LA NoireLA Noire

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2011

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Walkthrough Updated:  4/27/2017

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

LA Noire is an open world detective game with investigative and action elements. You play as LAPD officer Cole Phelps and follow his career advancement as he investigates a series of crimes. As well as the main story-driven cases, there are additional street crimes that you will come across, and there are multiple different types of collectibles, each covered in their own section below. To get 5 stars on a case, you must find all clues, ask all questions correctly, and minimize damage and injuries.

Patrol Desk

Upon Reflection

After driving to the scene, start walking down the alley and collect a newspaper from the crates on the right. Go to the end of the alley and examine the bloodstain, then go around to the left and look up at the open window to see the reflection of a revolver. Continue further around the corner to the left and climb the drain pipe to get up to the roof. Pick up the revolver and examine it to see the serial number. Open the chamber to see 2 shots were fired. Climb back down and use your notebook to set your destination to Central Guns. Return to your car and drive there.

Head inside and talk to the owner, then examine his order ledger and find the name Errol Schroeder. Drive to your next destination, which is Schroeder's apartment. Enter the building and look at the mailboxes to see Schroeder lives in apartment 2. Head up the stairs and knock on his door. After a brief conversation you will end up in a fight, so knock him down. Look in the open drawer to find a green notebook, and read its contents.

Armed and Dangerous

Drive to the robbery in progress. When you arrive, grab a shotgun out of the boot of your car. Shoot the 2 robbers outside, then approach the bank and take care of 3 more inside.

Warrants Outstanding

Run after the escaping suspect. Chase him over a fence, up a drain pipe, a fire escape and another drain pipe. Fight him on the roof and subdue him or knock him off the roof down to the ground.

Buyer Beware

Start by examining Gage's body. Search his inner left jacket pocket and examine the layaway voucher completely. Look at the shell casings on the ground nearby. Search the trash can to the left of the shoe store entrance to find a gun, and examine it carefully. Talk to the male witness wearing an orange shirt to the right of the shoe store entrance, then head inside and talk to Clovis Galletta:

  • Eyewitness account: Lie (Layaway voucher)
  • Possible murder suspect: Doubt
  • Details of shooting: Truth

Head back outside and drive to Eagleson's Gun Store. Head inside and talk to the owner, who confirms he cleaned the gun recently for Edgar Kalou. Get back in your car and drive to Hartfield's Jewelry Store. After you go inside and confront Edgar Kalou, run after him and either chase him down or aim your gun at him long enough for him to stop running. Back at the precinct, you will be given the opportunity to interrogate Kalou:

  • Argument with Gage: Lie (Suspect positively identified)
  • Possible religious motive: Doubt
  • Shooting incident: Lie (Murder weapon serviced)

Note that if you got everything correct so far, you will only get to ask the first two questions here.

Traffic Desk

The Driver's Seat

As you arrive, you will notice the blood splashes in the car automatically. Talk to the coroner, then open the trunk of the vehicle and examine the receipt. Next go to the front of the car and look at the wallet and the glasses on the ground. Head over to the left between the tracks and look at the bloody pipe. Now talk to Nate Wilkey:

  • Purpose at scene: Truth
  • Knowledge of Adrian Black: Truth
  • Contents of wallet: Doubt
  • Bloodstained pipe found: Truth

Drive to the Black residence, then knock on the door and go inside. After a brief talk with Margaret Black, you can walk around the house. Go to Margaret's bedroom and examine the photo on her dresser, then go to the other bedroom. Examine the photo on the dresser in here, and open the photo frame to see a message inside. Also open the glasses case on the dresser to see it is the same brand as the glasses at the crime scene. Look in the wardrobe in here to find a train ticket. Go out to the kitchen and look at the receipt and flyer on the kitchen table. Next head to the dining room to find a newspaper, as well as a book of matches that you should open.

Head outside and examine the water heater on the side of the house. Pick up each of the 4 pipes and put them where they belong, and you will realize one is missing that matches the one at the crime scene. Now head back inside and talk to Margaret Black:

  • Slaughterhouse receipt: Truth
  • Photograph signed 'Nicole': Lie (Concealed message)
  • Location of Adrian Black: Truth
  • Stenzel glasses case: Truth
  • Cavanagh's Bar matchbook: Truth
  • Alibi for Mrs Black: Truth

Use the telephone in the house to get a location for Cavanagh's Bar, then drive there. Go inside and talk to the bartender, then to Frank Morgan:

  • Link to abandoned vehicle: Lie (Receipt for live hog)
  • Location of Adrian Black: Doubt

You can choose to either arrest or leave Morgan alone at this point; if you get the above questions wrong, you can still tail Morgan to find his home address. Either way, drive towards Morgan's apartment, and you should receive information via dispatch that the blood in the car was from a pig (you will miss this if you have your partner drive this segment). Look at the mail boxes inside, then find apartment number 2 and knock on the door. Chase down Adrian Black by heading out the window, up the fire escape, across the roofs, and down a drain pipe.

The Consul's Car

Speak to the police officer, then examine the car and find a registration slip beneath the steering wheel. Notice the missing license plates on the front of the vehicle, the missing Argentinean flag on the bonnet, and the missing front right wheel. There is also a Dewey Bros wrench on the ground in front of the vehicle. Now go and talk to Oswald Jacobs, who is sitting on his front porch nearby:

  • Witness report: Truth
  • Hispanic suspects: Doubt
  • Possible suspect vehicle: Truth
  • Vehicle stripped of parts: Doubt

Examine the front porch here to find Valdez's notebook; read it to learn 2 names. Now go over to the blue gamewell and use it to call Central. Head back to the station and speak to the watch commander, then go to Interview Room 2 and interrogate Juan Francisco Valdez:

  • Packard purchase history: Doubt
  • Theft of consular vehicle: Doubt
  • Association with 'Gabriel': Lie (Valdez's notebook)

Talk to the watch commander again before driving off to the Dewey Bros Dealership. Once you arrive, follow William Dewey into his garage. Place the wrenches back in their correct slots to realize that one is missing. Go back outside and speak to William Dewey:

  • Association with Valdez: Lie (Alleged bribery)
  • Whereabouts of Del Gado: Doubt
  • Wrench used in auto theft: Doubt

Drive to Del Gado's residence. Go inside and look at the mail on the floor to see Gabriel lives in apartment 3. Head upstairs and knock on the door to meet Anna. Examine the living room table to find the stolen Argentinean flag. Look at the kitchen table to see breakfast has been set for 2 people. Go out through the back door and into the shed outside. Search here to find 2 stolen wheels, as well as the stolen diplomatic license plate. Go back inside and talk to Anna Rodriguez:

  • Motive for auto theft: Truth
  • Last contact with Gabriel: Lie (Breakfast plates)
  • Diplomatic plates recovered: Doubt

Now drive to the illegal street race. Keep up with Gabriel's red car until he crashes, then point your gun at him but don't shoot.

A Marriage Made in Heaven

At the crime scene, talk to the coroner, then examine the victim's pockets to find a wallet and an insurance letter. There is also a bloody knife to find in a trash can in the alley. In the street, you can look at some blood and tire marks. Talk to Shannon Perry, who is standing outside the bar:

  • Eyewitness report: Truth
  • Suspect vehicle description: Truth
  • Argument overheard: Doubt

Enter the bar and read the newspaper on the bar, then talk to Dudley Lynch, the bartender:

  • Hit and run incident: Doubt
  • Association with victim: Truth
  • Argument overheard in bar: Doubt
  • Joint business venture: Doubt

Use the telephone in the back of the bar to trace the license plate number, then go outside and drive to the Pattison residence. Talk to Lorna Pattison when you arrive:

  • Hit and run incident: Doubt
  • Nature of argument: Doubt
  • Partnership with Leroy Sabo: Lie (Insurance letter)

Use the phone in the room on the right to get a message from the coroner. Go back to your car and drive to the Shelton residence first. Chase after William Shelton and try to disable his car, or just follow him to Union Station. Chase him inside but don't shoot him. Next drive to Central Morgue. Talk to the coroner briefly, then head back to the Pattison residence. After Leroy shoots Lorna, chase him out the back. Try to get him to stop by aiming your gun at him, but if you can't, then chase him down and shoot him.

A Slip of the Tongue

After arriving at the crime scene, chase after the car and try to disable it before other cops force it to stop. Now talk to Cliff Harrison:

  • Vehicle reported as stolen: Truth
  • Motive for flight: Doubt
  • Vehicle purchase details: Truth

Get back in your car and drive to Coombs Automotive Co. After meeting Richard Coombs, enter his office and sit down. You will get the opportunity to examine 2 items, before being able to question Richard Coombs:

  • Details of transaction: Truth
  • Description of suspect: Truth
  • Association with Marquee: Truth
  • Check payment details: Doubt
  • Suspicious transaction: Doubt

Use the nearby gamewell to contact the station, then drive to 146 North Fremont Avenue. When you arrive, you'll find this is an empty lot, so head to Central Police Station. Talk to the watch commander before heading to Interview Room 2. Sit down and you will get to see James Belasco's ownership papers, before being able to interrogate him:

  • Stolen auto courier: Doubt
  • Association with Archer: Lie (Fake address)
  • Auto theft racket: Doubt
  • Stolen vehicles warehoused: Doubt

After the interview, you will get a note from Ray Pinker. Head out of the interview room and talk to the watch commander again. Quickly run out of the station and turn left; cross the road at the intersection, then turn left on the other side and keep running until you reach the Western Union Office. Now approach Jean Archer:

  • Stolen Kaiser Frazer: Doubt
  • Association with Belasco: Lie (Fake address)
  • Stolen auto courier: Doubt

