The Labyrinth of TimeThe Labyrinth of Time

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1993

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/21/2003

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

The Labyrinth of Time is a science-fiction first-person adventure game. You are plucked from your normal human existence and chosen as the hero by Daedalus, who has been enslaved and forced to create the titular Labyrinth. This will allow the evil King Minos to traverse time and space and rule over the Earth. You must search the labyrinth for a way to destroy it and thwart Minos' plans.

Initial Exploration

Turn to the west and leave the subway car, then go straight along a hotel hallway, turning south at the end. Go south once and turn left, then press the elevator button and get inside. Turn around and press the button next to the number 2 to head up. Leave the elevator and turn to the south, then go forward through another hallway and out to a crystal cliff. Turn right and enter the cave, then follow the tunnel around to the left and through the purple portal.

Head east along the train car to the end, then turn right and open the door so you can leave the train. Open the door to the station and head inside, then open the next door and go through to an old west town. Walk forwards twice, then turn right and enter the sheriff's office. Open the small drawer then look inside and take the brass key. Go all the way back to the elevator and go back to level 1.

Exit the elevator and turn right, then go around the corner so you are facing east. Try each of the hotel room doors and you will be able to open one and go inside. Turn right and use your brass key to unlock the wardrobe, then open it and take the card key and journal inside. Read the journal. Go back to the elevator, then turn around and enter the doorway directly opposite to find the entrance to a mirror maze.

Time Travels

Mirror Maze

Make your way through the maze to the south (use your map to quickly explore) and you will reach a control room. Look at the green and blue buttons, and insert your card key in the slot, then press the blue button.

Museum on the Moon

Go forward to the end then turn left and look at the 3 levers. Pull each of them, then return to the control room. Look at the buttons, use your card key again, and this time press the green button.

The Orbital Library

Go forward and turn right to look at the computer screen. Turn left and continue to the end, pushing the purple button on the new teleporter.

Cretan Palace

Turn around and leave the cave, then go straight across the mountain road with the falling rocks - you can't go back that way again until you get some head protection. Go forward through the doorway, then turn right and go through another. Head to the middle of this room and look in the basin, picking up the labrys (axe). Go back to the northeast corner of the room and go through the doorway to the east. Go straight across the courtyard into a medieval maze.

Within the maze, go to the southeast corner and take the helmet, then use it to wear it. Now head to the northeast corner to find yourself in a weird cave. Go through the doorway here to end up in a closet. Take the can of paint, then go through the next doorway into a diner. Turn right and approach the jukebox, then click on it to get a silver key. Turn left and head along the hallway to the end, then use your quarter in the payphone; pick up the quarters that fall on to the stool. Now turn around and use a quarter on the door and you will find yourself in a hedge maze.

Head to the northeast and you will end up on a construction site. Go forwards and pick up the electric screwdriver. Turn to the left wall to see a pattern of numbered tiles on a poster (you will need this information later). Now go all the way back through the mazes to the teleporter and press the green button.

The Orbital Library

Turn around and go to the control room, use your card key in the slot and press the orange button.

Mirror Maze

Head back through the mirror maze, then straight across into the elevator and up to level 2. Go forwards into the movie theatre, then around to a back room. Look at the wall to see a sliding block puzzle, and rearrange the tiles to match the pattern shown on the wall earlier:


Go forward through the hole and forward once more, then take the gold key and bicycle pump from the box.

Further Inspection

Return to the reception area outside the elevator, and use your silver key to get into the detective's office. Look at the small desk in the corner and take the iron key. Go back to the elevator and down to level 1, then make your way through the hotel corridor to come to a room with two doors. The green door is locked, so unlock it with your gold key and go inside. Enter the room on the right and read the sign on the wall, then look in the closet and take the roll of paper.

Go back to the elevator and up to level 2, then make your way to the old west town. Head straight forwards into the mine. Turn left and push the cart, then follow it and push it again. Go through the door, then turn around and close it. Pick up the lantern and use it in your inventory to light it. Open the door again and go back into town, entering the newspaper office. Look at the printing press, then use your sheet of paper on the table on its right side. Pull the lever twice and pick up your newspaper. Go back to the room you opened with the gold key and into the room on the right, then put the newspaper down on the table beneath the sign.

Now return to the subway car where you started the game and go through the south exit to find a large locked metal door. Look at it closely, then use your screwdriver on the screw, take the screw, open the door and walk through. Walk straight down the street until you are struck by lightning.

Surreal Maze

Save your game, as you can get lost in this maze and it is not able to be mapped by the game. From the start, go south, then east 3 times, north and south - you should be east of the Ziggurat. Head west 3 times and twist the column with the 2 heads, then go back east once and south into the Ziggurat (you need a lit lantern to be able to see in here). Go to the southwestern corner and take the dirty shirt, then pull the lever and you will be teleported.

Make your way back to the hotel and go to the far southern end of the corridor. On the east wall is a laundry chute - open the chute, put your dirty shirt inside, and close it again. Read the journal in your inventory again. Return to the servant's room in the hotel and look at the door with the combination lock - enter 04-08-72 as the code. Open the door and walk to the end of the corridor. Open the sarcophagus and take the Cretan ornament from inside. Go back to the subway car and along the street to be struck by lightning again.

Go through the surreal maze again (south, east 3 times, north, south) and enter the Ziggurat. Find a different lever to pull and you will be teleported again. This time as you go back towards the mirror maze, teleport by pressing the blue button to get to the Museum on the Moon.

Museum on the Moon

Look at the glass cases in here and take the Mayan talisman. Teleport out using either button, and you will end up locked in a jail cell.

Use your iron key to unlock the door, then go back outside. Go all the way back to the subway car and out to the south to be struck by lightning a third time. Go through the surreal maze again (south, east 3 times, north, south) and enter the Ziggurat. Find the 3rd and final lever to pull here and you will be teleported yet again.

Heart of the Labyrinth

There is now a complete bridge across to the heart of the labyrinth (assuming you have used all 3 levers within the Ziggurat). Head south into the palace and find the door to the west you have not yet opened. Use your Cretan ornament on it and head through. Move the throne and take the can of paint from behind it (you should now have two of these).

Go back outside and over the bridge. Head inside and try to walk forward, but the minotaur will stop you. Use a can of paint on each of the two mirrors in this room and the minotaur will vanish. Now use your labrys (axe) where the minotaur used to be. Finally, use your Mayan talisman on the keystone.