the door of the house on the left - you will be let through to the backyard.

The Cyclist

Talk to the cyclist, then move the patches on the tyre to cover the puncture holes. Click on the nozzle to pump up the tyre. Now climb up on the roof and adjust the red section of track before climbing back down and using the bicycle. Click when you reach the top to jump off the bike and climb up to the next area.

The Captain

Head right and enter the ticket station. Pick up the small trowel from the plant in the corner, and browse through the brochures. Go back outside and return left, then climb up the ladder by the left side of the building to reach the roof. Use the notes to work out which squares to try, and keep clicking to dig deep and eventually reveal the potatoes at 4 different sites; you will collect them when you have found them. Grab on to the big sack of potatoes to ride them down, then click on the Fish & Chips shop to give the potatoes to the shop owner. Take the packet of fish and chips when it is offered. Go back up and climb up the tall ladder once. A bird will start following you now that you have the fish and chips. Talk to the man at the barbecue, then wait until he is distracted by his wife and steal a packet of salt from next to him.

Climb up further and talk to the sailor next to the stuck boat. Climb up further still and put the salt into the water tank. Now examine the pump on the side of the tank. Solve the maths problem, then pull the red handle to check your answers. Climb back down and talk to the sailor again. Now head to the top of the mast on the ship, and put the fish and chips there. Open the red hatch on the boat to climb down, then speak to the officer. Take the plans from him and solve the jigsaw puzzle so the lines are all continuous from top to bottom. Climb back up and pull on the anchor to wake up the captain. Now climb down the anchor to reach the next area.

The Sky Garden

Open the door to the green carbon dioxide pump and adjust the pipes to get the flow working properly (use pipe numbers 6, 8, 1, 3 and 11). Now climb up the left ladder. After talking to the man here, use the pump controls to move the coin around until it rests on the circle and you can take it. Climb back down, then climb up the other ladder to the red building. Look at the machine and insert the coin, then press the red buttons until they are all fully depressed - you will automatically take a deflated balloon. Climb up on the roof and use the balloon on the valve to fill it with helium.

The Town

Go through the doorway behind you into a library. Go halfway up the middle ladder to find a book on Morse code, and take the out the removable guide before returning outside. Head around to the left, then climb all the way up to the brown roof. Slide down the flags, and jump off when you can to swing to the right. Keep climbing up to reach a light mill, and go through the red door at the top. Click on the Morse code machine, then take the coat hanger from the top. Climb up the ladder and look through the telescope to see somebody holding a sign. Open the drawer on the left and you will take a key from inside. Red the sign on the left wall, then use the controls on the back wall. Turn the lenses until they are all directing their light horizontally. Now use the controls on the left and you will automatically bring up the Morse code guide.

Use the right handle to change between dots and dashes, and the left handle to send signals. Send the Morse code for SOS, then look through the telescope to get another message. Now go back and send the Morse code for ROPE. Go outside and look through the telescope to see the market and then your Grandad. Use your coat hanger on the rope to slide down.

The Diner

Go right and climb on top of the diner. Solve the solar oven jigsaw puzzle. Now head into the diner and play the pinball game; you need to move the bumpers to first get a ball to the jackpot area at the top left, then on a second game get the ball to the other jackpot area. After you take the token, give it to the customer in the diner and you will receive 4 pieces of mail. Go outside and head up to the post stop. Use the mailboxes and you will automatically look at the 4 pieces of mail. Decipher the addresses as:

  • 32 New St
  • Eight Piano Garden Square
  • 24 Lightwell St
  • One Spinner House

Climb down and talk to the waiter, then go back to the mailboxes and click to travel to your next stop.

Spinner House

Walk over to the right and use the red spinner in the middle of the house, then go over and use the bottom left spinner (near the old man). Slide down the blue pole right next to you and head over to the left to use the spinner in the middle bottom part of the house. Go up to the red room at the very top and open the door to get a hammer. Use the same spinner as last time, then go to the far bottom right and use the one there - you will end up back next to the old man.

Run through the bottom of the house and use the spinner at the far bottom right. Climb up the two ladders to reach an attic and search the chest here to get some nails. Climb back down one ladder and use the spinner here. Use the gramophone, then climb up the ladder on the right and slide down the blue pipe further to the right. Run back through the bottom of the house and use the spinner near the old man. Slide down the long blue pipe to reach the bottom room, then use your hammer and nails on the wardrobe directly above you. Use the bottom right spinner.

Go inside and climb the yellow staircase, then head outside to the left and get a key from the box. Go all the way to the far right now and use your key on the blue door. Open the round door and head through.

The Moving City

Climb up the pipe, then jump across to the red ladder and climb up. Keep going right and up to reach the grey maintenance panel up high. Open this and solve the cog puzzle. Now make your way down and to the far left, then back to the right until you are inside an orange house. Take the key from inside the cupboard, then go back outside and up towards the red door to the left. Use the key on the small panel to its right side, then solve a circuit board puzzle (match up all of the pairs of numbers). Now just follow the guides to the right and go through the oval hatch to the next location.

The Turbine Hall

Press the orange button, then head into the room on the left. Read the birds pamphlet, then use the old machine on the left. Pick up a punch card and enter the code for MARY by punching holes where the ones are located below:


Insert the card into the slot. Now grab another card and enter the code for the number 2, then enter this card into the slot:


Leave this room and now head to the room further up the hall. Look at the TRAK700 machine in the middle of the room and arrange the spindles so you can drag the tape from the start reel, over the 4 lights, and back to the end reel. Once you have done this, go back outside and head up to the top left room. Click on the projector and complete the circuit by joining A-A and B-B. When you realize you need a power source, plug in your lemon. Watch the video projected on the screen and you will learn the exit code. Leave this room and go to the top right room, entering code 49463.

The Factory Roof

Climb up the ladder and you will automatically open the hatch and go up to the roof. Go to the stack in the background and climb up the ladders all the way to the very top.