Return to your car and drive to Marquee Printing Company. Go inside and interview Gordon Leitvol:

  • Knowledge of theft racket: Doubt
  • Pink slip supply: Doubt
  • Coombs Auto deliveries: Doubt

You will now get to see his ledger; select any row where Bigelow is mentioned. Next head outside and drive to 58 Industrial Street. When you get there, head inside and shoot everyone you can find on the ground floor, then go upstairs and take out two more guys. Go through the door at the end, but don't shoot the guy in here. Search the table to find a delivery note and some betting slips, then find a box of pink slips on the desk. Take to Steven Bigelow:

  • Pink slip supply: Doubt
  • Association with Leitvol: Lie (Delivery ledger)

Drive back to Marquee Printing Company and talk to Gordon Leitvol again:

  • Deliveries to Industrial St: Lie (Betting slips)

The Fallen Idol

Walk outside and up to the crash site. Find some underwear and a handbag on the trunk of the car. Talk to the coroner to learn about a shrunken head cast. Now talk to June Ballard, by walking towards the nearby ambulance:

  • Doping allegation: Doubt
  • Injured female passenger: Lie (Underwear)
  • Fake shrunken head: Doubt
  • Suspect 'Mark Bishop': Doubt

Walk back towards your car and you will find Central Receiving Hospital. After talking to the receptionist, talk to the doctor before entering the room. Talk to Jessica Hamilton:

  • Crash incident report: Lie (Underwear)
  • Contact with parents: Lie (Letter from mother)
  • Association with Bishop: Doubt
  • Evidence of criminal abuse: Truth

As you leave the hospital, you will see June Ballard leaving as well. Tail her car (without getting too close) and she will stop at a cafe. Take cover in the doorway, then quickly go to a booth with a newspaper, and you will overhear her phone conversation. After she leaves, go back out to your car and drive to Bishop's apartment. Go inside and into the elevator, then exit left and go right into room 803. Fight 2 of McAfee's men, and they will be arrested. Now search the bedroom to find a $20,000 check on the floor between the closet and the bed. Also examine a saddle in the hallway, a framed movie set photograph and scale model in the office, and a prop store photograph in the living room. Now you can talk to Gloria Bishop:

  • Domestic disturbance: Doubt
  • Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
  • Check for $20,000: Lie ($20,000 check)
  • Abuse of Jessica Hamilton: Doubt

Use the telephone in the hallway to get a new address, then drive to Silver Screen Props. Follow Marlon to the sound stage, then look around. Find some chloral hydrate in the drinks cabinet on the stage. Examine the mirror and you will realize there is a secret room. On the tables outside (between the two buildings), look at some prop shrunken head molds, and find a newspaper. Now examine the fake wall and you will kick it down. Go through another door to find the secret room. Look at the pictures on the wall, an empty film canister, and a film reel for the 'Jungle Drums' set. Next go back to the sound stage and talk to Marlon Hopgood:

  • Association with Bishop: Lie (Chloral hydrate)
  • Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
  • Relationship with Ballard: Lie (Empty film canister)
  • Evidence of blackmail: Lie ($20,000 check)

Outside you will need to either get out of your car and start a shootout, or drive to evade the bad guys. Once you are done, drive to the 'Jungle Drums' set. Chase after Mark Bishop until you catch him, then defend him from a large group of McAfee's men (you should pick up the rifle when you get a chance).

Homicide Desk

The Red Lipstick Murder

After arriving at the crime scene, talk to the coroner, then examine the writing on the victim's chest, the head injury, and the missing ring on the victim's hand. Look at the size 8 shoe prints, and examine the victim's purse to find the lipstick. Examine the Bamba Club lighter, and twist it open (turn the bottom segment left 3 times, the middle segment right once, and the top segment left twice).

Now drive to the Bamba Club. Talk to the barman, then head through to the back area and talk to Dick McColl:

  • Suspect seen with victim: Truth
  • Ring stolen from victim: Doubt
  • Knowledge of husband: Doubt

Use the phone near the front of the club, before driving to the Henry residence. Go inside and read the newspaper on the floor. Enter the bedroom and look at the photo and the ring case on the dressing table. In the dining room, look at the sole of the women's shoe, then go to the kitchen and look at the note on the fridge and the glass on the floor. Go out through the back door and approach the blue house to the south. Talk to Jennifer Horgan here (she may be in the backyard, or may drive in as you walk over towards the house. Now return to your car and drive to Jacob Henry's apartment. After going inside, examine the notepad next to the telephone and shade it with the pencil to reveal a death threat. Go to the bedroom and examine the sole of the men's shoe. Now come back out and talk to Jacob Henry:

  • Movements of victim: Lie (Bamba Club lighter)
  • Last contact with victim: Truth
  • Motive for murder: Lie (Death threat note)

Now you will get into a fight with Jacob. After knocking him down, go and use the telephone. Drive to Central Police Station. Enter the interview room to talk to Jacob Henry again:

  • Access to murder weapon: Lie (Husband's alibi)
  • Lipstick markings: Truth
  • Deterioration of marriage: Lie (Marital problems)
  • Missing jewelry: Truth

Return to your car and head to Mendez's apartment. Look at the mailboxes, then go up to the 4th floor and enter apartment 16. Go to the bedroom and first look at the men's shoe, then examine the box and look at the socket wrench and the lipstick. When Alonzo arrives, chase him out the window and over the rooftops until he gets into a car. Quickly get into the car with Rusty and chase after Alonzo. Get close enough so Rusty can shoot and disable the car.

The Golden Butterfly

Drive to the crime scene and head up the hill, then you will be escorted up to the body. Talk to the coroner, then look at the strangulation marks, the marks on the body's chest, the hands for a missing ring and a missing watch, the purse with a name tag, and the footprints on the other side of the tree. Return to your car and drive to the Moller residence.

Knock on the door to meet Michelle Moller. Once you are inside, search the main bedroom for a pair of size eight work boots on the floor, and an Elgin watch case and a ring case on the dressing table. Go back to the living room and talk to Michelle:

  • Missing watch and rings: Truth
  • Last contact with victim: Doubt
  • State of parents' marriage: Doubt

At the end of this conversation, Hugo Moller will enter and you will start asking him questions:

  • Footprints at crime scene: Lie (Size eight work boots)
  • Missing persons report: Doubt
  • Alibi for Hugo Moller: Lie (Husband's alibi)
  • History of violence: Lie (Butterfly brooch)

As you leave the house, the woman across the street will get your attention, so go over and talk to her. Return towards Mr Moller in his backyard, and he will run away; chase him and tackle him to the ground, and you will return to the backyard. Search the incinerator to find a bloody shoe. Now use the telephone inside the house to get a new address and receive a message. Get in your car and drive to the Central Morgue.

The coroner will have 3 ropes laid out to inspect; the correct one is the last one. While you are here, examine the shoe print plaster casts. Use the phone here to check for messages again, then get in your car and drive to Belmont High School.

Start talking to the janitor, then you will see someone running away; chase him and tackle him to the ground or fight him to subdue him. Back in the parking lot, search the trunk of the car to find a bloody rope, some bloody green overalls, and a bloody tire iron. Find a nearby gamewell and use it to contact Central Police Station, then get in your car and drive there.

Enter Interview Room 2 to start with, and talk to Hugo Moller:

  • Disposal of evidence: Truth
  • Access to braided rope: Doubt
  • Victim's vehicle recovered: Lie (Overalls)
  • Access to tire iron: Lie (Bloody tire iron)

Leave now and enter Interview Room 1, where you can talk to Eli Rooney:

  • Footprints at crime scene: Doubt
  • Place of employment: Doubt
  • Access to braided rope: Truth
  • Motive for Moller murder: Doubt

Now charge Eli Rooney with first degree murder.

The Silk Stocking Murder

Drive to the crime scene, where the coroner will be waiting. Examine the body, including her neck, the message written on her torso, her left hand for a missing ring, and her right hand for half of a library card. Nearby, examine the bloody stocking, then look at the nearby blood, and start following the trail. Examine the blue hat to see it belongs to the victim. Keep following the blood trail and find a blue shoe in a trash bin. Keep going and find some house keys hanging from a red pipe. Further along the trail there is a dot pattern note on the ground. Examine the nearby ladder, then climb up to the roof and look in the pigeon coop to find an empty envelope. Keep following the trail and examine a gold-plated make-up box. Still further along, climb up a pipe and find the missing wedding ring. Next you should spot a bloody painter's brush. Finally at the end of the trail, examine the victim's purse and the other half of the library card. Now you will automatically return to your car. Drive to Antonia's residence.

After meeting the landlady, ignore her and go upstairs, then enter apartment 5. Examine the broken window, then climb out to the balcony and look at the iron picket on the ground. Climb back inside and look at the attorney letter in the suitcase, and the picture frame in the open dresser drawer. Go back downstairs and talk to Barbara Lapenti:

  • Possible suspects: Truth
  • Movements of victim: Doubt
  • Evidence of break-in: Lie (Broken window)
  • Breakdown of marriage: Lie (Charm bracelet photograph)

Return to your car and drive to the Maldonado residence. Look at the mailboxes outside to see that you are looking for apartment 304. Go upstairs into the apartment and fight with Angel and his brother, then search the apartment. You need to find a fruit box, a bloody shirt and a matchbox, all in the kitchen. Now leave the apartment and knock on all 4 other apartment doors on the 3rd floor to canvass the neighbors. When you leave and return to your car, you will be ordered to report to the station, so drive there now.

