AKA Conspiracy

Game Details:  Mystery, 1992

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Walkthrough Updated:  3/10/2014

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

KGB (subsequently re-released with the name Conspiracy) is a game set just prior to the collapse of the USSR. You play as KGB officer Maksim Rukov, recently moved to the new Department P, the KGB's version of internal affairs. You must investigate the KGB for signs of internal corruption.

Chapter 1

Department P

Talk to Belov, then wait until 4:05pm. Go out to the hallway and go through the far left door to get your instructions from Vovlov. Leave his office and go through the near right door to leave.

Uncle Vanya's

Talk to your uncle, then go through the door on the right. Look in the drawer and take the $60 from inside. Go back out to the main room and leave through the front door.

Golitsin's Office

When confronted select any option and then show your ID card to the guard. Enter the office and take the $2 from the raincoat. Look at the desk and take the matches and match box. Look at the radio on the left and take the batteries from inside. Look at the telephone to discover it is bugged. Look at the drawer on the right - it is locked. Go back outside through the door and ask the guard for the key to the drawer. Go back inside and use your small key to unlock the drawer, then take the recorder from inside.

Go outside and try to leave, and Golitsin's sister will arrive. Ask why she has come, and she will give you a micro-cassette. Put the batteries in the recorder, then put the cassette in the recorder to listen to it. Head outside once more and return the small key to the guard, then leave.

Department P

Talk to Vovlov, saying his orders were obeyed. Tell him everything you discovered, and that the code name is "Hollywood". You will automatically be sent next to see Galushkin. Talk to him to get your new orders.

Kursk Street

Enter the bar to see that Romeo is here, then go back outside and left once. Go through the door and upstairs to the bar office. Light a match by using your matches on your match box. Look in the cupboard on the left and take the clipboard from inside, then head back downstairs and outside. Head left 4 more times and go through the double doors to an apartment building.

Read the brass plate on the right wall, then go upstairs and knock on the door to apartment 7. Ask if she will agree to take on opinion poll on the opposite sex, and you will be let inside. Talk to either woman and say you are not really doing an opinion poll, and you are on the trail of murderers. Next say you are investigating criminals in the building, and a friend of yours was killed by someone here; they will tell you about Belussov in apartment 5. Leave and knock on the door for apartment 5. Mention Lefortovo, then say anything to learn about Ryumin in apartment 4. Go downstairs and knock on door 4, then say you aren't from the club and mention Wrangel Island. Inside, ask him about untrustworthy people, then about his neighbors, and he will mention Sytenko's empty meat shop.

Back out of his apartment, two thugs will go upstairs. Follow them upstairs, then drop your clipboard. Go through the nearest door on the right. Don't mention either Hollywood or Buyer 2, but offer to pay $30 to enter the club and you will be allowed inside. Talk to the young punk on the left, then after he goes to the bathroom, comes out and leaves, quickly enter the bathroom. Turn on the light, look in the trashcan and take the coke. Put the coke in the toilet and flush it.

Go back out to the bar and talk to Lyonka or Petka, then agree to go with them to a party. Outside when you are asked to turn out your pockets, fight Lyonka. Search him and take his lockpick. Move the body to the right, then into the garbage can. Next head left 5 times. Use your lockpick on the door to get into the back of the meat shop. Follow the red arrow into the main room of the shop. Light a match by using your matches on your match box. Examine the cash desk and follow the wires, then examine the desk again and flick the switch (so the red light is on). Now go through the solid door into the cold room. Turn on the light switch and examine the carcasses. Go back out of the room. Examine the cash desk and flick the switch again (so the red light is off). Now leave this building.

Head right 4 times and go in to the apartment building again. Go upstairs and knock on the door for apartment 6. Ask Sytenko about his meatshop, and say you inspected his cold-room. Once inside, keep talking to learn about the gang in apartment 8. When you automatically leave, you will see Chevchenkova leave her apartment. Use your lockpick on the door to apartment 8. Now quickly go through the right door. Look in the cupboard and take the camera, then look in the drawer and take the video tapes. Wait here and you will be caught - talk to the guys until you are knocked out.

After you wake up and your captors leave, wait until Rita joins you. Talk to her until she starts asking questions, then give her absolutely no information. You will soon be joined by Mickey - make sure you let Rita go, then talk to him about anything. Listen at the door on the left. Look at the table and take the bug, then destroy it in your inventory and show it to Mickey. Now look at the buzzer on top of the door, and let Mickey mess with the wires. Next call Rita, say you can help her, that she needs coke now, you know where the coke is, and you took it. Say you hid it, and to open the door. When you get the chance, attack Rita, then tell Mickey you are staying here.

Look in the drawer and take everything (all of your previous items plus a white paper and a passport). Hide behind the blue door on the far right and wait for Verto to return. Fight him as soon as he enters, then look at him and take the blue paper. In your inventory, use the camera on the blue paper and white paper. Look at the two photos and take letters alternatively from the two of them to see the message "Leningrad Aug 16 3pm Ladoga Park". Now replace the blue paper on Verto's body, and the white paper in the drawer. Leave the apartment, then go downstairs and outside. Head right 5 times and leave this area.

