The Legend of Crystal ValleyThe Legend of Crystal Valley

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/17/2013

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Legend of Crystal Valley is a casual point and click adventure from Cateia Games. You play as Eve, returning to your childhood home to find that your father is missing. You set off through a magical portal to the land of Crystal Valley, exploring the land in search of your father.

The Farm

From the farm entrance, head right to the front yard. Examine the window, then take the empty bucket and fill it with water from the pump. Enter the farm house through the door here.

Examine the portrait, rose and slippers, then head through the left door into the dining room. Click on the cupboard to zoom in, then take the bottle, the statue and the kitchen knife. Examine the plates, cups and pie. Zoom back out, then return to the hallway and go through the right door to the study.

Examine the skull and the necklace, the zoom in on the family portrait. Look at Eve's mother and father, then click on the medallion. Take the scroll from the hidden compartment, then back out and zoom in on the study desk. Take the matches and the moon statue. Back out, then leave the farm house and head back to the entrance.

Examine the sign and the chicken, then go to the back yard. Take the old lamp from on the right, then try enter the work shed, but it is too dark. Fill the lamp with your petroleum, then light it with your matches, and head inside. Take the devil statue and the flashlight, and examine the blueprints and the blackboard. Now read the poem in your inventory, and approach the closet. Pick up the 3 remaining statues, then place the statues in position according to the poem:

- Moon -
Dragon Woman Monster
- Knight -
- Devil -

Head through the hole in the wall.

Skeleton Village

Proceed forward from the cave entrance into the cave hallway. Examine the cage here, then continue forward to a crossroads. Start by heading to the right.

Examine the cage here, then look at the creature inside. Use your hairclip to pick the lock, then look at the creature again. Return to the crossroads and take the left passage. Examine the rope, wagon and switch, the use your kitchen knife to cut the rope. Pull the switch, then continue through the new passage.

At the crossroads, look at the keyhole in the lock, then head right. Take the fish from the barrel, then talk to Dejan and Jozo, before heading to the bridge. Look at the bridge to notice it is broken, then go back and talk to Dejan again. Return to the crossroads and go left. Pick up the small bell from the left side of the path, then continue along the path.

Talk to Konoba (who gives you a wheel to fix) and Karim, then enter the village to find the main square. Approach the statue and examine it, then back out and go left to the blacksmith. Look at the rock on the left, then talk to Kovac, who needs money to fix your wheel. Return to the statue, then go right to find the tavern. Take the bell from the right, then talk to Hilge (who gives you a hairpin). Talk to Bobo, then go inside.

Talk to Milan and he will give you some coins, then head back outside and go to the blacksmith. Talk to Kovac to learn more about the curse, then get him to repair your wheel. Return to the village entrance and talk to Konoba - give him the wheel in exchange for another bell. While you are here ask for a lift to hear about the Ziggurat.

Go and give the bells to Bobo (outside the tavern) and take note of the pattern. Head into the tavern and approach the music box, then press the buttons in the order you learned from Bobo. Take the mechanism from inside the box after it opens. Visit the blacksmith and ask Kovac to fix the music box mechanism (you will give him another coin and your hair pin). Back in the tavern, replace the mechanism in the music box. Head down in the tavern and talk to Faris, who will give you a beer. Click on the key on the bar and Faris will give it to you. Talk to Milan again; give him the beer then take his sleeping powder.

Return to the crossroads and approach the lock. Use your key in the lock, then take the ruby. Go back to the village and approach the statue. Put the ruby in the eye socket. Go right to the tavern and talk to Hilge. Visit the blacksmith one last time and take his gloves from the barrel on the right. Go back through town, past the fisherman, and over the repaired bridge.

The Enchanted Wood

From the crossroads, go right and look at the large tree trunk. Return to the crossroads and go left. In your inventory combine the sleeping powder with the fish. Talk to Burek and offer him the fish, then take the magic potion from around his neck. Use the potion, then return to the crossroads and a magical path will be revealed - go there to find the witch's hut.

Talk to Lepinya, who wants you to find 3 plants. Go and find one plant from the crossroads (just to the right of the main path). Take the right path from the crossroads and take the second plant from the left of the path just near the fallen tree. Return to the witch and continue past her to the right, then approach the crypt entrance. Examine the thorny bush here, then use the blacksmith's gloves to clear the bush away. Continue forward and take the third plant from on the left. Return to the witch and talk to her; she will give you a medallion in exchange for her 3 plants, and will tell you some magic words.