Go inside and head downstairs to Technical Services. Examine the note and the poem, then go upstairs and into Interview Room 2 to talk to Angel Maldonado:

  • Last contact with victim: Lie (Husband's alibi)
  • Divorce proceedings: Lie (Attorney's letter)
  • Jewelry taken from body: Truth
  • Bloodstained shirt found: Doubt

Return to your car and head to the El Dorado Bar. Pick up the envelope from the counter and examine the divorce papers inside, then talk to the bartender:

  • Missing jewelry: Doubt
  • Movements of victim: Truth

Head out the back door of the bar and you will talk to a delivery man. Inspect the crates he leaves behind, then return to your car and drive to the Just Picked Fruit Market. Find and talk to Clem Feeney:

  • Distinctive necklace: Doubt
  • Contact with victim: Doubt
  • Movements of victim: Truth

After the interview, go through the green doors to the left of the counter. Examine the crates of alcohol here, and look at the bloody scalpel on the desk. Next to the desk, examine a lock box and open it with the code from the dot pattern note earlier (253). When Feeney runs, chase after him and get Rusty to shoot at his car until he crashes.

The White Shoe Slaying

Drive to the crime scene, where you will be briefed by the coroner. Examine the body and you will find a dry-cleaning tag on her clothing. Examine some boot prints and some tire tracks nearby. When you go to leave, you will meet Catherine Barton:

  • Suspicious persons: Truth

Use the gamewell nearby to get the address for Superior Laundry Services, then drive there. Enter the building and go to the back to meet the owner. Looking at his ledger, select the entry marked F1363 to get your victim's name and address. Return to your car and drive to the Taraldsen residence (43 Emerald Street).

Go inside to meet Lars Taraldsen, then explore the house. Find a matchbook on the dining room table. Enter the parents' room and find another matchbook and a picture of the couple on their dressing table. Go to the laundry next and find a handbag containing a driver's license and some lipstick, some muddy boots, and a wet jacket. Go outside to the boat and find a bow rope with a triple braid pattern. Go back to the living room and use the telephone here, then talk to Lars Taraldsen:

  • Possible suspects: Lie (Bow rope)
  • Alibi for Lars Taraldsen: Doubt
  • Victim's state of mind: Doubt
  • Last contact with victim: Lie (Wet jacket)

Return to your car and drive to Baron's Bar. Enter and talk to the bartender, Benny Cluff:

  • Last contact with victim: Truth
  • Vagrant male suspect: Doubt
  • Yellow Cab 3591: Truth

The bartender will then point out one of your suspects, who will run away. Chase him outside, then chase him in his truck and try to disable the vehicle (or chase after him once he gets out again). Once you stop him, you will ask him some questions:

  • Contact with victim: Doubt
  • Account of movements: Doubt

Use the gamewell to get a message to go to the station. Get into a police car and start driving, then you will be given the location of the yellow cab over your radio. Use your map to keep track of its location, then chase it down and put on your siren to make it stop. After talking with the cabbie, drive to Central Police Station. Head inside and talk to the watch commander, then go to Interview Room 2 and talk to James Jessop:

  • Contact with victim: Doubt
  • Incident with Bates: Doubt
  • Movements prior to murder: Doubt
  • Cab ride with victim: Doubt

You will then get some information on your hobo. Get in the car and drive to the Bus Depot. Head inside and you will receive a pamphlet; examine it to see the route of Bus 74. Return to your car, put on your siren, and drive anti-clockwise around the bus route on your map until you find the bus. Talk to the bus driver, then drive to the Hobo Camp. Once inside, fight Stuart Ackerman and get him taken away. Search his hut to find a newspaper, a blood-stained rope piece, and a green purse containing a Crystal Ballroom stub.

Drive back to Central Police Station. Enter Interview Room 1 and talk to Stuart Ackerman:

  • Motive for murder: Lie (Blood-stained rope piece)
  • Contact with victim: Doubt
  • Alibi for Stuart Ackerman: Lie (Purse)

The Studio Secretary Murder

Drive to the Pawnbroker and speak to the man at the counter, then examine both of the rings he shows you, before talking again. Return to your car and head to the Railyard.

Speak to Nelson Gaines, then to the coroner. Search the green railroad car behind him to find some blood stains, then examine the body; turn her head to notice the smell of alcohol, and examine her hands to find another missing ring. Find a red handbag nearby and search it to find part of a torn letter, as well as a movie lot job. Also examine a matchbook and an adjacent piece of paper. Now go over and talk to John Ferdinand Jamison (sitting down on some planks):

  • Interference with evidence: Truth
  • Discovery of victim's body: Doubt

Use the nearby gamewell, then drive to Levine's Liquor Store. Go inside and talk to the owner, who will take you to the victim's bedroom. Read the book next to the bed, then examine the bowling pin on the floor opposite. Go back out to the front of the store and talk to Walter Robbins:

  • Contact with victim: Truth
  • Relationship with victim: Truth
  • Knowledge of McCaffrey: Doubt

Next drive to Mensch's Bar. Talk to the bartender, then turn around and talk to Grosvenor McCaffrey (sometimes only the first two of these questions are available):

  • Criminal history: Doubt
  • Relationship with victim: Lie (Book)
  • Last contact with victim: Doubt

Drive to Rawling's Bowling Alley (make sure you drive yourself, don't get your partner to do it); ignore the call over the radio to return to the station, and continue to the bowling alley as planned. Talk to the lady at the front counter, then continue through the door on the left and chase after James Tiernan. Get in the car and continue chasing him until you catch and arrest him. Now drive to Central Police Station.

Go downstairs and talk to the captain, then use a phone to get the address for McCaffrey's apartment. Return to your car and drive there now. Look at the mailboxes outside, then go up to apartment 6 and kick the door down. Find another torn letter on the table, and a tire iron next to the table. His neighbor will then come inside and tell you that McCaffrey is on the roof. Climb up the stairs to the roof, then chase after your target and tackle him or fight him. Return to Central Police Station.

Head inside and go to Interview Room 1 to see James Tiernan:

  • Relationship with victim: Lie (Victim last seen)
  • Victim's book found: Doubt
  • Alibi for James Tiernan: Lie (Liquor purchase)
  • Access to murder weapon: Doubt

Leave now and enter Interview Room 2, where you can question Grosvenor McCaffrey:

  • Alibi for McCaffrey: Lie (Torn letter)
  • Access to tire iron: Lie (Tiernan's accusation)

Leave now and use a telephone to get a clue about McCaffrey's criminal record. Go back to Interview Room 1, and talk to James Tiernan again:

  • Events prior to murder: Lie (McCaffrey's accusation)

For the last time, go back to Interview Room 2 and talk to Grosvenor McCaffrey:

  • Military service: Lie (McCaffrey's criminal record)

Now charge Grosvenor McCaffrey with first degree murder.

The Quarter Moon Murders

You will start this case downstairs in the police station. Examine the evidence, then head to your car and drive to Pershing Square. Climb up to the top of the fountain to find a social security card and a 2nd poem excerpt.

Return to your car and drive to the Hall of Records (a landmark location on Broadway, north of 1st). Go inside and talk to the security guard, then climb up the stairs to the top floor. Enter the maintenance room here, then climb the ladder and walk over the cable out to the top of the chandelier. Examine the water and a 3rd poem excerpt. When the cables snap, swing the chandelier from left to right until you can jump to safety.

Return to your car and drive to the LA Public Library (another landmark location on 5th, west of Grand). Climb all the way up to the roof, using a series of pipes, ladders and scaffolding. At the very top, examine the medallion and a 4th poem excerpt. You will automatically return to the bottom of the building.

Go back to your car and head to the Westlake Tar Pits (on San Marino, between Westmoreland and Hoover). Approach the tar pits and you will get changed into overalls. Walk over the walkways until you reach the central island. Examine the shoe and a 5th poem excerpt, then you will return through the tar automatically by boat.

Drive next to the LA County Art Museum (on Hoover, between 8th and 9th). Follow the signs to the maze, then enter it (Rusty will stay behind). When you have to choose which way to go, select to go right, left, right and left at the 4 intersections. You will find the center of the maze, where you can examine a ring and a 6th poem excerpt. You will automatically leave the maze.

Your next destination is the Intolerance Set (on Francisco, south of 8th). Go to the back of the set and climb up the massive staircase, then jump over some platforms until one collapses. Balance on this until Rusty gets another platform ready, then tilt forward and jump to safety. Climb down a nearby ladder and find the throne, then examine another ring and a 7th poem excerpt. Now run over the nearby scaffolding to get down to the ground as the set collapses around you.

Drive to the Christ Crown of Thorns church (on a road heading south off 9th, two streets west of Francisco). Enter the church to be greeted by Garrett Mason at the altar. After he shoots at you, come out from cover and approach the altar to see he has escaped. Go out through the side entrance and into the adjacent house. Enter the room on the left, go through another door, and climb down into the catacombs. Chase Garrett through the tunnels and up a ladder into the cemetery, then shoot and kill him.

Vice Desk

The Black Caesar

After meeting your new partner, drive to the crime scene. Go up the stairs and into the room around to the far right. Look at the bottom of the Black Caesar cup on the floor to see some tape, then look in the wallet next to it to find a numbers slip. Look at the Black Caesar cup on the kitchen bench to find some morphine. Examine the small round living room table to see a strange doodle, and look at the two syringes on the ground here. Search the pockets of the man lying on the floor to find a radio station note. Leave and drive to the Black Caesar Food Hut.

