The Legend of Kyrandia 2The Legend of Kyrandia 2

The Hand of Fate

Year:  1993

Genre:  Fantasy

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The Legend of Kyrandia 2: The Hand of Fate is the second of a series of 3 fantasy adventure games by Westwood Studios, set in the magical realm of Kyrandia. This game follows after The Legend of Kyrandia. You play as Zanthia, a young sorceress who realizes her friend Marco is in possession of a giant hand that is involved in a plot to make the realm fade away. You must save Kyrandia before the land disappears permanently. The series continues with The Legend of Kyrandia 3: Malcolm's Revenge.


Grab the empty flask from the bookshelf, the blueberries from the floor and the flask of water from beneath the pruple carpet. Say goodbye to Faun, then go outside. Head north and pick up the mushroom, then continue west and get your spellbook out of the stump.

Walk north again, get the gnarlybark and onion, then continue north. Talk to the ferryman for a while, then walk east twice and talk to Marko. Get another onion before heading south. Click on the bugs in the order that they flash (click on one to start, then the one that glows, then follow the pattern they present). Write down the order of the colors, as you will need it later. Once you have all seven in order, go north and west 3 times. Grab a feather from the nest, then go north.

Collect some swamp water in your empty flask, then pour it on the fireberries. Pick all the fireberries and go inside. Take the fertilizer, stool and flask. Talk to Herb while you are here. Head outside and go south and west. Push over the tree to span the quicksand. Grab the skeleton key and continue west. Look in the tree hollow to find your cauldron. Give an onion to the crocodile, then collect its tears in a flask. Walk north and take the sulfur rock from the top left. Also fill a flask with the water from the hot springs.

Now make a swampsnake potion - put gnarlybark, sulfur, onion, crocodile tears, stool and hot water into the cauldron (in that order). Fill one of your empty flasks with some of the green potion, then drain the cauldron. Go south, then east 5 times and into the cave. Click on the mouse, then drink the green potion to scare the mouse away. You will automatically go east. Click on each of the teeth to determine their colors, then click them in the order you wrote down previously. Open the chest using the skeleton key, then grab the alchemist's magnet and moldy cheese.

Go west 3 times and give the cheese to the fishermen. Next head west and south twice, then give the fertilizer to the lower plant to free Marko. Walk east and grab the anchor, then use the magnet on it to turn it to gold. Return to the ferry by going west and north twice - you now need to find 4 letters. Start by going west twice, and grab the first one. Now go west and north, then take the second letter. Head south, east 5 times and south again to find the third. Walk north, west twice, south twice, east and south to get the last one from your roof. Finally go north, west and north twice to return to the ferry. Give the four letters to the dragon and he will take you away.

Morningmist Valley

Search the haystack to get an empty flask, and grab the letter from the ground. Head south and get the vinegar and bowl, then give the letter to Farmer Bob. Talk to him and he will tell you a new recipe. Continue west and turn the valve, then remove the stick from the wheel. Head east twice and get the magnet. Use the elephant's trunk to water the garden, then grab a lettuce and a radish. Return to the haystack by going west then north.

Catch the ghost in your empty flask (if he isn't here, walk off screen and come back again). Walk south and east and scare the scarecrow away with your ghost. Go west twice. Put the radish beneath the stone hand, then scoop it out with the dragon's bowl. Add the vinegar and you have some mustard. Go east and north, and collect some milk from the sheep using an empty flask. Get some wheat while you are here, then head south and down into the basement.

Pour the milk into the cheese machine and use it to make cheese. Take this, along with the 4 horseshoes and the scissors. Leave the basement and go west. Put the wheat beneath the hand. Now make a sandwich spell - put the mustard in the cauldron. Get the ground grain from beneath the hand using the bowl and add it to the cauldron. Now added the lettuce and cheese. Get some of the potion in a flask, then use the flask on yourself to get a sandwich. Touch a horseshoe on the sparks to make it magnetic. Walk east, north and east, then use the sandwich on the guards to get into the city.

Get the stick from the statue's mouth. Head north and use the color code to unlock the tavern. Go inside. Get the mug, fill it at the keg and drink. Fill it again and keep it this time. Get some taffy from the barrel at the lower left. Wait for Pudgy to recite his poem, then try to leave. Go to the podium and say your poem, then leave. Go back inside and witness a brawl. Click on the guy with the blue and white shirt twice and he will lose a tooth. Use the alchemist's magnet on the tooth and pick it up, then use the magnet on it again. Leave the tavern.

Put down one of your U-shaped non-magnetic horsehoes and give the tooth to the squid. Pick any shell and you should win. Repeat this to end up with 3 gold teeth. Walk south, west twice and south again. Give the bowl back to the dragon, then steal it again. Get his tears in an empty flask. Go west and use each tooth with the stone bowl to get gold pieces. Walk east, north, and east 3 times. Take the orange peel, empty flask and piece of paper from the ground (put the paper in your book).

Go northeast, then get an imprint of the rabbit's foot with your taffy. Go east again. Use the stick on the vine to get across the gap (you need to do this each time). Put the orange peel and rootbeer in the bowl to make some sweet-n-sour sauce. Continue east and make some skeptic serum - put the U horseshoe, taffy, sauce and dragon tears in the cauldron. Fill your 2 empty flasks and put each on the altar to make skeptic potions. Go west 3 times and give a potion to the sheriff. Now return to the altar (3 screens east) and make another skeptic potion, as you will need 2 more. Return to the sheriff again. Go west and into the shop. Give a potion to the shopkeeper, then give him your 3 gold pieces for a travel voucher. Go outside again.

