Little InfernoLittle Inferno

Year:  2012

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Little Inferno is a short game almost entirely played from a first person view of a fireplace. Gameplay primarily involves burning combinations of objects in the fireplace, against a backstory of staying inside in front of the warmth of the fireplace to shelter from the harsh reality of the outside world.


Start by burning the letters and other papers you receive, then order items from the 1st catalog and burn these too. Now you need to start collecting combos (you can see the list by pulling down the control in the top right of the fireplace). Order new catalogs when they are available, and respond to requests for items by attaching them to the letters asking for them. Try not to burn the coupon for a free hug as you can use it later.


Chimney Stuffer

  1. Bike Pirate: Wooden Bicycle, Toy Pirate
  2. Someone Else's: Someone Else's Credit Card, Someone Else's Family Portrait
  3. Springtime: Instant Seed Packet, Alarm Clock
  4. Generations: Spider Egg, Someone Else's Family Portrait
  5. Lenders: Someone Else's Credit Card, Blankity Bank
  6. Movie Night: Corn on the Cob, Television

Totally Recalled TOYS

  1. Seafarers: Toy Pirate, Oil Barge
  2. Building bricks: Building Blocks, Ordinary Brick
  3. Fire Breather: Antiki Torch, Pyranosaurus Plushie
  4. Dino-Mite: Pyranosaurus Plushie, Disgruntled Elf Plushie
  5. Watching You: Television, Wandering Eye
  6. Magnetic Heart: Broken Magnet, Cold Metal Heart
  7. Double Fan: Space Heater, Cold Metal Heart
  8. Terrible Teeth: Eager Bunny Plushie, Toy Leperchaun
  9. Time Bomb: Alarm Clock, Mini Nuke
  10. LOL Kitty: Wandering Eye, Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie

Snooty Foodie

  1. Catfish: Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie, Blowfish
  2. Bear in a Chinashop: Feelings Bear Plushie, Fragile China
  3. Dinnerware: Wooden Spoon, Fragile China
  4. Cornflakes: Corn on the Cob, Tooth 'n' Corn Breakfast Flakes
  5. Deadly Fish: Blowfish, Discount Sushi
  6. Wake Up!: Alarm Clock, Coffee
  7. Iced Coffee: Dry Ice Cubes, Coffee
  8. Easter Bunny: Egg Pack, Eager Bunny Plushie
  9. Liquid Diet: Future Fizz, Coffee, Midlife Crisis Mitigator
  10. Egg Sac: Spider Egg, Locust Eggs
  11. Freaked Out Food: Marshmallows, Coffee, Toaster

1st Person Shopper

  1. Wooden Block: Letter Blocks, Building Blocks, Tetronimos
  2. Arachnid: Spider Egg, Giant Spider
  3. Zombie Garden: Instant Seed Packet, Toy Zombie
  4. Eggcellent: Egg Pack, Phoenix Egg
  5. Puzzling Adventure: Tetronimos, Gentleman Adventurer Doll
  6. World of Goo: Goo Ball Pack, Casual Game
  7. Airplane Mode: Cell Phone, Handheld Fireplace, Gaming Tablet
  8. Underwater: Blowfish, Miss Hexopus
  9. Meta: Handheld Fireplace, Beta Version
  10. Pixel Pixelated: Pixel Pack, Beta Version
  11. Japanese: Discount Sushi, Toy Ninja
  12. Brains Ahoy HIYA!: Toy Zombie, Toy Pirate, Toy Ninja
  13. Rosy: Valkyrie Doll, Gravity Boy Action Toy

Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living

  1. Howl at the Moon: Howling Coyote, Mini Moon
  2. Cat Lady: Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie, Old Lady Doll
  3. Elderly Couple: Gentleman Adventurer Doll, Old Lady Doll
  4. Terrible Mystery: The Terrible Secret, Mystery Seasoning
  5. Change the Bulb: Fragile Bulbs, Modern Lamp
  6. Cold War: Uncle Sam's Blam Blams, Russian Nesting Doll
  7. Framed: Little Inferno Collector Poster, Someone Else's Family Portrait, Oil Painting
  8. Writer's Block: Letter Blocks, Word Pack
  9. Stop Drop & Roll: Smoke Detector, Fire Extinguisher
  10. Colorful Flame: Zesty Beetles, Beta Version, Powder Barrel
  11. Pollinating: Instant Seed Packet, Cocoon
  12. Cat Bath: Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie, Dish Detergent
  13. Clean Plate: Dish Detergent, Fragile China
  14. Orchestral: Valkyrie Doll, Cello
  15. Moonlight Melody: Mini Moon, Cello
  16. Medicated Midlife: Midlife Crisis Mitigator, Medicated Mommy Pills
  17. Pill Popper: Best Friend Supplement Pills, Medicated Mommy Pills