Head right and into the crypt. Look at the guardian on the floor and take its metal finger. Use this on the skull and the door will open - go through. Approach the strange mirror and talk to the mirror, saying "komisakomako". Now take the book of sorcery, and return to the witch.

Talk to Lepinya again and you will learn your first magic spell. Look in the pot here and remember the positions of the bright spots, then return to the main room of the crypt (where you saw the mirror). Head left from this room to find a jammed door. Cast your Shrink spell and head through the small opening.

Approach the sarcophagus, and rotate the wheels to recreate the pattern you saw in Lepinya's pot.

Portal Chamber

Approach the man on the left and talk to Melvis. Give Melvis your medallion in exchange for his. Now back out and go and visit the painter on the right. Talk to Lizzard, then pick up the screw from the ground behind him. Back out and walk towards the giant. Pick up another screw from the ground near a column on the left, then continue towards the giant. Talk to Kyfla and you will get a SAT1123 rock in exchange for your 2 screws. Now go right to the portal guardian. Talk to Unit 52 and show him your city medallion.

The City

From the main square, head left towards the library, then go inside. Walk down, then approach the table here and talk to Ferofka, who gives you a ball. Leave the library and go to the fountain. Talk to the boys and give them their ball in exchange for the wheel. Return to Ferofka in the library. Give her the wheel, then take the librarian's book from her desk.

Leave the library and go back to the fountain, then go to the street at the top of the screen. Continue past the butcher and enter the flower shop on the left. Talk to Tratincica, who will give you a rose, then give him the book and you will get another flower. Return to Ferofka again and talk to her to get a gold coin. Read the encyclopedia then keep talking to Ferofka.

Return outside to the fountain and go to the back street. Talk to Argovth and you will give him your special cold flower. Continue along the street and talk to the musician; give him a coin to learn more about Isaac. Keep going along the street and take a piece of the broken car, then take the path to the right. Examine the dog at the gate; you need something to give him. Return to the butcher and talk to him to get a bone. Go back to the gate and give this to the dog. Now head through the gate into a courtyard.

Approach the villa entrance and talk to Betty, who wants you to talk to Omero back in the city. Grab a bottle of rum from the boxes here, then return to the city. Go to the outside of the library and take the street at the top of the screen. Talk to Omero here and give him the rose in exchange for a letter for Betty. Return to the villa and talk to Betty again. After she opens the window for you, head around to the left of the house to reach the backyard. Look at the ivy and the open window.

Head back into the city and go to the fountain. Talk to Petar, the chariot driver, and ask him to take you to the lighthouse. Once you arrive, walk to the dock. Talk to the sailors (you will give them your rum), then use your carburator on the control panel to fix the mechanism. Talk to the sailors again, then use the wagon to reach the other side of the lake.

Talk to Mikhail, then climb the stairs to reach the lighthouse. Head inside and click the bottom symbol, then the left one and the crystal will go dark. Go back down to the dock and talk to Mikhail again. Once he leaves, take the plant and use the wagon to get back across the lake.

Return to the chariot and talk to Petar to return to the city. Go to the florist and talk to Tratincica, who will give you some magic beans in exchange for his plant. Now go to the villa's backyard again and use the beans on the patch of fertile soil in the grass. Climb up the beanstalk to get inside.

Look at the piece of paper on the table, showing 4 tubes (empty, full, full, empty). Take the vase from the side table, then walk over to the corner and approach the safe. Examine the filler on the side of the safe, then pour water from the vase into the filler. You now need to fill the tubes according to the piece of paper you just found (empty, full, full, empty). One solution to this puzzle is press buttons 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2. Now take the letter and the horn from the safe.

Return to the city and talk to Petar, asking him to take you to see the Count.

The Count

Head through the gates and approach the tower. When you reach the large gates, use the horn then go inside. Continue forward to the elevators. Enter the 1st elevator on the left to reach a library.

First approach the displayed books on the left and note the text in the open book. Now approach the back bookshelf and click on the scroll to learn Telekinesis. Leave the library using the elevator, then cast Telekinesis on the raised 3rd elevator and get inside to reach a hallway.

Walk along the hallway, then talk to Vatram, who asks you to deliver an egg. Approach the bars, then move the levers so they are up, up, down, up. Cast the Shrink spell on the egg, then take it. Talk to Vatram again to learn the Blizzard spell. Return via the elevator here, then get into the 2nd elevator to find a hall.