Chase after Fleetwood Morgan when you arrive, and fight him to subdue him. Back at the food hut, search the case and examine the trumpet mute inside to find out about the numbers racket. Next to the mute, examine the back of the Blue Room ticket to find a new name to investigate. Open the box next to the popcorn machine to find more morphine. Now go and talk to Fleetwood Morgan:

  • Morphine overdose victims: Lie (Popcorn cups with morphine)
  • Number slips recovered: Doubt

Use the nearby phone to get an address, then drive to Jones' Booking Agency. Climb the stairs and enter the office on the left to meet Jermaine Jones. Go over to the big radio. Turn it on, select FM and change the frequency to 275 - you will end up in a fight. After this is over, look in the radio and examine all the evidence (cash, morphine, marijuana, number card and Ramez Removals sticker). Now talk to Jermaine Jones:

  • Army Surplus morphine: Doubt
  • Involvement of 'Ottie': Lie (Distributor identified)
  • Link to Ramez Removals: Doubt

Use the gamewell outside to get another address, then drive to the Numbers Operation. Go inside and upstairs to meet Merlon Ottie. Examine the red slot machine; pull the arm and hold the symbols until you get the display to show "Cherry, Bell, WIN". Examine the evidence inside the machine (morphine, number card and Ramez Removals stick). Now chase after Merlon when he runs away; you should be able to catch him, or just follow until he runs into a dead end. Back at his office, examine his cane and open it to find an IOU note. Now question Merlon Ottie:

  • Army Surplus morphine: Lie (Finkelstein identified)
  • IOU note from Ramez: Truth
  • Link to Lenny Finkelstein: Doubt

The third question won't be available if you have found everything else so far. Next drive to Ramez Removals. When you arrive, you will be involved in a car chase after a truck; at the end you will return to Ramez Removals again. Go inside and look in the blue ledger on the table to the left - tap on "Merlon Ottie" and "Polar Bear Ice Company". Read the newspaper on the table behind the ledger. Go all the way to the back of the warehouse and climb up the tall ladder, then walk around to the left to find a crane that you can control. Pick up one of the stacks of crates on the left that is blocked the way to the smaller white internal building. Climb back down and enter this building. Examine the ice block, then shoot it until it cracks open, and examine the morphine inside. Outside, a Polar Bear Ice Company truck will pull up, then Ramez will run back inside - chase him and shoot him.

Now drive to the Polar Bear Ice Company. After you get inside, start chasing Lenny through the factory. There are lots of guys to kill as you make your way through to the freezer area and upstairs to find him. After Lenny is dead, open the large crate just around the corner.

Reefer Madness

Drive to Mike Lyman's bar and talk to Freddie Calhoun, who is sitting in the back area. Return to your car and drive to Juan Garcia Cruz's residence. When you arrive, shoot the man through the left window. Go around into the neighbor's driveway on the left and over the back fence, then go in through the back door of the house, where you can shoot the second guy.

Search the pockets of the dead man on the floor here, to find a silver dollar and the ID in his wallet. Look at the boxes on the left to find a notepad with the word "Masangkay" on it. Go to the room on the right and examine the stacked boxes of Parnell's Soup, then go to the back room and look at the newspaper advertisement. Now go out to the backyard and enter the shed. Look at the cans along the wall and pull the second can of the middle group to open a secret passage. Enter the back room and use the can opener to open both cans of soup on the nearby shelf. Read the blue ledger on the table and click on the initials "EJ".

Return to your car and drive to Parnell's Soup Co Factory. Talk to the receptionist, then follow her up to the secretary, and follow her in to see Mr Parnell. Open the ledger and tap on the name "Jorge Garcia Cruz", then interview Howard Parnell:

  • Factory sealed soup cans: Doubt
  • Parnell's Soup Company: Doubt
  • Knowledge of Cruz Brothers: Doubt
  • Inside Man Jorge Garcia: Doubt

Now follow Parnell around the factory. When you get to Sergio and the ledger, examine the ledger and tap on "20th Century Market". Now talk to Sergio Rojas:

  • Factory sealed soup cans: Doubt
  • 20th Century Market: Lie (Juan's silver dollar)

Go back to your car and drive to 20th Century Market. After going inside, chase the clerk out through the back door and tackle him or fight him. Back in the market, interview Airto Sanchez:

  • Knowledge of EJ: Lie (Juan's silver dollar)
  • Parnell's Soup shipments: Doubt
  • Juan and Jorge Cruz: Truth

You will automatically head back to Parnell's Soup Co Factory at night time. Drive around after the other cop cars to the front of the factory, get a good gun out of the back of your car, and head inside. There is a big shootout; the easiest way is to go up to the top level where you have a good vantage point to pick off all the bad guys. Once you are done, the factory will be shut down. Follow the cop into a small room on the left and examine the body to find a wallet and a silver dollar. Look at the large box of marijuana just outside the room, then follow another cop to the upstairs section. Examine Cruz's body to find another silver dollar and a roll of cash.

Ray Pinker will then show you the collection of silver dollars. Rearrange them so that the message reads "Masangkay Metals". Drive there now, and get ready for another big shootout. Since the gate is locked, go around to the left and climb over the brick wall at a break in the barbed wire. Head around the back to the open door and quickly kill all 3 men at the card table. Now proceed through the factory, upstairs to find Victor Sanders.

The Set Up

After the fight concludes approach the locker room and kick open the door. Read the newspaper on one of the tables, and find some bookmakers' odds in Hammond's locker. Leave the locker room and you will run into Mickey Cohen. Go out and use the phone in the lobby to get an address, then head outside and drive to the Hotel El Mar.

Go inside and talk to the man at the reception. Examine the blue ledger and tap on "Winston Churchill", then go up to room 207 and head inside. Look at the spilled trash to find a Western Union telegram. Look on the dresser to find a movie ticket stub and a box of candy. Next examine the table to find a magazine coupon at the bottom right of the newspaper and a hot food can. Look at the open window to the far right. Examine both night-stands to find some bookmakers' payouts and cigarette butts.

Return downstairs and get in your car, then drive to Candy Edwards' address (the Aleve Motel). Talk to the receptionist, then return outside, go upstairs and enter room 7. Fight Carlo and knock him out, then start searching the room. Find a bus ticket and postcard on the dresser, then search Carlo's pockets to find a switchblade and a book. Now talk to Candy Edwards:

  • Whereabouts of Hammond: Lie (Magazine coupon)
  • List of odds recovered: Lie (Bookmakers' odds)
  • Plans to leave town: Doubt

Now you need to carefully tail Candy Edwards from her hotel to Thrifty Liquor, without being spotted. Go inside and talk to the bookie, then examine the notepad next to the telephone and shade it with the pencil to reveal an address. Next drive to the Examiner Drugstore. Talk to Mervin inside. Go and pick up the Yellow Cab Co card next to the phone, then use the phone. Talk to Mervin again, then drive to Ray's Bookmakers. When you get there, start tailing Candy Edwards in your car until she reaches the Interstate Bus Station.

Follow Candy inside and tail her into the bathroom, where you will hear a scream and a gunshot. Run in to find her bleeding to death. Examine the revolver on the ground and search her purse to find a movie ticket. Return to your car and drive to the Egyptian Theatre. Head all the way inside until you see Carlo, then shoot his two men on the ground level first, and wait for Carlo to come down so you can take him out as well.

The Naked City

Drive to the crime scene, then head inside. Find a morphine syrette in the trash can along the left of the hallway leading towards the stairs, then climb the stairs and enter apartment 6. After the discussion with Rusty and Bekowsky, head down the hallway to the bedroom. Examine the smoking jacket and the pills on the floor. Go over to the right bedside table and examine the pill box to find more pills and a prescription. Next enter the bathroom to talk to the coroner. Examine the body to find bruising around the neck, bite marks on the right arm and a black sapphire ring on the left hand. Head to the living room and examine the middle of 3 framed pictures on the display cabinet to find an address for a dress shop. Now talk to the housekeeper, Virginia Reynoldson:

  • Victim's state of mind: Lie (Sleeping pills)
  • Victim's personal life: Lie (Men's smoking jacket)
  • Relationship with victim: Doubt

Leave the building and return to your car, then drive to D'Assine Dress Store. Go inside and talk to the owner:

  • Victim's employment history: Truth

You will then automatically interview Heather Swanson:

  • Relationship with victim: Truth
  • Informed of 'Mr Henderson': Truth

Next drive to Dr Stoneman's Practice. Enter the building and read the sign on the right to see that Stoneman is in office 505. Use the elevator to reach the 5th floor, then enter office 505 and talk to the receptionist. Enter the doctor's office and talk to Dr Stoneman:

  • Relationship with victim: Lie (Benzedrine prescription)
  • Additional medications: Doubt

Return down to your car and drive to the Hollywood Receiving Hospital. Enter and talk to the coroner, then examine the harmonica he found in the other victim's pocket. Go across to the police station and find Interview Room 2, where you can talk to Henry Arnett:

  • Relationship with victim: Doubt
  • Informed of 'Mr Henderson': Lie (Housekeeper's statement)
  • Burglary suspect Leblanc: Doubt

Outside, tail Arnett in your car, then on foot. After you have discovered his plans, get back in the car and you will receive two messages. Drive to Hollywood Ninth Beat, where you will need to chase down 2 criminals and end up in a shootout. Afterwards, drive to the Hollywood Police Station. You will be shown a contraband list, and should tap on the cigarette case, black sapphire ring, pearl ring and pill box. Now return to your car and drive to the Evestrom residence. Sit down and interview Beverly Evestrom:

  • List of stolen items: Lie (Faberge cigarette case)
  • Burglary incident report: Truth

After the conversation, Heather Swanson will arrive. Drive her to Arnett's apartment, and try not to damage the vehicle along the way. When you arrive, talk to the man at the desk, then get in the elevator. Chase after the suspect fleeing the apartment. Back in the apartment, look in the suitcase next to the couch, and find a watch and a train ticket. Now talk to Henry Arnett:

  • Professional burglary ring: Lie (Faberge cigarette case)
  • Motive for Randall murder: Lie (Train ticket)
  • Identity of 'Mr Henderson': Lie (Contraband list)

Drive back to Dr Stoneman's practice, where you will automatically talk to him again. Use the phone on his desk to get a new address, then return to your car and drive to Willy's apartment. When you arrive, head right and then chase after Willy. As he climbs the "Broadway" sign, shoot all the letters down. Now shoot Willy.

