Lula 3DLula 3D

Year:  2005

Genre:  Adult

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Lula 3D is an adult adventure game starring Lula, successful porn star and entrepreneur. When three of her friends are kidnapped, she must travel throughout America to track them down and save them.

Beverly Hills

Triplets' Room

Talk to Brian about everything, then head up the stairs to the left of the bar. Go around the balcony to the last room and open the door. Walk inside and pick up the matchbook from the floor near the table, and the key to the gatehouse (in the back left corner of the room).


Head back downstairs again and talk to Brian. Now go outside and over towards the right. You will eventually find some stairs to head down and then see a gatehouse on your right. Try to open the door, but it is locked. Get the gatehouse key from your inventory and now you can head inside. Look at Fred on the couch to the right. Now pick up the video cable from the floor, and the 2 videocassettes. Connect the video cable to the video recorder on the desk. Now watch both videocassettes using the recorder.

Tell Brian What Happened

Head back into the house and talk to Brian.

Call Spandau

Show Brian the matchbook while you're standing next to him. Now use the phone on the glass table in the lobby of the house. Try Spandau's number, but the one you've got is wrong. Talk to Brian again to ask for the correct number, twice, and he will suggest you ask the actors. Go and find Lisa lying next to the pool and she will give you the number. Now head back inside and use the phone to speak to Spandau. Speak to Brian and tell him of your plan to leave for San Francisco.

Drive to San Francisco

Run out the front to the cars and motorcycle, and try to use them but they are all locked. Head back inside and ask Brian where the keys are - he doesn't know. Ask the actors around the pool, and make sure you pick up the mobile phone from the table next to Lisa. Now talk to the couple in the gazebo. Head back inside as they suggest, and enter the bathroom (one of the doors downstairs). Talk to the showering lesbians, then talk to Brian again to get the keys. Use them on your Chevy outside to leave.

San Francisco Streets

Find Spandau's Loft

Turn around and head left down the slope and try to open the door to Spandau's loft. Head further down the slope and speak to Rowdy and Guy, but they can't help you. Head back up to the main street and past your car. At the next slope down to the right, you will see a dark van. Open the rear door and pick up the earring from inside. Go further down the alley and talk to Hank about everything. Now talk to Skunk down a little bit further, and again make sure you talk about everything. Go back out to the street and talk to Marilyn and Sarah. Head back to the door to Spandau's loft, and you can now open it and head inside. Go up 1 flight of stairs and look at the nameplate next to the door - it belongs to Spandau. Try to open the door, but it is locked.

Find the Key to Spandau's Loft / Supply Hamett with the Right "Alcohol"

Head up another flight of stairs and open the door to Hamett's loft. Head inside and pick up the empty bottle and the photo from the table. Now take the black wig from the side table and you will wear it immediately. Talk to Hamett about everything, then head outside.

Go and visit Skunk again and give him Lorna's photo. Take the bag of licorice that he drops. Leave the alley and enter the adult bookstore right next to your chevy. Go straight to the counter and take the mobile battery (you will automatically insert it into your mobile phone). Leave this shop and find the liquor store on the opposite corner. Inside, talk to Willy about alcohol. Give him your empty bottle, then the licorice, and take the bottle of special absinthe mix he provides.

Return to Hamett and give him the absinthe. Now talk to him and offer to pose when you get the chance. Once he is sitting down again he will give you Spandau's key. Head to his loft and let yourself inside.

Search Spandau's Apartment

Look at the first cat you see, and you notice a key around its neck. Try to pet the cats, but they will run away from you. Enter the kitchen and open the white cabinet door, then take the cat food. Put the cat food in the bowl next to the refrigerator and the cat will approach. Take the collar and key from its neck. Go back to near the entrance to the loft and use the key to open the metal cabinets. Take the power battery, the old letter and the videocassette. Put the battery in the video camera, then use the tape on it to watch it.

