Land of ScreensLand of Screens

Game Details:  Adventure, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/30/2023

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Land of Screens is a third person adventure set against the backdrop of a society living life online. You play as Holland, a girl whose recent break-up has forced her to disconnect from the online world and seek a new life with real-world relationships.


At Home

Talk to Cody on the phone until you agree to go to her new house.

Chapter 1

Party at Cody's House

Walk right and enter Cody's house. Once Cody leaves to find you a phone charger, talk to Evan, Francis, Dana, Josh and Julia. Head right into the kitchen and talk to Nora. Return to the party and talk to Cody again. Go and try to open the door to the garage, but it is locked. Return to Nora in the kitchen and ask her for the key.

In the garage, look at the kayak on the right. Look at the crate, but it is too heavy to move yourself. Examine the water guns on the back wall, and the sword on the left. Talk to Nora, then go back and try the crate again - you will let Nora help you move it. Leave the garage and talk to Cody again. Now talk to everyone in the living room - when you talk to Julia, tell her about the dog and she will head out to the backyard. Keep talking to Evan and Josh, until they agree to go outside.

Chapter 2

After the Conference

Once you have finished talking to Jason, go to the right. Try to talk to the stressed man on his phone, then talk to the trendy lady on the sofa. Now head left and approach Carl Carlson, but you won't speak to him. Talk to Joana and you will get her business card. Now return to Jason again.

Go to the far right and talk to Howard, then Seneca. Head to the far left and talk to Joana, then you will introduce her to Howard. Now that you have a mixer ticket, go and give this to Seneca. Talk to Jason again, then talk to Carl Carlson. Go back and talk to Jason one more time.

Chapter 3

A Pony for Princess in Concert

Inside the concert, follow Jason to the right and talk to him, meeting Jeanne. Talk to DanTheMan, the Angry Fanboy, the Hyped Fangirl and the Hesitant Fanboy, then return right to talk to Jeanne with your feedback. Go through the door on the right to head backstage.

After talking to the band, go back through the door and talk to Jeanne again. Talk to the Hyped Fangirl, who wants a signed t-shirt. Go backstage and talk to the band to ask them to sign a t-shirt. Talk to Jeanne to get a t-shirt, then return to the band to get it signed. Now go back and give it to the Hyped Fangirl.

Talk to the Angry Fanboy and the Hesitant Fanboy repeatedly, until they eventually start talking to each other. Talk to DanTheMan, but he refuses to get off his phone. Talk to the Fanboys, then talk to DanTheMan again and tell him the truth. Go backstage and talk to the band once more. Now go out and enjoy the concert.

Chapter 4

McCue Family Reunion

After heading inside, talk to your Mom, Aunt Esther, Gigi, Pop Pop, Uncle Tim, your Dad, Margaret, Stephanie and Madox. Make sure you talk to them all about each available option. Go back and talk to your Mom about your Dad. Talk to Margaret to let her know you have spoken with everyone, then talk to Gigi about scrapbooks.

Go to the bookcase in the back right of the room and search it to find a scrapbook, then take this back to Gigi. Talk to Gigi, Aunt Esther and your Mom about playing a board game. Go and talk to Margaret by the stairs, and she will choose a game that needs 4 players. Talk to Madox and Stephanie, then Madox again, but they won't want to play a game. Talk to your Dad and Uncle Tim, but only your Dad wants to play.

Go and talk to Gigi again, but they don't want to play the game that Margaret chose. Return to the shelves near the stairs to find another board game, then give this to Gigi - you will receive the scrapbook again. Go and show this to Madox, then give it to Pop Pop. Now talk to Uncle Tim once more and the game will begin.

Chapter 5

Hiking in Cobalt Valley

Go right and talk to Ranger Kelly. Continue right and talk to the befuddled dad, Omar, the confused tourist (Yvet), the photographer (Anette), Francis and Vaino. Go back and talk to Omar about rock climbing, then ask his dad if it is okay. Go back and talk to Ranger Kelly about Vaino, and ask her for a map. Talk to Cody about the hike - you need to find 4 more people.

Return right and talk to the befuddled dad again, and he will allow Omar to learn rock climbing. Give the map to Yvet, and she and Anette will agree to go hiking. Talk to Francis, but he needs somebody else to convince him to go. Talk to Cody, then to the befuddled dad, who will join the hiking group.

Go to the group on the left and talk to Anette about selfies - she will head off to convince Francis to come on the hike. Go over and talk to Francis and he will join the group. Now talk to Ranger Kelly again and the hike will begin.