The Last CrownThe Last Crown

Midnight Horror

Game Details:  Horror, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/2/2016

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Last Crown: Midnight Horror is the second in a series of games starring Nigel Danvers, a ghost-hunter, haunted by his dreams and visions. This continues from the previous game, The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure. In this game, Nigel investigates the haunting of an old harbour-side pub.

Enter The Bear

Pick up the flyer from the floor, then look out the window in your door to see some kids. Take the plate of colored treats, then go outside. Now you must make a decision:


You will end up back inside the cottage after getting egged. Go to the hallway, then enter the first room on the right. Use the basin to wash yourself clean. Back out and look in the shelving, then pick up the blue Wind Away packet. Now leave the cottage.


Give the sweets to the kids, then use your key to head back into the cottage. Go to the hallway, then enter the first room on the right. Look in the shelving, then pick up the blue Wind Away packet. Now leave the cottage.

Head right to reach Maiden's Square, then continue right into an alley and talk to the man outside The Bear. Ask to join the party, and you find out you need to be wearing a mask. Go back to the square and talk to the lady selling masks. Sort out her masks by picking up the labels and placing them on the boxes of masks as follows:

  • Top: Frankie, Guido, Demone, Naughty Devil, Swedish Princess
  • Middle: Zorro, Peacock, El Diablo
  • Bottom: Temptress, Retro Glam, Smiler

You will now end up wearing a mask. Return right to the alley and talk to the man to be allowed inside.

Halloween Party

Make sure you enter every room here (including the male toilet and the dance floor), then come back to the entrance and talk to Nanny Noah, sitting in an armchair. Take her challenge, and make the following associations:

  • Brooch: Emily Travers (young woman with big hair)
  • Coin: Walter Spivey (sailor)
  • Compass: Professor Hardacre (Man in jacket at the beach)
  • Meggezones: William Ager (farmer with sickle)
  • Mousetrap: Verity (very young girl)
  • Pen: Alister Farleigh (man in suit and bowler hat)
  • Pipe: Old Willy (fisherman with pipe)
  • Scissors: Christina Molina (young woman with tear across photo)
  • Spoon: Katherine Karswell (woman with hands on hips)
  • Tuning Fork: Rector (priest in church)

Now George the dog has disappeared. Head upstairs and talk to George, then look through the keyhole of door 2 and you will see a dark shape. Follow George back downstairs. Next go to the bar and talk to Morgan about everything, then ask to speak to Lucy. Talk to her, then while you are still in the kitchen, look at everything on the notice board.

Halloween Triathlon

Back at the entrance to the bar, talk to the Station Master and select a challenge. Come back to the Station Master and talk again to try a different challenge.

Musical Statues

Start and stop dancing when the music starts and stops (or keep an eye on the other dancers). You can also adjust your sped of dancing by repeatedly clicking on yourself, and you should try to match the tempo of the music (or the speed of the other dancers). Keep doing this and you will be told "Well done" if you have successfully completed the challenge; otherwise try it again.

Guess the Ghost

The first time you play this game you will not be successful, but will see a real ghost outside through the window. After your conversations, try the game again. Now you can ask 3 questions to determine the identity the ghost correctly out of the following options:

  • Lucy Reubans: Female, swot, ghost-hunting
  • Morgan Mankle: Female, local, owns a cat
  • Nanny Noah: Female, local, owns a dog
  • Rhys Branwen: Male, owns a business, owns a cat

If you get it wrong, try it again.

Pin the Tail on the Black Cat

Just click on where the cat's tail should go until you get the correct spot.

Once you have successfully completed all 3 games, you can move on with the rest of the mystery.

Ghost Hunting

Open the case file in your inventory and look at the photos you have collected so far. Return to your cottage and use the keys to get inside. Go to the hallway and enter the second room on the right to find the kitchen. Take your nite-vision camcorder. Return to the living room, then go upstairs and through the doorway into your bedroom. Look at your bed, then pull out the box underneath and take the EMF meter. Back out and approach the cupboard, then open it and search the backpack to find a digital camera. Next examine the desk and pick up your dictaphone. Look at the notice board and look at all the photographs here. Now that you have all of your equipment, you can leave the cottage again.

