The Nazi Paradox

Game Details:  Adventure, 1993

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/13/2012

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Kronolog is a 3rd person point-and-click adventure set in a dystopian future where the Nazis won World War II and enforced world domination. The world has subsequently collapsed under the weight of pollution and other environmental disasters. You take the role of Hoffman, a member of the government in search of his missing son.

NADA Headquarters

Walk over to Jack and talk to him to receive an access card. Take the wrench and rag from the wall on the right. Push the red lift button then go inside. Use your access card in the slot and select the Lobby, then take your card back to exit the lift. Look at the chair in the foreground and take the coin. Go to the computer on the back wall and insert your access card, then answer the copy protection quiz. Retrieve the card again, then press the red lift button on the left and go inside. Use your access card in the slot and select F, then take your card back again.

Walk right to the corridor and use your access card on the men's room. Go over to the left and look at the condom vending machine, then use your coin in the slot and take the condom. Leave this room and return to the left, then enter the other room to the right (with the Nazi flag). Walk around behind the desk until the view of the room changes. Now look at the desk; pick up the CD and take note of the color sequence (RBGYBY). Back out and you will get the message that a fax has arrived. Look at the desk again and look at the fax, then try to take it. Leave the room again and return to the elevator, using your access card to get down to the lobby (floor L in the elevator). Talk to Dr Grossman, then use the elevator on the right to return to the garage. Head left out of the garage to leave.

Hoffmann Envirotek

Use the green flashing intercom button to call Ian, then talk to him when he arrives. Walk down until the view changes, then go over to the desk. Look at the parcel and open it to get a fake crystal, another CD and an electronic device. Now walk to the console on the left and insert both of the CDs you have collected. Now discard both of these from your inventory. Back out and go through the door to the left to find a laboratory. Look at the small flashing device on the right end of the desk, then press the play button. Leave the room again and go to the elevator, descending to the garage.

Take the label from the barrel, then head right and look at the control panel. Press the red Empty button, then go left and put the label on the new barrel. Press the green button immediately to the right, then press the button to the right of the door at the end of the conveyor belt. Now look at the barrel, remove its lid and back out to automatically climb inside.

Centralized Government Office

Take the top-right box and open it, taking the helmet from inside. Take the bungee cord from around the statue. Now press the button next to the door on the right and head through. Press the button on the right wall and go through to the right - you can't do anything else here so return to the left. Look at the electricity box on the wall and press the button at the bottom of the exclamation mark, then go through the secret door. Look at the chest of drawers, and open the second drawer from the top to find a cross within a briefcase. Head to the left and press the circular shape on the wall, then continue left through another secret passage. Press the red button to release the lock, then go over and look at the gold door handle. Press this 3 times before opening the door and going through. Look at the crystal and take it, then put the fake crystal in its place.

Return through the door and head to the right to return to the large desk. Sit down in the chair and open the Hoffmann file. Take the photograph and look at both of the notes. Use the remote control on the right and press the Vidicom button to see a message. Press the red button at the bottom of the statue, then go back through the secret passage to the first area. Go to the right side of the large metal container and look at the panel on the right side. Use your wrench on the bolts, then discard the wrench. Enter the code from earlier (RBGYBY). Walk into the cryogenic chamber.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Take the lithium energy cell from the desk and use it on the spelunker helmet. Head left, then press the button and continue to the left again. Take the clean glass pipette from the right of the table, then return 2 rooms to the right. Go over to the desk and flip the red switch, then look closely at the grinder. Use your glass pipette on the grinder to sharpen it. Go left twice again; look at the insect mount and use the glass pipette on the playing card, then look at it to see the message "hELZ". Now use the desk chair, then open the vent and climb up into the ceiling. Use the electronic device from Phillip in the slot to the right, then use your helmet to be able to see where you are going.

Using the map above (you start facing up at the green square), make your way to the red finish square by following the grey passage. Once you reach the end, both lights on the device should be on. Take the device and open the vent beneath you to drop down into the next room. Quickly give the device to Dr Morrissey or you will be captured. Talk to her again, and you will receive a poem and pottery shard. Open the door on the left to leave.

Lakona Pueblo

Pick up the pottery shard from the ground, and the rope from the fence to the left. Climb down the ladder on the right and take the third piece of pottery, then combine all 3 in your inventory. Place your completed piece of pottery back on the shelf where you found the last piece. Pick up the bucket on the left and combine it with your rope, then use the combination in the well. Pick up the end of the rope, and use it on the ring above and then on the right at the top right. Now use your bungee cord on the rope, pick up the end of the bungee cord, and use this on the trapdoor. Go over and push the bucket, then open the trapdoor and walk down. Talk to the Shaman and you will receive a spirit stick. Give him the photo and you will automatically head to your next location.

New Mexico Desert

Walk towards the house and head inside. Use your rosette on the side of the armoire to the left, and take the crystal that is revealed. Look at the shelving along the back wall, and take the tomahawk. Take the 3 matches from over the fireplace before going back outside. Head right and take the canteen, then use a match on the spirit stick and use this on the bees to get them to leave. Look at the hive and pull out the honey racks until you find a playing card; take it and examine it to see the message "8ELZ". Follow the path into the background and then to the right.

Crow Foot's Caverns

At the cave entrance, look in the small hole on the right and take the pole. Combine this with your greasy rag, then light it with another match. Now enter the cave passage to the left and follow the passage past a cave-in. Walk over to the body and take the card from his hand, then continue right. Drop the torch and playing card here, then use your pass card on the slot. Go through the door and to the right, then walk over to the catwalk and push the button to return to the laboratory.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Flip the red switch on the grinder, then look at it. Sharpen the tomahawk on the grinder before turning it off again. Walk to the left and push the button, then go through the door. Quickly throw the tomahawk at Dr Grossman, then look at the desk and take the small metal key. Return right and enter the time machine. Use your key on the lock. Insert the two crystals in their slots at the top of the display, then click on the dials and set them to 2738 and 2734 (the messages from the cards, upside down). Flip the switch to travel through time.


Walk around the left of the house to send Livingstone back in the time machine, then approach the front door of the house. Look at the fish on the left and take the key from its mouth. Now look at the chest and use the key to unlock it, taking the orange fabric from inside. Leave the front porch and walk to the base of the flag pole. Use your canteen on the rocks here and take the money you discover. Use the orange fabric on the flag pole, then give the money to the pilot after he arrives.

Las Cruces

Walk to the plane and open the compartment on the side - you cannot take the dynamite from here. Take the flare gun from the door and in your inventory load it with a flare. Walk to the right, then enter the church and go through the door on the right. Head down the stairs, then walk to the back of this room and behind the wall on the left. After the 3 men enter and then use a secret passage, come out from hiding and examine the shelving. Use your cross on the device, then back out from the shelving and you will hear the men are trapped inside. Look at the gas pipe next to you and use the condom on its end, then turn the valve closest to the condom. Quickly leave the church the way you came in. Get your loaded flare gun ready and return left to the plane. Shoot the side compartment of the plane before it takes off, and it will explode.