Louisiana AdventureLouisiana Adventure

Game Details:  Mystery, 2012

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/22/2018

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Louisiana Adventure is a 3rd person mystery adventure game. You play as special agent Katie, working for the Bureau of Special Investigations, and are sent to investigate a series of murders with potential supernatural involvement. There are in-game achievements, which are obtained by selecting the right conversation items and solving puzzles correctly the first time.

Police Station

Take the notebook from the small chess table, then turn around and go to the desk at the other end of the room. Talk to Theodor and say "To be honest, sir... I only believe what I see with my own eyes! Or what I can verify on my own." You will end up at the Hotel Albert, and then go on to your next major location.

Country Hotel

When you arrive and are talking to the coachman, say "Thank you. You did the right thing." Try to approach the body, but the undertaker will stop you. Try to talk to him, then go over and enter the hotel. Use the bell on the desk to meet the receptionist, where you should say "Sure. Could you give me some more information about that incident?" After you receive your room key, head upstairs and turn right, then enter room 102. Talk to the bellboy, selecting "And where's their boat, right now?" Take some tweezers from on top of the low cabinet along the far wall, then take the towel from on your bed.

Leave the hotel again and go over to the left to find a janitor painting a boat. Try to talk to him, but he is too busy. Turn left and look on the ground behind the large tree to find gnome fragment 4. Head back in the direction of the hotel entrance, but make sure you look down at a pedestal with some small footprints on it on the left. Continue towards the entrance and talk to the bellboy outside, saying "You look a little glum. Are you all right?" Head inside and take yesterday's newspaper from the small table in the hotel lobby. Give this to the bellboy outside, then say "I gather you know everyone at the hotel." Keep talking to him about everything else.

Go inside once more and go into the dining room on the left. Try to take the bottle of whiskey from the bar, but it is reserved for Mr Wilbur's private collection. Head upstairs again and around to the right on to the next landing. Search the toolbox to get a hammer. Go into room 102 again and go through the door immediately on the left to find the bathroom. Take the soap from near the basin. Use your hammer on the bath and water will start spraying everywhere. Go down and talk to Mr Wilbur at the bar, then you will automatically follow him up to your bathroom. Walk up behind him and steal his key. Go back down to the dining room and take the bottle of whiskey and the bill from the bar.

Head upstairs and enter room 104 (also on the first floor, at the other end of the hallway). Talk to Miss Kennard, saying "All right, but I have no money with me right now. I'll try and scrape it together." Take the sleeping pills from the table behind her, then collect gnome fragment 1 on your way back out of the room. Go down to the dining room and talk to Mr Jacobs, a man in a white suit sitting by himself. Talk to him, then give him your bill and you will receive 2 dollars.

Combine the whiskey and sleeping pills in your inventory, then head outside and give the whiskey to the undertaker. Now you can examine the body. Go and talk to the bellboy again to learn that Miss Kennard likes flowers. Go past the janitor painting the boat and around towards the gate. Pick up a small bouquet of flowers from the ground on the right. Head back past the body towards the barn and collect gnome fragment 2 from the pile of hay near the water trough.

Head inside again and go to the door just past the reception desk. Unlock this door with your key. Go inside and take the evidence from the desk (a piece of paper with a shoe print, and an old Confederate coin). After talking to the janitor, go out to the dining room, then through the door on the side to reach an outdoor courtyard. Find gnome fragment 4 on the ground to the right, then combine all 4 fragments in your inventory. Now head to the overhanging vines and go down some steps here to find the machine room. Make your way to the far end and examine the wooden crate to see some instructions.

Fountain Puzzle

Turn around and find a Z-shaped pipe straight ahead, then turn the valve on it. Turn around again and head back towards the crate, then turn the valve on the left. Turn around again and follow the path around to the right, then find a Y-shaped pipe on your left; turn the final valve here.

Go back inside, where you will briefly talk to Mr Wilbur about the fixed fountain. Go out to the front area and place you completed garden gnome on the pedestal with the small footprints. Head up to room 104 and give your bouquet of flowers to Miss Kennard. Take the bathrobe from her bed, then give her your 2 dollars, and say "Have you ever seen a spectral phantom or anything like that before?"

Government District

Once you reach the underpass, select "Investigate Miss Kennard (witness)." Head along the street until you find Allison, painting a lamp post. Talk to her and say "Yes." Enter the grounds of the Hotel Albert and you will automatically go to sleep; the next morning you will meet Allison and receive a map and a government certificate.


Turn right from the boat and head along the shore until you find 4 posts with levers.

Swamp Bridge Puzzle

Numbering the levers 1-4 from left to right, pull levers 1, 3 and then 4 to completely raise the bridge platforms.

