The Legend of Lotus SpringThe Legend of Lotus Spring

Game Details:  Adventure, 1998

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/6/2022

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

The Legend of Lotus Spring is a historical first-person adventure telling a love story in 19th century China. You play as Xian Feng, emperor of the Manshu dynasty, reflecting on memories of your concubine He Han Qu.


The game will start with the first Dream Diary Vision "Entering the Garden" (1/18).

Walk forward and open the door, then head inside. Go around the large jade statue at the entrance, and continue up the stairs behind it. Open the next door and go inside.

Temple of Flower Goddesses

Turn left and take the matchbook from the small table. Use the lit match on the lamp here. Go back to the large table in this room and use the match to light both candles and all 3 incense sticks. This will trigger the next Dream Diary Vision "Love" (2/18).

Back away from the long table and turn right. Click on the small pointed cup, and the water jug will be filled with water. Now pick up the water jug. Walk around the room and use the water jug on the flower pots (you can only water 4 before needing to fill it up again). Once you are done, press Space to return the jug to where it started. While you are still in this room, beat the drum and ring the bell.

Leave this room the same way you entered. Outside, turn left and go through the doors ahead. Turn left to see a deer walking to the right. Follow the path here until you find a white bridge. Ignore this for now and continue along the shoreline. Continue forward over some stones, then turn right to see another building. Go up the stairs and open the doors, then head inside.

Pavilion of Lotus Fragrance

Go straight ahead to the desk and examine the spittoon and the ruyi. Back out and turn left, then approach the telescope and look through it. Turn around and go towards the small tables. Look at the spider box to see a spider emerge. On the small table in front of this, pick up the needle. Place the needle in the bowl of water to see the next Dream Diary Vision "Prayer" (3/18).

Return outside and go back along the path to the white bridge. Go over the bridge towards a boat.

Stone Boat

Board the boat and turn right. Go through the door on either side of the stairs. Look left and pour a cup of tea by using the teapot. Turn around and examine the picnic box, taking out and then replacing all of the trays. Turn left and go to the outside area. Look at the table, and examine the fish carving to see a Dream Diary Vision "The Fairy Carp" (4/18).

Go towards the stairs behind the table and take some feed from the bowl on the left. Look at the fish in the fish bowl just to the right of the stairs. Go back, then turn left and look over the side of the boat into the water. Use the feed here.

Now return inside the boat and go up the stairs. Open the wooden doors, then continue up either set of spiral stairs to reach the top level of the boat. Examine the golden bird cage here. Go outside to see a whole group of large birds fly away, then look at the left railing to see a smaller bird land - when you try to touch it, it will fly off again. Now head back down the stairs and leave the boat.

Follow the path until you see an opening in a brick building to the right. Head along this corridor twice, then turn right and open the doors.

Royal Chamber

Go inside and enter the room on the right. Light both red candles using your matches. Turn left and open the ivory dressing box, looking inside the various jewelry compartments. Close this again, then turn around. Open the clothes cabinet and look at the clothes. Turn right and go through the middle room, then across to the other side room.

Examine the small round table on the right. Click on the treasure pot and a lotus seed will jump out. Click on the lotus seed to reveal a Dream Diary Vision "The Wedding" (5/18). Still on the small round table, open the ivory box and click on the pearl, then click on the parrot and it will fly away.

Leave the Royal Chamber, then continue along the corridor and through a round archway. Give some feed to the peacock. Turn around and enter the building here.

Games Room

Look at the game of Go to the right. Go to the left side of the game board, then look down at the game and look to the left to find a blue book. Open the book, then click on the pages to see the next Dream Diary Vision "The Game" (6/18).

Approach the game in the opposite end of this room. Roll the dice and click on the highlighted figurine to place it on the game board. Once you roll a six, you will get to use the bottom left figurine. Pick this up by pressing Space. Back away from the game, then turn right and go out through the door here so you can see a lake. Turn left and follow the red beams until you reach some green painted wooden frames. Turn right here and go forward through another door.

Art Gallery

Turn right when you enter and you will see an overhead floor plan, which looks as follows:


You have entered through the front door (F) and should make your way to the statue (S). Take the stylus from the statue's hand. Now head to the stairs going up (U). Go upstairs and use your stylus on the dragon painting on the wall. Turn around and approach the desk, then use the stylus on the painting here to reveal the next Dream Diary Vision "Painting Lotus" (7/18).

Turn right from the desk and approach the open window. Use the stylus on the window and the scene will change. Head back downstairs and now go out through the back door (B).


Turn left and follow the red beams until you reach some green painted wooden frames. Turn right here and go forward twice, then go through some green doors on the left.


Turn left and go to the reading room. Examine the incense burners. Now cross the room and go around to the far side of the desk. Look at the desk, then turn left. Look at the scraps of paper and reassemble them, then click on the poem to see a Dream Diary Vision "Writing Poems" (8/18).