Talk to Unit 42, then cast Blizzard on him and head through the doors. Talk to the Count, until he puts you in a cell. Cast Telekinesis on the keys outside the cell, then use them on the cell doors and leave this room to the right. Pick up the axe head from the floor just right of the door, then return to your cell and continue to the left. Pick up the handle from the rubble on the left and combine it with the axe head. Use the completed axe on the frozen man to thaw him, then talk to Rales Ty.

The Angels

From the portal crossroads, start by heading left, then enter the hut on the left. Talk to Rales Va, then take the crystal from the table on the left. Leave this hut then head right over a bridge and into another hut. Inside, talk to Rales Ka, then take another crystal from the table here. Leave this hut and take the bridge to the lower left.

Enter the glowing hut. Take the controller from the table on the right. Put your two crystals into the controller, then approach the strange device. The goal here is to extend all parts of the device. One solution is (numbering the small buttons 1-5 from left to right): top 1, top 2, top 3, top 4, top 5, bottom 1, bottom 2, bottom 3, bottom 4, top 4, bottom 3. Return to Rales Ka and talk to him, then use your father's medallion (in your inventory).

Dragon Cave

Walk forward to the crossroads, then go along the left path, then into the right chamber. Approach the safe and try to use the padlock. Cast a Blizzard spell on the padlock, then break the padlock and take the helmet from the safe. Go back to the crossroads, then go right. Talk to Misho and Mate, then go back to the left path and enter the left chamber.

Look at the machine to see another puzzle. Turn the left valve then the middle valve. Use your Telekinesis spell to retrieve the suit of armor. Go back to Misho and Mate. Pick up the shield from on the ground on the left near Misho, and combine it in your inventory with the armor and helmet. Use the suit of armor. Head along the path deeper into the cave and continue through the flames.

When you see another dragon, remove the armor. Talk to She-Vatram, and give her the egg. Go through the exit behind her and continue out of the cave.

Keep following the path until you reach a cabin. Talk to Martin here, then back out. Pick up the plant from on the left, and the fish from near the cabin. Walk around behind the cabin to find a huge tree. Pick up the acorn from on the ground near the tree, then go back to the straw cabin, and back along the path to the big mushroom. Use the acorn on the mushroom to fill it with sap. Combine the plant with this to make a glue kit, then go past the cabin to the dock.

Use your glue kit on the boat. Pick up the rope from on the dock, then go and talk to Martin. Return to the dock and talk to him again, and you will head out to the lake.

Head further into the lake. In your inventory, combine the hook, rope and fish, then use your fishing rod with the overhanging branch - you will distract the creature and proceed across the lake.


Get off the boat and head right along the dock, then get on the elevator platform at the end. Use Telekinesis to pick up a barrel from the left and put it on the higher platform just to your left. Repeat this twice more and you will be lifted upwards. Follow the path to the Ziggurat.

Talk to Brozz, then cast Shrink on yourself and talk to Brozz again. Remove the bone shard then get back out of his mouth. Use the Shrink spell again to return to normal size, then talk to Brozz again before crossing the bridge.

In the next room, cast Shrink on yourself and walk over the wire spanning the gap in the bridge. On the other side, cast Shrink on yourself again. Rotate each of the panels on the pillars so that the green light is on top; once this is done step on the platform in the middle to go down to a new area.

Follow the path here until you meet Alfred the butler at a crossroads. Talk to him, then go right to find some disabled robots. Look at the broken robot on the table, then pick up the broken arm and leg, and the torn part of a plan from the floor. Talk to Alfred, then leave this room to return to the crossroads.

Next go along the top path to find a library. Take another piece of the plan from the table and talk to Alfred, then return to the crossroads and take the left path. Pick up the final piece of the plan from the floor and combine all 3 in your inventory. Put the completed plan in the right side of the machine. Put the robot arm in the repair slot in the middle and press the yellow and purple buttons, then take the repaired arm. Now put the robot leg in the repair slot and press the green and purple buttons, then take the repaired leg. Return to the crossroads and head right.

Use the repaired arm and leg on the broken robot, then talk to the robot and you will end up with a key. Go back through the crossroads to the library and down the passage in the back. Use the key on the big doors.

Talk to Alfred here, then head left and approach the statue. Take the golden rose from the statue's hand. Go back to the spinning hologram and take the right passage. Approach the sleeping quarters. Take the ring from the ring box on the table. Return to the hologram room and approach the massive doors. Use the rose in the big slot, medallion in the medium slot and ring in the small slot, then head through the doors.

Approach the robot and look at her, then stand on the green platform to go up. Approach the large triangular control panel and solve the game, then stand on the next platform. At the top, stand on the large platform to complete the game.