Manifest Destiny

Drive to the crime scene at the 111 Club. Examine the body of the man leaning against the circular bar (Bowe). Go into the next room and examine another body (Bittleston), searching his coat pocket to find some morphine. Examine the trumpet case next to him, and pick up all 3 of the mouthpieces so that a secret compartment opens; look at the Blue Room pass and some more morphine in here. Go to the back room and look inside the crates, making sure to pick up and examine one of the cartons of Valor Cigarettes. Next examine the rifles on the rack to the right until you mention checking serial numbers. Now go and interview the Hostess:

  • 111 Club shooting incident: Doubt
  • Knowledge of McGoldrick: Truth

Return to your car and drive to The Blue Room. Head inside and you will start talking to Elsa Lichtmann:

  • Army surplus morphine: Doubt
  • Morphine overdose victims: Doubt

Now you need to tail Elsa back to her house. Once you have done this, you will automatically go to The Mocambo Club. Go inside and you will be shown to Mickey Cohen's table, where you will start questioning him:

  • Finkelstein drug operation: Doubt
  • 111 Club shooting incident: Doubt

You will automatically end up back at the Hollywood Police Station. Follow your partner to the burglary department. Look in the book you are offered and tap on the 4 circles on the right page. You will then be informed that there is a sniper on the loose. Go back to your car and drive to the Bus Shooting site. Climb up the ladder on the rear of the building and shoot the sniper. Search his body to find a pocketbook, then examine his rifle. You will automatically return to the street level and talk to the bus driver, Felix Alvarro:

  • Informed of Coolridge heist: Doubt
  • Motive for shooting: Lie (Sniper's pocketbook)

Use the gamewell on the street here to find a new address, then drive to Kelso's apartment. You will automatically take Jack Kelso to Hollywood Police Station and start interrogating him:

  • Army surplus morphine: Doubt
  • Ex-Marine McGoldrick: Truth
  • Arms stolen from Coolridge: Truth
  • SS Coolridge robbery: Doubt

You will now find out about another shooting, so head to your car and drive to Robert's Diner. You will continue on in a car chase which will end in a dead-end. This will be followed by a shootout with 2 gunmen. Search the pockets of the man nearest to the car to find a copy of the manifest and a shooter's notebook. You can also find a newspaper on the ground between the 2 men.

Now drive to the Hollywood Post Office, where you will encounter another shootout, this time with 4 men. Searching one of the bodies here will give you Beckett's confession and a business card, and searching another body on the opposite side of the post office will yield a note from his coat pocket.

Return to your car and head to Grauman's Chinese Theatre. When you arrive, chase after the car and disable it, then kill the two gunmen in a shootout. Get back in your car and drive to the Meeting Place. After a longer shootout in the alleys around here, drive to Hollywood Police Station. Go to Interview Room 2 and talk to Courtney Sheldon::

  • 6th Marines being targeted: Lie (Note)
  • SS Coolridge robbery: Lie (Beckett's confession)

Arson Desk

The Gas Man

Leave the station and drive to the Steffens House Fire. Talk to Don Steffens when you get there, and he will show you his competition ticket before answering some questions:

  • Travel competition: Truth
  • Suburban Redevelopment: :Doubt

Go and search the left side of the house to find an InstaHeat box. Now go and use the gamewell to get an address, before driving to Gulliver's Travel Agency. You will be shown a ledger, and should tap on the two names "Steffens" and "Sawyer". Now you will automatically start interviewing John Cunningham:

  • Suburban Redevelopment: Truth
  • Promotional travel contest: Doubt

Return to your car and drive to the Sawyer House Fire. Talk to the coroner once you arrive, then find a blue regulator valve on the path to the right of the house. Now you need to chase down or fight Herbert Chapman. Get into your car and drive to Suburban Redevelopment. Enter the small building on the left to find a note on the rear desk from Leland Monroe. Now drive to Fire Station No 32. Albert Lynch will set up a demonstration for you to complete: put the balloon on the right, the valve in the middle and the Bunsen burner on the left. Now pull the lever on the far left to create an explosion.

Next drive to the InstaHeat Factory. Head inside and talk to the secretary, then go through the opposite down to the manager's office and talk to Ivan Rasic:

  • InstaHeat Model 70: Doubt
  • Heater service history: Lie (Heater serviced by Ryan)

Rasic will now give you a list of installers. Use the phone on the left to get names and criminal records, then talk to Rasic again to get their addresses. Follow Rasic out to the lockers. Search Clemens' locker and Ryan's locker to find anarchist pamphlets. Search Varley's locker to find mosquito coils. Leave here and start heading to the work sites. First go to Clemens' work site and interview Walter Clemens:

  • Knowledge of Varley: Doubt
  • Employment with InstaHeat: Doubt
  • Knowledge of Ryan: Lie (Clemens' anarchist pamphlet)

Next go to Varley's work site. When he runs, chase after him until he crosses a road, then stop him with a warning shot. Now drive to Ryan's work site. He will drive off in his car, so chase him carefully until he either gets taken out by a tram or a pole, then arrest him. Now drive to Wilshire Police Station. Go to Interview Room 1 and talk to Matthew Ryan:

  • Anarchist literature: Lie (Ryan's anarchist pamphlets)
  • InstaHeat Mode 70: Lie (Ivan Rasic's statement)
  • Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt
  • Attempted murder charge: Doubt

Leave now and enter Interview Room 2, where you can talk to Reginald Varley:

  • Work at Sawyer residence: Lie (Heater serviced by Varley)
  • Suburban Redevelopment: Lie (Matthew Ryan's Statement)
  • InstaHeat Model 70: Lie (Mosquito coils)

Go back to Interview Room 1 and charge Matthew Ryan with arson and murder.

A Walk in Elysian Fields

Drive to the crime scene and head inside, then follow the coroner to the bodies. Examine the photo on the floor behind you, then look at the bodies again. Go outside to talk to Biggs. Now head around to the right side of the house and examine the water heater. Come back to the front and find a newspaper on the ground. Head across towards a tree on the neighbor's property to find some cigarette butts and boot prints. Now go and talk to Dudley Forman, the next door neighbor:

  • Morelli fire witness report: Doubt
  • Suspicious activity: Doubt
  • Planned demolitions: Doubt
  • Promotional travel contest: Truth

Unfold the paper crane that Biggs brings you, and the neighbor will also bring you another flyer. Use the nearby gamewell, then drive to Rancho Escondido. Get involved in the fight, then go and examine the brick foundations to the right of the house; you will find a loose brick, then the whole wall will collapse. Now drive to Elysian Fields. Talk to the receptionist, then go upstairs and talk to the secretary. Finally, head into the office and talk to Leland Monroe:

  • Elysian linked to arsons: Doubt
  • Promotional travel contest: Lie (Elysian Fields flyers)
  • Local land acquisitions: Doubt
  • Rancho Escondido fire: Lie (Poor cement quality)

Back out at the secretary's desk, look at the names of flyer distributors and tap on the name Herbert Chapman. Now head downstairs and into the large room opposite the receptionist, then use one of the phones here.

After a cutscene, drive to Chapman's apartment. Search the trunk of his car and examine the mosquito coil, ammunition and flyer, then you will spot him getting on a trolley car. Chase after it and ram the left side panel until it falls off, then get Biggs to shoot the wheel and derail the trolley. Now approach the trolley and shoot Chapman.

House of Sticks

Scroll down over the paperwork provided by Elsa, then you will obtain a file from your filing cabinet. Examine the file completely, then close it and question Elsa Lichtmann:

  • Disputed claim payout: Doubt
  • Connection to Buchwalter: Doubt
  • Motive for dispute: Truth

After Elsa leaves and the secretary enters, follow her upstairs to another office. Head out to your car and drive to the Elysian Fields Site. Enter the building on the left and search the desks to find a demolition order, a company memo and a cement delivery receipt. Go back outside and fight the foreman, then he will tell you where to find the house you are looking for. Either drive or run there, then look around the red flags at the edges of the demolished house until you find a group of pieces of wood that you can rearrange; pick up the bottom piece of wood to read "Keystone Films". Now the foreman will start chasing you in his bulldozer. Run down the path and jump over the obstacles, turning around to slow down the bulldozer by aiming your gun at once you reach the larger platforms. Once you reach the end, climb the ladder to safety. Go to the nearby gamewell and use it to get your next address.

Drive to Keystone Film Studios. After talking to the security guard, climb over the fence on the right and look at the pile of timber on the right to find a sticker that says "Inferior Quality". Turn around and look at the opposite pile of timer to find a lumbar delivery receipt. Climb back over the first fence, turn right and climb another fence. Run forward and enter the Screening Room on the left. Look on the desk to the right to find a film cannister, then open it to find that it is empty. Examine the projector next, and adjust the two dials to correct the focus and speed, then flip the switch to correct the direction, and you will watch the whole movie. Return outside to the security hut and use the telephone.

After a cutscene, drive to Elysian Fields Site Two. Enter the house with the flickering light and go upstairs; you will be involved in a fight and will lose. After you escape from the trunk of the car, run and climb into the red car on the street. Drive away and evade the cars chasing you by making them crash or taking sudden turns into back alleys. When you are free, drive to Elsa's apartment.