Head east and use your magnet on the grey object in the water to find a key. Now enter the fish building to find Marko imprisoned. Use the key to try to free him, but you will be shoved in the other cell. Click your magnet on the key, but the sheriff will throw it out the window. Unroll the rog in your cell by clicking on it several times. Marko will attach a hook for you. Catch the fish by using the line on the window. Now unlock yourself and Marko and leave.

Go southeast and give your last potion to the captain. Give him the voucher and you will set sail. On the boat, put your magnet in the coil of rope to change course to Volcania. You will be thrown overboard and swim to the island.


Start by collecting the items on this screen, then heading west. Walk around the island and collect 6 sand dollars, 6 starfish, 6 seashells and 2 heavy rocks. Ignore the guy on the couch, and the old guy at the desk. You need to talk to an old couple, who will request the groups of items you have collected. They then tell you to jump down one of the air vents. Make sure you have 2 heavy rocks with you, then go east and jump in the vent.

Grab the starfish and lump of lead, then head east over the green bridge. Get the stick and rock, and get some crystal fluff from one of the trees. Head north and throw the stick for the stegosaurus. Repeat this, and a rock will block one of the air vents in the snake head. Jump on the other one to get some black pebbles. Head south, then west twice and get the empty flask. Go east twice and use your alchemist's magnet on the heart-shaped lead lump. Now make a teddy bear potion - put crystal fuzz, gold heart-shaped rock and black pebbles into the cauldron. Get some of the blue potion into the empty flask, then use it on yourself. Now jump on the T-Rex and you will end up with a red piece of cloth.

Go west. If the triceratops is looking east, go off the screen and come back again. Go towards the door and use the red cloth on the dinosaur. After the cutscene, put the parchment in your book. Put a heavy stone in the lava tube here, then go outside. Note the lava pool with the rock in the centre - go around this area and put stones in the other lava tubes, then come back here. Stand on the rock in the lava pool once you are done to escape into the trees.

Enchanted Forest

Take the pinecone, then take an empty flask from the hole you just made. Head west and take 2 lots of moss, then the rolling stone. Also take the twigs and the snowball, then return to the east. Use the twigs on the flint rock, then the rolling stone on the flint. Now take the rolling stone and the charcoal. Now you can make a snowman potion - put the snowball, charcoal and moss into your cauldron. Get the potion in your empty flask.

Go west and use the snowman potion on the knight to get rid of him. Take a walnut from the hole before going west again. Use the alchemist's magnet on the statue to turn it to gold. Now take the toy drum and jack from the box. Also take the acorn from the tree there. Use the jack on the foot. Go east twice and put the drum on the stump, then you will go east past the trees. Get in the tram, then give your pinecone, walnut and acorn to the squirrel. Use the rolling rock with the wheel, then use the tram again to leave.

Mountain Top

Take the feather duster and broom. Enter the lodge and get the musk from the bull, the flask from the shelf, and the 3 cannonballs. Go outside and use the alchemist's magnet on the 3 cannonballs. Give one to the mother, then steal the kid's lollipop. Take a snowball from the snow on the right. Make an abominable snowman potion - put a snowball, musk, feather duster and lollipop into the cauldron. Get the potion in your flask, then drink it and walk back into the lodge.

Take the candy, cologne, feathers from the pillow, and a flask from the bar. Go outside and get some icicles. Make a new potion - put an icicle, cologne, feathers and candy into the cauldron. Use the icicle on the wall to try to escape, but you will be taken back inside. Exit again and when the hunters get near, use the potion on them. Now use the icicle on the wall to escape, and walk east. Enter the cabin.

In this cabin, you need to make lots of potions, and put each into one of the containers in the tree. The correct order from left to right and the ingredients needed for each potion is as follows:

  • Red - hot air, feathers, red leather folio
  • Orange - (ground radish + vinegar), ground grain, lettuce, cheese
  • Yellow - snowball, musk, feathers, taffy
  • Green - gnarlybark, sulfur, onion, reptile tears, wood stool, hot water
  • Blue - crystal fuzz, (lead heart + alchemist's magnet), teddy bear eyes
  • Indigo - blueberries, amethyst
  • Violet - horseshoe, taffy footprint, sweet-n-sour sauce, reptile tears

Leave the cabin, grab an icicle from the roof and use it to climb up. After you meet the hand, walk east and south.

Wheels of Fate

Use your magnet on the dish on the roof, then go inside. Go to the control room at the top left and look at the equipment - you need a gear. Exit to the south, then walk to the room on the east. Solve the Towers of Hanoi puzzle by moving all the disks to the middle statue, then to the right statue, and you will get a gear and a stick. Go back to the control room and put the gear on the spindle, then lever it into place with the stick.

The hand will arrive with Marko. When it is about to charge, click on the bottom left corner of the screen and you will run along the control panel. On the next attack, click just beneath the hand to slide underneath. On the third round, click on the railing behind the hand and you will defeat it.