Search Spandau's Apartment More Carefully

Walk over to the desk and listen to the messages on the answering machine.

Enter the Wild Chicken Club

Head back outside to the streets and speak to Aunt Kiki at the entrance to the Wild Chicken Club - she won't let you in even if you are wearing the black wig. Now find Sarah and Marilyn again and show them both the earring, so they will help you get inside. When you have the opportunity, invite Sarah for coffee. In the coffee shop, talk to Sarah, who really wants a cup of coffee. Go and speak to Phillip behind the counter, and order drinks for the girls. Also ask him some other questions while you are here. Talk to Sarah again and you will get her Club ID. Have the ID in your hand and open the back door to the Wild Chicken Club.

San Francisco Club

Replace Sarah / Clear the Way Upstairs

Head upstairs and talk to Davis, who won't let you get past. Head back down and into the club itself. Grab a bottle of hot chili sauce from one of the tables, and an empty glass from in front of one of the patrons. Go to the bar and look at the bartender and the cup of grog on the counter. Add some hot chili sauce to the cup and the bartender will leave. Go behind the bar and put the tea-warmer in the water. Now wait for the bartender to return. Give him an empty glass to wash, and the stairs leading up will become clear.

Find Stanley's Office

Go upstairs and head down the corridor. Open the door to the bathroom at the end (you can get the mobile phone from in here if you didn't get the one back home in Beverly Hills). Now open the Boss' door, and you will overhear a conversation. When the guys are about to come out, hide in the bathroom.

Find Ms Schreiber's Address

Go and open the Boss' door again to overhear a telephone call. Hide in the bathroom a second time when the boss comes out. Now head into the office and you will get a call from Brian. Go to the desk and get Schreiber's address from the index cards.

Get Out as Fast as Possible

Go back down the stairs, but Hank won't let you leave. Head back upstairs and take the keys from the statue. Also have a look at the time cards on the small table in this area. Try to open the door next to the table, but it is locked. Use the key to open the door and head inside. Talk to the dominatrix, and mention the time card to get her to leave. Next talk to the senator. Get the pan from the wall and use it on the senator to knock him out. Take the handcuffs and head downstairs. Use the handcuffs on Hank and you can leave.


Take a Break

Try to enter the diner, but it is closed. Instead, head over to the gas station. Talk to Ben and order a cup of coffee. Keep talking to him until he runs away. Pick up the knife that he drops. Return to your chevy and try to use it, but you've lost the keys.

Stop the Black Van from Driving On

Turn around until you spot the black van. Approach it and look at it to recognise it from San Francisco. Use the knife on the rear tyre and Mike will come outside to investigate. Play through the mini-arcade game and then head over to your chevy again.

Drive to Las Vegas as Fast as Possible

Walk into the diner and you will meet Gina coming outside. She will accompany you in your car. There will be a shoot-out with 2 cops, after which you drop Gina at her house and continue driving.

Las Vegas

Find and Contact Schreiber

Go down the street and up the stairs to door #31. Look at the door to see that Ms Schreiber lives here. Ring the doorbell, but she doesn't answer. Head back past your chevy and look at the photo store. Look at the door to notice the store is closed. Now go to the back corner of the parking area to find a rubbish bin containing tomatoes. Get some tomatoes and head back to Ms Shreiber's apartment. Throw tomatoes through her window (you need to get 5 tomatoes to hit and shake the window to break it), then pick up the key and head inside.

Go upstairs and talk to Ms Schreiber, but she needs her hearing aid. Go back downstairs and into the kitchen. Open the refrigerator and grab the hearing aid, then head back upstairs and talk to her again.

Search for Clues and Ask Ms Schreiber About Them

Exit the room with Ms Schreiber and head towards the stairs going up. Take the photo of Mt Rushmore from the wall here. Head downstairs and take the photo of the Western Town photo from the sitting room (near the kitchen). Now return to Ms Schreiber and show her both photos. Ask for Mr Wong's number and she will eventually tell you to look at the phone. Go downstairs and use the phone, then head back upstairs and get the number, then back downstairs and call Mr Wong.