A Polite Invitation

After you are out of your hospital bed, go outside and get in your car, and drive to Curtis Benson's apartment. Look at the mailboxes to see he lives in apartment 2, then go and invite yourself in. Once Curtis is sitting on his couch, go over and find a share certificate on the dining table, and an insurance agreement on the nearby desk. Now go to the bedroom and discover someone there. Go out and talk to Curtis Benson:

  • Motive for fraud: Lie (Share certificate)
  • Suburban Redevelopment: Lie (Insurance agreement)
  • Buchwalter case settlement: Doubt

Return to your car and drive to California Fire and Life. Go inside and enter the elevator at the end of the hallway. Exit and go right into your office. Examine the file on your desk and tap on the longitude and latitude at the top-right corner of the blue sheet, and the date on the pink sheet. You will automatically talk to Phelps and then end up at the Hall of Records.

Head inside and talk to the security guard, then go up one flight of stairs and find the Land Registry Office. Talk to the clerk in here and follow him to bookcase S. Read the ledger and turn the page, then tap on the name "Courtney Sheldon". Now follow the clerk to a large map and move the coordinates to 034'04'29, 118'17'58. Next follow the clerk to the adding machine and input 1876988 divide 90000, then pull the lever. Go to bookcase U and open the book. Now find and tap on the name "Randall Jones". There will now be a shootout with 4 guys who come in to the office.

After a cutscene, enter your apartment and answer the ringing phone. Return to your car and drive to Leland Monroe's mansion. Enter the garden and take care of 2 waves of enemies, then go inside and take out several other shooters. Monroe's secretary will shoot you, then you will knock her out. Continue through several more rooms and up some stairs to find Monroe. After you shoot him in the leg, search the safe for a police file, share slip and notebook. Read the newspaper on the table along the back wall, and look at the photo next to it. Now examine the file on the desk and tap on any of the names that aren't crossed out.

Nicholson Electroplating

Get in your car and drive towards the explosion, being careful to avoid crashing into other cars and running pedestrians. When you get there, take out the 2 looters that shoot and run away from you. Now walk through the industrial plant entrance towards the explosion site. After talking to Pinker, head left past where the mayor is doing an interview. When you reach the fork in the path, turn right. Go to the end and examine the airplane part (rotate the rings to be able to see the message). Go back to the fork and take the other path. Find a laundry tag about half way along, then continue to the end and open a briefcase. Inside you will find a spy camera, ornate golden ball, business card, and an encoded message. Start by aligning the H in the outer ring with the K in the inner ring, then spin the outer ring and stop on the letters "K SBOJLKQ XSB" to reveal the message "N VERMONT AVE". Return to the entrance to this area and look at the bodies on the stretchers. Go to leave and you will meet and interview Fred Nicholson:

  • Nicholson plant explosion: Doubt
  • Whereabouts of Okamoto: Lie (Spy camera)
  • Whereabouts of McLellan: Doubt

Return to your car and drive around the corner to find a gamewell. After using this, drive to Superior Laundry Services. Go inside and examine the ledger, then tap on the name "Oscar Hangstrom". Use the phone near the front door, then return to your car and drive to Okamoto's apartment (the deciphered address). Go up the stairs and around through the open door on the right. Open the refrigerator and a body will fall out. Examine the head to notice the bullet wound, then look at both hands to see a watch and a ring. Now find a tie pin on the floor near the fireplace, and a spray of blood leading towards the bedroom. Enter the bedroom and find another golden ball in the tall set of shelves, which when connected to the other will reveal a microfilm. Use the telephone in the front room and you will end up talking to Pinker.

Next drive to Hughes Aircraft. Follow the other car in, then follow Vernon Mapes into the hangar and ask him some questions:

  • Nicholson plant explosion: Doubt
  • Knowledge of Okamoto: Doubt
  • Knowledge of McLellan: Lie (Prop spinner)

Now walk over to the front of the plane and look at the 3 barrels of linseed oil. Climb up the steps into the plane, and climb up the ladder. Find a navigation note on the board to the right, then use the navigation machine nearby and input the coordinates (latitude 2415, longitude 7600) to locate the Bahamas. Leave the plane and go to the rear; walk towards a mechanic working on an engine, and you will examine a prop spinner covered in linseed oil. Now head to Mapes' office, which is up some stairs in the corner of the hangar. Examine 2 framed pictures on the desk along the far wall.

Return outside and drive to the Wilshire Police Station. Talk to the Duty Sergeant, then head downstairs and talk to Pinker. Examine each of the photos carefully, then help Pinker with an experiment. Go and examine the microfilm image on the desk (on the other side to the magnified photos).

Go back upstairs and drive to the house in the photograph. Look at the table opposite the bed to find a passport and an airline ticket. When the house is set on fire, shoot the gas tank next to the stove. Now chase after Mapes, all the way back to the hangar. When you arrive there will be a big shootout with the military police. Head around to Mapes' car and enter the hangar, where there is an even bigger shootout against Mapes and more military police.

A Different Kind Of War

As Jack Kelso, drive to Rapid Exterminators and talk to the man behind the counter. Read the newspaper on the counter. Next head to Nuclear Bug & Rodent Control, and talk to the man inside. Finally, drive to Westlake Pest Control. Talk to the man at reception to learn about Rancho Rincon.

As Cole Phelps, head into the house and go through to the murder scene. Read the newspaper on the desk. Next to this, examine the piece of paper and shade it in, then place the ripped newspaper page over the top of it to reveal a freeway route. Go back towards the entrance of the room and open a yellow file; read the note inside, then turn it over and tap on the name "Sawyer". Examine the body, and look at the neck for some marks, and his left hand for a lighter. Next find a crystal ball on the floor in front of the bookshelves. Return to the previous room and find a medical cabinet; open it and examine the morphine inside.

Back with Jack again, you will arrive at the Ranch Bunkhouse. Knock on the door, then kick it in. Look at the flamethrower on the desk to the right. Enter the room on the right and examine a Thompson M1 machine gun on the floor. Go into the opposite room with the paper cranes and look at the photograph on the wall. In the same room, find an origami crane on the workbench, and a large blueprint on the wall.

As Cole once more, drive after the white car on your map and protect it by taking out the red cars until you reach the tunnels.

Finally as Jack, make your way through the tunnels and kill a lot of armed men. You can pick up one of a number of weapons in a small armory after wading through some deep water. Continue through some more tunnels out to an open area, where you can kill a few more guys before climbing down into a lower area. Kill 3 more enemies here, then use another armory if you like (this one includes a flamethrower). Head out towards the water. As the water rises, go quickly over the far catwalk, and climb up the ladder in the opposite corner of the room. Now take out the final gunmen, and continue until you find Elsa.

Street Crimes

There are 40 street crimes that will occur at random times while you are driving around LA, either during your normal play through of the game, or when you select the free-roaming Streets of LA option. Each desk has its own group of street crimes, as outlined under the different headings below. Some of the crimes only occur at certain times of day, so even in the Streets of LA mode they may not all be available all of the time.

Traffic Desk

Boxing Clever

Chase the suspect over the fence and up to the top of the construction site. Fight him until he is subdued.

Cosmic Rays

Chase after the suspect and try to catch him; if you don't reach him he will jump from a roof and commit suicide, but you will still have completed the case.

Masked Gunman

Climb up to the roof, then down the opposite drain pipe. Chase after the suspect until he captures a hostage, then carefully shoot the suspect.

Shoo Shoo Bandits

After talking to the victim, run up 2 flights of stairs to the left, then go left into an alley. You need to shoot both suspects (one will likely get into the car and try to get away).


Stay hidden behind your car for most of this mission while you take out 2 whole gangs. To take care of the last few you will likely need to advance.

Amateur Hour

Go inside the jewelry store and shoot 1 suspect on the ground floor, then go upstairs and shoot 2 more. Come back to the entrance, where your partner has been knocked down. Run outside after the car until it crashes nearby.

Death from Above

Shoot the 3 visible gunmen (2 on the high roof, 1 on the low roof to the right). Now climb up the drain pipe to the low roof, and the ladder up to the high roof. Kill the suspect who is holding the officer hostage on the high roof.

Theater Robbery

Chase after the suspect in his blue car until he crashes, then follow him up a drain pipe and over some roofs. Shoot him when you get the chance.

Pawnshop Holdup

Run around to the rear of the pawnshop and kick down the door. Get inside and kill 2 suspects, then go upstairs to the roof. Kill the suspect who is holding a hostage up here.

Hotel Bandits

Chase the suspects out the back of the building, then hop in the convertible car and chase after their red car. Enter the parking garage after them, then climb up the stairs to the roof and shoot the suspects.

Army Surplus

After the initial shooting, just hide in the doorway and take out the 2 gunmen.

Hung Out to Dry

Enter the warehouse and shoot 6 suspects throughout the building; depending on how fast you are, the final suspect may first take a hostage.

Homicide Desk

Vengeful Ex

After the cop is shot and you arrive on the scene, chase the old man to the right and shoot him when you can.

Death Plunge

Follow Rusty around to the back of the church, and climb up the pipe. Climb up a ladder to reach the suspect, where you will talk him down.

Canned Fish

Fight two guys with your partner, then quickly jump into the nearest car and chase after the fleeing subject in his truck. Just tail him carefully and arrest him after he crashes into the river.

Would Be Robber

Chase after the yellow car and it will eventually crash. Shoot the first gunman, who has a hostage, then climb up on to the roof after the second guy and shoot him when he comes out from cover.

Running Battle

After the cop is shot, chase the suspect away from the cafe and up on to some nearby roofs; either shoot him as he runs away, or take him out in a shootout up on the roof.