Department P

After talking to Vovlov you will meet with Galushkin again. Say you must go to Leningrad, Ladoga Park, 3 in the afternoon, August 16. You will then meet Guzenko to conclude the chapter.

Chapter 2

Hotel Gostinitsa

In your inventory, read your mission instructions and the files on the Department 7 staff, then destroy all of the paperwork. Try to leave, then answer the phone and say anything; you will learn the number 37452. Now go into the bathroom and turn on the lights. Examine the neon light and take the piece of paper. Look at this to see a complex code. This requires you to use the following grid to decode a message in reverse:


Once decoded, the message reads "If you want to live switch your room light on and off three times in succession then dial the number you heard on the phone". Go back out to your room and use your light switch 6 times, then use the phone to dial 37452 to get further instructions.

Go through the door on the left and then down the stairs to reception. Look at the desk and try to take the wheelchair, but you are not allowed. Go outside and look at the phone booth before leaving.

Department 7

Drop your microphone here, then go through the door to the right of the main doors. Show your ID to the man on the right, then say you are expected by Colonel Kusnetsov. Show your new pass to the other guard to be allowed through, then answer "Naturally, comrade" to the next officer you meet.

Be polite to Kusnetsov, then you will be taken to Agabekov's office. Look at his left phone, then try to leave and he will talk to you. Talk to him if you want, then leave his office. Go through the furthest door away on the left. Use the left phone to call Agabekov, then say you have information, you should meet outside in 3 minutes, and it concerns a visitor from Moscow. Go back out to the hallway and wait for Agabekov to leave, then go through the middle door on the left to return to his office. Look in his waste bin and take the cigar. Now head back out and downstairs, and you will be escorted outside. Make sure you pick up the microphone from the ground before leaving.

Ladoga Park

Go left and in your inventory connect the headphones to the listening device. Put the microphone on the bench, then use the listening device and set it to record. Hide behind the statue on the right. Now wait until two men arrive and leave again. Look at the bench and take the microphone, then return to the right. Follow Romeo's contact into the metro entrance across the street. In your inventory, use the listening device; rewind then listen to recording 1. Now wait until another man arrives and leaves, then follow Romeo's contact.


Use your camera on the man to see the code he enters. Now go through the smaller door on the left. Ignore the people in here and go through the door on the left, then upstairs. Look at the skylight and unlock it, then go back downstairs and through the door into a bathroom. Look at the window here and unlock it, then exit through the window. Go through the side-street to return to the front of the warehouse. Use the keypad and enter the code you saw earlier (14C9A) to get inside.

Go through the door at the back, then the left door to find an office. Use your microphone on the desk, then go back out of the office. Use the listening device and set it to record, then put it on the packing cases. Hide behind the packing cases and wait here until two men come and one leaves. Wait some more until another man enters and leaves again, then come out of hiding and climb the ladder. Look at the skylight and unlock it, then climb outside to the roof. Climb down through the left skylight (that you unlocked before), then go down, into the bathroom and out the window. Go through the side-street, then to the metro entrance and follow Obukov.

Hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda

Enter the hotel and wait, then follow him into the cocktail bar. Wait here until Agabekov comes and leaves again, then go back out to the lobby. Wait here until Obukov leaves, then go outside and follow him to the subway.


Go right to the side-street, then in through the bathroom window (if the drunk is there, just try again). Go out of the bathroom, upstairs, out the skylight, in the right skylight, down, and hide behind the packing cases again. Wait here until Obukov leaves again. Now pick up the listening device from the cases and use it; rewind and listen to all of your recordings. Next climb the ladder, go out the skylight, in the left skylight, down, into the bathroom and out the window. Go through the side-street, then head to the metro station.

Hotel Gostinitsa

Walk left to find a back alley and wait here until 7:00pm. Show your ID to Cut-throat. Say you found a Cuban cigar in Agabekov's office, then answer his other questions with Mechulaiev and Savchenko, Yakuchev, Viktor Matsnev, crack and Agabekov. Now ask him some questions. After he leaves, go right and into the hotel. Head upstairs and into room 205 on the right. Wait here until your controller arrives (with a dead body).

Look at the body and take the raincoat and hat. Talk to Savinkov and say the number on the body's hand is from the phone booth outside. Use your phone and call that number, saying "Yes", "Come up" and "Come up". Now quickly move the body into the closet. Wear the hat and raincoat, then turn off the lights. Wait until the man arrives, then tell him to come inside. Talk to Savinkov but don't tell him about Cut-throat. After the hitman wakes up and is interrogated, move the body out of the closet and out of your room. Move the body into the furthest room away on the left. Turn on the lights and look in the bed, then take the bottle of alcohol and use it on the body. Look out the window on the left to see there are people outside.

Leave this room and go downstairs and outside. Go to the alley on the left and give the bottle of alcohol to the bums so they will leave. Now head back into the hotel and into the room with the body. Throw the body out the window. Leave the room and go down to the lobby. Talk to the man here and say there is someone making noise upstairs. After he leaves, look at the desk and take the wheelchair. Go outside and left into the alley. Use the wheelchair with the body, then move the body to the left down the alley, then into the canal. Go back into the hotel and up to your room. Wait here to get further instructions from Savinkov, then go back downstairs and outside, and leave the area.

Hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda

Go inside and into the cocktail bar. Talk to the prostitute on the right about room 304 to learn it is one of Tamara's rooms. When another prostitute enters, talk to her and try to hire her services, but say you don't have that much. Now talk to the woman who sits down on the right and you will meet her out in the lobby. Get $150 from her and ask all the questions before she leaves. Go back into the cocktail bar and talk to the man sitting down on the left (Greenberg). Be nice and offer to share information. Tell him your controller is Savinkov, you went to Ladoga Park, and you've never heard of Protopopov. Now ask him whatever questions you want.

After Greenberg leaves, talk to Tamara again, show her the money and she will accompany you upstairs. Give her the $50 when prompted, then say you just want to talk (don't worry if your listening device starts playing). Say you would like to ask some questions, but don't say you are KGB. Make sure you ask about her other room, and give her the $50 she wants for the information. Now leave and enter the elevator, going to the fourth floor. Say you want to go to room 416, and hand over the required $10. Look at the mirror in here, then look at the table and take the ashtray. Use the ashtray to smash the mirror and climb through the hole. Look at the sidetable and take the snapshot, then look at it in your inventory. Go back through the hole and leave the room, then go down to the first floor and outside. Leave this area.

Hotel Gostinitsa

Knock on the door to get inside, then head upstairs and into your room. In your inventory, use your listening device; switch it to voice-activated playback and remove the headphones. Now use the bed to get some sleep.

On waking, obey Chapkin, then say you are ready to talk, and finally seize the opportunity to attack. Look at his body and take the syringe, then use it on him. Talk to Chapkin and ask him about the snuff videos, then anything else you want. Go out to the bedroom and wait for Savinkov to arrive. Tell him everything you know, then you will sleep again.

When you awaken again, leave you room and go downstairs and outside. Head left to the alley and wait until 10:30am. Talk to the bum, and ask for his newspaper (give your camera in exchange for it). In your inventory, look at the newspaper to get a message. Go out to the front of the hotel and wait until 11:15am. Answer the phone when it rings, and answer with "Cut-throat". Say you don't know anything about New Birth, and tell him Matsnev is a boat. Now ask him some questions, before leaving the area.

Ladoga Park

Wait here until 12:00pm for Greenberg. Say you don't know anything about Protopopov.

Chapter 3

Quay 19

Dive into the sea, then climb up on to the boat. Hide behind the fish boxes on the right and wait for the mechanic to come and leave again. Now head downstairs and through the door. Look at the drawer under the bunk and take the bottle and belt, then leave this room and go back upstairs. Throw the bottle into the water on the left so the mechanic will dive in after it, then go to the stern deck and down the stairs. Hide in the closet here and wait until 7:00pm.

Use your belt to repair the engine, then hide in the closet again until 9:30pm.

Go upstairs and to the forward deck, and hide behind the fish boxes there. Wait until 12:00am, then a lot of people will be nearby. After they all disappear, go downstairs and listen at the door for more information. Go back upstairs and hide behind the fish boxes again. Wait here until 6:30am, then go to the stern deck and hide behind the fish boxes there. Wait until 7:30am and dive back into the sea.

Chapter 4

Quay 19

There is nothing more to do here, so you can just leave.

Department 7

Wait here until Agabekov's car leaves, then leave as well, hailing a cab and following Agabekov.

Progress of Mankind Street

Go inside and say you are Rukov - you will be taken in to see Litvinov. Ask him to tell you the facts, from the beginning. Now ask other questions, but don't say you are not working with Agabekov. Back out with the guards, go through the furthest door away on the right, then through the right door to find a padded cell. Wait here until the questions begin, then say very well, answer the next questions correctly, and then wait and you will eventually be free. Go through the door on the right.

Talk to Tsibulenko and say you don't work with Agabekov. As soon as he flees, use the button on the right side of the desk to lock him in the padded cell. Try talking to him with the microphone but he won't be helpful. Wait until he says he can't breathe, then try again, asking first about his patients, then about anything else you want. Now go into the green cabinet on the right to see a vision of your father. Finally use the button on the desk to unlock the doors again. Go back left twice. Talk to the patient and say "saliva", then go left, outside and leave.

Hotel Gostinitsa

The bum from earlier will be waiting and give you an address. Leave straight away.

Gorki Street

Go inside and talk to Greenberg. Ask him about "Memory's bible" then "the Motherland", followed by any other questions you like. Head back outside and leave again.

Great Patriotic War Street

Talk to the artistic director about anything, then wait until she is called away and quickly hide in the closet. Now wait here until you are alone. Use the light switch to turn the painting lights off, then go around the corner. Look at the desk and take the letter opener, then look at the statue and take the sword. Use the letter opener in the statue, then go through the door.

Try talking to the man but he will not say anything. After the shooting, answer Vovlov, but do not obey his order. Wait until Uncle Vanya appears and there is a fight. Look at the floor and take the pistol, then use it on Vovlov.