Cross the bridge and follow the path to the shack - try to enter and you will be knocked out and locked inside. Search the shelves to get an old photograph and a wrench. Go over to the cupboard and take the moldy cheese. Also collect an empty bottle from the nearby table. Pick up a wooden plank from near the door, then use this on the large crate to move it. Now you can open the trapdoor in the floor. Try to go down, but you need to get rid of the rat first. Use your moldy cheese on the entrance, then climb down.

Pick up the cork stopper from the table, the bag of table salt from the low shelf, and the metal hook from the workbench. Examine the large distillation tower. Use your wrench on it to end up with a metal pipe. Now examine the collection vessel on the other end of the workbench. Use your bag of table salt on it, then use your empty bottle to get some acid. In your inventory, use your cork stopper on the bottle. Climb back up the ladder.

Use your corked bottle of acid on the door. Now combine your metal book and metal pipe, then use this on the door. You can now head outside again. Head to the right and follow the shore until you find the shipwreck.

Government District

After talking to the coachman, go through the gate on the right and talk to Miss Kennard, selecting "(True) I don't know him. My snitch told me about him. In fact I really don't care about you or your fiance. All I need is information." Your coachman will now ask you to get him a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. Go through the gate on the right again and take a glass from one of the tables here. Go back out to the street and around the corner towards the park. Look under the veranda on the left to find another glass on a barrel. Go around the corner to the left and take the bottle of wine from on top of a crate. Return and give the wine and glasses to the coachman.

You will automatically sleep, then end up talking to the coachman again. Say "I have this shoe imprint (evidence). Could you ask local shoemakers for more details?" Enter the park and talk to the man sitting on the bench - this is Max the pharmacist and he has a puzzle for you to solve.

Max's Logic Puzzle

You need to place pieces on the board according to the rules indicated at the bottom. This is the solution:

After meeting with the coachman again, head along the street and knock on the door of the light brown brick house with flowerpots in the windows - there will be no answer. Go and talk to the paperboy and ask "Do you know him?" You will automatically tag along with him later, then will talk to the coachman yet again. Go around to the park and talk to the undertaker, who is also the pathologist. Go to the Hotel Albert and you will automatically sleep.

After waking up and talking to the coachman, leave the hotel grounds and turn right. Talk to the policeman, then go behind him and talk to the janitor through the grate in the ground - say "Listen to me now..." followed by "You're quite right." Head back around towards the underpass, then enter the Gentleman's Shop on the right. Talk to Mr Hanson and say "I'm looking for a pin." Go back to the grate and talk to the janitor again to automatically give him the pin. After talking to him and the coachman again, head towards the park and enter the large red brick building.


Examine the footprints/dragging marks on the ground. Examine the two sets of shelves and pick up some pliers as well as broken lever 1. Lift up the hatch in the floor and climb down. Turn left and head towards a blue/green door, then go right through a hole in the wall and turn right to find broken lever 3. Turn around and head along the wooden tunnel until you automatically stop at a nail. Use your pliers to remove this from the wooden beam. Continue along the tunnel and go through the metal door at the end.

Turn right and go to the corner of this large hall, then talk to the janitor, who is locked inside a cage. Look at the bases of the large steel girders in the middle of the hall and you will find broken lever 4. Continue to the far end of the hall and turn right, going between two metal girders on the floor. Pick up the coarse rope from the ground, then go down the steps and talk to the Confederate soldier, saying "I know him, really well too." Turn around and examine the boulder at the base of the steps, then use your alloy nail on it to turn it into an alloy hook.

Go back up the steps, then find another set of steps over to the left, taking a small sharp-edged stone from on those steps. Go back to the other end of the hall with the janitor in his cage. Examine the wooden fence against the wall here, and use your stone on it twice to end up with 2 wooden boards. Next return down to the Confederate soldier and go through the door behind him (ignore his warnings). Go along the narrow tunnel here and try to take another broken lever from under the boards on the right, but you can't reach it. Combine the rope and hook in your inventory, then use this to retrieve broken lever 2. Continue further along and you will be stopped by a wire trap - use your pliers to cut the wire. Just ahead on the left you will find your next puzzle.

Broken Lever Puzzle

There are 4 lever mechanisms on the wall - number these 1-4 from left to right. Insert the broken levers into the correct lever mechanisms using this numbering system (they won't fit any other way). Now to open the gate, pull the levers in this order: 3, 2, 4, 1.