Bank Job

Shoot the 2 guys with automatic rifles hiding behind cars outside the bank. Approach the bank entrance and kill 2 more guys on the floor and one on the stairs. Now go through to the back area and enter the elevator to get down to the basement. There are 5 more guys to kill downstairs, 2 in the lobby and 3 in the vault.

Unsuccessful Holdup

As soon as you arrive, chase after the men into a shed, and climb down into the subway maintenance tunnels. Shoot one or two of the men in the first area, then make your way further down into the subway train tunnel itself. Avoid the train and kill the remaining one or two suspects.

Cop Killer Shot

Quickly shoot the gunman you can see up on the ledge, then follow Rusty up the nearby pipe and two ladders, and kill the second gunman on the roof.

Honey Boy

As soon as you can, approach the house and shoot the man through his living room window.


After you witness the murder, chase after the murderer and shoot him when you can.

Thicker Than Water

Chase after the small green car until it crashes, then approach the vehicle to arrest the suspects.

Killer Bandits

When the shootout starts, kill one of the robbers, then the second one will try to drive past; either shoot him while he is driving, or wait for him to crash first.

Bowling Lane Robbery

Shoot the guy at the entrance to the bowling alley, then approach the entrance and kill a second man behind him. Go inside and immediately turn left to shoot 2 more suspects; if you are too slow in killing the guy in the background, he will run away and you will need to chase him into a side room. Kill him and avoid shooting his hostage.

Vice Desk


Shoot the guy outside as soon as you can, then wait for a hostage to flee from inside the bank before going in and killing the other 2 gunmen.

Fatal Plunge

After the fall, climb up the drain pipe and ladder to get to the rooftop. When Dudley runs, chase after him down to the ground and get in your car. Try to disable the vehicle, or wait until it crashes into a train, then apprehend the suspect.

Against the Odds

Walk in to the bar and sit down to read the paper at the table on the left. After the suspect enters and leaves again, follow him outside and carefully tail him through a nearby alleyway, where he will meet up with his boss. After you automatically tell them to surrender, shoot them both.

Daylight Robbery

Chase after the robber and try to stop him with a warning shot, or just wait until he is taken out by a passing pedestrian.

The Blue Line

Shoot 2 nearby bandits, then approach the farmhouse to kill 2 more. The final suspect will get in a car, and you can shoot him as he drives towards you, or let Roy do it for you.

Zoot Suit Riot

Shoot 2 suspects as quickly as you can, then head around the corner and enter the dark warehouse. Carefully move forward and kill the rest of them, including upstairs.

The Badger Game

After the police car is stolen, chase after it and disable it, or wait until the suspect crashes the car in a construction site. Get out of your car and arrest him.

Camera Obscura

After the suspect drives away, chase after him. You can try to drive him off the road, or just follow until he crashes into a tram. Get out of your car and approach him to arrest him.

Secret Keepers

After talking to the security guard, head around to the carpark out the back of the California Auto Club and you will see the suspect washing his car. After he flees, jump into the nearby convertible and chase after him. Either disable the car or wait until he crashes into a truck, then apprehend him.

Bad Date

Climb up the drainpipe at the end of the alley to spot the suspect, then climb the ladder and fight him to subdue him.

Arson Desk

Accident Prone

After arriving at the accident, run around into the alley in the direction indicated by the witnesses. Head around to the left and down, then look behind a red garbage skip to find the suspect; fight him to arrest him.

Paper Sack Holdup

Chase after the suspects and try to disable their vehicle. If you see them drive off a cliff, follow them off, as if you go any other way you will lose the case. Once you catch up to their car, arrest them.

Cafe Holdup

Quickly shoot the man in your sights, then head towards the back of the cafe and kill the remaining 3 gunmen.

Bus Stop Shooting

Take out 2 guys inside the building, then a 3rd will run out the back. Chase after him and shoot him as well as his driver that appears shortly afterwards.

Hot Property

Drive after the robber and disable his vehicle, or wait until he crashes into a truck, then arrest him.


Gold Film Reels

There are 50 gold film reels scattered around LA. If you want to collect them all in one run, it is easiest to start at the southeast corner of the map and follow this order towards the northwest:

  • Angels with Dirty Faces: Go to the corner of 2nd and Spring. Climb a ladder at the construction site on the northern corner of the intersection. Enter the small building on the left and find the film reel on a table.

  • Asphalt Jungle: Go to Main Street Terminal, near the corner of Los Angeles and 6th. Go to the far end of the platform to find the reel on the ground.

  • Big Carnival: Drive south on Figueroa and turn right on to 9th. Immediately on your right there is a parking lot. Go to the white house behind the parking lot and find the film reel on the front porch.

  • Big Clock: Head north on Grand View from 6th, then turn right on to a winding road. Turn left into the driveway of a white house about half way along this street and find the film reel on the front porch.

  • Big Heat: Head to the corner of Olive and 3rd. Go around behind the red building at the top of the Angels Flight to find the film reel on the decking.

  • Big Sleep: Go to the corner of Hollywood and La Brea and look to the southwest to see a water tower near some tracks. The film reel is on the ground behind the tower.

  • Body and Soul: Park your car on the corner of 7th and Santa Fe. Enter a small carpark on the southeast corner of the intersection and run along the road parallel to the bridge. Cross the railway tracks and go through a maintenance door in the base of the bridge. Head up the stairs to a platform beneath the bridge and find the film reel on the floor to the right.

  • Brute Force: Drive south on Schrader from the intersection with Hollywood and take the second right into a short dead-end street. The film reel is on the path at the end of the street.

  • Crossfire: Head to the corner of Melrose and Heliotrope. Look next to a green cargo trailer parked at a grey building next to the gas station here to find the film reel.

  • Detour: Drive to the corner of Lawrence and Bay. Enter the railyard and go to the tracks between 2 large red carriages to find the film reel.

  • Double Indemnity: Drive to the far eastern end of 7th and turn right, then head right into a military base. Head around behind the main building to find a shooting range, and pick up the film reel from the tables.

  • Gilda: Go to the corner of Cahuenga and Homewood. Look for a petrol station and find the film reel on the ground behind it.

  • Gun Crazy: Head north along Santa Fe and turn right on to 1st. Head over the bridge, then follow the tram tracks until you see a water tower. Find the film reel at the base of the tower.

  • House of Bamboo: Drive north along Alameda and turn right on to 1st. Turn right into an alley and follow the fence around to the right. Enter a large open warehouse and climb the catwalks on the left to find the film reel.

  • In a Lonely Place: Drive south on El Centro from the intersection with Santa Monica and you will see a mini golf course on the right. The film reel is on the 8th hole.

  • Key Largo: Drive northeast from where Figueroa meets Flower. Turn left at the major intersection, then head right on to a winding dirt road. Find the film reel on the porch of the farm house near the end of the dirt road.

  • Killers: Drive west along 1st from the corner with Kenmore. Go to the second street, then examine the half-finished house on the northwest corner of the intersection to find the film reel.

  • Killing: Find a church on the corner of Hoover and 6th. Go to the main entrance, then look just to the left to find the film reel.

  • Lady from Shanghai: From the corner of Council and Juanita, run south on to a baseball field. Look on the pitcher's mound to find the film reel.

  • Laura: Find the bend in the road where Westmoreland joins 2nd. Run straight west into a picnic area and find the film reel on one of the picnic tables.

  • Leave Her to Heaven: Go to where Figueroa meets Flower and continue northeast. Go through 2 small intersections and one major intersection, then take the next right. Drive for one block, then park your car. Go to the southwest corner of the intersection to find an abandoned public pool. Enter the complex and find the film reel on some grass in the northeast corner of the area.

  • Letter: Drive east on Selma from its intersection with Las Palmas, and stop at a paved plaza on the right. Walk south in here and climb some stairs on the left to find the film reel.

  • M: Go north on Vermont from the intersection with Middlebury. Take the first left, then the second left. Stop at a white house with a hedge, and go into the backyard to find a film reel next to a seesaw.

  • Maltese Falcon: Head to the intersection of Grand and 1st and head northeast, then take the next left. Get out and explore a vacant block with a rusty fence on the right, and find the film reel next to a pallet of bricks.

  • Mildred Pierce: Drive southeast along Glendale until it becomes 2nd, then follow the tracks into a long tunnel. Keep driving along here until there is a small dead-end branch off to the left - the film reel is in here.

  • Murder, My Sweet: Park your car on Beacon, between 8th and 9th, and go down some steps on the western side of the street to find an underground carpark. Look at the base of the tree in the carpark to find the film reel.

  • Naked City: Head south along Bonnie Brae from the intersection with Beverly, then stop at a light blue house on the right. You can find the film reel on the porch out the front.

  • Narrow Margin: Drive north on Ardmore from the intersection with Lemongrove. Take the first major left, then the first major right. Turn left into the first driveway, which leads to a grey double garage. Behind the garage, the film reel is on the ground in front of a large fountain.

  • Night and the City: Go to MacArthur Park, which is on Wilshire, between Alvarado and Park View. Wade into the large large on the southern side of the park and climb into the small gazebo to find the film reel.

  • Night of the Hunter: Go to the eastern end of Fountain and follow it around the bend to the south, then stop at the Hillside Motel on your right. Look near the pool to find the film reel.

  • Nightmare Alley: Head to the corner of Ivar and Franklin. Go up a driveway to a group of shops. Head around to the left to find the film reel on a brick footpath.

  • Notorious: Drive to the far eastern end of Olympic and turn left, then head left on to a dirt road. Follow this until you can enter a large warehouse, then go to a makeshift office on the right and find the film reel on the floor.

