Knew the BeginningKnew the Beginning

Game Details:  Mystery, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  6/11/2023

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Knew the Beginning is a dark comedy adventure game. You find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, waking up in an unfamiliar bar. After talking to the friendly barkeeper, you must find your way in the world, littered with remnants of the past, and staying one step ahead of the Survivors.


Talk to the barkeeper about everything. Head outside through the doorway on the left. Pick up the 5 sticks from the ground, then head up the stairs to the bridge. Go right and touch the cold fireplace, and a fire will start. Talk to everyone here, then turn on the radio. Walk back towards the left.

After you finish your conversation, head outside and up to the bridge again, then go left to the deep forest. Talk to the lady of the night, then continue further to the left. Talk to the guard, then return right and talk to the lady of the night again.

Head up through the trees to find a train. Talk to the conductor, then head into the cabin. Pick up the hammer from the bench, and the golf club from the fallen sofa on the right. Now head out through the opening in the back of the cabin, and you will find garden. Talk to the ticket machine and you will receive a train ticket. Also talk to the drunk woman on the bench, who needs some water.

Return through the cabin and talk to the conductor again, who will now let you board the train. Follow the conductor to the left and talk to the drug consumer along the way. When you reach the conductor, select to travel to the gun store.

Gun Store

After the train stops, walk left and try to talk to the demons and the platoon leader. Return to the right and head out through the opening next to the conductor. Talk to the seller about everything - you will need some money to get the pistol. Head up the stairs to return to the train. Talk to the conductor and ask to go to the lake.


Leave the train. Use the fishing rod to pull up a fish, then use it again to get the fish and drop the line back in the water - it will be stuck now. Talk to the fisherman in the boat until he gets eaten. Return inside and select to travel to Central Station.

Central Station

Use your golf club on your fish and you will find a water bottle inside. Go right on the train and leave via the right door. Talk to the hobo, then head inside. Go to the far left and talk to the blonde man, who wants some drugs. Continue left to the head office, and talk to the manager - you will end up back out of the office again, holding an empty coffee mug. Use this on the coffee machine to the left. Now give your filled coffee mug to the man with a cigarette sitting at the table.

Return left to the head office and take the money from the table. Go back outside and board the train. Talk to the drug consumer twice, then pick up the joint. Go back inside and talk to the blonde man again. You will automatically travel back to the bar.


Leave the bar and go up the stairs to the bridge, then continue left to the deep forest, then forward twice to the cabin, and through to the garden. Talk to the drunk woman, and you will swap your water bottle for some whisky. Leave the cabin and board the train. Walk left and talk to the conductor, so you can head to the gun store.

Gun Store

After jumping out the train door again, talk to the seller to pay for the pistol, then pick it up. Head back up the stairs to the train. Talk to the conductor to travel back to the cabin.


Leave via the right train exit, and head deep into the forest. Talk to the lady of the night. Head left and talk to the guard, then you will end up back in the bar once more.

Head outside, up the stairs, left to the forest, and left to the survivor base. Go through the opening. After overhearing the conversations, go over to the left and talk to Sven. Leave the base and return to the train. Talk to the conductor and select to go to Central Station.

Central Station

Leave via the right side of the train. Head inside and go left so you can talk to the bald dude with Irish coffee. Since you already have the whisky, talk to him once more. You will end up in the bar again.


Leave the bar, then head all the way back into the survivor base. Talk to Sven again, then head outside and you will be ambushed.

Gas Station

Talk to the gas station attendant. Talk to Phillip, then to the gas station attendant again to hand over the money. Pick up the petrol can, then return to the car and you will automatically fill it with petrol.

Go over and examine the squirrel, then go left and talk to Kalle. Return to the right and talk to Phillip, then choose to forgive him. You will automatically drive to your next location.


Talk to the priest about everything, then go back and talk to Phillip and Kalle. After the initiation, ask the Priest about the survivors again.