Larry the Unlucky Part 2Larry the Unlucky Part 2

Year:  2021

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Steam

Larry the Unlucky Part 2 is the second in a series of short adventure games about Larry, a man who has been unlucky since birth. This game follows after Larry the Unlucky Part 1, and continues with the next segment of Larry's life. There are 16 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with Larry the Unlucky Part 3.

Chapter 4


Take the banknote from the hat on the floor. Use this in the exchange machine to get a worm. Look at the man at the desk, and give him the worm. Now the door will be open, so head through.

Take the flower from the tree, and steal the man's beard. Click on all of the drawers, then take the blue key. Go left to the bar. Use the blue key on the case, then take the bottle. Look at the grid on the end of the bar. Rotate the puzzle pieces to complete the chicken image (the feathers must all be in the same direction), then take the chicken. Put your flower and bottle of liquid into the glass. Return out to the reception and use your beard in the exchange machine to get a wig.

Go through the door and head right to the scene. Grab the octopus from near the curtain. Click on the audience, then on Larry's pocket Duck 1. Go to the stage and click on the singer and the instruments, then go backstage. Give the wig to the man, then take the yellow key. Use this key on the fox's cage. Examine the strange eye musical instrument and recreate the series of notes from the musical instruments on the stage - if the eyes are numbered 1-5 from left to right, play this order: 43512. Take the eye.

Go left, where there are a series of weights on ropes. You need to move the weights on the different ropes so they add up to 5, 5, 5, 6, 5 and 6. Take the scissors. Return right and use the scissors on the fox to get a fur.

Go all the way back out to the reception area and use the octopus, chicken and fur in the exchange machine to get a tentacle, an egg and a coat. Go to the bar and add the tentacle, eye and egg to the drink Pina colada. Go to the audience and give the coat and drink to the girl. Take the comb. Return to reception and use the comb in the exchange machine to get a saw Bartering proficiency. Head to the backstage area and use your saw to cut the cable First blood. Go out to the audience and give the flower to the girl, then click on her A formidable play.

Chapter 5


Look at the garden on the left. Click on every possible leaf Exhaustive salad search. You will end up collecting some salad. Back out. Look around the right side of the building and collect the saw. Now head inside and click on the rubber duck Duck 2. Use your saw on the old man's chair No balance, then take the roller. Go through the kitchen.

Search the fridge to get some yeast. Search the dishwasher to get an empty bowl. Put your salad on one of the empty dishes on the service trolley, then head further right. Pick up the flour. Look at the right bench. Use your flour and yeast here, then use the roller. Pick up the dough. Use the dough on the oven to the right, then take the bread. Return left and put the bread on the service trolley.

Go right and examine the bottles. You need to rearrange them according to the arrows:

Now click several times on the glass panel to the left, then take the glass. Look at the controls above the aquarium. You need to count the number of tables in the restaurant (4), bottles in the shelves (7) and windows in the building (8). Come back and enter the code 478, then press the button. Take the octopus from the aquarium.

Go out to the restaurant and give the octopus to the man at the bottom right A hug to the face. Collect some of the blood in your glass, then go back to the kitchen and put the glass on the service trolley. Fill your bowl with soup from the pot on the stove. Go out to the restaurant and give the soup to the man at the top left. Back out His last meal. Look at the man again and take the flesh.

In the kitchen, open the oven then put the flesh inside. Close the oven, wait a bit, then open it and take out the steak. Put the steak on the last plate on the service trolley. Take the entire tray of food, and go back out to the restaurant. Give it to Larry and his date. Click on the love heart A dinner to remember.

Chapter 6


Pick the flower, then enter the church. Click on the rubber duck Duck 3. Look at the open book and remove music sheet 1 from the right side. Look at the pipes on the wall, and rotate the segments so they are all connected:

Take out music sheet 3 and the organ pipe. Enter the room to the left. Take music sheet 2 from the middle artwork. Examine the left artwork to see a sliding block puzzle, where you just need to move the red block to the far left The struggle. Take the black key from behind the right artwork. Return right, then go forward to the pipe organ. Insert the organ pipe, then look more closely and place your 3 music sheets here. Press the colored notes according to the sheets of music Ghostly encounter. Take the blue key.

Head outside and go to the other building. Use the black key on the padlock, then go inside. Take the music stand from the right, then examine the candles. Click on each of the left candles exactly once (it doesn't matter which order), then take the candle with the blue flame on the right.

Return outside and go right to the cemetery. Place the flower on the right grave, then take the shovel handle. Place the music stand on the middle grave, then take the shovel head. Look at the workbench on the left. Put your shovel handle and shovel head here to combine them, then take the shovel. Use this on the left grave. Look into the grave and reassemble the skeleton Complete, yet again. Take the yellow key.

Go left twice and insert both of your keys, then enter the mausoleum. Place your blue candle in the stand on the right. Look at the sarcophagus and take the ring. Go back to the church and give this to your bride, then click on her again Get married.