Leave the study and turn left. Go forward past the edge of the walkway, then turn left and go through the large red doors.

Music Room

Go forward into the room and turn right. Walk around the partition, then turn back to the left. Play any of the musical instruments in the shelves here to listen to their unique sounds. Turn right and play the large Se. Turn around and go back past the partition, then through the side doors into another room.

Look at the jade tablet on the bed, then another on the table to the side to see The Decree of Jade. Turn around and go up the small wooden steps so you can play the Qin with a broken string, which will trigger another Dream Diary Vision "Music" (9/18).

Exit the music room the same way you came in. Turn left and go forward and left through an octagonal opening in the bricks. Continue forward once, then turn right and follow the green fencing until you can go through a door on the left.

Dining Room

You can find a secret panel to the left of the large gold seat. Head through this and up the stairs. Turn right and follow the balcony, opening another door on the right. Go inside again. Walk around to the right, then look at the central table and click on the jade teapot for a Dream Diary Vision "Shock Banquet" (10/18).

Now head out of the top dining room, back down the stairs, and out of the building. Turn left and walk until you reach a sandy path that heads towards the lake. Follow this around to the left. Once you are on the stepping stones, turn left to see a lotus flower coming down the waterfall. Continue along the path and you will see several visions of Lotus Spring planting flowers, then it will start raining, triggering the next Dream Diary Vision "Fallen Flowers" (11/18). Go further to reach the bridge.

Broken Bridge

Climb the bridge to see that the middle section is missing. Go back down and follow the small path off to the right. Look down into the water and feed the fairy carp, revealing a Dream Diary Vision "The Broken Bridge" (12/18). Walk forward over the lily pads to reach the central island.


Follow the path and climb the stone steps until you can turn left at the swing set, triggering the next Dream Diary Vision "Hope" (13/18). Continue up to the small pavilion on top of the hill and click on the ball. Keep going down the other side of the hill, then enter the building straight ahead.

Buddhist Temple

Inside, enter the room on the left to see a statue. Go across into the larger room, then turn back towards the statue to see a vision of Lotus Spring. Go further into this room and turn around to see another vision. Continue forward through the archway to see her holding a fortune stick, which is a Dream Diary Vision "Searching" (14/18). Go forward and examine the red tablet on the table. Turn left and take the fortune stick, then click on it and you will read the matching fortune. Repeat this with more fortune sticks if you like.

Return to the larger room and turn right, then open the doors and step through to a courtyard. Head straight across towards the opposite doors, then turn right. Go along the long corridor here, eventually turning left and going through some bamboo doors into a small building.

Sewing Room

Go forward and turn left to see Lotus Spring doing some embroidery, which is the next Dream Diary Vision "Sewing in the Evening" (15/18). Go forward into this room and turn left, then look down and use your needle on the flower pattern. Go across to the other room to see Lotus Spring doing some paper cutting. Leave this building again.

Head back along the long corridor, then turn right and go through the large red doors.

Living Quarters

After entering the room, turn right and go around the partition. Head over to the large set of shelves on the right, and place your statue in the empty space. The shelves will move apart, revealing a secret room. After the dog leaves, step forwards and put the smashed marble statue back together, using the pieces in this order:

  1. Waist
  2. Chest
  3. Left Arm
  4. Right Arm
  5. Head

Pick up the golden key from the floor. Turn around and step forward, then turn right to see a vision of Lotus Spring grinding herbs. Turn back to the left and go all the way across the large room, and through the door ahead. Turn right in this side room to see another vision of Lotus Spring combing her hair. Turn around to see her opening something. Crawl onto her bed and turn right, then use your golden key to open the small cabinet, getting the next Dream Diary Vision "Sleepless" (16/18). Click on the pearl inside the cabinet, and a parrot will come and take it away.

Leave this small side room and return to the large room, then leave through the doors on the left. Turn left immediately and follow the corridor - you will see a vision of Lotus Spring walking away from you. Keep following her, and open the door where she goes inside.

Water Gallery

Turn right and go through some more doors, then go around the table and turn around to see Lotus Spring sitting here. Walk past the table and through the next set of doors to see Lotus Spring in the next room. Go forward twice, then turn right to see a series of flowers. Use your matches to light the middle flower, and reveal a Dream Diary Vision "Moon Prayer" (17/18). Leave this room and go outside again.

Turn left and follow the edge of this building until you can turn left and walk along a stone path lined by lanterns. Turn left and walk between 2 large trees, then go up the steps to the final building.

Open Pavilion

Walk around the bench seat here to see the dog again. Click on the handkerchief on the bench seat to see the final Dream Diary Vision "Heaven Song" (18/18).