  • Odd Man Out: From the corner of St Andrews and Fernwood, head north, then take the first left. Stop at a pink house on the right, then go behind it to find a dark teal house. Look on the porch here to find the film reel.

  • Out of the Past: Go to the southern end of Hill and enter the abandoned streetcar terminal on the left to find the film reel on the ground in the middle bay.

  • Pickup on South Street: Enter Union Station, near the northern end of Alameda. Go past the ticketing counter and find the film reel on the counter of a gift shop on the right.

  • Rififi: From the corner of Valencia and 6th, drive east along 6th and take the first left. Ignore two tiny side streets and take the first main angled left turn, then look for a small turquoise house immediately on the left. The film reel is on the front porch.

  • Scarlet Street: Drive north along Alameda and turn right on to Palmetto. Turn right into a alley with some parked cars, and find the film reel near some dumpsters on the left.

  • Set-Up: Head east along 6th from the corner with Berendo. Stop at the second house on the right (blue and white). Go around to the back porch to find the film reel.

  • Shadow of a Doubt: Enter the airport through the gates on Beverly (between Lafayette Park and Rampart). Go to the intersection of the two runways and enter a hangar just to the northeast; the film reel is on the ground in front of a small plane in the hangar.

  • Spiral Staircase: Go east along Santa Monica from the intersection with Wilton, and look for a playground on the left. The film reel is on the ground under a tree in the corner of the playground.

  • Strangers on a Train: Go to a parking lot at the corner of 2nd and Main. Run along behind the wall around the edge of the parking lot to find the film reel.

  • Sunset Boulevard: Drive west on Melrose from the corner with Wilton. Watch the stores on the right and stop at a courtyard with a tree in the middle. The film reel is on the ground under the tree.

  • Sweet Smell of Success: Drive east along 3rd from its intersection with Union, and turn right into a alley with a red crane at the end. Behind the crane, find the film reel under a small shelter on the construction site.

  • Thieves' Highway: Head to the corner of Kingsley and Maplewood. Enter Joe's Diner and take the film reel from the counter.

  • Third Man: Drive to the east end of Oakwood, where it meets Virgil. Run straight to the east to find a ridge. Follow this southeast to reach a fenced off area, and look at the base of a large tree to find the film reel.

  • This Gun for Hire: Go to where Beverly turns into 1st. Drive east and take the first left, then find a large construction large on the left. Enter this and go to the far southwest corner. Walk on to some wooden scaffolding to pick up the film reel.

  • Touch of Evil: Enter a small alley on the southern side of 6th between Broadway and Hill. Climb a drainpipe and 2 ladders, then go left to the far end of the rooftop to find the film reel.

  • Where the Sidewalk Ends: Find the Palladium Theater, which is on Sunset between El Centro and Argyle. The film reel is behind the main column at the entrance.

  • White Heat: Drive north on Mariposa from the intersection with Melrose. Stop just before the 6th small street on the right and you will see a large burgundy building with a hedge out the front. Jump over the hedge and go along the southern side of the building, then head up the steps in the middle of the green building behind. Follow the passage around to the left to find the film reel.

  • Woman in the Window: Go to the intersection of Wilton and Lemongrove. Explore the houses on the southwest corner and find a picnic table in a small courtyard; the film reel is on the picnic table.


There are 30 landmarks to be found around LA, and as you find them they are added to your game map:

  • 4th Street Viaduct
  • 6th Street Viaduct
  • Angels Flight
  • Bradbury Building
  • Brown Derby
  • Bullocks Wilshire
  • Chinatown
  • Christ Crown of Thorns
  • Crossroads of the World
  • El Pueblo de Los Angeles
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Grauman's Theater
  • Hall of Records
  • Hotel Roosevelt
  • Intolerance Set
  • LA Cold Storage Co
  • LA County Art Museum
  • LA Public Library
  • Los Angeles Examiner
  • MacArthur Park
  • Main Street Terminal
  • Max Factor Building
  • Mayfair Hotel
  • Musso & Franks
  • National Biscuit Company
  • Park Plaza
  • Pershing Square
  • RKO Theatre
  • Union Station
  • Westlake Tar Pits

Hidden Shields

There are 20 police shields scattered around LA. All of these are at landmarks (as listed in the section above).

  • 6th Street Viaduct: Directly under the bridge, climb up a ladder from the water
  • Angels Flight: Underneath the lower portion of the large staircase
  • Bullocks Wilshire: Down the stairs to the left of the star-lined carpet
  • Chinatown: In the doorway of a small shop in the alleys to the west of Chinatown itself (between 2 white lion statues)
  • Crossroads of the World: In a small passage in the middle of the Crossroads building
  • Grauman's Theater: On the small red carpet just left of the main entrance
  • Hall of Records: On the main reception desk inside the building
  • Hotel Roosevelt: In an entrance alcove in front of the hotel
  • Intolerance Set: In a back alley directly under the main staircase
  • LA County Art Museum: On a small hedge-lined path just northwest of the building
  • LA Public Library: On a platform between 2 water tanks on the roof of the building
  • Los Angeles Examiner: On the corner of a large planter box in the carpark
  • MacArthur Park: On a barrel at the paddle boat dock
  • Main Street Terminal: In front of the red Subway Terminal trolley on the tracks
  • Max Factor Building: Next to a brown dumpster in a fenced off area
  • Musso & Franks: Under the green awning at the back of the building
  • Pershing Square: On a small table at the Trolley-Dogs hot dog stand
  • RKO Theatre: On the tiled floor at the main entrance
  • Union Station: Inside, at the Southern Pacific ticketing counter
  • Westlake Tar Pits: On the porch of the white shack at the end of the carpark


There are 13 newspapers scattered around LA. They can all be gathered during the cases, and are mentioned in the main walkthrough, but are also listed here:

  • Upon Reflection: On some crates in the first alley of the crime scene
  • The Driver's Seat: On a table in the dining room of the Black residence
  • A Marriage Made in Heaven: On the counter in the bar at the crime scene
  • The Fallen Idol: Near the shrunken heads at Silver Screen Props
  • The Red Lipstick Murder: On the floor of the living room in the Henry residence
  • The White Shoe Slaying: In Stuart Ackerman's shack
  • The Black Caesar: On the table in the Ramez Removals warehouse
  • The Set-Up: In the locker room of the boxing stadium
  • Manifest Destiny: In the alleyway at the end of the chase
  • A Walk in Elysian Fields: In the front garden of the crime scene
  • A Polite Invitation: On the desk in Leland's office
  • A Different Kind of War: Inside the Rapid Exterminators store
  • A Different Kind of War: In the doctor's surgery


There are 95 different vehicles that can be driven in the game. You can see which ones you have driven by going to the Showroom from the main menu, but you can't see the names of the vehicles you haven't yet found. Here is the complete list:


  • Buick Business Coupe
  • Buick Coupe
  • Buick Eight Convertible
  • Buick Eight Coupe
  • Buick 2DR Sedanette
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR
  • Chevrolet Styleline
  • Chrysler Town and Country
  • Cord Hardtop
  • Buick Custom
  • Ford Convertible
  • Ford Custom
  • Packard Custom
  • DeSoto 2DR Custom
  • Ford 2DR
  • Ford Business Coupe
  • Ford Tudor Convertible
  • Ford V8 Sedan
  • LaSalle V8 Sedan
  • Lincoln Continental Coupe
  • Nash Super 600
  • Packard Clipper Eight
  • Packard Clipper Six
  • Pontiac Torpedo Six
  • Studebaker Commander


  • Cadillac LaSalle Series 50
  • Cadillac Series 61 Touring Sedan
  • Cadillac Series 61
  • Cadillac Series 75 Limousine
  • Chevrolet Sedan
  • Plymouth P5
  • Chrysler Airflow
  • DeSoto Custom Suburban
  • Hudson Super Six
  • International D Series Sedan
  • Frazer Manhattan
  • Lincoln Zephyr Touring
  • Oldsmobile Hydramatic 88
  • Oldsmobile Sedan
  • Packard Clipper Eight
  • Plymouth Sedan
  • Plymouth Special Deluxe Six
  • Pontiac Sedan Six
  • Willys Overland


  • Cadillac V16 Convertible
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible
  • Mercury Custom
  • Ford DeLuxe Convertible
  • Lincoln Continental Convertible
  • Lincoln Model K Convertible Roadster
  • Nash La Fayette Convertible
  • Oldsmobile S98 Convertible


  • International KB8 (Polar Bear Ice Truck)
  • Chevrolet Pickup
  • Chevrolet Van
  • Chevrolet Civilian Van
  • Chevrolet Pickup 2
  • GMC Pickup
  • Nash Deluxe 600 Army
  • American LaFrance Fire Truck
  • Buick Ambulance
  • Chevrolet Tow Truck
  • DeSoto Custom Suburban Taxi
  • Dodge Fuel Truck
  • Ford Ambulance
  • International Metro KB1M
  • International KB5
  • International D Series
  • Heil Colecto-Pak
  • International KB8
  • International KB6


  • Buick Super
  • Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR
  • Chevrolet Coroner's Van
  • Ford Police Special
  • Hudson Commodore
  • International Police Wagon
  • Nash Super 600
  • Studebaker Commander


  • Cadillac Town Car
  • Chrysler Woody
  • Cisitalia Coupe
  • Cord 810 Softtop
  • Davis Deluxe
  • Delage D8 120
  • Delage D8-120 S Poutout Aero-Co
  • Delahaye 135MS Cabriolet
  • Duesenberg Walker Coupe
  • Ford H Boy
  • Phantom Corsair
  • Stout Scarab
  • Talbot GS26
  • Tucker Torpedo
  • Voisin C7