Like No OtherLike No Other

The Legend of the Twin Books

Game Details:  Adventure, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/4/2022

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Like No Other: The Legend of the Twin Books is a short 3rd person puzzle adventure. You play as Dan, a bumbling adventurer who is on a quest to recover the lost Spirits' Book, thought to be lost in the abandoned town of Red Pines. There are 10 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Red Pines

You get an achievement just for starting the game Smell of asphalt.

From your car, head to the southeast and look at the base of the lone tree to find a cache (1/20). Go to the far southwest of this area and find another cache (2/20) at the base of a tree in some snow. From here, go north to find a road, then follow it to the east. Just south of the road you will find an abandoned shopping trolley. Take the golf club that is lying against it.

Cross the road and talk to the girl on the quad-bike. Head down the alley behind her, then continue straight until you find Building 458.

Building 458

Go up the steps and into the elevator. Use your golf club on the elevator, and take it up to the top level. Walk around the ledge so you can collect your third cache (3/20). Go back to the elevator and head down one level. Try the windows here to find an open one, then climb inside.

Move the sofa on the left to reveal the next cache (4/20) and a key chain. Search the drawers on the far right and take a fuse. Open the door, but the way is blocked, so climb back outside. Go around to the far window on this level and use your key chain to open the padlock. Climb inside and proceed along the hallway until you fall down.

Enter room 101 through the open doorway and pick up the cache (5/20) from the right. Back in the hallway, use your key chain to unlock room 102, then head inside. Jump over the gap, then pick up the next cache (6/20) from next to the bed. Go to the far end of the room, moving the sofa and crates so you can take the microfilm. Head back out to the hallway.

Go through the opposite doorway, but the room is too dark to explore. Return to the hallway and open the window at the end, then climb back outside. Use your golf club in the elevator to get back up to the second floor. Go through the window that had the padlock.

Walk over the gap in the floor and open the fuse box at the end. Examine this to see the fuse is blown. Use your fuse here, and the lights will come on Let there be light!.

Go back outside and use the elevator to go down one level, then climb through the window at the end. Go to the previously dark room, which is a stairwell, and head upstairs. Look in a cardboard box to find another cache (7/20). Continue further upstairs and push the fridge away from the doorway. Open this door, but ignore it for now and continue upstairs some more. Go through the door at the top to reach the third floor.

Head to the far left and look in the corner to find a cache (8/20). Use your key chain to enter room 301.

Room 301

Pick up another cache (9/20) from the sofa. Go over to the puzzle on the wall that says "Everything is connected". Flip the panels until you have made sure that all lines connect, and a doorway will open to the right. Go through to the back room.

Plug the projector cable into the wall. Put your microfilm in the projector and you will watch a movie Grab the popcorn. Head all the way back out to your jeep to find that someone punctured your tire. Use your key chain on the nearby locked roller-door, then head inside.

Repair Shop

Take the next cache (10/20) from on top of a barrel in here. Look over to the right to see an elevated car. Move the three large crates and the blue machine from beneath the car so they are out of the way. Push objects onto 3 of the 4 pressure plates (leave the bottom one uncovered). Now go to the generator in the far corner of the building and use your golf club to activate it. Once the car has been lowered, take its tire.

Head back outside and use this tire on your jeep Who needs insurance?. Now use your jeep to travel.



Pick up the tow cable from the front of the truck. Run around the large rock monument, then attach the tow cable to the front of your jeep. Use your jeep, constantly towing backward and steering left and right until the truck is out of the way.

Unhook the tow cable from the from of your jeep. Explore just to the west to find a small flat rock with a cache (11/20) on its left side. Head to the northwest to find another cache (12/20) next to a larger rock. Now head over the bridge. Head west to find the next cache (13/20) at the base of a tree next to a flat concrete block.

Try to go through the main entrance, but it is blocked. Pick up a crowbar from the base of the large pink statue. Pick up another cache (14/20) from behind the rock just to the right. Now use your crowbar on the nearby manhole, then climb down but you can't get inside. Repeat this with another manhole back near the bridge, and then with another manhole at the western edge of the building.


There is a cleaning bot patrolling here, and a blue door that opens automatically for the bot. Head upstairs and pick up the valve handle from the floor on the right. Head back downstairs again.

Go to the vending machine on the left and collect lots of bottles of spoiled milk. Create a path of milk from the top-left corner of the patrol pattern, up and across the flow of electrified water. After the bot is electrocuted, pick it up Not so smart after all. Now use the bot on the blue door to get through.

Use your valve handle on the near right spigot and the far left spigot, and you will see the water being diverted. Leave this room, then use the bot on the red door to get through. Use your golf club on the transformer, turning it until the power shuts off. Pick up the cache (15/20) from the spider webs in the far corner of this room, then go back out again.

Since you can safely cross the water now, head past the stairs to find another cache (16/20) to the far left. Go up one set of stairs then go right to find the next cache (17/20) on the edge of a planter box. Unplug the cable from the wall here, and talk to the man sitting on the ledge.

Go back downstairs and through the red door. Use your golf club on the transformer to turn the power back on again. Outside, climb up both sets of stairs and go through the doorway at the top. You now need to avoid a series of wolves as you make your way through this room You can not pet the wolf!. Go up the stairs at the end.


Pick up a cache (18/20) from the stone block straight ahead. On the far wall to the left you will see places where 6 picture frames have left marks. Find 5 picture frames and put them in the correct positions; the 6th one is currently out of reach, on top of one of the large stone statues. Go through the opening, then go right to the end of the corridor and through the large doorway.


The book is here, but if you try to pick it up an alarm goes off and you have to replace it. While you are here, pick up the cache (19/20) along the far wall. Go back out to the courtyard.


The final picture frame should have slid down to the floor, so you can now place it with the others. The final stone statue will slide away, revealing a secret passage. Go down here.

Close the door and examine the painting of the violin and an alarm clock with the time of 9 o'clock. To the right of this is a 5th place participation medal, and a 1st place trophy. Turn on the computer and unlock it with the password 951. Use the computer to open the safe. Try to disable the alarm, but this doesn't work. Inside the safe, pick up the final cache (20/20) The true treasure hunter. Also pick up the badly made replica book. Open the door again. Go back to the exhibition.


Pick up the book and replace it with the badly made replica Quick hands. Go back out to the corridor until the building starts to shake. Now you can optionally go back and pick up the replica and replace it with the Spirits' Book again to get one of two different endings.


Make your way all the way back to the jeep (you need to go down the stairs when the manhole is blocked, and jump over the fallen truck near the end). Get into your jeep to leave That was close. If you ended up taking the badly made replica, you will get an extra achievement The legend continues ....