Find Mr Wong's Photo Store

Head outside and back to the photo store. Open the door and go inside, then ring the bell on the counter. Show Mr Wong the photo of Mr Rushmore, then use it on Mr Wong's glasses.

Inform Ms Schreiber

Just go back and talk to Ms Schreiber again.

Mt Rushmore

What Exactly is the "Flyspeck" in Jefferson's Nose

Head away from the car, up the narrow track lined with lights. Speak to the shop owner in the small gift shop, then try using the telescope looking at the monument. Everything looks black because the lens is closed. Go back to the shop and look at the money can on the counter. Find Dusty and take his dog tag. Use that on the money can and you will get 2 quarters. Go and put the money in the telescope.

Get the Object from Jefferson's Nose

Talk to the shop owner, then head further down the path to find a couple. Talk to them to get an idea about a catapult. Try using the only working telescope from this viewing area and it will break. Look at the telescope bracket and you will note that you could use this to make your catapult. Talk to the shop owner and Gina, then head back to the carpark. Try to open the trunk of the pink car, then use the knife on it. Grab the catapult and head back to the viewing area. Mount the catapult on the bracket. Now use the catapult - you need to get Dusty to hit the nose 3 times within 10 shots, and he will bring you the doll. Pick up the doll.

Show Gina the Doll

Show the doll to Gina and you will get an idea.

Hold the "Western Town" Photo Under the Shopkeeper's Nose

Show the photo of the Western Town to the shop owner, then show it to Gina. Ask Gina what was said, and you will drive to your next location.

Colorado Creek

Talk to Both Film Team "Actors" About the Triplets

Speak to Lymph when you arrive, then go outside and walk towards the tents. Talk to both actors, then return to the saloon. Talk to the two stagehands outside, then go inside. Talk to the monkey on the bar, then Jack, who is sitting at the table.

Find Gina and Dave / Break into the Church Door

Head out of the saloon and turn left. You will see a toolbox on the ground near a building. Look at the battery-powered screwdriver in there. Go around behind this building and walk around the trailer. Look through the window, and you will hear moaning noises. Now head back towards the saloon and directly across to the church. Try to open the door, but it is locked. Go back and pick up the screwdriver. Head into the saloon and charge the screwdriver using the power-strip behind the car. Go back to the church and use the screwdriver to open the door.

Water Dave's Flowers

Pick up the key that Dave drops for you. Go back to his trailer and use the key to open the door. After the brief interlude, you will have a Winchester rifle.

The Gun

Go to the front of the saloon and talk to Gina - she will follow you to the weapon store, and you will automatically shoot the bell in the church. Head over to the church and grab the doll from Jackson the monkey. Talk to Gina and you will end up travelling again.

Beauty Farm

Look for the Beauty Farm

Approach the door and look at it, but it doesn't open. Talk to Chrissy, who suggests looking for a fuse box. Go back up the stairs and around to the right, and look at the fuse box. Fasten the wire, then go back to the doors - they still don't open. Walk towards the car and they will open, then go back towards the entrance and they will close. Talk to Gina, who will stand in a position to hold the doors open, and head inside. Talk to Ms Hanson behind the desk.

Open the Box

Go through to the pool area, and try to open the locker over to the right - it is locked. Talk to the Baroness by the pool, and Mr Dagger in the far corner. Walk behind the Baroness and unfasten her bikini clasp. While Mr Dagger is distracted, steal his screwdriver. Use this to open the locker and take the third doll. Go and show this to Gina.

Explore the Operating Room

Go behind the desk here and take the key from the rack. Now head upstairs and find the operating room door. Use the key to get inside.

New Orleans

Kill to Live Another Day

There are now five separate mini-arcade sequences. Simply kill the bad guys in each of them to complete the game.