Shop & Awe

  1. Bearskin Rug: Feelings Bear Plushie, Old Bear Trap
  2. Fireworks: Uncle Sam's Blam Blams, Dynamite Daisy
  3. Spinning Blades: Super Juicer 4000, Drill Chain Thrower
  4. TIMBER!: Drill Chain Thrower, Lumberjack Hand, Manly Odor Spray
  5. Poker Hand: Glass Cards, Lumberjack Hand
  6. Duck Season: Gaming Tablet, Game Bush
  7. Huntin': Old Bear Trap, Game Bush
  8. Nuclear Shave: Mini Nuke, Manly Razer
  9. Manly: Manly Razer, Manly Trophy, Manly Odor Spray
  10. Brick 'n Mortar: Ordinary Brick, Unstable Ordinance
  11. Texting Gurl: Cell Phone, Low Self-Esteem Action Doll
  12. Sorority Party: Low Self-Esteem Action Doll, Balloons
  13. Chain Puffer: Drill Chain Thrower, Puff Pack
  14. Deadly Vices: Midlife Crisis Mitigator, Glass Cards, Puff Pack
  15. Legal Charges: Legal Briefcase, Someone Else's Credit Card
  16. Injection: Snake Surprise, Protein Powder
  17. Bodybuilder: Manly Trophy, Protein Powder
  18. Deafening: Valkyrie Doll, Sonic Boombox
  19. Road Rage: Wooden Bicycle, Celebration Bus, Mustache Rider
  20. Diseased: Toy Leperchaun, Mystery Seasoning, Book of Darkness

Existence, NOW

  1. Chain Email: Drill Chain Thrower, Email
  2. Wooden Applause: Lumberjack Hand, Laser Pointer
  3. World Adventurer: Flaming Globe, Gentleman Adventurer Doll
  4. Learning is Fun!: Celebration Bus, Toy Rocketship
  5. Glasses & Staches: Fashionable Sunglasses, Mighty Mustache
  6. Before the Internet: Television, Old Timey Radio
  7. Sleeping Idol: Sleeping Idol, Triangle Idol, Rotund Idol
  8. Ice Planet: Dry Ice Cubes, Mini Pluto
  9. Heart and Soul: Cold Metal Heart, Transhumanist Action Figure
  10. Yellow Brick Road: Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie, Scarecrow, Transhumanist Action Figure
  11. Planes & Trains: Unstable Ordinance, Railroad Xing
  12. Robotic Future: Clampy Bot, Mum & Dad Bots
  13. Polar Bear: Feelings Bear Plushie, South Pole
  14. Cardboard: Imitation Meatboy, Cardboard Sword, Decoy Lady Bug
  15. Sausage Factory: Sausage Links, Clone Factory
  16. Book Club: The Terrible Secret, Book of Darkness, Creation Science
  17. Spam Cloud: Email, Internet Cloud
  18. Online Piracy: Internet Cloud, Toy Pirate
  19. It's a Sign: Railroad Xing, This Way Down
  20. Sun Flower: Miniature Sun, Instant Seed Packet
  21. Mini Milkyway: Mini Moon, Mini Pluto, Miniature Sun
  22. Future's So Bright: Miniature Sun, Fashionable Sunglasses


You will eventually get a request to burn 4 items together:

  • Jar of Fireflies
  • Broken Magnet
  • Toy Exterminator
  • Fashionable Sunglasses

After doing this, click on the two counters and you will end up outside. Walk right twice and talk to the mailman, then read your letter. Continue right twice more and talk to the gate operator. Talk to the receptionist, then enter the elevator. Go right again and use your coupon for a free hug if you still have it. Now go left and back down in the elevator. Leave the building and go right twice to see the ending.