Go forward through the open gate and you will fall through the floor. Continue along the new tunnel and pick up an iron rod on the right before climbing the ladder. Go forward and pick up a red oil-can as you enter the next room. On walking further into the room you will be stopped by a Union soldier - answer with "You mean that Confederate soldier?" and then "I'll give you two dollars." After receiving a letter, head through the door to the right. Continue to the next door and examine it to see that it has rusted shut. Use your oil-can on the door, then use your iron rod on it to force it open.

Head in the direction of the caged janitor, and talk to the Confederate soldier on the way. Give him the letter from the Union soldier, then say "Could you let your prisoner go?" and you will receive a cage key. Go and use this to free the janitor.

Night-Time at the Beaumont

After talking to the janitor, head around the side of the hotel into a courtyard with a fountain. Talk to Mr Wilbur, who is sweeping the courtyard. Look in the fountain, but you will decide not to take a goldfish, as it will look suspicious. Next talk to Allison, who is cleaning some fish nearby. Talk to her until she gives you a dead fish. Go back to the fountain and swap your dead fish for a goldfish. Go back and talk to Mr Wilbur, then when he is distracted go down the steps and out to the jetty.

Enter the cabin on the jetty, then examine the chest to the right. Use this to reveal your next puzzle.

Locked Chest Puzzle

As with Max's logic puzzle earlier, you must place pieces on the board according to the rules indicated at the bottom. This is the solution:

You will automatically take the walking stick from inside. Return to Mr Wilbur and automatically talk to him. Go to the fountain and swap the goldfish back, then return the dead fish to Allison. Talk to Mr Wilbur one last time, then return to the front of the hotel. Talk to the janitor again.

Government District

Talk to the coachman, then enter the gentleman's shop and talk to Mr Hanson. You will automatically go to sleep, then wake up in a new area.

New Orleans Suburbs

After talking to the smuggler, look on the side of the planter box beside you and take the apple and bottle of wine. Leave the courtyard and turn left on the street. Keep going until Mr Hanson stops you, as there is a bicycle race coming soon. Turn around and find a carpenter's saw on the first cart. Continue along the road to where 2 ladders have fallen, then look to the left and pick up a paintbrush from on top of some crates.

Go further down the street and you will hear a noise inside a tavern on the right corner. Go inside and pick up a tavern key from one of the tables. Go behind the counter and use your tavern key to open the cellar door. After the police constable leaves, pick up the crowbar from the doorway. Enter the cellar and look left to see some numbers painted on the wall: 7-1-3-7-10-4.

Return outside and turn right, then talk to the paperboy. Give him your apple, then talk to him again, and say "Perhaps you could help me." Talk to him about everything else, then leave. Continue down this street, picking up a velocipede wheel and a velocipede brake from the right. Cross the road and enter a courtyard, where you can pick up a straw man. Return to where you found Mr Hanson blocking your way. Examine the crate on the right and use your crowbar on it, then open it to get some bloomers.

Go back along the street and turn left, until you are blocked by a large dog. Turn around and go back to the small trolley. Put your straw man on the trolley, then use the bloomers on the straw man and push the trolley. Now you can get past the dog. Open the doors to the building immediately on the left, but you won't want to confront Max by yourself. Go back to the paperboy and say "I presume you know my coachman." Answer his question with "Okay, I'll sell them."

Go straight ahead and talk to the janitor, then buy him a newspaper (1/5). Return to Mr Hanson and talk to him, then give him your velocipede brake and he will buy a newspaper (2/5). Now go into the courtyard where you started this area and talk to him, saying "I am truly indebted to you, but I have just on more favor to ask." Go back to the janitor and look at the paint bucket on the ground near the fire hydrant, then use your paint brush on it. Turn around and go down to the other end of the street. Just before you reach the police officer, look on the left and pick up a wooden board leaning against the building. Now talk to the police officer and ask "Are you interested in buying the latest newspaper?" He will buy a newspaper (3/5). Use your paint brush on him. Go back and talk to the smuggler again, saying "Well, a smile is all you'll get." He will then buy a newspaper (4/5).

Next enter the pharmacy and talk to Max twice, then say "Sure. I'll try to find it." Head back towards Mr Hanson and you will find an open drain in the road just before you reach him. Examine this to see Max's briefcase at the bottom. Use your carpenter's saw on your wooden board, then use your shaped board on the drain to retrieve the briefcase. Go back to Max and give him his briefcase; he will buy your last newspaper (5/5) and you will end up talking to the coachman outside.

Go to the tavern and use the piano - if you number the available white keys 1-10 from left to right, play the sequence you saw on the wall earlier: 7-1-3-7-10-4. You will end up taking a letter in code from a hidden compartment in the piano. Go back and give this letter to the coachman. Enter the pharmacy and talk to Max, saying "Tell me, Max, why did you get rid of Splitsy?"

Police Station

Talk to Theodor once more.