Head back to the town square, then go past The Bear to find the harbour wall. Continue left to the end of the harbour wall and use your EMF meter - you will say that you need some EVP evidence. Use your dictaphone here and move it around, trying to keep the meter fully green, until you hear the words "Quality boarding house". Now use your nite-vision camcorder to see some recorded footage in 2 timelines. Click on the small window in the top right, then click on the 5 differences (you can do this as many times as you want until you get it right). Talk to the ghost, then look at the bottle of booze. Examine your case file again to see 3 more pieces of information.

Return to The Bear and go to the bar, but Morgan is no longer there. Go upstairs and look through the keyhole of Morgan's private door, then look through the keyhole of door 2 again - Morgan is inside playing "Guess the Ghost". Back out and look at the family tree on the left wall, then Morgan will come out. Now head into room 2, but it is too dark to see anything. Head back out and go down to talk to Nanny Noah. Now head into the kitchen. Talk to Lucy and ask her for some herbs, then take the spice rack. Look at the shelves on the left and take the old rusty pan, then back out and use this on the hob. Now you need to identify the spices.

Leave the kitchen and go left, then left again to the fireplace. Talk to Rhys, who is holding on to his cat Mr Tibbs. Look at Mr Tibbs, then give the cat your Wind Away tablets. Back out and Rhys will leave. Pick up the Druid Fantasy drugs, then examine the bookshelf behind the sofa. Use your nite-vision camcorder, and read all the books it highlights, including the one on spices near the top left. Go back to the kitchen and examine your pot. Take some leaves from the top left jar (bay leaves) and the bottom left jar (sage), then you will automatically pick up the pot. Go back upstairs and enter room 2 again. Use your vapours on the box to the left - the darkness will clear and you will start a seance with Lucy. In this sequence, keep asking questions to get the information "WG", "1785", "Alone" and "Murder". After Lucy leaves, use your dictaphone on the room and locate the sound of scratches. Use your nite-vision camcorder and pan around until you can look at a bottle of booze on the floor.

Go downstairs to the bar, where a policeman has arrived.

Police and Drugs

Go to the female toilet, but there is a drunk guy blocking your way - you need to find some food to help sober him up. At the bar, play the apple bobbing game until you win a voucher for either a hotdog or a burger. Go outside and enter Maiden's Square. Use your hotdog or burger voucher on the burger stand to receive some food, then return to the drunk guy in The Bear and give it to him. Walk away and come back to this spot, then talk to Rhys. Enter the male toilet and use the fuse box to scare the drug dealers away.

More Ghost Hunting

Go to the bar and ask for some cheese, then ask for 3 glasses of rum - you should now be appropriately drunk. Head upstairs and into room 2, then use your nite-vision camcorder. Look around the room to notice 4 things:

  • Zoom in on the bunk beds and look at the scroll (you will take a photo)
  • Zoom in on the bucket and look at the pistol (you will take a photo)
  • Read the message on the wall
  • Look at the old door to see the layout of the room

Now the ghost will appear. After this scene plays out, go and examine the hole in the wall near the window. Head outside and go to the end of the harbour wall again. Use your nite-vision camcorder here and talk to William. Say the following:

  • An intruder, a killer... entered your room.
  • You were strangled. You were garrotted!
  • A cold blooded murder, fast and brutal.
  • You were to marry on the morrow.

Go back into The Bear and enter room 2 upstairs. Look at the hole in the wall again and you will note that you could pull it down. Examine the table here and take the claw hammer, then use this on the hole. Examine the hole to find a body, then examine its head and neck. Take the scroll, then leave the room. Talk to Morgan until she leaves, then go outside and to the end of the harbour wall. Use the scroll here. There will be fireworks and an announcement of the winner of the Halloween Triathlon.